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The move after losing a debate is always to play the victim and blame anonymous anime avatars. Even that is losing steam now...
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Så det visar sig att Jordan Petersons "svans" inte alls betedde sig lika illa som Channel 4s Cathy Newman’s svans. Hoten och idiotierna kom från hennes försvarare.

Inte alls överraskad. Så är brukar det vara när postmodernister är inblandade.
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@jordanbpeterson The editor of the c4 news, Ben de Pear, who complained about the 'vicious, misogynistic abuse, was happy to endorse a tweet calling MP Boris Johnson a c*nt, just 2 weeks ago
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Well, welcome to the world of mainstream radical feminism, @jordanbpeterson. This is how a society without phallic limitations to emtional outbursts operates. Freud always knew.
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I was wondering when Peterson was going to start just straight up linking to MRA websites. Took longer than I thought to be honest.
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@jordanbpeterson Is it a shock really? Give them a little bit of criticism & they scream harassment, claim words equals violence, but think that it's perfectly okay to physically assault those they disagree with because those people are "literally" Hitler. #LeftismIsAMentalIllness
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@jordanbpeterson Dressed in the refined robes of Virtue they preach tolerance of the intolerable till the voice of reason is silenced and difference till all are blind! Keep opening eyes and emboldening voices!
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Whether you agree with @jordanbpeterson or not, if you are a person who values truthfulness and ethics, the disgusting, devious approach by @cathynewman in this interview should be deeply troubling to you. @Conor64 details it here:…
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@jordanbpeterson More evidence showing the left is destroying itself with total intolerance. Sad
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@jordanbpeterson It's refreshing to see examples where despite all nastiness and dirt, in the end, the truth wins.
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@jameskirkup @jordanbpeterson @cathynewman Well said!
What are your thoughts upon the tweet linked below?
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@jordanbpeterson By acting the way she did, she proved every point you made. Excellent stuff! The left is eating itself.
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Stuart Lutes 🎥🎞✂️📺
@jordanbpeterson I was following all of the threads very carefully so, my jaw hit the floor when @bendepear published those security tweets. I didn't see ANYTHING on Twitter that would warrant his & the subsequent press hysteria. Shameful PR tactics.
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@jordanbpeterson Where's your security Dr. Peterson?
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@jordanbpeterson It genuinely blows my mind that anyone could defend Cathy Newman during that interview.
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@jordanbpeterson Well according to the left it's only abuse if it's aimed towards women...Mr Jordon is a white male ,he doesn't qualify.
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@jordanbpeterson I saw reason being opposed by false accusations, resentment, fear, and hatred. You were far more patient than I would have been.
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@jordanbpeterson Why would she punch you? For stating facts?
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Many thanks to the brilliant @jordanbpeterson for sharing our latest article on the 30x more sexist/violent comments by feminist fans of @cathynewman
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@jordanbpeterson 'Security experts' needed, Jordan. Quick!
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@jordanbpeterson This pretty much sums it up...
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@jordanbpeterson Crustacean 1 reporting for security duty
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"Newman is deliberately misinterpreting non-threatening tweets in exactly the same fashion she misinterpreted all Peterson’s answers"

Any evidence based counter @cathynewman ? @Channel4News ? Or does it not matter, since "hiring security" doesnt require a valid reason to do so..
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@jordanbpeterson Hmmmm. In accordance with the rule of opposites... All this chatter about toxic masculinity. Yet nary a mention of even the possibility of toxic femininity. As if the consideration itself is grounds for the former. Hmmmm.
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@jordanbpeterson oh my look at that. A violent leftie...who would have guessed?
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@jordanbpeterson Where did you learn to debate the way you did on the interview @jordanbpeterson ? A masterful performance that outsmarted the opposition at their own game.
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@jordanbpeterson I just watched the interview and was astonished at the intellectual dishonesty on the part of Ms Newman. And now I read the claims of threats against her. What gives? The leftist media is shameful in its treatment of you. I will now rush out and buy your book!
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@ayeshahazarika @jameskirkup @jordanbpeterson @cathynewman Her fans sent more abuse.
Let's stop trying to deflect how awful she was.
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@jordanbpeterson I was pretty upset when I heard she was being threatened, but should have known that by threatened they mostly mean people were being mean. Oh, right - they think language is violence. Silly me.
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@jordanbpeterson That’s a pretty comprehensive look at where the violence is coming from. Now, as Jordan often says,

