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Tennessee for real just expelled the two Black guys but not the white woman.

Man folks. Man. They just went out there and straight up did the racism.

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It is rare, RARE, that you will see racism so surprising that it even catches *black* folks off guard. But, literally nobody I talked to, even as recently as a few hours go, thought Tennessee would have the unmitigated gall to expel the two black guys and not the white woman.
@ElieNYC they did the fascism and the racism
America’s favorite dance craze since it was founded! The Racism!

“DO! DO! DO! DO THE RACISM!” https://t.co/uOxTs3FFHB https://t.co/DCXdQwKywp
@ElieNYC Tennessee is the state where Nathan Bedford Forrest made his fortune as a slave trader. They only removed his bust from that same Capitol building (checks calendar) 22 months ago. It had been placed there in 1978. That’s 1978, not 1878.
@ElieNYC Republicans have changed the narrative from protecting Children from Gun Violence to Racism bc Racism wins Votes in Tennessee.
@ElieNYC Keep telling it like it is @ElieNYC
Same Racism
Same Jim Crow
Same civil rights fight of Martin Luther King Jr, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Angela Davis, and John Lewis
We will not yield says @Justinjpearson
We won't either
#TenneseeThree https://t.co/wOsZlcwyuG
@ElieNYC Young Americans….

Tennessee today.

Tomorrow, your State.

If you want to save Democracy, you MUST not only vote in 579 days but you must become active in getting others to the polls.

Your country needs YOU!

What a damned shame what we have become. https://t.co/WcV9AuYiOo
@ElieNYC They should have worn these t-shirts. https://t.co/jOHcwNonz3
She apologized. They didn't. Calm down. https://t.co/RIOOGoLRna
@ElieNYC Don’t forget while we are dealing with the expiration of two black men in Tennessee, the media predominantly used this image of Serene; peddling in black tropes about the angry black! Don’t dare tell me there isn’t systemic racism. https://t.co/xCe8Vl35C5
@ElieNYC they wanted us to see it, Elie..they want to make it clear, young Black & Brown men are not welcome..they take how in the blatancy of it.

this canNOT stand!!!!
Hey look the first tweet in this thread is now accurate.

@ElieNYC We all know what this is all about. It’s all about racism, putting Black folks in their place in the Age of Donald Trump.
@ElieNYC That was so blatantly racist, and I have to conclude @TNGOP did not care at all. They didn’t care that it played out in real time to the entire country.
@ElieNYC They tipped their hats by telling *just her* how to keep her benefits.
if this were written into a movie or TV show people would think it's too hyperbolic to be true https://t.co/0HzKSekm1S
@ElieNYC And you know every single one of them that voted for it “because they used a bullhorn” cheered when this happened: https://t.co/6KadfexKBx
@ElieNYC They didn’t even try to hide their racism. Such blatant hypocrisy. I’m beyond angry at this disgusting behavior. 😡 This will backfire on them in a big way because they created 2 Heroic Leaders today in Justin Jones and Justin Pearson…these men are just getting started in what… https://t.co/vO18JdyGYo
@ElieNYC Please tag these two young men in EVERY tweet you send, in order to give folks the opportunity to follow them.

Maybe @twitter is going down the tubes with the horrible Musk running the situation, but let's keep trying.

@Justinjpearson @brotherjones_
And the white woman @VoteGloriaJ, thankfully called them out on it. https://t.co/0y6SfiPwQb
@ElieNYC @blueeyedblue_47 One of those Republican “ law makers” urinated in somebody’s chair.
This is who they are.
@ElieNYC They also just creates martyrs of both of these black men.

I see the tide of fat, old, white men subsiding. I hope I live to see the lowest tide ever.
@ElieNYC 17 minutes into Anderson cooper’s show and the only one who brought up that only the black law makers were expelled was Justin Jones. Cooper never pull the string on this
Yup. Straight up did the racism. https://t.co/ejLOOVOtSE
@ElieNYC So not misandry?

I know math is too hard for you, but here's the math:
65 voted to expel all three.
7 voted to expel exactly two.
3 voted to expel only one.

So you are arguing that precisely four (4) of the members of the TN General Assembly are racist.
@ElieNYC Not expelling the white woman didn't work out like they thought it would...
@ElieNYC @MamaMolly2018 It's the foundation of their belief system. https://t.co/jsorQL1gCY
@ElieNYC They are a disgrace but the two young men I learned of just today are shooting stars of our party!
@ElieNYC I can't be the only white woman disgusted by white men, can I?

I don't believe there is one single decent white republican. Black republicans are something else.
@ElieNYC @FrankMikeDavis1 Sick to my stomach and mad as hell with the ongoing injustice inflicted by Republicans.
@ElieNYC What happened today is disgusting. Maybe someone can stand on the steps of the state Capitol to hand the TN GOP new white hoods. I'm sure the hoods of their great-grandfathers, original Klansmen, are a little old and tattered.
@ElieNYC Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were both expelled from the Tennessee State Legislature. Two major modern day civil rights icons were just born. They will not be silenced and neither will we! 📷📷 https://t.co/Ptj5oh0ZLN
@ElieNYC @TheRealHoarse This is going to backfire spectacularly.
@ElieNYC There’s an easy fix for this. Take another vote and expel the white woman. Problem solved.
@ElieNYC Goosebumps and tears here. I did this 50 fucking years ago and… smh

#TenneseeThree #Tennesee
Time for a powerful Tennessee backlash. https://t.co/8V9HWzoUkn
As soon as I heard they only expelled two of the three, I knew exactly who made the cut and who didn't. https://t.co/eGQwP0me5i
240 Years Of This Bullshit. 🙄 https://t.co/EMbrL1t5NJ
@ElieNYC @awbraxtonjr Might as well put the hoods on while in session
@ElieNYC But of course...

