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This is China’s largest isolation camp under construction… in the densely populated Guangzhou area… 🧐

It has 246,407 beds… China is becoming a giant prison on a scale that the world has never seen before… why?


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One big problem here is there aren't flush toilets in these pods of this quarantine camp. With so many people use public toilets, this is result. twitter.com/songpinganq/st… pic.twitter.com/7tVRMsVwqB
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You vill live in ze pod, you vill eat ze bugs. You vill own nothing, you vill be happy. -Klaus Schwab
Because this quarantine camp has only 90,000 isolation pods and it needs to house more than 200,000 people, many men and women are being quarantined in the same quarantine pod.

There have to use public toilets and many sexual assaults occurs. pic.twitter.com/UtShYPBGm8
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
The camp's proximity to Hong Kong is concerning, it could easily become a giant detention centre for dissidents if 'needed'.
Çin Guangzu şehrinde (Çin'de gittiğim şehirlerden biri, hayli gelişmiş bi şehirdi) 250 bin hücreli bir ölüm kampı hazırlıyor. Muhtemelen Çinlileri toplama kamplarında soykırıma uğratıp nüfusu azaltacak ve bankalardaki paralarına el koyacaklar.
This is a death camp. 👇👀
Thank me later.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
If covid lockdowns were a front for building camps for Taiwanese pows..? Wouldn’t be the craziest thing that’s happened in the last 2 years.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
The Germans did the same thing several decades ago. It didn’t turn out well for most.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
So basically turning into north korea
Humans in cages is not a good look. ☠️👿🤬

In reply to @WallStreetSilv
US prison 2 Million vs CHINA 1.7 Million US 640 per 100k population CHINA 120 per 100k IMO atleast China does it for health — what's US excuse?
A história sendo escrita aos seus olhos, a essência do comunismo, morte, controle, autoritarismo.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
That is why we must protect our 2nd amendment.
Coming to a city near you?
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
How long did it take them to build it, and can we borrow their construction crews to build more housing in America.
Crammed in and dehumanised until you die of a real disease.
Parece um base Marte
“Este é o maior campo de isolamento da China em construção… na área densamente povoada de Guangzhou… 🧐

Tem 246.407 leitos…
A China está se tornando uma prisão gigante em uma escala que o mundo nunca viu antes… por quê?”
I remember this other political party that set up camps all around their country as well…
Is this where they warehouse the Deplorables?
yup!china is bad boy! USA is good gilr😂😂😂
This isn’t a “quarantine camp” it is a “concentration camp”. Where is the US outrage?
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
We know it’s not one bed per person.
The Chinese version of Auschwitz.
Taiwan dissidents?

