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Kyle Rittenhouse is in a twitter battle with anti-gun violence crusader and school shooting survivor David Hogg. High school dropout Kyle tried to make fun of Hogg for graduating from Harvard. After Rittenhouse tweeted negative things about Hogg .A friend of mine suggested… https://t.co/AeQ9FEUh9d https://t.co/jLBs2flUCh

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@MartyTa94849826 Hogg would have @ThisIsKyleR crying by the time it was over.
@MartyTa94849826 @LoriMacrae20 Kyle Rittenhouse sucker punched a girl.

He is exactly what he appears to be.
"Chance to prove to the world you are right"

As if he didn't do that in court already?

Even if Kyle "Wins" y'all wouldn't be accepting that lol

They will still go on their way hating him for the same reasons without even a 2nd thought.

If he wants to debate, that's fine 1/2 https://t.co/jK4Fb5t1gl
@MartyTa94849826 @davidhogg111 wouldn't just wipe the floor with @ThisIsKyleR, he'd make sure to clean the WHOLE house with him! Kyle is a murderer and David is a survivor! YUGE difference! YUGE!!
@MartyTa94849826 This is who you are defending? This paid shill? Fake, Anti-American, that only follows a script and is being paid to do so? Watch him forget the lies he is unable to form correctly.
He's the epitome of a gaslighter.
David Hog is a LIAR!!! https://t.co/72yESrtyMo
@MartyTa94849826 David for the win every time. If Kyle even shows up that is.
@MartyTa94849826 David Hogg is a damn Constitution hating fraud.
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle would hide in the corner and cry .
@MartyTa94849826 @JariMahawa He’d start blubbering like he did in court and I’m not sure my stomach can take that. If the little weasel ever agreed to a debate I’d definitely have to keep a puke bucket near by.
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle would expect a speakers fee because you know the grifting never ends.
If David Hogg had been carrying like Kyle Rittenhouse, maybe more of his blanks would be a-blank. https://t.co/6BtdCGyesF
@MartyTa94849826 @jongs107wxsnl1 Kyle’s number one priority should be his skin care regimen..
@MartyTa94849826 @srdknecht Why would David Hogg waste his time with this? To what end?We don’t need another public spectacle. We need solutions NOW to increasing mass &shootings/decreasing public safety.The debate is nice idea but gives Rittenhouse more publicity. Rittenhouse needs to fade into obscurity
@MartyTa94849826 High school dropout or not, Kyle has done more for society than Hogg ever will.
"This is your chance to prove to the world you were right..."
He's been proven right, In court. https://t.co/Otnx73QrVO
@MartyTa94849826 Did hoggboy forget to tell you that he and his family own guns as well??
An AR 15 is NOT a weapon of war and it’s never been used in the military!
Oh and the 2A guarantees our rights to own whatever weapons we want!
STFU https://t.co/WVGosAH3Bj
shots fired

no, not literally. https://t.co/S1MWy4fS3J
@MartyTa94849826 Hate to burst your bubble but Americans across the generations embrace the 2nd. That’s why there are a half a billion firearms in the US and probably 2 trillion rounds. The guns are not going anywhere anytime soon and there isn’t anything you or anyone else can do about it.
My quarterly update that boomer shitlibs remain irate that Kyle Rittenhouse killed an insane pedophile. https://t.co/2LyxCeCPEQ
@MartyTa94849826 In what way could he possibly mock someone for graduating from Harvard?
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle is not brave. He shot two guys before they were a threat. He could have pointed the gun and said, “Back up or I shoot.” He said nothing. He shorn before he was threatened. He was such a scared little kid he shot before he had to. And @gop @nra lying filth celebrate him.
@MartyTa94849826 David wouldn’t waste his energy on that trash! https://t.co/sfkbEKqYuh
@MartyTa94849826 I actually feel bad for that kid, his parents are to blame for his lost childhood and current state. He is going to end up homeless with no one by his side all because of a lack of education (life). Sad all around. Unfortunately he is one of so many. Break the cycle.
@MartyTa94849826 I would trust My family around David. Not Kyle
@MartyTa94849826 Holy frick, has it been that long?

