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Important moment here - Levelling Up Secretary Simon Clarke tells the Times that the “very large” welfare state needs to be trimmed. This is the clearest yet that some serious spending cuts are on the way. This is where we are headed:

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People simply didn't vote for this. The 2019 election was not fought on a platform of savage cuts to the welfare state. There's no mandate to do this at all.
It's sort of incredible how, after six years of demagogic "will of the people" stuff, we now have a Tory government entirely trashing the manifesto on which it was elected, and not seeing any moral or electoral issue with that
There is nothing left to cut. Austerity killed thousands and thousands, this will kill even more and it will crush and diminish peoples’ lives in the interests of an already obscenely wealthy minority. What an immoral and dangerous government we have #CostOfLivingCrises
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is completely out of his depth and utterly beneath contempt. But he won't be in post for much longer once this cruel govt is ousted.
lol from the levelling up guy as well

what do you mean it wasn't real?!
In reply to @michaelsavage
Brilliant animated graphics showing the sheer scale of the government’s give away to the richest 1%
How about trimming MPs expenses welfare!?? And bankers bonus and fossil fuel subsidies and scrap corporate gravy train HS2? Oh and recover the £37 BILLION Track and Trace money?!
This government are insane
What is the economy even for?! If we don’t run it in a way that provides public services and supports those who need it, then the economy is for nothing more than making rich people richer - ie serves no valuable purpose whatsoever.
It was always obvious that the 'up' in 'levelling up' was a typo - this gang of disaster capitalists are certainly trying to level the country, in the same way a bomb does
Simon Clarke's constituency includes the area that recently had the highest unemployment claimant rate in the North-East. I'm sure they'll be delighted to hear about his opinion of the welfare state. 👀
The next grimly inevitable instalment of the “growth plan”.
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Maybe time Simon Clarke set an example and accepted to work on minimum salary - after all lots of public sector workers do and deliver more useful outcomes for the public than he does.
The audacity of those peddling a new age of austerity insultingly talking about 'trimming the fat'! There's nothing left to trim after the infamous & failed Osborne & Cameron austerity agenda! The fat trimming needs to start with their expenses & their city chums' tax privileges!
In reply to @michaelsavage
Absolutely no doubt about that at all . Be ready for press campaign in Sun Express Mail et al about how much welfare state costs and tales of supposed benefit cheats to back it up.
Trim the fat? There is no bloody fat left. Disabled people and their families are disproportionately affected by poverty - the services (diagnostic, intervention and respite) are already pared to the bone so you are lucky to get one of the above after a huge waiting list. Despair
Levelling up means snatching food from the hungry, shelter from people losing their houses, healthcare from the sick, decency from retired people

#ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #EnoughIsEnough pic.twitter.com/xFwID3SdTH
Wonder if we'll see public transport subsidies cut. People in more urban regions may well see a retreat of public transport much like those in suburban and rural communities saw.
What a grim place we’re in. How can it possibly be right to cut support for the most vulnerable in order to pay for support for the richest?
When "levelling up" actually means "culling".
If after more than a decade in power you think of repeating the austerity agenda you started with, maybe you haven't governed well during the meantime.
In reply to @michaelsavage
Does he know what his job title is?
Talking of fools paradises & trimming of budgets Simon Clarke is the Secretary of State who'll have to sign off (or not) the @BCPCouncil #Conservative Admin's request for a bail out loan .... which is rather concerning!
I hadn’t realised the previous period of austerity was over…
In reply to @michaelsavage
This is disgusting. @SimonClarkeMP is an MP for Middlesbrough where child poverty is sky rocketing and he wants them to literally die of the cold and starvation. A snivelling weasel of a man who’s as thick as he is evil.
In reply to @michaelsavage
Dead-eyed Simon Clarke is just one of the dangerous ideologues promoted in Truss's cabinet but, as Minister for Levelling Up, he's surely the most inappropriately placed.
How fucking offensive is 'trim the fat' here?
So the poorest are paying for the tax cuts for the rich.