“Clean your room”: let’s get violence aimed at Newman down to 0
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@jordanbpeterson This is ridiculous! If she wants to report the news she should not care about social media hate! AND you were so extremely respectful
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@jordanbpeterson From the "it's okay when lefties do it"-department...
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@jordanbpeterson This is what I'm saying. They were getting to you so they can do something like this. People should be talking about the contents of that interview because of the wisdom God has given you.
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@jordanbpeterson Many thanks for sharing our article with your followers @jordanbpeterson
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@jordanbpeterson IMAGINE MY SHOCK


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@jordanbpeterson Call the insecurity experts, suggest they clean their rooms #tksbucko
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After a catastrophic interview with Jordan Peterson, Cathy Newman’s supporters say she’s now the victim of vicious mysogynistic abuse. Somebody checked. Turns out it’s her supporters - not her critics - throwing most of the abuse, at least on Twitter. Oops.
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@jordanbpeterson I feel sorry for people like this - she has NO argument! NO ability outside of personal attacks. Anyone who does a cursory review of Peterson's work can see how profound it is - ppl like her are stuck in chaos
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when you don't know what bop means
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What a surpriiiiiise

Look how surpriiiised I am right now
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Victimhood accepted without evidence is just dishonest manipulation. Those following it are pawns being suckered
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FACT: Women and girls are the perpetrators of the majority of hateful content on social media.
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@jameskirkup @afneil @jordanbpeterson @cathynewman Perhaps you could spare a few minutes from your self-righteous anger to name names and quote tweets. Finding it difficult to locate the abuse of @cathynewman .
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@jordanbpeterson I've come to the conclusion that there is no reasoning with these degenerates. They are intellectually and politically inept. Time we threw them a nappy and a rattle and left them to it. Neither use nor ornament.
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@jordanbpeterson really glad I discocered you .. and I am one out of 10K new followers you gained in last two days
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@jordanbpeterson You are now officially memeable.
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I *wonder* why this isn't getting coverage?
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@jordanbpeterson @wisermonkeys They are very far gone in their #Borg mind almost like a zombie collective
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Arra...Politics (like pro cycling) is Panto!
@jordanbpeterson ...because "feminism" isn't about equality for women, it's about submission of men
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@jordanbpeterson @JillianPincham If this article is correct it deserves a very detailed reply from channel 4 and Newman as to why so many false accusations were made.
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@jordanbpeterson @katebevan She really does illustrate everything the libtard left represents.
It as though they start to short circuit when presented with facts and a counter argument to their twisted ideology.
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Martin Land #iamtommy #Death2EU
@jordanbpeterson The lack of self awareness is sadenning. To take such a name and make such comments. Makes their boogeyman look quite the stable genius in comparison.
With gratitude that JBP is providing an alternative to the leftist / populist race to the gutter.
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❌Kenn Elphinston#FreeSpeech-ShadowBannedButFree.
Newman's followers are so thick, they think losing is winning.
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Would @Channel4News or @cathynewman care to comment? Or is playing the victim, when you were intellectually crushed a thing nowadays?
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This is what happens when sensible open minded intelligence meets the closed mind and tunnel vision of the media, without noted repostes and left to think she was stumped, just as she was on Millionaire. Old Cath? not the sharpest pencil in the box that she once thought herself.
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Disgusting tweet from a Newman supporter proving all along that these women cannot think outside of the box because they are imprisoned by their man-hate and totalitarian ideology.
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Shame on @Channel4News, @DailyMailUK and the nasty threatening fans of @cathynewman.
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30x!!! Wow, the left can't help stepping on its own damn rakes. Maybe they need to read #12rulesforlife and take the "Tell The Truth" rule seriously.
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@jordanbpeterson In having a debate with my 15-year-old son, both of us came to the conclusion that #feminism is no longer about being equal, it's about stepping on men to get ahead...These modern feminist are destroying what the #actualfeminist wanted
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@jordanbpeterson Cathy Strawman. Oops, I mean Newman.