On to big things for Mr. Hogg.

For Rittenhouse, on to more grifting.
@MartyTa94849826 Make sure Kyle isn't armed beforehand, he might feel threatened by David's knowledge and start shooting.

"I fEeL tHrEaTeNed!" *bang*bang*
@MartyTa94849826 There is no reason anyone should debate Kyle Rittenhouse.
This isn’t entertainment.
People are dying.
A debate with Kyle Rittenhouse is as relevant to the situation as debate with a 10 year old.
Get your priorities straight,
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle. The King of the Incels... ?
@MartyTa94849826 https://t.co/dkZxGqM5iE
I hope Kyle gets the shit beat out of him one of these days. https://t.co/Fgsy8Y6CST
@MartyTa94849826 @MaggieMcglothin Kyle is all mouth and no substance.
@MartyTa94849826 he won't do it. @ThisIsKyleR isn't man enough to face a debate, just like he wasn't man enough when he shot those people, like he's not man enough to leave his echo chamber, because he'll never be man enough to amount to anything.

@MartyTa94849826 You want to talk about gun violence? You’re protecting the “Sandy Hook School Shooter”, if you believe it actually happened. I don’t think you even realize how fake that whole thing was. They actually used a photo of a young David Hogg and said it was an “Adam Lanza” ? https://t.co/EGQ4DqDJfk
@MartyTa94849826 Good idea, as long as doesn't bring firearms with him. He has a history of murder.
@MartyTa94849826 @joannvp1 Kyle Rittenhouse is a mentally disturbed punk. He should be in jail.
@MartyTa94849826 Debate? I'd prefer to see them duel with AR-15s starting at 500m and then closing the distance from there.
David Hogg is a Selfish Grifter who profits off the blood of Dead Children...He is Swamp Scum https://t.co/ivn3Gg4Zgd
@MartyTa94849826 @GodessofChaos71 David Hogg is a fearless leader among his generation. #IstandwithDavidHogg
David should’ve died in the school shooting tbh https://t.co/zc4bThkyvj
>battle https://t.co/2SIvvY8IC6 https://t.co/7nOhifZKge
Someone who doesn't even know what paragraphs are doesn't have the intellect to decide who's smart enough to listen to. https://t.co/27LxRFtcls
There is nothing that Hogg could've learned at Harvard that could've given him an understanding of basic reality, let alone the necessity of deadly force when persecuted by a murderous mob of degenerate fanatics. ? https://t.co/nvDNmqdCN5
David Hogg got rejected from UCF. His Harvard admission is just proof that Harvard is now a joke. https://t.co/ptact44yC9
@MartyTa94849826 Fuck Kyle. He's a punk and he deserves all that's coming for him.
@MartyTa94849826 Why not put the two in an octagon? Then we could watch Kyle beat the crap out of hogg.
@MartyTa94849826 Yeah David is not a shooting survivor. He showed up after and took it and ran
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle deserves ZERO platform with a rational human and Harvard. Only serves to bring harm to David. NO
Kyle will do so lose, what a wiener. ? https://t.co/ytimf6CJai
@MartyTa94849826 Why should David Hogg agree to this debate? It’s just giving legitimacy to Rittenhouse who has nothing of value to say he just was a dumb kid who was somewhere he had no business being. That doesn’t make him an expert.
@MartyTa94849826 Oh shush. Why do you believe David Hogg would even lower himself to sit in a room and breathe the same air as that pathetic little murderer?
@MartyTa94849826 Not a good use of time for David.
@MartyTa94849826 I wouldn't want David within a mile of that murderer.
@MartyTa94849826 Why do you leftist attack people defending themselves from pedophiles? It’s sick how you and your ilk are pedo apologist.
@MartyTa94849826 Ironic. Kyle killed those two in self defense. If Hogg had a gun, he may have saved many lives. I’d say Kyle could win that debate easily.
@MartyTa94849826 The only way he'll show up is if you tell him it's a pie eating contest.
