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Did you know Apple puts a secret 30% tax on everything you buy through their App Store?
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Apple takes a 30% tax from app developers who make over $1 million through the ‌App Store‌ on an annual basis. Apple's App Store is the equivalent to a 30% tax on the Internet.

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You're insulting the world's most beloved company as you welcome Chinese government spammers and white nationalist trolls into Twitter. This will surely work out for you!
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That’s funny, now pay 30% to use their platform.
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The world’s richest man has taken possession of a global social media platform used by the world’s journalists, scientists, governments, private citizens, businesses, religions, militaries and health/emergency services to share all vital information—It’s going as you might expect
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Did you know the government takes over 50% of your income through their corruption and coercion? Most people work over half of the year for the government when all of our taxes are taken into consideration. Bad deal.
Man running a business that just extracts rents from network effects shocked to discover other companies extract rents from network effects
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Unacceptable. As an Apple shareholder, I demand at least 40%
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Did you know they’re a private company and can do whatever they want with their company? Similar to how you’ve made a series of the worst decisions imaginable in the span of three weeks…. so can they
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They also take 30% from creators like me who aren't making anywhere close to millions.
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Another reason why we need transparency and honor. Now.
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did you know credit cards put a secret 3% tax on everything you buy?
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Feedback Appreciated, Now Pay 30%
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this not only hurts consumers, creators, and everyday users, but also new startups, ideas, & overall innovation, which apple claims to stand for. creators have made less money on @fanhouse ever since apple began taking its 30% profits on people's earnings twitter.com/jasminericegir…
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We will all purchase a new phone if you must design one to keep Free Speech on Twitter! Freedom is worth this fight. This is our hill! We have your back! #codeofvets
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As your attorney I am advising you to definitely do this
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Next you're going to tell me that book publishers keep a share of the sales.
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Subscribe to my YouTube show to learn more about the deepest darkest secrets of the tech world: youtube.com/InternetTodayTV
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Yes. That’s why I bought apple stock and not twitter stock.
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Interesting, now pay 30%.
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They should raise it to 100% for Twitter
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So does google my friend. So this Tesla phone, it’s not going to use android.. right?
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These guys would not be cool with that pic.twitter.com/I3QZomFh7W
Which means Twitter only receives $5.59 for Twitter Blue subs through the App Store?
its so secret i could only find it mentioned in this obscure journal. thank you for exposing this god emperor elon. pic.twitter.com/tvuv11PCka
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Did you know you don't need apple to use twitter? Heck you don't even need an app All apps do is track your data Use a browser & set an icon on your home screen Works just like an app
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Thank you for your feedback. Now pay 30%.
1. I had to listen to trial and deposition testimony and hear how much Elon prizes literal truth telling. This statement is not literally true.
2. It says so right below, "OVER $1m" ≠ everything.
3. You're literally just learning this now?
4. Not secret. Not tax.
5. [redacted]
I know Rex Chapman likes his 100% discounts from Apple Stores!
Your feedback is appreciated. Now pay the 30%.
Did you know that Amazon’s fee on Kindle books is 65% (the author only gets 35%) for ebooks >$9.99?

They take 65% to deliver a digital file.

(Thankfully Gumroad only takes ~3-5%)

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Close to $75B is spent on the Apple App Store each year on digital goods, with Apple taking a 30% cut of that. They end up getting $22B in revenue for very minimal additional value provided and don't give apps/games another choice
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It’s not a secret…industry standard (outside Epic). Agree it’s too much, but definitely not secret
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That’s why we only use free apps .
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Yes they taxed the app I use to buy ink
If Apple’s 30% makes you feel any kind of way, I’d like you to look up how much your favorite food delivery apps “tax” your favorite small businesses.
Elon made his first $100 million selling PayPal to eBay. PayPal's entire business model is putting a secret 'tax' on every transaction.
Yes, Elon. We knew. That percentage has been an industry standard for digital platforms roughly as long as they have existed. You own a company that derives what I imagine must be a huge percentage of traffic from apps. Seems to be going great.
He literally doesn't know anything about the consumer software industry, does he? 😂
Did you know that Google Play does this too?

I look forward to seeing your new non-iOS non-Android smartphone big dawg
In reply to @elonmusk
When will be able to transfer our $8 Twitter blue verification without paying Apple the 30% tax?
Secret que tout le monde savait déjà a part Elon Musk, CEO de Twitter visiblement.