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@jordanbpeterson Those who reject thought out of hand are like those who find food unpalatable. It’s as if they’ve got cognitive-anorexia, they are literally starving their minds of reality. When the body refuses nourishment death is imminent;It’s sad to be surrounded by minds that are dying.
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@jordanbpeterson Excellent research. Thanks to the doer. Backs up my unanswered challenger to C4 and another to present evidence of their allegations. There just isn't any
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@jordanbpeterson I would pay good money to have her interview Camille P next (same subject matter).
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Σκώτος κορίτσι 🔥
@jordanbpeterson "Why Can't People Hear What Jordan Peterson Is Saying?"…
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Crap. Actual facts again. Inconvenient.
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I urge everyone to watch this interview before hopping on the rabid, intolerant new-age feminist band wagon. He behaved respectfully and calmly throughout.
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Notice how @jordanbpeterson COULD play the victim card, with all the abuse he has taken and probably received death threats, but he does not, because he refuses to be a victim to play up politics, unlike some people we know...
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At this point, sadly, I think it needs to be known: Never take the "abuse" narrative seriously unless there is strong evidence given to prove it. Too many people have claimed abuse, then when someone investigates, finds no evidence of it.
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Cathy Newman's fans are actually the ones talking about violence towards him, no the other way around!
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@jordanbpeterson Have you read this @cathynewman ? If you have an ounce of integrity, you will watch the interview again and step up to the plate to defend JBP from the witch hunt that is currently going on.
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@jordanbpeterson .....truth is you out classed Ms Newman. Keep up your amazing work it's making people listen and think especially the young. Great to listen to a real academic.
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@jordanbpeterson Ironically, Kate is as much a stable genius as Trump.
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@jordanbpeterson It makes no sense for JBP's supporters to hurl abuse at Newman? Why should there be any malice? There'd be mockery sure, but nothing resembling a blow was made by her.
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@jordanbpeterson I watched this interview & thought it interesting but was bemused by @cathynewman's approach & curious about why she didn't appear to listen to the answers to her questions. I've seen this combative style of interview before & am not sure it serves its purpose particularly well.
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@jordanbpeterson 'One has to wonder what Channel 4 will be doing about that?' << fuck all, obviously!
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@jordanbpeterson This is wrong from both sides of 'fans'. I don't get the anger, really. Maybe these kind of debates must be hold within academic environments only. IDK. And "feminist" needs resignification, apparently.
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@jordanbpeterson She was trying to have a “gotcha” moment at every turn. It wasn’t genuine interview nor were her questions very interesting to be honest
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@jordanbpeterson Jordan, my daughter thinks you are the greatest. Your Bible series has been a revelation.
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@jordanbpeterson And now you’ve assumed the role of victim. Good job.
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@jordanbpeterson Oh behalf of sane women, feminists do not represent us, and I assure you that we are not all so obtuse.
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@jordanbpeterson What a surprise!! Any plans to call in highly trained security services to investigate this abuse Jordan? I didn't think so, because that would be utterly ridiculous and petty. You see, this man is an adult and responds to a mild annoyance accordingly!!
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@jordanbpeterson Anyone wondering the "bitch" thing,many of the comments were for example "she got intellectually bitch slapped" and so forth.

So yeah lots of playing the victim.
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@jordanbpeterson Kate's tweet will not age well (in the big scheme of things ) 😏
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@jordanbpeterson @jordanbpeterson As a middle-aged man, you’ve created a monster: you. Your fans are mostly deplorable (I’ve been reading their responses to the Newman interview) and you do nothing to counteract their worst tendencies.
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@jordanbpeterson But you're a man, so you deserve it or something about patriarchy...they don't need to be consistent because feelings. 😉
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@jordanbpeterson I guess the problem lies with rejecting the logos. Because the whole storm is a Ad-hominem misstake.
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@jordanbpeterson This was harsh, but his incredulity toward Ms Newman was funny:…
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@jordanbpeterson And she is a "very stable genius"?...
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