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Matt Gaetz suggested abolishing the Veterans Administration healthcare system instead of improving it.

Gaetz: “Why not abolish the VA?”

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Republican leaders are now floating abolishing the VA and stealing veterans’ health care. And if you think that’s unlikely remember that 84% of republicans in Congress voted against veterans’ cancer care this year.
MAGA Republicans, time and time again, prove how much they don’t understand or even like Veterans.
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Why do Republicans who have never served a day in their life hate veterans? They keep showing us who they are, believe them. Abolish Matt Gaetz, now that's an idea.
🚨The Villages has one of the highest concentrations of veterans of any community in the nation. FL Rep Matt Gaetz wants to abolish the VA.
😒Glad he represents you, FL 𝙍𝙚𝙥𝙪𝙗𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙣 vets? Or does he?
💥Vote #RebekahJones if you want to keep the VA working for YOU.
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So Medical Insurance companies can say no to my shoulder surgery because they dont feel like covering it? no thank you.
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They really hate veterans don't they. pic.twitter.com/hW6gPOMREj
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Every member of the U.S. Armed Forces and every American veteran who still supports the GOP, SHAME on you! Stand up for your rights; you deserve better than to support these corrupt Republicans. Vote Matt Gaetz out! #VoteThemAllOut
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I'm tired of hearing Matt Gaetz's name, sick and tired of seeing his face. So disgustedly tired of hearing his words. Let's elect serious people from now on, not silly people who would rather get drunk and party instead of doing the work they are paid to do.
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This isn't new. When I went to work for the VA in 1967 republicans were whining about abolishing the VA.
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MAGA Vets should really chime in here...
In reply to @patriottakes
Privatization is NOT always the solution. College students used to get federal loans at ultra-low interest rates, then GOP privatized student loan programs and now interest rates are exorbitant.
In reply to @patriottakes
This is my Congressman. I live in his district where you can throw a rock in any direction and hit a military installation. This area is chock full of retired vets. They’ll give this freak a pass.
Republicans in Congress live off us, have their pensions and benefits paid for by us, and constantly talk about taking things away from us.
First it was Social Security and Medicare, and now VA Benefits too?
This needs to be part of a national ad campaign for the Democrats right bloody now.
Who thinks we should abolish @mattgaetz instead?

Between him, Boebert, and others, the GOP has consistently proven this year they don’t give a damn about veterans.
Huh weird, an independent analysis this month concluded that "Veterans who use community care programs to access private sector medical appointments may not be receiving faster, better or less expensive care than if they used Veterans Affairs physicians" militarytimes.com/veterans/2022/…
Republicans are all about tearing fown. The VA. The FBI.
Can can any veteran support this guy!?!??! Folks, vote the pedophile out!!!
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Sure abolish the VA and then see recruitment numbers go even lower. Do y'all even listen to yourselves?
Wow. The @GOP really hates #veterans. Perhaps we should all just die quietly in a corner when our watch is done?

Is this why @RepDaveJoyce voted AGAINST funding the VA?
VA is the most popular healthcare system in America. It's so popular that a few years ago, there was an appointment wait-time scandal because too many veterans wanted to use it.
Republicans want to take away healthcare from veterans.
These astro-turf veterans groups are all backed by Koch network money.

@ConcernedVets, go fuck yourselves, you sell out motherfuckers.
Take a hard look at what you really vote for when you vote with the GOP.
In reply to @patriottakes
His district has a TON of military... why would he think this would be popular?
Can we please send Gaetz to jail, already?
In reply to @patriottakes
Dear Veterans, the GOP have not one care about you! Vote appropriately.
In reply to @patriottakes
I have a better idea...let's abolish Matt Gaetz.
We should. The VA has been a systemic failure, its entire existence.
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So to be clear, the GOP's platform this election season is a promise that they will shut down anything in the government that involves a humanitarian effect. If it's good for someone, it's getting shut down. VA, Social Security, Abortion. All of it.
In reply to @patriottakes
Try as I might I can't find what branch of the military GOPredador Gaetz served in.
Oh fuck you you fucking fuck.

Yeah it's two tiered, "Hellscape" for most and "Barely sort of functional" for vets, but you don't want to make one GOOD tier for everyone, you want to make it a hellscape for all of us. Fuck you, Matt.
Remember this, Veterans, come NOV 8th!! #VoteBlueIn2022
MAGA is the party of abolishing the VA.
Veterans. Mr. Gaetz wants to do away with the VA. You cool with that happening?
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I say he abolish Matt. Vote for Ms. Jones fellow FL D01 voters.
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Matt Gaetz is another Maga Republican who could care less about the American people why would you want to abolish the VA when millions of veterans depend on the service. Vote Rebecca Jones to unseat Matt Gaetz in Florida
Matt Gaetz hates the military because he thinks he alone should be allowed to recruit at high schools
George Carlin was 100% correct when he said pro-lifers want live babies to raise them to be dead soldiers.
Forward this 24 second video to any veteran you know. Now. Just do it. #Veterans
Dang they wanna get rid of women’s reproductive healthcare, social security, Medicare, and the VA. 😂😂

These programs may not be perfect but DAMN! The GOP really hates Americans.
When they show you who they are.
Republicans are trying to defund our schools, the police, and now veterans healthcare.
1) the filthy rich libertarian financiers of the republican party want to deregulate & privatize all social services
2) the gop base wants to bar anyone from abortions

Hey veterans, gaetzgate thinks the veteran Healthcare system should be privatized. How do you feel about that?
Sigh... Screw the veterans...