Je veux dire, c'est même l'objet du procés Epic contre Apple, donc je sais pas d'ou est ce qu'il sort.
In reply to @elonmusk
It's not secret dude, it has been a big part of Apple's finances for years and there has literally been a landmark antitrust fight going on for more than two years about it. on.mktw.net/3GSQJFW
"Did you know this thing that is common knowledge to literally everyone who has spent 15 seconds thinking about internet commerce?"
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how did apple notify twitter? Did they tell you what you need to change
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How much does Twitter make off the content we all produce?
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That’s kind of like making people pay eight dollars a month to make fun of other people
‘Guy who wants to charge end users for a social media platform that’s been free for 13 years complains that millionaire developers have to pay 30% for essential infrastructure’
it's not a secret just because you didn't learn about it until this morning bro
Everybody knows that. It’s not a secret 😭
gonna make fun of blue checkers by telling them they paid 2.50 to apple now lol
I don’t think it’s a secret 🤣🤣
The irony of a multi billionaire crying about the evils of capitalism is almost too much to bear
Doesn’t this guy own a car company that spent the last decade charging customers several thousand dollars for a feature which only recently entered beta?
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Do you want me to short Apple? I will. Just wink and I’ll do it.
Alternate Universe where Raj Chetty owns twitter:

"Did you know that the government puts a secret 7.375% tax on everything you buy in a grocery store?"

are.berkeley.edu/SGDC/Chetty_Lo… pic.twitter.com/VIdx4bTl5H
Commission, he’s describing commission.
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Time to make a Tesla phone! Or your own App store!
And yet you’re still tweeting from your iPhone 🤔

Ya can’t make up this level of irony…ya just can’t 🤣😂
Ok, regarding my question a view minutes ago: Confirmed! He really is just a 🤡.
Emmm... ¿Sí?

O sea, este señor acaba de descubrir ahora que Apple te cobra por poner tu app en su store????
Yes I did know this! Why didn’t *you* know this before today?! You’re the one who bought a phone app!
In reply to @elonmusk
Did you know the gop regime keeps doing the bidding of the gop super wealthy, the big polluting corps, the evangelists, the conflict industries, to line their own pockets? Everyone knows why you moved your co to texas. Why do people w/so much, want so little for everyone else?
It's fun watching the rich eat each other.
Hey @elonmusk did you know that Archway rewards directly go to the developer/builder?

With a 30% tax who knows how far one’s imagination can go on a platform built for Architects of web3 👀
Wrongo, which is Latin for falso. Consumers don't pay the 30%. Developers do, and trying this schtick is trivializing them. You know, the people actually capable of developing quality software.
Did you know Tesla vehicles accounted for 70% of the 400 accidents involving self-driving cars last year? forbes.com/sites/dereksau…
Today on Twitter: Elon finds out that other billionaires are taking too much money from people he is attempting to take money from. More at 10
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Yes. Everyone knew that apple takes 30%. Maybe you should do some research before you buy an app and try to make it into a product to sell.
Things the 'Liberals' do not want you to know.
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Apple is doing the same with @Spotify and they have vocally spoken against this. @eldsjal @MartinLorentzon Hope you are aware of this, @elonmusk
I swear to fucking god how is this dumbass a CEO of multiple companies???
#BreakingNews! Elon just learned that stores charge fees and make a profit for selling things!
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Elon Musk takes over Twitter and brings Donald Trump back, I will be leaving this country. I got my passport last week when I heard he might buy Twitter. Instead I’ll be moving to A CIVILIZED COUNTRY, the gorgeous MEXICO🇲🇽 ! So long, America! You’ve just lost a citizen. Bye
Elon learning things the rest of us already knew AFTER making a $44 billion investment lol
Apple has had this 30% fee in place for a LONG time. All app developers know this; it's no secret. And they're not gonna change it bc someone cries about it and gets their bot followers to rant about it. 🤷🏾‍♀️
How much commission did PayPal take just to move money around, Clyde?
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Giydir paşam. Hep onlar fudluyor. Biraz da bu taraftan onlara saplansın. pic.twitter.com/Wylgr9Bkw4
Things you can figure out by googling in advance of spending 44 billion dollars.
Watch Elon learn a very core component of his newly purchased business in real-time
Wake people up if you got the evidence, CBS already fucked around and found out, get a monopoly in silicone valley next, the elite don't care about the future of the humanity

Can't wait for the deep state exposure arch

For the good of humanity, change the status quo
It's not secret dummy, it has been a big part of Apple's finances for years.
Olha o boca de sacola aí.😂😂😂😂😂😂
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