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First Kamala Harris, now Rishi Sunak

The people of the U.S. and the U.K have embraced the non-majority citizens of their countries and elected them to high office in government

I think there is a lesson to learned by India and the parties that practise majoritarianism

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India has had 3 elected Muslim and one Sikh Presidents who served as Head of State.
India has had a Sikh PM who served as Head of Govt for 10 years.
India has had numerous 'non-majority' citizens in high office.
If you do not acknowledge them, it's your problem. Not India's.
यार ये सारे एक ही ईको सिस्टम की उपज हैं । क्या देश ने UK , USA के पहले अल्पसंख्यक PM , President,और महारानी को नहीं देखा ? बहुसंख्यकों से नफ़रत और ईर्ष्या सिर्फ़ @INCIndia और चमचों को क्यों होती हैं ? मुसलमान राष्ट्रपति तो NDA वाजपेयी जी ने बनाया और महारानी ने हटाया ।
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Indians from minority- President: Zakir Husain Fakhruddin Ahmed Giani Zail Singh Abdul Kalam Prime Minister: Dr.Manmohan Singh Election Commissioner: M.S.Gill James Michael Lyngdoh S. Y. Quraishi Nasim Zaidi Chief Justice: M. Hidayatullah Mirza Beg Aziz Ahmadi Altamas Kabir
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Yes we must learn ... a Hindu must become J&K CM and Punjab CM
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Manmohan Singh was PM for nearly 10 years & he is from a real minority or are you only talking about the 2nd largest majority who claim minority rights?!
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
He was PM of INDIA for 10 years. He belonged to minority of INDIA. It confirms Congressi never like majority of INDIA. Will try to use one or the other pretext to undermine and sideline Hindus. pic.twitter.com/3kYjk9cv71
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
When A muslim will become President of Congress Party?
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
I'm glad they're selecting qualified candidates and not practicing the majority-minority identity politics of division that Congress and you push. Not to mention, foisting a leader whose only accomplishment was getting married into the Gandhi family. twitter.com/sankrant/statu…
Let @INCIndia declare now a PM candidate from the minority for 2024 elections.
First Manmohan Singh, then APJ Abdul Kalam (And the list goes on!).

Indians have embraced non-majority citizens & elected them to high office in govt MUCH BEFORE other nations.

I think the lesson to be learned by India is about parties like yours that practise 'Divide & Rule'!!
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Were US and UK ruled by other nations in the past? We were ruled by foreigners for over 800 years. We will not allow that, again. By the way, Obama is a practicing Christian, something which he affirmed. So, how does it make him a non majority?
Says a Hindu minister sworn in by a Muslim President under a Sikh Prime Minister with a Christian party leader. 🇮🇳 circa 2004.

A Brahmin CM in TN would be a good beginning.
We took it to the next level - we gave an Italian origin person position of super PM , sweeping powers with zero accountability
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Was US and UK ruled by other nations in the past. We were ruled by foreigners, for over 800 years. We will not allow that, again. By the way, Obama is a practicing Christian, something which he affirmed. So, how does it make him a non majority?
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
We have already learnt our lesson to not vote for people who plant cauliflowers in pots
In reply to @sankrant
Trust Congress to bring in their jaundiced vision of identity politics. Rishi was not chosen because he was a "minority" but despite that. Many of his own party still oppose him due to this. How many more partitions will Congress create? twitter.com/PChidambaram_I…
இந்தியாவில் பிறந்த யாரும் மக்களால் தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டால் அதிகாரத்திற்கு வரலாம்..