Kyle is nothing more than a little twerp! https://t.co/h75d3FW6PW
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle is worse that a high school dropout. He was homeschooled by his uneducated mom to the 8th grade
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle is a trashy little bigot who belongs in a cell. High hopes that Mr. Hogg is a senator someday.
@MartyTa94849826 Whoa, whoa, don’t make little Kyle feel threatened, he know how the bullshit self defense claim works! He will be packing something that could kill, you can bet on it! He should be locked up, merely for being! He’s a little punk!
@MartyTa94849826 How about a spelling bee duel?
@MartyTa94849826 https://t.co/9Q1I5fiHfZ
@MartyTa94849826 Debate? Rittenhouse? That schmuck couldn’t spell “cat” even if you spotted him the “c” AND the “t”.
@MartyTa94849826 Unfortunately, Kyle isn’t man enough to participate in a debate. If anyone questions the little murderer, he’ll run away like the little baby he is.
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle still has to get through multiple civil trials, which hopefully will bankrupt him.
?? https://t.co/i2EmSNKqKB
Little dick head should be in prison for murder https://t.co/9JExaFSXxq
@MartyTa94849826 See this was Kyle when the lady at Burger King said " make up your mind or get out of line " https://t.co/7MeVOwJk2e
I’m so happy for David Hogg and hope that his future will be bright! His crusade against the proliferation of guns is ongoing and as a survivor of Parkland, he deserves the very best! https://t.co/SH5Gd0Wfxl
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle is dumb as a stump he wouldn’t be able to hold his own
@MartyTa94849826 Not even close. His tweet begging for money is hilariously sad. There are so many errors I thought it was a parody. https://t.co/gvuS9XNBfG
@MartyTa94849826 I would absolutely watch this.
It reminds me of when I saw Connor, @TheNotoriousMMA v Diaz at T Mobile in Vegas.
@MartyTa94849826 They are both “playing for the bucks”. If paid, they would sit down and have a beer together.
@MartyTa94849826 He won’t. He’s a coward.
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle is a DMF/traitor who can barely string a coherent sentence together.
@MartyTa94849826 David Hogg has much better things to do than waste time on this murderous, scumbag nobody.
@MartyTa94849826 David Hog’s a grifting, coffinriding pussy. He wouldn’t do it.
@MartyTa94849826 Well I bet Kyle Rittenhouse wouldn’t say shit to anyone face to face unless he had a gun in his. He’s a bitch
Rittenhouse is a fucking criminal
and should be locked-up !
@JudgeJeanine https://t.co/gvXSDN7wYR https://t.co/jJ0hB3gHuC
@MartyTa94849826 Rottenhouse is dumb as a doorknob. It’s not that he won’t debate because he’ll “debate” (read off talking points created for him by MAGA) in the safety of his little cult following, but he CAN’T debate. He has no substance at all.
@MartyTa94849826 He’d just…cry https://t.co/IKRNhpAlk8
@MartyTa94849826 Both of em are cunts imo
@MartyTa94849826 @JimSchn78659872 Kyle went around telling people he was going to Texas A&M and he didn’t have a chance. At least David got into Harvard.
@MartyTa94849826 Kyle only did this in hopes of grifting more money off ignorant hateful gun nuts.
That would be like Trump debating President Biden https://t.co/7qcGQXH8CK
@MartyTa94849826 You’d have to have plenty of Kleenex available, for when poor little Kyle starts crying. https://t.co/ea6dHFCLES
@MartyTa94849826 David Hogg for the win. Kyle Rattenhouse for the tearful loss.
@MartyTa94849826 Nothing epitomizes the battle between the MAGA crowd and reasonable people more than the words between these two: Ignorance, evil and guns arguing against intelligence, reason and respect for others.
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