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Last week, I made the decision to leave my role leading Trust & Safety at Twitter.

Today, I'm sharing a few thoughts about what comes next for the site. nytimes.com/2022/11/18/opi…

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Twitter’s former head of trust and safety on why he left the company and what could come next under Elon Musk:
In reply to @yoyoel
I think I’ll wait to hear Elon’s rebuttal before I form an opinion. I will say however that your choice to cry on the shoulders of the NYT tends to make me think this is a work of fiction.
In reply to @yoyoel
You lost me at: The Cornell professor Tarleton Gillespie called teams like mine the “custodians of the internet.” The work of online sanitation is unrelenting and contentious. Those who think they are the arbiters of truth are the problem. Your arrogance won’t be missed.
In reply to @yoyoel
So genuine questions, which I hope you’ll answer. Why did you think it appropriate to ban so many women for stating biological facts? And if you had a definition of hate, why didn’t you publish it? And if you didn’t have an objective definition how did you “police” hate?
In reply to @yoyoel
Why is it always New York Times
In reply to @yoyoel
"In appointing himself “Chief Twit,” Mr. Musk has made clear that at the end of the day, he’ll be the one calling the shots." Why yes. That's quite literally the role of every CEO ("Chief Twit") everywhere.
"hoping to avoid an escalation in the volume of dangerous speech online."

Good riddance to you.
In reply to @yoyoel
The very fact that you are still allowed to post articles, which appear to be derogatory to twitter under @elonmusk tell me to trust it a lot more. The old twitter would have removed the account of someone like you a long ago.
I knew it! LIBERALS, do NOT appeal to GARM. They literally list sexuality as an “evil” in their materials

They are incredibly conservative and want sites to be as well. Advertisers ONLY care about their company profit, do not fool yourselves. Advertisers will never be allies. pic.twitter.com/qH41Fa14cP
In reply to @yoyoel
In reply to @yoyoel
You were fired for communism.
Very interesting. Twitter relies on ads for 90 per cent of revenue and former head of Twitter trust and safety says under Elon Musk recently been censoring more not less despite freedom rhetoric because of advertisers
Geez the replies and QT from Elmo-stans…
In reply to @yoyoel
"My teams were responsible for drafting Twitter’s rules and figuring out how to apply them consistently" You levied lifetime bans on women for making factual statements of biology.... all while thugs directed by this guy were literally murdering women in the streets pic.twitter.com/epeAL8fuhX
Wherein a censor argues that his former workplace should be censored for not censoring speech he doesn’t like

From the NYTimes of course

Cry more pic.twitter.com/QW3lvgUJ3l
In reply to @yoyoel
In reply to @yoyoel
Let’s talk a little bit more about your role in concealing election fraud pic.twitter.com/agkBeqKDjC
In reply to @yoyoel
In reply to @yoyoel
So all that shit from before was your fault. Got it.
In reply to @yoyoel
Is there anyway to read this outside of the NYT? I don't have a subscription.
In reply to @yoyoel
Enter Elon Musk 🤣🤣🤣 He was sued to buy the company.
Says the guy who protected the Hunter Biden story from the public during the election and censored the NYPost.

You have the word trust in your job title. Disgraceful.
Oh. So you were the person I had to check in with because I called someone white and y’all suspended my account for it because ??? But allowed Nazis to send me hate messages and call me every fucking slur. Yeah fuck you too. 🙄
The former head of Safety at Twitter wrote this op-ed in the Times about his experiences and exit. It is *very* illuminating and alarming — not for the reason the Musk stans think it is: this provides evidence of how little safeguards were in place before/since his takeover.
In reply to @yoyoel
U guys never put any restrictions to Covid misinformer like Monica, Vinay, etc. doctors who twittered qualify contents were labeled as misinformation earlier this year. You are not trusted. I wish the old twitter leadership team would be investigated some day.
Worth a read, from @yoyoel. This isn’t just about Twitter, but raises some important questions about trust and safety and content moderation work in the current regulatory, political, and social environment.
Tribune de l’ex-chef de la modération qui explique que sous Musk Twitter censure… + qu’avant. Il subit deux pressions:
1. Celle des annonceurs, contournable par les abos payants
2. Celle de Google et Apple, incontournable car ils ont droit de vie ou de mort sur l’app mobile
“Failure to adhere to Apple & Google’s guidelines would be catastrophic, risking Twitter’s expulsion from their app stores and making it more difficult for billions of potential users to access Twitter’s services. This gives Apple & Google enormous power to shape the decisions…”
Just a filthy degenerate jannie that let child porn flourish on twitter under his watch
Chief censor .@yoyoel writes a long article: a lot of bullshit about "dangerous speech" and "safe experience", the usual strawman

