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1. THREAD: The Twitter Files
Part One: October 2020-January 6th

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In reply to @mtaibbi
As the hateful leftist lynch mob enters its umpteenth month attacking Trump for “inciting insurrection,” let’s remind them of what these same Democrat officials enabled, funded, and bailed out during the Summer of Love in 2020. Spare me your sanctimony. pic.twitter.com/ADL2jwYL3E
This thread proves 3 things:

1) Twitter execs were regularly meeting with FBI over what to censor.

2) Twitter's censorship was almost 100% aligned with the Dem Party.

3) Twitter's chief censors were deranged ideologues abusing their power over our discourse to silence dissent.
He used the platform to organize a coup attempt. The end.
In reply to @mtaibbi
#TLDR notes: Yoel Roth, Vijaya Gadde, & Jim Baker met with the FBI, DHS, DNI weekly/monthly to take down then sitting President Trump and suppress voter fraud. Everyone involved is a TRAITOR to America
In reply to @mtaibbi
So now we learn that Twitter ignored kiddie porn, BUT suppressed Donald Trump’s January 6th “go home now, we have to have peace…” Tweet. Trump was “visibility filtered”. QUESTION: WHY did Twitter Execs NOT want #J6 protestors to go home in peace? 🤔#TwitterFiles3 #TwitterGate pic.twitter.com/6n3yzpX5OE
In reply to @mtaibbi
Whoa. Waitaminute. Based on everything you've tweeted: Is the TL;DR that the Jan 6 protesters were actually correct, i.e., the election >was< rigged? — At least partially by Twitter?
In reply to @mtaibbi
E lá vamos nós para a parte 3
Hmm… so on top of everything else, Twitter execs were doing weekly meetings with deep state actors in intelligence agencies and interfering with their own democracy…..
In reply to @mtaibbi
Ready for part 3 of the twitter files??
Elon and the gang are at it again. AWESOME !!
SCOOP: Turns out in October, Trump was talking about trying to incite violent insurrection if he lost, and then in November he lost, and then he incited violent insurrection from Nov-Jan inclusive, and then on January 6 the violence Trump incited happened.
Depois de ler tudo com@muita atenção, vejo que estava certíssima quando disse nas lives que o @elonmusk comprou muito mais do que uma empresa, comprou uma CENA DE CRIME. E a lista de crimes cometidos pelos funcionários do Twitter, do FBI e do DNC e’ muito extensa.
In reply to @mtaibbi
Is it standard process for the CIA and FBI, and who knows what other intelligence agencies, to have regular ties with mainstream media to moderate their content? Serious question.
In reply to @mtaibbi
I just canceled dinner with the in-laws to stay home to see this 👀🔥
Nueva liberación de información de Twitter en la que se revela cómo la anterior dirección se coordinaba con el FBI y otros organismos gubernamentales para censurar cuentas o información.
In reply to @mtaibbi
Gee, it’s just so hard to think of why, on January 6, 2021, they might have thought to take his platform down. Wow. Cant wait, pass the popcorn. 🤦‍♂️
Die #Twitter-Files, Teil III. So wurde Donald #Trump gecancelt.
#TwitterFiles3 Twitter interfered with a Presidential Election,
using a ‘vast array of tools’ to limit the impact of Trump’s acct.

Full of arrogance and self-importance, they threw Trump off Twitter & his followers exposing themselves for the CONSCIENCELESS SOCIOPATHS they are.
In reply to @mtaibbi
Twitter files! This is worse than Watergate! Where's Carl Burnstein when you need him. Cricket noises.
In reply to @mtaibbi
Yea, yea, yea. The issue I have is this: Twitter is not and has never been a source of "news", reliable information or facts, nor have they ever claimed to be. There are ~ 70mm Twitter users in the US, among which about 10% generate 80% of the traffic. Tell the whole truth.
In reply to @mtaibbi
Am I the only one who has notifications turned on when he tweets?? 🤣🤣🤣

In reply to @mtaibbi
And now you really jump the shark. We all know why the Insurrectionist-In-Chief was removed, and deservedly so.
If I knew even half of what was going on back then, I would not have stayed on Twitter.

