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Elon Musk paid $44 billion to discover what we already knew: content moderation is messy and involves whole teams of people with a range of viewpoints trying to appease different political factions.

He then gave “leaks” to a Substack Man to present it as a blockbuster.
Here we go!! 🍿🍿

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In reply to @oneunderscore__
Good spin... you've earned your paycheck today.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Envy is one of the seven deadly sins, Ben.
NBC making excuses after Elon Musk exposes Twitter's past corruption.

Notice how NBC ALWAYS side of abusers, from Amber Heard to Twitter to Taylor Lorenz and more?
This dude has been melting down since Elon released the info.
NBC fake news merchant smearing a real journalist as "Substack Man" out of pure envy. Sickening how entitled these legacy media types are. Absolutely loathsome. The fact that Elon gave the scoop to a truly independent journalist is absolutely groundbreaking. Huge paradigm shift.
I love that Ben calls Taibbi "a Substack Man" here in an attempt to demean and devalue him. As if sucking the teat of NBC and being a corporate behemoth bitch is some superior position on the totem pole. Those days are done, bud. You can fantasize about having Matt's credibility.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Bro, Twitter swayed an election for Biden, seems like a big deal.
Well @mtaibbi is an actual journalist.
Not another media gimp like @oneunderscore__
This guy is a pathological liar and has the IQ of a turnip
In reply to @oneunderscore__
He needs to buy CKE Restaurants and then put up a Twitter poll which decides between Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. I'm sorry I can't let it go.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
We went from there’s no censorship to content moderation is difficult. Lol.
thinking about other PayPal billionaires who have paid so much less for access to so much more and making a soft whimpering sound
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Does he mean "the CEO gave them to me" lol pic.twitter.com/2RSBQtclDp
"A whole team of people," Ben, taking direction from democrat operatives, while circumventing Jack Dorsey. And ope, looks like Ben wants to make bank with a substack as successfully as has Taibbi. Petty af, that Ben.
This is the kind of person we used to self regulate by shoving in lockers and making fun of them until they cried. It usually corrected their behavior.
The reactions to this are amazing... "Content moderation is messy" is not saying "the first amendment was flexible" and the government requesting the silencing of people.

Downplay it all you want Ben...this was at best immoral at worst unconstitutional.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Do you also suppress news at the behest of the DNC?
NBC "Urinalist" looks down his nose at real, honest, hard working journalists because @elonmusk decided to give the story of the decade to someone with integrity instead of someone who licks the boot of corporate media, calling him a "substack guy"
What you call “messy” and try to sell as “a range of viewpoints”, honest people would call very specific propaganda by a single political ideology.

Nice obfuscation tho.
There were no “different political factions” colluding with #Twitter to suppress free speech rights & engage in #ElectionInterference


It was all done in conjunction with requests by the #DNC & #FBI made in behalf of #Democrat party only!

This is the most boring reveal of all time.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
It's highly incriminating... I had no idea the DNC was working directly with Twitter to censor their political opponents. As Ro Khanna said, it's a clear violation of the First Amendment... hopefully the new House will subpoena all of those bad actors.
So now the Left desperately tries to justify or ignore a blatant violation of our First Amendment rights. #twitterfiles #TWITTERGATE #1A #TrumpWasRightAboutEverything
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Nobody should be appeasing politicians. Government shouldn’t be trying to influence speech.
When you are worried about clout and credit vs. doing your job
Modern liberalism is based upon lying, and it begins with lying to the self. ~ Roger Simon
Censor first then debate it late is what media talking is trying to defend.

