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Nadhim Zahawi tells nurses to "send a very clear message to Mr Putin" by accepting another real-terms pay cut.

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He also said that a pay rise for nurses could be better spent on "NHS frontline services".
Does he even know what a nurse actually is?
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Let's send Putin a clear message by cutting MP wages to 30k a year then.
With zingers like these, you can see why Tory MPs want to stand down…
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Let’s send Putin a clear message and remove our far right, authoritarian UK government.
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Maybe Zahawi and his mates should stop heating horse stables at the taxpayers expense and send a message to Mr Putin that way instead? (he can pay himself to heat horse stables)
Putin and Rona and climate change are all interchangeable in the 'bullshit excuse for being a cunt' bingo.
This bloke! He fills the air with noise and numbers signifying nothing.
Wait for the❤️‍🔥from @SophyRidgeSky at the end of this clip.
"If you're a nurse on 20 grand a year you'd think maybe there are other ways of sending Putin a clear message than a real terms pay cut."
The endless utility of war.
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Says the multi millionaire who has incredibly dubious tax arrangements… Perhaps if he & others like him paid their fair share of taxes then there’d be enough for that real-term pay increase for nurses…
In reply to @AdamBienkov
I tell you what, if you are interested in sending a message to Putin (which I doubt you are btw) Nadhim Zahawi - sell a horse or start recovering some of the proceeds from Covid profiteers. Don’t start on Nurses & workers because we are having none of it. thetimes.co.uk/article/boss-p…
Holy shit. Does this horse-heating numbnuts ever listen to himself?
In reply to @AdamBienkov
So from 2010 to 2021, when they also received Real Terms Pay-cuts, who were they sending a message to? The Markets, Austerity or The Tooth Fairy?? Putin needs to be stopped but he hasn’t driven nurses or anybody else to strike but the Tories have!! Their policies are toxic!! 🏥✊
Why not pay all ministers the living wage? That'll send a message to Putin.
Desperate play by Zahawi using Putin against nursing staff. Tories are panicking.
I’ve been on loads of Ukraine protests and demonstrations. They ask for guns and ammunition and the means to close the sky.
Not once have they asked the U.K. nurses to take a real terms pay cut.
Just incase anyone misunderstood 👍
Disgraceful comments by Nadim Zahawi (net worth approx £100m) designed to inflame the situation and not the actions of a Government committed to resolving the dispute
The unbelievable shit they try and get away with.
Hi @nadhimzahawi
Have you been kicked in the head by one of your own horses?
🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/Vp7r9vYLXV
Better idea. Send the right-wing tyrants right here a message by going on strike.
In reply to @AdamBienkov
The feeblest exhortation I’ve ever seen. Zahawi is beyond redemption.
Thinking maybe taxing billionaire wealth send a much clearer message about democracy vanquishing oligarchy than hitting nurses pay would, but maybe that’s just me.
‘I just feel like we haven’t taken the piss out of the workers quite ENOUGH, lads so- I don’t know if I’ll get away with it, but-’
I suggest the nurses send a very clear message to government zahawi
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Has he read the Sunday Times report on yet more profiteering on PPE contracts? Perhaps he could seek repayment of the monies for useless equipment from these companies and use it towards paying nurses
Sticking it to Mr Putin by no longer claiming expenses to heat my stables. It’s only fair then that nurses also eat shit.
This slimey CON MP j7st to look at him makes my blood boil.
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Shame the way @nadhimzahawi sends a clear message to Putin is by getting us to pay to heat his stables. I don't see these Tories giving up their £100,000s in extras and expenses claimed on the taxpayer every year. #ToriesOut
“Vladimir Vladimirovich, we have shored up our defences around Bakhmut and are preparing to encircle it, but there’s a new problem. It’s as we feared. The British nurses…they’re settling for a lower salary than they might otherwise be able to obtain through industrial action.”
Putin hates it when nurses get a living wage. That's what this whole war is about.
In reply to @AdamBienkov
"Hello Vlad, I've got a message for you" "Who the fuck are you?" "I'm a nurse and I hope you're ready for this" "Oh yeah?" "Yep, I'm going to go to a food bank and live by candelight, so there!" (Picks up phone) "Sergei pull all our troops out of Ukraine immmediately"
This govt is so full of fecal matter
If I speak I am in big trouble
The message received would be that we are an enslaved nation!
What planet is this moron on? He used taxpayers money to keep his horses warm why doesn't he and the rest of the self-serving cabal take a pay cut to send a clear message to Putin whatever that means 🙄🤦‍♂️
We are ruled by Imbeciles. And so is GB.
Why would Putin care? This is shameless blame shifting..🤬🤬
Still blaming Putin for something caused by them and also all the other parties that agreed with unlimited money printing.

This is why Putin gets blamed for the economy very convenient. I really wonder who would have got the blame if the war did not happen.
In reply to @AdamBienkov
I suggest that all MPs take a pay cut to help the nurses..
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Zahawi was Education Minister when Johnson's Tory government implemented Freedom Day where they dropped Covid19 mitigations for political, not health reasons. 216 deaths of UK Children have been recorded from Covid19. 🚽#ToriesOut150🧻 📣#GeneralElectionNow🪧 🦠#CovidIsNotOver☠️ pic.twitter.com/jkrzPVzwT7
Putin shaking in his boots sat the thought of more of our nurses having to use food banks to feed their families.
Are there really voters still falling for this bullshit?
(Don't answer that)
Tory stupidity that is destroying our country #GeneralElectionNow #ToriesOut151
What a disgraceful comment by our multi-millionaire MP, with nurses having to resort to food banks while at the same time his government keeps giving money to bankers.
Stratford on Avon deserves so much better.👇
Most people see foreign wars as a tragedy-unfortunately there's a lot of them, & always will be