சிறுபான்மை என்ற பச்சாதாபத்தால் யாரும் எங்கும் வர முடியாது..
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Amit Shah is from a non-majority community. All that is required is to be oneself. Don't teach us any lesson. Teach the Gandhis, if at all you have to!! Because it's Rahul Gandhi who becomes a Hindu only during elections!!
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
You mean to say madam Sonia Gandhi ji should be selected as prime minister of this country ?. I am seeing this is the victory for Indians in aboard.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
time to elect a 3% then 😍?
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Abey Cauliflower Farmer Jailbird. Ye dekh… pic.twitter.com/QTCDKMgH4L
We had already accepted Sonia Gandhi, who was not even a natural citizen.. You only said she sacrificed it (PM chair) on her own.. If that was the truth, then this tweet by you is nothing but a nonsense.. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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Sikhs. Jains. Buddhist. Parsis. We don't mind any of these. We already had a Muslim president.
Approx 700 yrs of foreign rule by moghuls & colonizers, Muslim Presidents & ministers in an independent 🇮🇳 partitioned on religious lines, 10 yrs of catholic Italian rule under Maino & on the whole, 67 yrs by a single family. The hard lesson 🇮🇳has learnt is no more foreign rule!

- Abdul Kalam & a Robot 🤖
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
He got there on merit, not on minority reservation.Typical congress reaction of division of people on various categories to be in power.
Gyan aur Vigyapan mein antar hota hai

Kripya Bharat ke Presidents aur PM ki list padhein

Ek baat aur, ki unn deshon mein MERIT-based selection hai aur Reservation ❓️🤔
He is in a way accepting that India didn’t allow Sonia Gandhi to become PM.

So, it was never about the “biggest sacrifice after Gautam Buddha’s”
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Where does it say that minorities should prevail over majority? Didn’t you exploit being from the CHETTIAR COMMUNITY, a majority in Sivaganga? Why didn’t you let the brahmins, a minority community to assume power? Playing games? Hmm?
First Antonia Maino, then Raoul Vinci

The people of India have embraced the non-majority citizens (came fr Italy) & elected them to the higher post of controlling PM by remote

I think there is a lesson to learned fr Congressi, how to be slaves of foreigners

In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Via @shashank_ssj Minority President Zakir Husain Fakhruddin Ahmed Giani Zail Singh Abdul Kalam Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh Election Commissioner: M.S.Gill James Michael Lyngdoh S. Y. Quraishi Nasim Zaidi Chief Justice: M. Hidayatullah Mirza Beg Aziz Ahmadi Altamas Kabir
Please tag the Congress leaders who quit the party over the issue of a foreign-origin person as the PM. Thanks.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
India has already done it. We had Antonio Maino from 2004 to 2014. The Golden period of extreme corruption.
Sutiya, your Madam had the best chance to occupy the coveted seat in 2004, who or what stopped her?
They want to enjoy all the fruits of power without wanting to be held accountable for their action.
And to top it all, slaves like you peddled her decision not to occupy as #tyaag.
அதுக்காக நாட்ல மொத்தமே மூணே மூணு பேர் இருக்கிற சிறுபான்மை இத்தாலியர்களை இந்திய பிரதமரா ஆக்க வாய்ப்பு இல்லே சித்தப்பு

இத்தாலிய காங்கிரஸ் கட்சி வேறு இந்தியா வேறு

ஆகையால் மூடிட்டு உங்க கட்சி வேலைய மட்டும் பார்க்கவும்
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Manmohan singh from minority community also remote PM antonio maino is from minority community. India leads an example of having 2 PM from minority community at the same time.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Itne time italian bar dancer ko chance to diya tha
There is a basic difference between Kamala Harris & Rishi Sunak when compared with Sonia Gandhi. Both Kamala & Rishi were born & brought up in their respective countries, Whereas Sonia Gandhi attained Indian citizenship at the age of 35.
70 years shitty @INCIndia did not give minority PM; forget ONLY GANDHIs control

Bloody Nehru had a chance to make jinnah a first PM and thwart partition but power mongers failed @ShashiTharoor @sardesairajdeep
कांग्रेस को ओवैसी को अपना प्रधानमंत्री पद का दावेदार घोषित कर के चुनाव लडना चाहिए।
लगता है इनकी गोभी की फसल खराब हो गई है 😂😂
कांग्रेसियों की पुरानी बवासीर में से फिर से खून रिसने लगा...??
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
It's not because of their religion but the top Indian talent that is Hindu are science and education driven and hence also the top executives of the top MNCs , can you say the same about alleged Minority here ?
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Yes Sir, you are absolutely correct, Congress is single handedly responsible for the Partition because they never want minorities to be on big post that's why partitioned India in religious basis..!!
Kamala Harris is a huge supporter of Israel, which kills Palestinians in large numbers.