This is genuinely scary stuff.
One thing that stand out in all of these revelations is: where the hell was @jack while all of this was going down? He's not in any of the Slack conversations, and Yoel Roth appears to have been fully in charge of Twitter. Was Jack even aware of any of this?
In reply to @mtaibbi
I can't believe there are still people that are justifying this, their hearts are so full of hate for one man, they are willing to give up their freedom to defend the corruption.
In reply to @mtaibbi
In reply to @mtaibbi
He lost. He got kicked off of social media platforms for inciting, aiding and abetting a violent insurrection involving a terrorist attack on Congress and attempted electoral fraud. He's a criminal. Get used to it. pic.twitter.com/DFe2n0PvRD
Twitterファイル第3弾 トランプ元大統領はどうやってバンされたか の要点翻訳



twitter.com/mtaibbi/status… pic.twitter.com/YKA69aPoJs
In reply to @mtaibbi
Twitter is a privately held social media site. They can kick off whoever they want. Especially someone who breaks the terms of service over and over again. I don’t get what your issue is.
Do you have your 🍿ready?

In reply to @mtaibbi
The organization and presentation of this information is unmatched. We must not let anyone responsible for such heinous activities get away with it. @elonmusk . Great job @mtaibbi !
העיתונאי מאט טאיבי, שאלון מאסק נתן לו גישה לתכתובות הפנימיות של טוויטר, ממשיך בחשיפה המרתקת.

שרשור נוסף (שלישי ומעניין במיוחד) על הדרך בה נחסם (ולבסוף הוסר לחלוטין) הנשיא טראמפ מטוויטר בניגוד לכל הנהלים של החברה עצמה, כל זאת ערב הבחירות ואחריהן.
In reply to @hiro0725
🎙️マスク:○witter改革🎙️ 【速報】 ♾ ツイッターファイル 第3弾 『ドナルド・トランプの排除』 🔻 詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。 mobile.twitter.com/mtaibbi/status… pic.twitter.com/C2YBTNvple
This thread excoriates any argument Twitter was a private company that could do as it pleased.

The Intel agencies were directing Twitter, if not outright running it.

It was a 1A violation in spirit if not in law, at a level not seen since McCarthyism.
I just want a date night. Why do y’all have to do this in the evenings. And Friday evening?! Damn you all.

Very good thread.
In reply to @mtaibbi
Twitter’s actions are very chilling to attempts by fascist autocrats to violently overturn free elections. Concerning.
Wow what a story what a shitshow
Thank you @mtaibbi . It's established that for @vijaya et al @Twitter was a PUBLISHER, not a tech platform. Please @elonmusk disclose their position on #Islamophobia, @BJP4India @RSSorg and @trueindology the last being repeatedly banned. Did @Twitter influence Indian elections?
In reply to @mtaibbi
So they were working with their own research, in tandem with academia, on assessing language. And then they decided, as a private company, to ban Donald Trump, and held that if necessary, they could ban Joe Biden, too. A private company is what we’re talking about, right?
Pre-Musk, #Twitter was run by a bunch of losers.
Elon Musk agora está expondo toda a discussão interna no Twitter desde a campanha presidencial de 2020 até o banimento de Trump dia 8 de janeiro de 2021.
Está claro que, durante a campanha, executivos da empresa atuaram como um braço do partido democrata.
🚨 The Rekovap of Presodwnt Donald Trump banning him from Twitter! 🚨
Woke activists at Vagina Gadfly/Yoel Roth — not even American, clearly — run Twitter were bad enough, but the real story here is the coordination with ODNI/DHS/FBI to unseat Trump, well before J6 or even the election.