How else would it be Tennessee? @TheTNHoller
The same old broken record.

@CivilRights what gives?
This looks blatant.
You all bear witness! https://t.co/rMC61YjyyB
@ElieNYC @MJWebb3 These are the same Republicans who allowed an admitted child offender to keep his seat but when you try to save children - and you happen to be black - you get expelled. Republicanland is the exact opposite of America.
@ElieNYC They were expelled because they broke decorum.
The only people turning this into a 'race' thing is Democrats. This is the only thing Dems know how to do.
"Racists! Everything and everyone is racist. Now vote for us."

And then,

"TY for your vote. Now get lost."
The GOP congressmen who voted not to expel the white woman should be paraded around the prime example of idiocy https://t.co/WmYY8sgsp8
@ElieNYC I live in TN I say she should have gone as well. We don't discriminate we seek adults in our capital not riot seekers
They do shit like this just to mess with our heads! They are trying to overwhelm us with their demonic theatrical displays. https://t.co/oOulbilWSP
@ElieNYC Let's keep in mind that it was trump who gave all the racists wings...
"Tennessee, where racism is alive and thriving!" will be the new state motto.
@TNGOP @TheTNHoller @Titans @Tennessean
@MarshaBlackburn @visitmusiccity https://t.co/wFcVPtLi9N
Not racist at all because they didn't wear their white robes and hoods! https://t.co/oAcsUdjz7F
@ElieNYC Activists from around the country must make their way to Tennessee. I'm white and from California but that doesn't make me any less ashamed of those transparent racists fucks.
@ElieNYC @cheshire_lorrie Somewhere in here is another Lincoln failure
#inners Yes, that's what they did. https://t.co/35r7CpRd9o
And then they chastised Pearson for being an uppity black man who doesn’t know his place. They didn’t use those words, but OMG the message was so loud & clear. https://t.co/5hEKoSiLKV
Yep. https://t.co/UkFtLIyMpy
@ElieNYC There’s no quiet part anymore.
They just did the racism. What happens next, Tennessee? https://t.co/n4LnvoRwgM
@ElieNYC @joncoopertweets This may be awful to say but…I’m glad the Republican politicians of Tennessee showed the world their true colors…vote a straight Democratic ticket on every race till we get rid of these horrible men.
@ElieNYC Were you this upset when a black capital police officer shot an unarmed white woman in the head during the January 6th riot?
@ElieNYC Eli the SCOTUS ruled to dismantle the voting rights act as no longer necessary Does the current actions in TN and other states require the court to reverse its decision Could the shadow docket be source what legal action by DOJ
I wonder how they will try to explain that. https://t.co/IYUjKupS0J
!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/Cp5XxDNnY2
@ElieNYC Wtaf? That’s some special kind of stupid.
@ElieNYC REPORT: Conspiracy theorists starting 2 think racism may be institutionalized in America …
Was about to say the same thing. Such transparent racism. Hateful. Dinosaurs. https://t.co/otVjdFj5Ir
@ElieNYC I wish I could be surprised.
They sure did. https://t.co/8dOLXNUBaj
Wow!!! https://t.co/S65tH3mIbJ
@ElieNYC After they said ALL are equally guilty.

Only to find out in the hearing they didn’t break any Senate Rules.
@ElieNYC Jesus. We can't even manage to disassemble democracy with some quiet dignity.
@ElieNYC WTF is going on- pure up RACISM!
@ElieNYC Racism 101! They are blatant and don’t care who knows it.
Time to rise up and fight this hate! We the people won’t stand for it any longer! https://t.co/jlhnaqKaOF
@ElieNYC And got Justin Pearson’s name wrong.
@ElieNYC @ShannonFreshour I knew this would happen. The GOP is trying to sow division so they can put forth their draconian, white supremacy, authoritarianism leaders. This is NOT DEMOCRACY
@ElieNYC The crowd doesn't willing to accept this.
@ElieNYC @RebekahWriter I don't agree with ya often, but you're spot on here.
It just can not get any more obvious. https://t.co/VeSNPNS35C
@ElieNYC Yes, yes they did. Shameful.
@ElieNYC Injustice for one is injustice for all.

Tennessee, you’re a joke.
@ElieNYC Yes brother we in Tennessee see that also and are fighting for a change.
Beyond Repulsive. I’m sick to my stomach. https://t.co/HLEF2jCtvT
@ElieNYC @TheRealHoarse It’s horrifying. TN just hurled itself headlong straight back into the days when the KKK was created in its borders. And they are damn proud of it.
F-cking incredible. Republicans don’t even try to hide it anymore. https://t.co/Fl56Xic5p3
@ElieNYC @TheRealHoarse As a Tennessean, I’m so embarrassed and sorry for my state.
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