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Israel's Culture and Sports Minister posted a video of herself at a football game in Israel, surrounded by fans singing genocidal chants against an Arab team.

50 years of occupying and oppressing an indigenous population has made Israel a truly sick society!
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@cjwerleman We all know if that were a Palestinian, she’d be in jail with #Ahed Tamimi and blocked on Facebook. Free Palestine 🇵🇸 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
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@cjwerleman rogue, apartheid, terrorist state will definitely create a sick, evil society.
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I hate racists.. a bunch of ignorant as* failed to understand their biology class.
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Well, culture and sport are two emblems of tolerance, peace and - I hate to repeat it- humanity. For Israel Govt; they're the oppposite
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Ƭяα∂ιтισηαℓ Ƥяιηcєѕѕ
@cjwerleman And I wonder what Israel's BFF Saudi has to say to this ? Any Arab country that has a bit of dignity and self respect would never partner with Israel coz latter's evil intentions are very loud and clear.
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#Israele: il ministro dello sport e della cultura pubblica un video nel quale la si vede circondata da tifosi razzisti che cantano contro una squadra araba, invocando il genocidio.
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@cjwerleman #BBC #ITV why is this not on your news! 🤫
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Miri Regev does not represent Jews let alone Israel. Her behaviour appeases the right wing constituents to help her up on the rung of political power. I wonder if the Nazis had such genocidal chants before 1933-1945.
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Ali Özkök - علي أزكوك
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Israel,masyarakat sakit
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Naudzubillah minzalik zionis 🙈🙈🙈 dajjal
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İsrail Kültür ve Spor Bakanı, etrafındaki taraftarların rakip Arap futbol takımına yönelik soykırımcı tezahürat yaptığı bir videosunu paylaştı!
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@cjwerleman Problem is hate builds hate...When you perceive your self as superior to the masses all you do is alienate yourself from reality & end up attacked by the whole. I think this is proven in history. Focus on love you will build love. Simply we are one. Peace is power. 🌿
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What a country. 😳
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@cjwerleman But a woman had to step down as spokeswoman for L'Oreal in France because she posted a single tweet saying Israel was bad.
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@cjwerleman When you see misguided people like this it's easy to forget there are many Jews/Israelis who are just as appalled and that for the most part, world sentiment is towards justice and fairness for the Palestinians. We are not all animals and racists. We shall overcome.
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this is apartheid these people are like cancer not only for the Palestinians but for the world to say that the American money is European are the only ones responsible
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Just like the Israelist, here in Jakarta they sang murderous chants against a minority in public — even involving innocent kids.
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@cjwerleman That’s not true. Most Israeli Jews have no problems with Arabs. I’m a fan of Maccabi Netanya, the star of the team is Dia Saba, we love him!
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@cjwerleman India's digital age and revolution has put Kashmir in dark age ahead of India's republic day.

Whole Kashmir was put into darkness 17 hours before India's republic day celebration:-
Internet services, voice call services and all other fundamental services were snatched by India
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And look what Palestinians around the world think about Jews.
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@cjwerleman What an evil bitch! But have to give her credit for one thing CJ at least she is presenting the true face of Israel and isn't hiding behind "Israel is the best democracy" crap
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@cjwerleman Everyone says the people of Israel are very educated They read a lot of books in a year but they still Don't know How a MAN should be. Very basic things they have no idea about it. By the way they Don't know how to be a normal HUMAN BEING
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Totally vile! No wonder India's Sanghis, led by @narendramodi, love it so.
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Let them come And play against an English team and they’ll leave crying anti-Semitic
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I wonder will the @UEFA punish this team like they did to #Celtic??
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@cjwerleman Followers of Satan are enjoying here, then will enjoy in Hell.
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@cjwerleman israelis are 0nly terr0rist
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Dont be fooled by the looks. There’s a filthy spiderweb headed cave savage in her.
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Israel a terrorist organization
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@cjwerleman @Anam_A_M @karanjohar these are their real faces,the people you felt honoured to meet
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@cjwerleman This is what is expected from a rogue nation, terrorist state which believes in opression and murdering innocent children and women of Palestine.
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how can @FIFAcom let this happen? racist abuses !
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MurqusM فلسطين 🇵🇸
Please note: israHell was a sick "society" from the start. It began by ethnic cleansing, murder and terrorism & continues with illegal military occupation of #Palestine. Also, it is not "50 years" but almost 70 years.The zionist colony has no right to exist anywhere in #Palestine
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so, fifa can you solve this problem? ahh naaahhhh
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هدية للمطبعين ولمن يعتبرنا امة عدوانية فيما سائر العالم ملائكة
قليلا من العقلانية وقليلا من توزيع الجلد على ذاتنا وعلى كل من يستحق جلد ذاته غيرنا
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@cjwerleman How sad for mankind!
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@cjwerleman Extremist is everywhere. Why can’t we live harmoniously together.
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💙🇮🇱 Future Archivist 🇮🇱💙
@cjwerleman Has abbas ever apologized for saying no Jews would be allowed in a Palestinian state?
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I get why you did it now hitler, these israels are assholes.
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Miri regev vaffanculo , Israel pezzo di merda !!!!
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So disgusting. Like how are you not embarrassed of yourself?!
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Susan Sontaku🤘Kamelot 11/28
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Nobody tell me that the Israeli government is a pursuant of peace with the Palestinians.
It's time the world steps in and guarantees the rights of Palestinian people.
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Not all Israel's think like this. But too many do. The Minister needs to resign.

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Let us pray that peace (and quite frankly, justice) may come to those hurt by the wrong people being in power.
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@cjwerleman And they are working for a peace treaty for four decades.
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@cjwerleman Bunch of has beens . Not alll only those that defend Israel
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Kurt B. The Barbarians are at the castle walls!
@cjwerleman @BrynTeilo And yet no suicide bombers or kids carrying gums being taught on schools to hate arabs. Meanwhile at the otjer parts of the middle east....
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@cjwerleman Sick & destructive entity exhibits its TRUE color!!!
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@cjwerleman tak ada kata, hanya marah. Doa terburuklah
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@cjwerleman @sarmadlst Theres an interesting documentary about when beitar jerusalem signed two Muslim russians a few years back.
Worth watching😔
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@cjwerleman Disgrace is their usual business! Such a norm and yet very few speak up!
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@cjwerleman @AuntyG maybe it was a football song? Like hey hey hey goodbye...
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@cjwerleman @miqdaad They've adopted a Nazi philosophy, which maybe the biggest and sickist irony of our time...
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@cjwerleman @el_pherooq shd b more than 50 years self, cos the state if Israel was declared in 1947
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@cjwerleman @miqdaad If you're in Europe right now save this tweet, as it may be ironic in the near future?
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@cjwerleman Disgusting, but not at all surprising. What more can you expect from such filth?
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@cjwerleman Israel go to hell
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🌊🌊 Catte Adams 🌊🌊
Truly vile.
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WTF is wrong with these people???
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Sure they will be along soon enough claiming you're an anti Semite ....catch all term to avoid legitimate criticism
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Sports my foot bastards.
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Daniela Valdiserra #Antifascista
Possa il vostro villaggio bruciare. Questa è Israele, questo è lo spirito sportivo in Israele. #ciclismo #giroditalia #giro101 #giro2018
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I don't hesitate to call this woman a potential war-criminal
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Shit.. and sadly enough, I've seen worse from them..
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