Many including me suspected; This now well-documented fact.
In reply to @mtaibbi
If you're going to put this much time & effort into how a private company decides what gets posted on its platform, maybe you could spend a little talking about something that actually matters, like the multitude of actual crimes committed by Trump & his cronies. Just a thought.
Wow it’s just get worse and worse!
🔥🔥🔥 Oh here we go, Twitter Files part 3!

The removal of Trump 👀
In reply to @mtaibbi
There are multiple times over the years when literally anyone other than Trump would have been suspended for what he tweeted. Dozens, if not hundreds. Federal agencies certainly had an interest in public safety. It includes countering the disinformation campaigns of bad actors.
In reply to @mtaibbi
He used Twitter to help organize and incited an insurrection to overturn a free and fair election based on known lies and disinformation about non-existent fraud. He's a traitor. The end.
In reply to @mtaibbi
Unless these files shed light on why it took so long to remove him after 1000s of reports of abuse of the Twitter TOS then I'm not interested. He should have been removed months, if not years, before he was. And maybe the Jan 6 insurrection could have been avoided.
Why is the .@FBI meeting with @Twitter executives and having tweets removed?

And while @realDonaldTrump was removed from Twitter, Cuban Dictator @DiazCanelB has been free to issue combat orders against his own people and still be on this app.

Since one of MSM’s favorite exercises is to breathlessly write about “DANGER TO DEMOCRACY”…

Isn’t it kinda weird they aren’t currently up in arms about the exposure of clear election interference and the deplatforming of a sitting president?
So what you’re saying is that Twitter, after January 6 had enough of this guy and kicked him off the platform. What a explosive report.

👎🏼 ))💨 (fart noise)
In reply to @philthatremains
And the release of the 3rd tranche of twitter internal documents implicating Twitter of colluding with the FBI.
The #TwitterFiles make Teapot Dome, Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, & every Julian Assange & Edward Snowden revelation look like mere misdemeanors. The Biden administration appears utterly illegitimate.
In reply to @mtaibbi
Let’s start the thread with this for context: twitter.com/January6thCmte…
Jack & Co thought they were the real Guardians Of The Galaxy
¿El FBI tenía perfecto conocimiento de lo que estaban haciendo los ejecutivos de Twitter para suspender al entonces presidente en funciones, Trump? ¿Es cierto que el FBI se reunía semanalmente con ellos acordado con los demócratas?

Esta denuncia es muy grave.
#France #Paris
Incroyable ce qui en train de se dérouler actuellement sur les révélation de Musk.
La collusion entre dirigeants de #Twitter le #FBI et les #Democrats ont interfé ensemble dans l'élection américaine de 2020.
Tu comprends pourquoi il veulent faire taire Twitter. pic.twitter.com/F7dBaz2clF
Just went through the entire thread…shocked.

@yoyoel should be in prison, along w all the other execs at Twitter that played a part in rigging an election.

When a platform like Twitter becomes a central part in having voices suppressed during an election, we have a problem.
In reply to @mtaibbi
Oh for the love of all that’s holy… please spare from this endless rain of boring inanity.
In reply to @mtaibbi
When will Big Pharma - @Twitter comms be released on covid misinfo?
Essa história está cada vez mais interessante‼️
In reply to @mtaibbi
it seems like they knew the exact outcome of J6
New Twitter Files just released!!!
Here we go again, this thing is gathering some pace now.

In reply to @pmddomingos
It's also an extraordinary window into what goes on at tech companies trying to control speech: the chaos, the hubris, the groupthink, the political bias. For example:
While there are legitimate questions, here is the fundamental flaw detailed in this thread: “We’re still at the start of reviewing the #TwitterFiles.”
You have exclusive access! Review everything so that you understand context, then report!
In reply to @Vrso3PtMJbx8vpT
Part. 3 @mtaibbi は、Twitter上級幹部が2020年11月の選挙に向けて、米国政府の法執行機関の代表と定期的に関わりながら、トランプ氏のツイートを検閲していたことを記録しています。
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