instead of

addressing why they suppressed scientists, reports of injuries, pretented to be the source of truth on medical procedures for 2+ years.
Fascinating for the anecdotes and detail on app stores’ ability to shape the field here— Apple, Google are stepping up enforcement of content moderation standards for apps. This took center stage during the Parler removal but is increasingly applied to all across the industry. pic.twitter.com/p2VoQUJw3B
In reply to @yoyoel
More Trust and Safety?
In reply to @yoyoel
You picked the wrong publication. I am sure it's a hit piece. Let the new management handle the problems. If you were so smart, you should have done better. You have no idea what comes next to the sight, because your imagination pales in comparison to the new CEO's vision.
"Leave my role??"
It was a facking JOB, not a Broadwsy facking play, you pissant!
Includes notable statements about the way in which Apple and Google police content moderation processes and standards on services like Twitter, without a clear framework. An important constraint, apart from law and advertiser pressure.
Former head of trust and safety at Twitter on why he left the company and what is likely to come next under Elon Musk:
In reply to @yoyoel
You're trash bro. Wait until you see what transparency brings. Let the sunshine back in, Yoel's gone.
In reply to @yoyoel
You were part of the activist problem infecting Twitter cancer along with many others. You and your tweeps thought yourselves to be arbiters, the common mans better. Do not presume to speak to us of free speech while having perpetuated fascistic behaviors.
"volume of dangerous speech online"

"his path to unfettered speech"

"The Cornell professor Tarleton Gillespie called teams like mine the 'custodians of the internet.' The work of online sanitation is unrelenting and contentious."

"dangerous speech" pic.twitter.com/C2Ls5xCBLp
In reply to @yoyoel
See? Sometimes the trash takes itself out!
In reply to @yoyoel
Context for Elon’s recent super well thought out tweets about banning hateful/negative content. He is in over his head. He’s also in regulatory hell. He just doesn’t know it yet.
In reply to @yoyoel
You’re woke and trash. Anti free speech animal
In reply to @yoyoel
"banned President Trump from the service" is not wrong, because Donald Trump was still president on 1/7/21 but the wording--while in accord with Time style--is unfortunate why not add a few more words ("Donald Trump, who was president at the time he was banned after 1/6 attack"
In reply to @yoyoel
Crazy? Millionen Twitter User sind glücklich über die Entscheidung von @elonmusk. Deine willkürlichen privaten Manipulationen von Twitter Accounts sind unerträglich gewesen. Wir wünschen Dir Gesundheit Yoel Roth aber es gut, das Twitter befreit ist.
"Failure to adhere to Apple & Google’s guidelines wld be catastrophic, risking Twitter’s expulsion from app stores & making it more difficult for billions of potential users to access Twitter’s services. This gives Apple & Google enormous power to shape decisions Twitter makes."
In reply to @yoyoel
What would you know?
In reply to @yoyoel
“Trust & Safety” : More like “Propaganda & Censorship”
In reply to @yoyoel
Kinda weird how you apparently felt it was so dangerous for @elonmusk to be the unilateral final decision maker at the company he now owns, but not at all dangerous for liberal-leaning people like yourself to permanently ban ex-Presidents from the platform.
In reply to @yoyoel
You welcome Google's and Apple's abuse of power?
The QTs and comments on this are so interesting to me. The internet IS an extension of our ‘real’ lives. We can’t hurl hateful/ racist/ violent words at people irl, why should people be allowed to do it online??
„It was for this reason that I ultimately chose to leave the company: A Twitter whose policies are defined by unilateral edict has little need for a trust and safety function dedicated to its principled development.“
Really thoughtful article about the realities of Twitter’s interactions with other powerful players, and the complexities of “unfettered free speech” – @elonmusk might want to put this guy on the independent content council, if he ever follows through on it
In reply to @yoyoel
So two things I got from your article, IF your job was to keep Twitter safe why did you allow porn?? Second, it sounds like Apple and Google should be extra regulated if they hold so much power over apps like Twitter
𝗕𝗶𝗴 𝗧𝗲𝗰𝗵

