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can i really afford another absence
87,041 125,124
"Chick Fil a or In n out but then again wabba grill does sound nice but blaze pizza would slap rn but I haven't had in n out in a while"
2,597 4,368
Do you love this shit? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous? Are you single? I heard you fuck your girl, is it true?
418 458
"Who said that?" "wHo said that?" "whO sAid tHat?" "who sed that?" "who said dat?" 😂
264 223
"Pick color for you nail"
266 198
@NosaIsabor Lmfaooo why can't twitter let us save gifs 😭😂
36 283
Do I really need this school shit?
171 119
I hate his guts, but he's always in my guts. why am I like this?
117 171
@NosaIsabor to pull out or not to pull out is the question
27 157
"If I go out too fast the first 100 meters I might be dead by the last 150 meters. If I go too slow I might be too tired to catch up" #400
81 92
"How many calories do women burn from jumping to conclusions?"
55 96
how many times have I skipped that class?
59 56
if i don't do this assignment will my grade really suffer?
78 32
My mom: Y adonde crees que te vas ? Y con quien? Y como se llama ? Limpiaste tu cuarto?? Y Que hora regresas ? No tarde no ??
52 56
Is riddim dubstep or is dubstep riddim?
23 66
is going to Freestyle Sessions worth going bankrupt
16 71
When he say " can i come through " & u trynna figure out if u at home or not 🤷🏽‍♀️
53 33
"Due tomorrow ? Or do tomorrow ?"
50 34
if i fell off tomorrow would you still love me? if i didn't smell so good would you still hug me?
31 45
"Should I text his ass or do I just want attention?
38 32
"Is it that she don't really talk to niggas or she just deleting her messages?"
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30 24
"if i eat now i'll be alright for a little but then i know i'll be hungry as shit maybe i should wait..but i'm hungry right now.."
22 27
Do I want him or his homie ?????
15 34
To save my money or go eat with my friends 🤔
31 14
When he's not replying because he's at work but you know he's prolly cheating but then you remember he's not your man so it shouldn't matter
22 22
Is it worth it? Can I work it? Put my thang down flip it and reverse it?
18 23
can i really afford another absence
17 24
Can i really get my 57% to a 73% in two weeks?
16 23
Why did all the animals in Lion King chill around the lion pride, going to ceremonies and shit like they not gonna be dinner later?
18 18
should i skip my math class for the 5th time this month
3 31
Should I really spend this money
12 21
great gowns, beautiful gowns 👗
When you think about something he said July 20,2016 and it still ain't adding up 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
18 11
Me in bed dissecting and over analyzing the days events
10 16
When the story he told you 3 weeks ago don't add up
13 12
"They must think I'm pussy"
"You're not pussy are you?"
"Naah, I'm not"
15 9
What should I get to eat? Should I buy something or eat the rice at home? Is there even rice at home?
13 10
Damn I wonder why she ain't texting back? She probably out eating? Or she out hoeing? Maybe she watching make up tutorials? Or cheating?
3 19
Do I really need those exemptions???
8 13
"I should go out, but I got a lot of homework to catch up on. I deserve a break from this homework tho. Think I'll do it another day"
7 13
In the word "scent" which is silent- the S or the C?
6 14
do i really wanna interact with anyone today
8 9
Trying to flashback to the reading you never did
7 10
If I fail what would my grade be??
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13 3
*me wondering who the fuck he's talking to like that*
9 7
"So go to class or take a L"
7 9
So if I don't do this assignment, will I still graduate?
5 11
Can I afford to call out one more time
4 12
so u just gon bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?
3 13
Should I be late to Coach Kelm's class right now
1 15
I wonder if Twitter cowboys know that they are not actually cowboys
1 15
Maybe I should just wake up early in the morning to finish this work...
10 5
When you looking for whats the cheapest thing on the menu
8 7
leanbean ✨🤷🏽‍♀️
Do I really need this job
5 9
"Wash your clothes wait renew your fafsa or get a car wash and change your oil damn I need new tires uh my class is $250 i want these vans"
3 11
" hear them getting loud... but I can't figure out who they're getting loud with "
8 5
"Does he really have me fucked up?!" "Does he really think I'm that stupid?!" "Does he know who I am?!" "Is he serious right now?!"
6 7
how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
4 9
Can I drop out of school and become a stripper?
2 11
Are my grades really that important
2 11
Damn this Pussy is fire, tbh I wouldn't mind being a dad. It doesn't seem that hard. But I'm 19 I don't need a kid, but fuck this pussy fire
3 9
will the dog ever find out who is a good boy?
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0 12
Is he really busy or is he with another girl?
0 12
Is my life really worth living
7 4
🐝The Fishlipz September Issue🏳️‍🌈
@NosaIsabor Fuckin' magnets, how do they work?
4 7
"So I know we say bless you when someone sneezes, but what do we say when someone coughs? 'Shut the fuck up?'"
3 8
How come your lips don't touch when you say "touch" but do when you say "separate"?
1 10
Is school really worth it?
3 7
Kuroi Ryū Zero🐉🇯🇲
@NosaIsabor "Do I want to pull out?"
2 8
Kendrick Lamar tickets.. or food..?
1 9
"school? miss first block or miss school entirely? go to school then leave last block? sleep in and go in late, then leave early? hmm"
0 10
When she don't text back for a couple of hours
5 4
On my 4th plate should i get another one?
5 4
Can I afford to skip this assignment or nah ?
4 5
Do I really need school? I mean there's always the stripper option.
3 6
"Why we still running the same play "
1 8
imma start my homework rn but first i'm going to eat a snack and then maybe take a shower and then i'm going to take a cool nap
0 9
Do I really need to wake up
4 4
@NosaIsabor "When am I gonna see you again?"
3 5
Should I buy shoes or nah
3 5
"what do i need to do to get my professor to bump my 49 to 95?"
1 7
*at the drive thru* let me get uhhhh
0 8
do i rlly need to buy fast food when i already have food at the house ..
5 2
"bae not texting back?" "Wtf bae doing?" "Better not be wit some other bitch" "finna blow up dis phone" "no answer?" "Jump into conclusions"
4 3
Can I afford a meal
3 4
@NosaIsabor Is fighting like baseball? Would a person who throws hands be a Pitcher?
2 5
Do I really need an education?
2 5
When the house is all cool and calm but moms comes barging in mad for no damn reason
1 6
if you're waiting on the waiter doesn't that make you the waiter?
1 6
Is attendance recovery really that bad
1 6
if i don't do this homework, will it really affect my grade?
1 6
To smoke... or not to smoke..
5 1
Supervisor: Tee we need you to come in today
3 3
Why we drive on a parkway but park in the driveway?
3 3
"Whats the move tonight"

"Cloud 9?"

3 3
Will I survive to the end of the semester? Will I find motivation? Will I drop out? Am I going to pass college?
2 4
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