Stop this wokewashing.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Actually they learned from us. They saw a country of 1.3 bn would accept a ruling party president born in Italy & barely speaking any native language, run India for nearly a decade, and she would still be - except for her incompetence, her son & her corrupt partymen and allies.
Sir ji..
Better focus on writing a book..
" My 100. Days in Tihar"
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
you forgot Abdul Kalam Sahab chief...
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
दिल में असंख्य दिए जल गए हैं कि कभी भारत पर राज करने वाले अंग्रेजों पर अब एक भारतीय मूल का आदमी ऋषि सुनक राज करेगा। ऐसी शुभ और सुंदर दीपावली भला और क्या हो सकती है। ख़ास बात यह कि प्रधान मंत्री पद पर अपने नाम के ऐलान के पहले ऋषि सुनक ने दीपावली के दिए जलाए। #शुभ_दीपावली
True. Look at Pak, BD, Afghanistan, Maldives. Forget "South Asia" which is more than 1/3rd of Bharat. Check J&K and other Indian states where majoritarianism has not let a Hindu become CM.

Also, Sonia Maino and Ahmed Patel ruled extra-constitutionally for 10 years. Never again.
Yeah, the party that supported APJ while you settled with someone who cooked a meal for Sonia Gandhi
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
इस भाई को सारा ज्ञान सत्ता जाने के बाद ही आया है चिंता मत कर अब कुछ नहीं हो सकता जय श्री राम pic.twitter.com/vJoVw5TdrD
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Properly civilised, constitutional nation-states where medieval histories don't come in the way of contemporary life!
Every spittoon bearer has a homily, while being ordered by an Italian fascist's daughter.
Mr. Cauliflower Farmer!
Why do you hate Hindus so much???
We had both minority Pres & PM!
By the way, we have given 40% of our land exclusively for minorities.. will you dare to ask them to give 40% of their land to Hindus?
Then we can talk rest!
Hai Dum???
Fake Indian & economist:
Tells Indian Nation to follow UK and hand over India- to minority community.
Had Ex Armyman Tukaram Omble of Mumba Police not arrested, Ajmal Kasab alive-this thug would have succeeded in handing over Indian Nation to Pakistan, long back.
You clowns led by example by giving India an Italian Super PM, no. Claim credit for this, be proud pic.twitter.com/2EAqjCAyeB
Chidu, Comma La has denounced every bit of Indian that exists in her.

She identities as African American.

And who do you think MMS was?

Brahmin, Hindu?
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Hindus have always believed in universalism. Check if Hindu texts talk of vandalising idols and monuments of the majority in the US and the UK or elsewhere. Its for those people who pursue 7th C tribalism by blindly following primitive texts to embrace the majority.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
So many people pointing out the fallacy in your argument but your colleague in Congress Shashi Tharoor said it the best 😎 pic.twitter.com/W8w3vtKFLd
Both of them loyal to their respective countries.

@narendramodi @annamalai_k @BJP4India
Congress’ appeasement politics in a nutshell. Rishi and Kamala were selected on majority-minority basis it seems.
The ’ balcony gobhi farmer’ is wrong on two counts here..
One Maunmohan was from the real minority community and.
Two, Kamala Harris and Sunak were born in the respective countries they are in now!
Is chamtiye ki saari samajh iski lungi ke neeche se hawa ho gayi hai..
Do we have a deserving candidate that's of immigrant origin?
Britain has accepted Hindu leadership, Congress should take a lesson from it.
India was way ahead of the US & UK.
We had an Italian woman PM calling the shots from 2004-2014.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
You remember an Italian was elected to the parliament and had the support of a majority of MPs and was to be sworn in as our PM. It didn't happen because of a technicality in Italian law.
They are copying from us ...