It isn't good enough for Government to say-"You must endure misery to teach Putin a lesson"

People are far more concerned about their own livlihoods than anything to do with Putin.
Quisling, @nadhimzahawi, is slipping. He's forgotten to accuse nurses of antisemitism. Let's see what happens when the pro-Putin smear collapses. Maybe if people like Zahawi paid their full wack of taxes the government wouldn't think twice about paying nurses what they deserve.
In reply to @AdamBienkov
So when nurses are having to use foodbanks they should be saying 'good, that'll show Putin'. Be ashamed @nadhimzahawi
the conservative party refusing russian donations would perhaps be a more potent message…
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Maybe the Tories should consider reducing their own income to "send a very clear message to Putin" - starting with the money from this lot: twitter.com/mac_puck/statu…
you might think it’s easy to come up with stuff like this, but the sustained lack of thought takes real dedication
What an idiot he is. A man who gets us to pay to heat his stables is not the best person to say anything. I don't believe a word they say.
The mental gymnastics one would have to perform to use a foreign war in Ukraine as a way of guilt-tripping nurses into accepting low salaries. He’s unlikely to offer to take a pay cut for himself, wouldn’t that help Putin too? #r4today #NadhimZahawi #CostOfLeavingCrisis
In reply to @AdamBienkov
The utter gall of this man. Talk about a class war. I think it is about time the tories and the millionaires and billionaires put their money where their mouths are and showed their 'patriotism' and coughed up for the cause and that includes paying our key workers a decent wage.
This must be a deep fake video, right? How could anyone, let alone a gov minister, utter this nonsense out loud and on public television?!😵‍💫 @nadhimzahawi #ToriesOut #CostOfLivingCrisis
Zahawi should be doing stand up 🤣🤣🤣
Arrogant, clueless, out-of-touch and doomed to electoral oblivion.

Off you pop to spend more time with your lovely warm horses.
In reply to @AdamBienkov
The main enemy is in Downing Street not Moscow or Beijing. #Victory to @theRCN pic.twitter.com/Rm1W3JpW2H
This an absolute insult to all staff of our NHS.....and it comes from a member of a goverment who accepted millions of pounds of Russian money...
Only 1 word for this POS -

What message did the Tories lifting the cap on 'city boy' banker bonuses send to Putin? #EnoughIsEnough
Non Dom mates ££. Big energy mates ££. VIP lane mates ££. Oil companies ££. Tory donors ££. Hedge funder mates ££. Water company mates ££.
Everyone else - you have to suffer to show Putin.
We are not in this together are we?
The guy's clearly not right in the head.
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Can the Tories send a clear message and give the Russians their money back?
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Why don’t MPs give themselves a pay cut and the money saved can then be given to nurses. Then MPs can send a very clear message to Putin or whoever else is being used as an excuse not to pay fair wages.
If Nadhim Zahawi wanted to send a 'clear message to Putin', why didn't the government agree to decent pay for workers, stop strike breaking via subsidising profits for corporations, and cap the fucking fuel bills at an affordable rate, instead of giving millions to their friends?
Just tell him yourself next time you're getting paid, Nads.
I can't really imagine Putin going, “Well, I was going to continue invading Ukraine and holding Europe’s energy needs hostage, but the Tories are underfunding health workers so 🤷🏼‍♂️”.
With rubbish like this from Zahawi the @Conservatives fully deserve their decimation at the next GE.
In reply to @AdamBienkov
I thought I couldn’t hate them more than I do…
In reply to @AdamBienkov
We need to send a message to the Conservative party that public sector workers refuse to accept real term pay cuts to continue to fund their failings
You claimed on your expenses for heating your stables. I'm fed up of being told I shouldn't strike but not being paid adequately. MPs have had multiple pay rises over the last few years. I want to pay my bills within my salary not heat some poxy stables a the tax payers expense.
"This is not a time to be divided" man carrying giant wedge proclaims.
It's a strange suggestion, since I imagine he neither knows nor cares how much nurses in the UK earn...

If anything, I imagine (albeit for the wrong reasons) he'd be in favour of paying nurses more, not less.

This is an extremely odd statement to make...
What an arrogant cruel bastard is he to try and keep on Insulting our Intelligence. Please rise up and support our wonderful nurses. We need them to stop us from Dying. All the cash in the world won’t matter if your ill.imwiththeNurses
In reply to @nadhimzahawi
@nadhimzahawi so what "very clear message" did you send and to whom when, as PART TIME chief strategy officer for Gulf Keystone #Petroleum you were paid £1.3 million between 2015 & 2018, and in 2022 it was estimated by several published sources that your #networth is £100m?
irreparably stupid, venal country. please mr. xi jinping send j20 multirole strike fighter etc
Here's proto-fascist, millionaire, horse warmer Nadhim Zahawi calling nurses Putin sympathisers.

In reply to @AdamBienkov
didn't mind giving Putin what he wanted when it came to Brexit though! He's such a hypocrite.
If I said what I really thought about these cunts twitter would suspend me
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Nadhim Zahawi sits in his ivory tower with a large salary, expenses, subsidised meals and zero car parking charges and talks about how nurses should send Putin a message by accepting actual pay cuts on an annual basis. The man insults our intelligence. #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis
.@nadhimzahawi If you want to send a message to Putin, reverse Brexit. The biggest deterrent he could face is a united Europe standing together.
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