Nasty nasty Party.
They are actual psychopaths. Without the slightest concern they can condemn millions to destitution on a whim. “How will I pay for tax cuts for the rich ? I’ll take what little the poor get - they don’t deserve it anyway.” Utterly devoid of compassion, empathy or humanity.
Curious route to levelling up
How can people still believe this utter sh#t?
Well they do.
Here it comes next, the new age of austerity and a “levelling-up” Minister who is intent on levelling-down. Oh, the unadulterated joy British people have had since @nickclegg picked the wrong side in 2010.
My mistake, apparently the years since 2010 have been a paradise. What fools we are.
Takes a certain type of arsehole to do this. Abhorrent cunts.
After all the studies about austerity and how it didn't work this feels like a gut punch...
In reply to @michaelsavage
So the “Levelling Up” Secretary thinks that arguing in favour of cutting benefits to fund tax cuts for millionaires is consistent with his role?
Hey @Conservatives how does cutting welfare for the poorest equal growth? How does austerity equal growth?
In reply to @michaelsavage
Have they seen the state of the country? If ever there was a time for investment, this is it!
In reply to @michaelsavage
Levelling up by levelling everyone who isn’t wealthy down.
In reply to @michaelsavage
Suspect this has always been a tory plan you have to make it look as though its failing to allow in the private sector. Years of underfunding, slow privatisation and massive bed reductions. NHS plundering for profit will definitely be part of their growth plan.
In reply to @MartinVickers
@MartinVickers Well done for being an honest intelligent Tory ! But now this??????
In reply to @michaelsavage
will be out of a job very very soon.
The Levelling Up Secretary needs a change of job title
The Conservatives have no mandate for this. Trying to fix their own economic mess by cutting public services in towns like Dartford will only pile on more pressure on working families. And for what? Tax cuts for very wealthy. It’s immoral and hugely damaging for our country.
In reply to @michaelsavage
The markets may recover. The polls will bit to any degree in which the Tories are not annihilated at the next election 😂😂
In reply to @michaelsavage
The Levelling-Up Secretary who is not a levelling-up Secretary. Quelle surprise.
In reply to @michaelsavage
... and not a minute too soon. Time to get up, shut up and get moving! It's the right medicine for the sick patient, bitter as it may seem today.
Immoral. Simon Clarke and the government in which he so shamefully serves want to reduce the size of the welfare state in order to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest.

It really is that simple.
In reply to @michaelsavage
If we're trimming the fat, can we start with @simonclarkemp? The welfare system has no fat left. There are food banks everywhere. This man is a dangerous idiot and needs to be removed from his job.
Shouldn’t it be levelling down?
In reply to @michaelsavage
… that’s not ‘levelling up’..?
Oh god. @SimonClarkeMP is fucking moron. Hopefully he’ll be out of a job before he can do too much damage.
Cruelty in the service of ideology. Every single one of them deserves to be run out of public life
In reply to @thetimes
But more to come? ….
In reply to @michaelsavage
going entirely against the manifesto MPs were elected on. Any MP that votes for this should receive harsh questioning as to why they've betrayed their constituency
In reply to @michaelsavage
War is peace. Levelling up is levelling down. Freedom is slavery.
Levelling up? More like grinding down
Levelling down is the new levelling up
The herald of Austerity 2.0 deadlier and nastier!
There goes the NHS, libraries, education and fuck knows what else...
Translated as the worst off subsidising tax cuts for the wealthiest.

Liz is nuts.

Get them out.
Over a decade of austerity and it's still not enough for these evil fuckers
This is going to go down well
In reply to @michaelsavage
Too much pressure to work in underpaid jobs to live in inadequate housing with a skeleton health service and overpriced public transport leads to "very large" welfare spending. But firms get cheap labour topped up by taxpayers via universal credit support. Fools indeed.
In reply to @michaelsavage
Trim the fat? If there is £45 billion of fat on the civil service why hasn’t it been trimmed before? Forget the trimming. You’re talking serious cuts to public services and massive redundancies in the civil service to cut £45 billion of costs
The only part of welfare which hasn’t been cut is pensions and given the demographics of the Tory vote, that surely won’t be happening.
In reply to @michaelsavage
This was their plan along along
The truth is that compared to most of the EU, we don’t have a huge welfare bill
In reply to @michaelsavage
What’s the solution, 1 month to get a GP appointment?
In reply to @michaelsavage
12 years of cuts clearly isn't enough for them
In reply to @MattChorley
Yep!!! Trained up with truss in 55 tufton st ! And now this——
What if they are not incompetent (a stretch, I know) but knew exactly what they were doing - forcing an economic calamity as a cover to cut state spending to the bone, as the ultimate right wing purity-test.
The Tories seem 2 hv little conception of most people's lives and don't care. This "fat" they say needs trimming is often the last vestiges of financial, social care, educational or community support that stand between a dignified (if basic) life and a hellish existence.
Rofl they’re finishing themselves
In reply to @michaelsavage
This is time to accept the likely outcome. Who gains, who loses?
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