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I think Elon Musk is a visionary. Almost singlehandedly, he’s changed the way Americans think about automobiles. I have a Tesla and love it. That said, he’s been a terrible fit for Twitter. He appears to be making it up as he goes along.

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In reply to @StephenKing
I can’t believe the author of Christine, the evil car that kills people by intentionally crashing into them and also by trapping them inside, bought a Tesla.
In reply to @StephenKing
Quick note: Tesla was not Elon's invention, nor was its flagship model, the Tesla S. It was designed by Peter Rawlinson and his team. Peter left Tesla to start his own EV company, Lucid Air. They build a far better EV too. More range, better fit and finish, better materials 👍
In reply to @StephenKing
love the *compliment first ONLY for the sake of giving more credibility and strength to your 2nd opinion* - makes people think "well, he's spot on about the first thing, so he must be right about the second thing"
In reply to @StephenKing
He hasn’t singlehandedly done anything, except dismantle Twitter. He just takes credit for the work of others and used government subsidies to prop up companies that would fail otherwise. Don’t give him more credit than he deserves.
In reply to @StephenKing
In reply to @StephenKing
Maybe, but there’s nobility in approaching a challenge of this magnitude with enthusiasm & an open mind. No feat too big
I would think you’d be a bit more critical of Tesla considering you wrote a book about a car that’s killing people.
Me when I’m lying for cocaine money
In reply to @StephenKing
Might as well take the next step and just conclude that he's a complete and total dumbass my man
In reply to @StephenKing
I drive a Tesla model S Plaid and it’s the best car I ever owned. Disagree with 👑 about Elon being a terrible fit for Twitter. Elon @elonmusk made Tesla extremely successful and he won’t give up till Twitter follows the same success as Tesla.
In reply to @StephenKing
Giving freedom of speech to ALL is not making anything up. Don't get mad cause he's allowing us conservatives to speak freely again.
In reply to @StephenKing
is standing up for freedom of speech. Twitter could not hope for a better fit. It's foolish to applaud censorship on social networks, whatever its new politically correct name might be. Today it's social networks. You know what will be censored tomorrow? Books.
Yeah before Elon people didn't think of cars as spontaneously combustible
In reply to @StephenKing
Can you cry a little more, it goes great on my leftovers 🤣🤣🤣🤣
In reply to @StephenKing
Dude. He bought the company. The founders were the visionaries. He just had the money to market their product.
as long as he doesn't make up an underage gangbang under the influence of large amounts of cocaine
No wonder stephen king likes Teslas. Hes been writing about self driving murderous cars for years. pic.twitter.com/y4LWRFjyg7
Making it up as he goes along? Isn't that what you do for a living?
In reply to @StephenKing
The direction Elon is taking Twitter should be commended… Given time, there’s no doubt, Twitter will soar… It will be as remarkable as Tesla… My bet is on Elon…
In reply to @StephenKing
This is way too generous a description of Elon Musk. Billionaires often get credit for being “geniuses” or “visionaries” they’re really just good at investing, exploitation and selling a myth to people who worship wealth.
(Buying things is not the same as being a visionary)
Automobile visionaries don’t create cars that are held together with prayer, spontaneously light themselves on fire, mow down pedestrians and randomly go haywire, or specifically target minorities in their factories, Stephen.
In reply to @StephenKing
Except he was mainly an investor with Tesla. Not inventor, very little participation to the actual product. Remember when we said imagine how dangerous trump would be if he were just a little smarter? That's Elon. Born rich, took advantage to make himself more so.
I have loved Stephen King's work since I wad a child, but Elon Musk is a menace. Not just a bad fit, but anti-rights, right wing menace.
He sure didn’t do that first thing
In reply to @StephenKing
Visionary yes. Still with a great sense of humor which is why he is loved I mean @elonmusk put fart sounds in his luxury cars. That's the kind of person you can get behind ! Now you can buy #ELONFARTS for real! 🌐 elonfarts.com 🗨️ t.me/elonfarts #Crypto pic.twitter.com/XwGBLt1P0B
In reply to @StephenKing
Musk didn't make Tesla what it is. His handlers, SOMEWHAT, sheltered employees from Musk's behavior. He has no handlers at Twitter. Also, Musk cultivated an environment at Tesla resulting in this: news.yahoo.com/tesla-worker-w…
Only because you weren’t the one being censored .. and your side was doing all the censoring. Otherwise it would be a welcome behavior 😉
Recordatorio periódico de que Musk no es ni siquiera el fundador de Tesla y que lo único que hace ahí es ganar dinero. De visionario nada.
In reply to @StephenKing
Don’t forget he didn’t invent Tesla, he just bought it, now it’s in it’s 4th fault recall in Australia.
In reply to @StephenKing
Delete this tweet and get rid of your Tesla. twitter.com/Alyssa_Milano/…
It’s hilarious that the only people bellyaching about @elonmusk stewardship of #Twitter are the ones who miss the old days where it was a protection racket for the left and a censor of conservatism.
In reply to @StephenKing
He had little to do with the car design. Credit him with being aggressive and ballsy for expanding the fast charging Tesla network across the world.. That is his sole contribution.
In reply to @StephenKing
He didn’t invent tesla. Quit giving him unearned kudos.
Stephen tweeted this while trapped in his Tesla, in the vain hope that Elon would unlock the doors or at least re-enable the brakes.
I never thought I'd see "making it up as he goes along" as a criticism from the guy who infamously stumbles into the second act before fumbling the third of every single book he's written because there's never any plan.
In reply to @StephenKing
Elon Musk is a wannabe dictator. His tweets are full of his personal pronouns of "I" and "me." Jack didn't dictate as much if at all. He knew the community came first. That's a major difference.
In reply to @StephenKing
Tesla was incorporated in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning.
no way i write misery and start talking like this about a man who can barely read.
In reply to @StephenKing
Just because you have to read other people's opinions that you don't like doesn't mean that @elonmusk is bad for Twitter. You're not everyone's cup of tea either but I will fight for your voice to be heard even if you're a raving leftist. Freedom of speech is paramount.
In reply to @StephenKing
It doesn’t appears. He is making it up as he goes along. He says one thing one day and two days later he changes or contradicts what he had previously said. He also keeps deleting tweets after posting them. He changes his mind faster than his underwear. 😑 pic.twitter.com/HQKhxIwXqI
Well @elonmusk asked for advice from Stephen after this tweet and the answer is obvious? Please please Elon ask Stephen to become chairman of @twitter to find a new CEO and you resign and go back to looking after Tesla et al! #SaveTwitter
i think stephen king is a visionary. almost singlehandedly, he's changed how horror is read across the world. i really enjoyed some of his books. that said, he doesn't seem to know how engineering is done behind the walls. it's basically making it up as you fuck around/find out.
In reply to @StephenKing
Is that because Elon made it a fair playing field and not one sided like it has been for the last 6 years?
In reply to @StephenKing
@StephenKing I believe ideology is blinding you to the many good things @elonmusk is doing, first and foremost protecting Freedom of Speech. I agree with this statement from him made several years ago, the speech most important to protect is that with which you most disagree
Sure yeah. That’s the marketing. He changed the way Americans use tax credits
If you don't have better ideas then stfu.
And the fact that Elon has acquired thousands of Republican sycophants.
In reply to @elonmusk
@elonmusk is doing a better job, than has been done in the last four years, I'm now seeing views from all sides, some I agree with some I don't, but thats brilliant as a debate can be had and a fair one at that.
In reply to @StephenKing
His only real talent is finding companies to invest in. That's it. If he hadn't been born rich we would never have heard of him.
i can excuse worker rights violations, dangerous working conditions, sexual misconduct/bigotry in the workplace, poorly manufactured products that lead to injuries & deaths of owners, and association with fascists/sex traffickers but i draw the line at ruining a social media app.
In reply to @StephenKing
Stephen, What about those of us who have been silenced by @twitter’s woke cry bullies? It took me over 10 years to build my now suspended account (@brett7three) to over 115K followers & great engagement. I’ve lost business & contacts. Thank god for @elonmusk saving #FreeSpeech.
In reply to @StephenKing
July 2003: Tesla Motors is founded by a group of Silicon Valley engineers ... He just piggy backs on others genius using money
Excuse me has been, you were going to leave Twitter, the general consensuses we wish you were gone.
You would know all about making things up, Stephen... Reality check: stick to your lane.
In reply to @StephenKing
I don’t know if you’ll see this and I feel like an idiot for trying but here goes anyway. We need help to publicise the #IranRevolution & wonder if you’d lend your star power. Can you pls DM me if you see this?
Just like your stories. $8!
I love how these worthless Liberal Commie POS MOFOs are all breaking down & crying. Now that they no longer have control of Twitter.