Zakir Hussain ...
F A Ahmed ...
APK Kalam ...

MMS ...

All from other communities not majoritarian....
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Are chu 🤐tiya... They're from cultural proud 🚩Hindu🚩 community... Not from j3hadi community... That's the difference between two communities... Jyada Gyan mat pel... 🙄 🙏
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Everyone is Pappu in his party and all speak lies. We made Manmohan a PM who comes from minority 18 years back in 2004 which means we are much ahead with them
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
When Rishi Sunak lost UK Prime Ministerial race in September 2022 So called liberals in India mocked him for cow worship. Now, when Rishi Sunak to become PM of UK Liberals are saying that India should learn from UK & make PM from minority community So, Who is Manmohan Singh?
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Chidambaram sud not equate minority appeasement 2 minority achievement.Both Harris n Sunak hv risen 2 d top by dint of their own hard work drawing popular support.Dr Kalam became India's Pres in this way. Who blocked Kalam's 2nd term? BJP need no lesson US or UK,Cong may.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
India has been ruled by minorities for over 70 years, now it's time to be ruled by majorities!
🤣🤣🤣. அண்ணன். நம்ம நாட்டில் நாங்கள் majority. அவங்க minority என்று தேர்வு செய்யவில்லை, தகுதி வேண்டும். உங்களை போல் பல நாடுகளில் வீடு என்று corruption செய்து வாங்காமல் இருக்க வேண்டும்.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
When Rishi Sunak lost UK Prime Ministerial race in September 2022 So called liberals in India mocked him for cow worship. Now, when Rishi Sunak to become PM of UK Liberals are saying that India should learn from UK & make PM from minority community So, Who is Manmohan Singh?
अरे तिहाड़ी!! जेल से जमानत पर छूटे हुए महाराज!! सुनक अल्पसंख्यक- बहुसंख्यक के नाम पर नहीं, काबिलियत के नाम पे चुना गया है। हिंदुओं के लिए कितना विष भरा है तुम्हारे दिलों में??
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
MMS was PM and Kalam sahab was president in 84% Hindu populated country, what else you want “Balcony gobhi” billionaire. Imagine even you were FM, HM what not, can you imagine ….
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Looks like you have got selective amnesia. We had a President and PM from Non- Majority communities.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Your reading is wrong, People of US or UK have accepted Indians with Indian culture for long long time & they are improving society in their new country. Parsi have earned same respect in Bharat. But a radical forceful mass will never be accepted by people in Minority name.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Phew! This is your twisted lens pro- Max Ugh..
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Mr PC u r aged now. Inspite of every posible wealth amased by miraculously growg gobi in flower pots.U tend2lose memory now, unique country India who has ppl at esteemed position from diversity & minority Dr Singh,Dr Kalam, stream of uneducated Edu Ministers from Cong, Mrs Murmu,
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Show us a factual statement or news report(not some oped) which says Rishi was supported because UK politicians suddenly felt empathetic to minority welfare..
इस भाई को सारा ज्ञान सत्ता जाने के बाद ही आया है चिंता मत कर अब कुछ नहीं हो सकता जय श्री राम pic.twitter.com/SxF4cNxEhY
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
We were already ruled by the minority the Mughal 700yrs n Christianity the British 200yrs Time has come for the Hindus to rule, Britain is the first, next US, business corporations all ready run by Indians High time these opposition, lutents Delhi and break India gang realize
Inki r*ndi rona alag
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
Duffer...Always forget Parsi who are the most minority community in India...and See the progress...
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