Now that I’ve read more about you, and observed your conduct, it is clear that you should be kept away from any authority, whatsoever.

You are a moral wreck, Yoel.
Why don’t you just leave and share this on Mastadon?
In reply to @yoyoel
Good summary of your tweets but lacking in new insights once you've had time to reflect.
In reply to @yoyoel
Shut up..you left..you are done.
W ciągu ponad siedmiu lat mojej pracy w firmie ujawniliśmy wspierane przez rząd farmy trolli ingerujące w wybory, wprowadziliśmy narzędzia kontekstualizacji niebezpiecznych dezinformacji i, tak, usunęliśmy prezydenta Donalda Trumpa z usługi.
Interesting article on Elon Musk’s twitter
Quite an informative article from a former leading role inside of Twitter
In reply to @yoyoel
You did a HORRIBLE job. You fooked over our children. What exactly are you upon your pedestal about?
I know Yoel as "that guy who professionally and heroically did his job of explaining Twitter's Trust and Safety policies to a skeptical Twitter audience while under new management, and who then quit for presumably ethical reasons."
In reply to @yoyoel
Yoel you really let some crap happen with Bouzy and Bot sentinel...
Yoel is a leading disinformation and propaganda specialist. His skill is lying. In his sick mind, that translates to deeply held principle.
In reply to @yoyoel
Nobody cares...... nobody
“But even as he criticizes the capriciousness of platform policies, he perpetuates this same lack of legitimacy through his impulsive changes and tweet-length pronouncements about Twitter’s rules.”
In reply to @yoyoel
Under you it wasn’t trusted or safe unless you believe the Corporatism Media bc a sheeple You did a bad job
In reply to @yoyoel
Majority could not give less than a flying platypus vag about you. Good riddance.
In reply to @yoyoel
Perfect, you weren’t very good at it
In reply to @yoyoel
Damn, you were straight up the Commissar of Goodspeak and Compliance huh
In reply to @yoyoel
Well, now you can be a commie on your own time
In reply to @AnotherBrisket
He quit last week.
coward! why would we be interested in hearing from you when you choose to leave the company during times like these? It’s not very trust worthy of you to jump the ship in the first sign of distress. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
In reply to @yoyoel
Mr Yo Roth, all the best for your future endeavours🙏 You worked for about 7yrs w/ @Twitter means, I am sure that you knew about my 10.5 yrs #Whistleblower fight. I copied several public e-mails to @nytimes, but they never published👇 twitter.com/KNReddy_WB_FDA… Can you help me?
coward! why would we be interested in hearing from you when you choose to leave the company during the times like these? It’s not very trust worthy of you to jump the ship in the first sign of distress. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
In reply to @yoyoel
You Curtail free speech, you are nothing but a piece of trash & Douchebag. Thank you for the service but please Don't come back to Twitter again
In reply to @yoyoel
While you were there, did you promote a zionist agenda through twitter in any way? Please be honest. Thanks
In reply to @yoyoel
That was a good decision. Twitter is no place for your hateful, divisive comments.
In reply to @yoyoel
The NY Times? What a 🤡
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