It was an awesome platform when they controlled the narrative. But now that it is open and free speech is allowed again they cant stop bitching! pic.twitter.com/uLSvqUilzA
In reply to @StephenKing
Tesla was incorporated in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, the creators, the visionaries. Musk became a controlling shareholder years later.
Why are the left so filled with hate?
- Vehemently intolerant of opinions different than their
- Feel they know better how to run your life than you?
- Opposed to putting America First in the world?

Why don't they want to Make America Great Again?

Sometimes I wonder if SK writes stuff like this on Twitter for the reactions and is collecting them for a future book. ✍️✍️
Actually @StephenKing it's alot like your books... I have been reading them since I was 8 years old and love them but you're a terrible fit for political commentary. @elonmusk is creating a fair platform for all users and just because you are a raging liberal you are upset.
Appears is the operative word here. Trailblazing is hard.
In reply to @StephenKing
Is anyone AT ALL surprised Stephen King Who DAILY shares ruling class friendly CIA talking points Would praise a CIA-run GREENWASHING operation designed to dampen interest in sustainable projects like mass transit so the US can go on KILLING THE PLANET? twitter.com/bz_johanna/sta…
Elon musk is about to push the big red button in his office
I think you've mistaken me for someone who gives a sh#t what you think... A$shole.
In reply to @StephenKing
That’s ironic coming from an author that also makes it up as he goes along. Projection is funny, ain’t it?
In reply to @StephenKing
I do the same with things I own.
In reply to @StephenKing
Why in the first place? Not a good business decision. The halo around $TSLA wearing off. Political decisions don't gell with business.
In reply to @StephenKing
Free speech for everyone is awesome . You should write a new novel about a global order using a bioweapon to wipe out humanity. And take over the world .
It's odd to me the amount of super rich people who are salty about @elonmusk owning #Twitter &/or an 8$ fee 🤷‍♂️ I am assuming the removed #shadowbans have something to do w/ it. Maybe these people are seeing #opinions & #statements they have been #isolated from all this time 🤔 pic.twitter.com/57hUOQxPv3
In reply to @StephenKing
You seem to be obsessed with @elonmusk except for the fact you know nothing about him.
In reply to @StephenKing
It makes sense Stephen, Elon is not exactly a social butterfly. I own a Tesla and love it too. Twitter not so much.
White men are so ready to give other white men a pass.
In reply to @StephenKing
... yep... had no plans....
In reply to @StephenKing
Well, give him a little bit more of a chance. Do you think MZ runs FB well? Why is Everyone scammed, hacked you name it. I have been both. I don’t have a lot of money & someone stole a lot from me. Why doesn’t he have better security, also you get blocked for even saying Shit.
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