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As long as Republican lawmakers care more about donations from the gun lobby than the slaughter of our children, the more our children will continue to be slaughtered.

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@robreiner How many kids did you fuck on Epstein's Island you fat liberal douche canoe?
@robreiner As long as Republican lawmakers keep getting re-elected, they will continue to offer thoughts and prayers but block gun safety legislation supported by a majority of Democrats, Republicans, independents, and even gun owners.
@robreiner Laws need to be enacted that the NRA can’t give money to any politician. Why is that so difficult to do!!!!
@robreiner And by “donations“, you mean BRIBES. They receive bribes from the NRA.
@robreiner Congressman Frost on the House floor speaking in plain language we can all understand
... Republicans are Cowards and bought and paid for by the NRA

@robreiner Hey Robert, don’t you have a private island to get to you pervert you prey on kids!!
@robreiner Call them out, make a list of who’s at fault! Then protest ☝️boycott & vote against!!!!!
@robreiner Don’t forget that the NRA $ is from Russia.
@robreiner We don't need advice from Epstein island visiting slobs like yourself https://t.co/0KrnkNxB9b
@robreiner This has to be a bot account by now. There is no level of insanity at this point by a competent American citizen. Meathead was always a dumbfucck loser. But to spew this much bullshit can’t be human. https://t.co/KXwATS4AMd
@robreiner Let's start with banning guns for Trans only...we'll do that for 10 to 20 years and see if it's something that'll work?
https://t.co/efFHStZamh https://t.co/7LDnLYIYz6
@robreiner It’s disgusting. They are all murderers.
@robreiner Eat a dick, Meathead. https://t.co/g8MLjls7Hf
@robreiner Mental Heath issue dummy.
@robreiner https://t.co/gvtYRVQ3wQ
https://t.co/JSpGvge2dM https://t.co/AdrfXWzS3q
@robreiner Epstein island pics please 🤣
@robreiner It wasn't a straight white man so you can guarantee they're going to now call for all sorts of evil shit to happen to whatever group the person belonged to.
@robreiner @SpeakerMcCarthy Texas Zero dollars for our border! U.S. in major inflation we have no border & while you’re at it @POTUS @vp Turn on America’s oil/gas America needs affordable energy/electricity @seanhannity @USATODAY @newsmax @ABC @CBS @NBCNews @marklevinshow @PressSec @ABC
@robreiner America is being destroyed from within....
@robreiner So says the fat man who loves Biden. You can’t fix stupid
@robreiner greed and power over children being slaughtered .. it will only get worse
@robreiner Not a gun issue. It’s a transgender person attacking an institution/people that speak out against it. Get it straight @robreiner
@robreiner We got trump this time you 🦇💩🤪🐔💩
@robreiner Time to demand action from President Biden, he must declare a National Emergency and ban AR15s, ban ammunition until Congress passes a new Assault Rifle ban along with new age limits and other restrictions on guns. Use your influence. Make a difference
@robreiner The USA needs to be allocated to the no travel ban due to extreme gun violence
@robreiner Too bad we can send hundreds of billions to Ukraine, hire 87,000 new IRS agents and bail out major banks when they fail but can’t spend a penny to protect children in schools.
@robreiner Order your shirt to help them/their cause
@robreiner republicons scream about crime levels but refuse to do the one thing that eliminates crime. gun control.
@robreiner Nothing or no one is bigger than the second amendment you communist
@robreiner Rob, what about the money you give to politicians that you want to undermine our Republic. Your a despicable douche that has mental issues and should seek serious therapy.
@robreiner A trangender shot up a Christian elementary school.. shooting up Conservative children! Im sick of these fking Democrat freaks! Burning down our businesses, beating up our people, shooting our kids! Im sick of it! Throw them out of our country!
@robreiner It's a good thing that abortion doesn't kill children.
@robreiner Yeah you and the Republicans and the rich Hollywads are guilty and punishable
@robreiner It’s funny that u think gun lobbyists make us get guns
@robreiner Even if guns were to be banned all together our children would still continue to be slaughtered.
@robreiner Mental health https://t.co/U2gk9wT8Ll
@robreiner Can you post a link to a Republican saying that? Because you’re the only I’ve ever heard say something so twisted, Mr. pro Choice baby murderer.
Glad to see you posting again on Twitter. Your fan since ALL IN THE FAMILY days. We matched politically back then. I loved every time you pissed off Archie Bunker. https://t.co/qqAvdPAZto
@RepJohnJoyce Their blood is on your hands. https://t.co/JjyLRcyP58
@robreiner The more our government covers up your pedophilia and adrenochrome addiction, the longer children will continue to be slaughtered.
@robreiner As long as Democrats act as if murder never existed before guns were invented, and pretend if guns were taken from civilians murder would suddenly stop, we will never solve the actual underlying cause.
@robreiner Despite all their talk about the violence transgender people face, it was a transgender person who attacked a Christian school and murdered Christian children.
@robreiner When a President arms our enemies, only fools would willingly give up their weapons