For a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate?
NO - this is about control & it will be happening all over the world ( including the USA ) if people don't take this seriously.
A única coisa que o comunismo faz e se preocupa é aprisionar seu próprio povo. É isso que a esquerda mundial busca: criar uma grande prisão.
In reply to @SinghRakeshKu14
डिटेंशन कैंप को अब आइसोलेशन कैंप कहा जाने लगा है... कोविड को हथियार बनाकर.. लोगों के दमन का बहाना है.. twitter.com/WallStreetSilv…
I hope all of my enemies in SFF Fandom can make it to WorldCon 😎👌
This is sinfully wrong. Regardless of your religious beliefs or politics, this is wrong!
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
GULAG. And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Alexander Solzhenitsyn
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
The actual answer is because they are not allowed to have Guns….
“Este es el campo de aislamiento más grande de China en construcción... en el área densamente poblada de Guangzhou... 🧐
Tiene 246.407 camas… China se está convirtiendo en una prisión gigante en una escala que el mundo nunca antes había visto… ¿por qué?”👇👇👇👇
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Not to forget all those young victims who lost their lives because of cowardly blackmail to be injected with an experimental vaccine pic.twitter.com/q9u94cM0bh
Outrageously large “forced lockdown facilities”
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Some people please reflect.Nurses and Doctors are also acting assuming the worst situation.Embrace "only freedom" take responsibility.Keep public health behavior.
And why aren’t more #MSM reporting this
ده معسكر عزل فى الصين اللى فيها قصه كبيره متعلقه بكورونا
اللى بيقولك اشمعنى الصين متقدمه بالرغم من السكان واحنا لا
عندك استعداد تعيش فى الصين
تشتغل زى اهل الصين
تاكل اكلهم
ده انت الفاتوره الالكترونيه معترض عليها وشايفها ابتزاز
وبتعترض وبتعلى على اى فتوى من دار الفتوى
بس ازاى.. pic.twitter.com/piefnnSlkT
Ανερχόμενη υπερδύναμη... για τον (απ)άνθρωπο!
If Democrats have their way, China will become the biggest contributor for cheap organ transplants.
They will build these until they hit a certain number. When the beds are full, they will exterminate the rest of the population and the imprisoned will be the workforce.
Para "the great #RESET" financeiro, economico, social e tecnólogico. "Você não vai ter nada e será feliz" #2030agenda #Freemasons #illuminati #666agenda #antichrist
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
NAZI imitators and WW3 here we come
Liebe freie Welt: "Wollt ihr nicht einfach mal, bevor hier wieder Millionen von Menschen in Lagern zusammengepfercht werden, drangsaliert, misshandelt oder gar getötet werden, diese Lager vernichten? Okay ihr könnt dann nichts mitverdienen am Unrecht, aber niemand müsste leiden!"
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Your information is outdated
Este es el campo de aislamiento más grande de China en construcción... en el área densamente poblada de Guangzhou... 🧐

Tiene 246.407 camas… China se está convirtiendo en una prisión gigante en una escala que el mundo nunca antes había visto… ¿por qué?
It’s worrying. China is up to something the scale of which hasn’t been seen in my lifetime. This is just one of many concerning developments along these lines there.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
If you put a chain around the neck of a slave, the other end fastens itself around your own💀 pic.twitter.com/2tH9vMNhr9
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Preparation for Economic Instability “Protests” ? 🤔
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Almost makes you think they are desensitizing their people for the second, more deadly virus to be released from one of their labs, and are getting their mitigation strategies lined up ahead of time using COVID as an excuse.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Phase 1 is 246,407 beds lol
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Yeah... but at least they can Watch Disney+ on their Apple iPads pic.twitter.com/QhE4TRi1b1
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Probably because covid wasnt effective enough. When covid didn't work, they hoped the vaccines would do the trick.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Well one Thing we should ask: Is that Video real or is it CGI? Its to show the rest of the World how it could end when we dont do anything against that. To do Nothing is not better to go with the Agenda
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
And the world sits and watches the madness, with some like Canadian PM praising this sh*t.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Meh, they're building a new factory for Apple...🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️
It’s going to be like the prison in Andor pic.twitter.com/hvB81KF8ly
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Because… communism. The big brother of socialism.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Maybe its a camp for the reptilian refugees that will be pouring out of America when the CCP invades?
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Part of me thinks its not just for their citizens….
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
People better find out what the plans are for these camps and get involved NOW.
Pray for the innocence dying at the hands of the CCP around the world. Those that accept the ESG, will suffer this fate and worse.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
The preparation for the Antichrists control… It’s a prototype for what’s to come for those who will not worship him! #WorldWide #MarkOfTheBeast #SPIRITUALIntervention
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Is the antichrist coming? 🫣
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Are they still building these camps? They do not seem to come up on satellite images.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
I would normally not find a bunch of buildings terrifying in themselves, but in light of recent events......:-/
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
It looks like hostages being made to dig their own graves.
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
JUSTICE! Let's STOP this NOW! We Have Precedence for this on this Shirt! No1AboveTheLaw! BUY SHARE! Save the Children! Save Humanity! BUY ebay.com/itm/2041522536…
In reply to @WallStreetSilv
Why? Because the Chinese people won't fight back.
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