"range of viewpoints" is comically charitable here.
Rationalizations of a man that just realized he's with the bad guys.
Don’t mind Ben he is still trying to get through his stats 101 book from freshman year in HS
Corporate media wokesters like Ben here are split between wanting to downplay the story and hateful that it went to someone other than them
In reply to @oneunderscore__
That's one way to put it. Or you could just say that Twitter interfered with the 2020 election.
Democrats stole the 2020 election. PERIOD. Your party is corrupt as hell.
***A Substack man who complied with some unknown conditions.
“range of viewpoints” among Twitter employees: pic.twitter.com/ASXcgG39uz
In reply to @mattdpearce
That content moderation mostly worked fine.
More journalism has been done by Matt Taibbi in an hour than @oneunderscore__ has ever done in his life.
In reply to @wokebusters
Different viewpoints mis c0jones, Ben
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Lol Ben’s meltdown is gonna be lit.
you’re doing comms for the democrats at this point ben
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Content moderation shouldn’t involve political factions whatsoever. Allowing it is where the first amendment comes in. They are by definition the government and should not be interfering in how private companies moderate the speech on their platform.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
The shame about it is that someone had to pay $44 billion to prove what was already known. Although, I do not think anyone thought the Biden Crime Family had a direct line of com to Twitter.
Teams? He fired most the company bruh. You mean what WE THE PEOPLE already knew. That the USgov was laundering censorship thru a private company, to get a virtually non-existent "CAMPAIGN" to stand against the will of THE PEOPLE. Trivialize, as you may, you look sus af.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
You the same guy who got away with clearly publishing misinformation? The chutzpah… maybe take some lessons from @mtaibbi on actual journalism dude… pic.twitter.com/N4c0gWsbO9
In reply to @oneunderscore__
What a bootlicking cunt you'd have to be to try and rationalize this bullshit collusion! Get FKD!
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Matt Taibbi is 10 times the journalist you will ever be
-@SubstackInc is an excellent company and platform btw
In reply to @oneunderscore__
The bigger story is how fucking slow Taibbi is at typing out tweets. pic.twitter.com/zKN8pORQB5
In reply to @oneunderscore__
‘diverse views’ jokes.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
If that is what you took from it, you have missed the entire mark.
add in the part where the content moderation request coming from the government crosses into illegal territory and you knew about it

remember all that “it’s a private company not the government they can do what they want” gaslighting you guys did? i remember
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Yes, we already "knew" and we suspected the FBI/DOJ was involved in sensoring and targeting, but they denied it. So now we REALLY KNOW.And we know that Biden and the FBI explicitly violated ppls 1st Amendment rights.Try to minimize this scandal all you like, clown, it won't work
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Ben’s comment confirms what we already know he’s a partisan hack and has no journalistic credibility
In reply to @Richard11526
Wait until they have to pay $8… The chefs kiss 👨🏻‍🍳 🤌🏻
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Yea genius but now there's proof can't just lie and cover it up
running interference already
Here, I fixed it for you: “censorship is gross and involves whole teams of people willfully ignoring basic human rights and decency in order to appease one political party.”
In reply to @oneunderscore__
You sound like you got caught cheating and keep changing your story to please your partner 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Dude are you really gonna be that delusional… this was plan and orchestrated one way…. This weird reality you live in is creepy
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Facebook also suppressed the story . This is not even news.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
It’s the collusion between a social media giant and the government that’s the problem.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
You obviously don’t take the profession seriously
Feel free to reveal all the Tweets from legitimate news sources suppressed because they damaged GOP prospects in the 2020 race.
What we've discovered is that the government is creating a campaign to continue censoring voices that criticize establishment narratives. "He then gave “leaks” to a 'Substack Man to present it as a blockbuster.' twitter.com/elonmusk/statu…" Who are you really working for, Ben? LOL.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Substack Man? I thought he gave the material to Area Russian Asset.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Ben …Yes , true but you are dealing with Fairy Tales . Yes , Musk has ALL the data on who , what , why was de platformed, terminated , suspended ( As I was ) . A guy like Musk walks s fine line .. maybe depending on allocation of $$ that wound be an interesting undertaking !
In reply to @oneunderscore__
You made the moderation sound as if it was neutral with that tweet. It wasn’t. Not even close. They were trying to appease ONE political faction: their own/Democrats/radical left. All the same thing.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Matt Taibbi permanently misplaced his conscience a long time ago.
TLDR Ben collins didn’t read anything
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Bullshit you piece of human fucking shit.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
the gist so far seems to be "here are emails of people making requests about tweets you can't see" and "twitter employees donated to political campaigns" ok. lots of people gave $10 to trump or bernie. famously they had dinner and exchanged emails with everyone who did
Twitter keeps getting worse and worse!
One, slow, grueling tweet, at. A. Time.
Definition of pitiful.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Lol Ben, Taibbi shits all over your broke sad loser ass.
In reply to @oneunderscore__
You'd think a man who claims he works 24 hours a day, would have better things to do with his time.
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