of course fools also repeat history https://t.co/vSMtlZzgD8
@robreiner Get your head on straight. The problem isn't guns, it's mental illness. Fight the right battle.
@robreiner Maybe if Carter didn't push mental health from the federal government onto the state level where there was no funding, we wouldn't be in this mess.
*FACT 💙🌈🇺🇦🤡
https://t.co/hn0WMVNcUw https://t.co/WFqPasFWzF
@robreiner They will never care. The only way to make change is by holding the Gun Manufacturers and the NRA liable for these deaths. Hold them accountable and make them pay.
@robreiner Hey pedophile,maybe we should be looking more into mental illness, oh wait if we did that you would find out you are mentally ill like all the woke idiots.
@robreiner Oh no Rob! Haven’t you seen the facts about the evil shooter!
She/He was one of yours!
A deranged liberal transgender lady!
Rob, please delete your ridiculous tweet before you embarrass your entire fan club!

Oops, to late!
@robreiner They are slaughtered at a higher rate out of school, 2 were slaughtered here in a drive by shooting but sure didn’t see that on the nationwide news nor that non existent gun control protest, is it because they probably weren’t legal gun owners or not the right color?
@robreiner A little hypocritical no? Liberals constantly not talking about what they don't want to talk about. Your liberal hate pushing at other liberals (in this case trans community) to kill our babies. Go away liberal evil!!!!
@robreiner Fatso did you ever had a body guard that carried a gun? P.S. did you really wear that on Epstein Island? https://t.co/fSJWbM21F7
@robreiner They don't. But democratic party cares more about donations from foreign governments and Big pharma than the nation. Guess which is more a problem meathead
@robreiner So how do you explain a left wing responsible for this?
@robreiner Typical idiot, Mental health is the real issue to address, you should know all about that..
@robreiner So NOW you’re against transgenders. Took you long enough to wise up. Mental illness is very real.
@robreiner That is absolutely that in a villainous nutshell, and it is far past time to set the nuts straight. America can not continue to allow villains to put its children at risk for the sake of enabling their abusive neglect.
@robreiner Until we all yearn for the freedom to send our kids to school with confidence that they will come home at the end of the day (along with other important freedoms, whatever it takes) including making it impossible for those with psychopathology to access guns, nothing will change.
@robreiner And as long as liberals support and advertise and promote evil , people will be lost to sickness, depravity and depression. Guns? No….people. Help the people for gods’ sake.
@robreiner Meathead, maybe you should let them bury the bodies before your dumbass tries politicizing it
@robreiner Would it be possible/useful to do a survey on the voting ballot next election, on gun control?
Eg: Do you support
-some sort of gun control?
-expanded background checks?
-banning assault rifles?
Unlike a poll, this would survey all voters and provide a direct mandate.
@robreiner Where did she get the guns? Didn't any of our brilliant analysts see this coming?
@robreiner The left is pure evil https://t.co/HsURPS8fUV
@robreiner Um, Robbie, before you go on, please check to see the shooter is ANOTHER liberals and the police chief did in fact state it was a hate crime against Christians. 99.9% of all mass shootings are liberals. Take libs guns, problem solved, no more mass shootings.
@robreiner Yet your president came out making jokes and talking about the good looking kids in front of him. IDIOT!!!
@robreiner Ok Rob how do you propose we get all of the illegally owned guns collected? I thought so dumbass always running off at the mouth but no real solution! Get a life you fat piece of shit libtard!
You’re the biggest piece of shit on Twitter, in lollywood n in general. You have never done anything to move our country forward, MeatHead! https://t.co/lDiCmrP3Xe
@robreiner As long as there's liberal, transgendered nut jobs with access to a gun there's going to a risk of a tragic outcome. You of all people should be able to relate when it comes to mental illnesses..😆
@robreiner It was a trans nit about guns, maybe we should ban people being trans
@robreiner Earlier today.... https://t.co/yVMA9OKLBD
@robreiner Really? Now do @dnc politicians in Chicago.

@robreiner There it is. All the dimwit Dems parroting the talking points again. Propagandists pushing the false narrative and pandering to their leftist cult.
@robreiner The shooter was mentally ill hence the "pronouns"
@robreiner same repetitiously tiring and predictably meaningless wannabe sanctimonious comebacks from you douchebags always.
@robreiner Mother
Children ...
Plan Parenthood AKA !
@robreiner Kill them in the womb, right?? 🖕
@robreiner What is an assault weapon meathead?
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