We got that message already. The GOP has lost its way. We MUST vote Blue before we lose it all. We need reasonable people to work with to find solutions, not MAGA heartless crazy.

Veterans listen up! Democrats respect and support you before, during and after your active service. Republicans want to abolish the VA
All that forehead, and this is his great idea?
In reply to @patriottakes
Imagine if all the years the GOP spent fighting to privatize everything, instead they worked to improve government services.
In reply to @patriottakes
Before we abolish the VA, we need to take away the free healthcare for members of Congress.
More cruelty from the @gop who just months ago voted against desperately needed health care coverage for our Veterans.

Disgraceful, as always.

Wow. I'm not even an American, and Rapey McForehead here is offending me with this. I wonder how many veterans are catching this clip?
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Abolish him from Congress, Florida!!!! This loser represents you???
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Wait. Republicans were clutching their pearls about not being able to use loan forgiveness as a recruiting tool just two weeks ago. If they abolish the VA, how are they going recruit the poor to fight their wars, then??
In reply to @patriottakes
As a vet I would like to say, fuck this fucking douchebag. Sick of these fake patriots thinking they know what is best for the military and it's vets.
In reply to @patriottakes
Because he NEVER served. These Trump republicans never solve problems, they just want more money going into their pockets at the expense of taxpayers.
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Why not abolish foreheads with an area of 30+ square inches?
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I've been receiving my healthcare thru the VA for 10 years and have been more than pleased with its quality. Is it perfect? Of course not. But its faults don't justify complete abolishment of the VA.
I just don't understand Republicans. Without our soldiers where would we be? Our Veterans took injuries, mental health issues and some gave their lives. How dare Matt Gaetz suggests such an awful thing!!!
Well this is an interesting take 4 weeks before the election…..

Vote accordingly.
In reply to @patriottakes
Typical slimy GOP response in how not to fix a problem impacting real Americans. Just another attempt to send government functions to a profit driven business
In reply to @patriottakes
The VA provides specialty care to veterans at less expensive costs than other options. The treatments available comparable. Duplicating that system across the community would likely not work.
In reply to @patriottakes
Forced birth and cutting Medicare, Social Security and the VA seems like a losing platform, but what do I know
In reply to @patriottakes
In reply to @patriottakes
Sad that Matt thinks the ONLY service provided by the VA is healthcare. While it is a far from perfect system, they do provide our veterans with a host of valuable programs.
In reply to @patriottakes
Thanks for your service. Now fuck off.
this gooch is a straight up traitor to this republic
In reply to @patriottakes
I wonder if some Vets feel the VA provides them with a community that they wouldn't have at the local strip mall doctor's office.
In reply to @patriottakes
Gaetz speaks like a man who has never served his country a day in his life and has nothing but disdain for those who have.
In reply to @patriottakes
Why not abolish his health care. I'm sick of paying benefits to these traitors. Our veterans fought for our country. They actually deserve their benefits he doesn't.
It's time to abolish the Republican party.
It’s hard to overstate that this is what overmatched people do.

People with no solutions, no ideas, no will to do the work necessary to improve.
Being against something is easy & easy has been the life’s work of this tool and his kind.

We need problem solvers in office.
What a clueless, soulless, tone deaf empty suit he is.
I would not be able to sleep until 4-6 am without the medication I get from the VA; I would still have a hernia without the care I get from the VA; and I would not be receiving evaluations and treatment for ADHD, something that has cost me countless opportunities without the VA
So… .@GOP We’re supposed to listen to a suggestion from someone who as far as I know isn’t a veteran about abolishing veteran health care? C’mon…
In reply to @patriottakes
Abolish Matt Gaetz. Defund the GOP.
Its Republicans against Americans. You get to vote on it in November. Make sure its not the last vote they let you cast pic.twitter.com/arscvNFguM
Yo. #Florida District 1. How are all the vets & military families that live here feeling about our elected rep in Washington?
Does this guy even know from whence he comes? I mean he does know we have a VA hospital in Pensacola, right?
Run this in Every single fucking State.
He looks like a possessed televangelist.
In reply to @patriottakes
Yes. Because For-profit medical insurance providers, and their teams of high-paid lawyers, always provide the best care for their customers. 🙄 Either Gaetz is lazy at the job in Congress he’s supposed to do, or he’s a political shill for ruining everything with privatization.
Republicans not only want to take away Social Security and Medicare, now they want to abolish the VA.
In reply to @patriottakes
Isn't Pensacola part of his district which has a lot of veteran retirees?
This is an outrage.
Hey Veterans I’m CD-1: still supporting this guy?
Hmmmm so maybe it could be called Medicare for All whereby we transition the thousands each family is paying a month into a single system administered by Medicare far cheaper than insurance companies and get appropriate care for all… when they say private care, they mean no care
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