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Turkish air raids destroyed the Ain Dara Hittite temple complex, an archaeological site south of #Afrin.
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Nicht nur Kinder bombardiert die #Türkei, sondern auch wichtige Kulturgüter, um den Menschen ihre Geschichte zu rauben. #Afrin #Efrîn
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The ancient temple of Ain Dara had survived 3000 years, but then #Turkey's F-16 fighter jets came and dropped modern bombs on it, bombing it to rubble.

This is what #barbarians do.
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So I just checked:

Not ONE SINGLE English- or German-speaking newspaper or -agency reported about this unspeakable crime so far.

@tagesschau @SPIEGELONLINE @SZ @BBCWorld @CNN @VOANews @Reuters
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Die Armee der #Türkei #TAF bedient sich exakt der gleichen Methoden wie der #IS, Vernichtung der historischen Schätze im Gebiet der #Kurden. Hier der Tempel in #TellAinDara aus der Zeit der #Hethiter 13.-8. Jhrhdt v. Christus, Tempel der #Ischtar de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tell_Ain_… #AfD
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L'aviation turque a bombardé le site archéologique du temple de Ain Dara au sud de Afrin (10ème siècle avant JC). il n'en reste plus rien... avant/après voir les photos sur wikipédia pour réaliser... fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ain_Dara_…
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A before and after photo show the extent of destruction at Ain Dara.
According to source https://t.co/0Qnr7rhmjY
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Turkey has much in common with ISIS. Destroys the archaeological history of the Hittites, the ancient people who occupied the region long before the ancestors of modern Turks appeared in the region.
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¿Os acordáis de ISIS destruyendo sitios de gran valor arqueológico como Palmira o Nimrud? Lo mismo está haciendo Turquía con sus bombardeos sobre determinados vestigios de Afrin donde ni siquiera hay efectivos militares.
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war destroy humanlife, equality, culture, history..
#stopwar #efrin #afrin
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@TurkeyUntold I would expect that at least @UNESCO will issue a statement condemning the destruction of the Aim Faraday Hittite temple complex by Turkey!
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Qué pena... Otra más. Uno de los yacimientos más impresionantes que he visto en mi vida.
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@TurkeyUntold @davidgraeber US military made the site of ancient Babylon into Camp Alpha in 2003 & 2004, inflicting serious damage according to an exhaustive damage assessment recently released by UNESCO. Bulldozers leveled many of Babylon’s artifact-laden hills.
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La Turquie a détruit un temple hittite datant de 3000 ans dans la province d'Afrine.

Mêmes pratiques que l'État Islamique.
#OperationOliveBranch #Afrin #ErdoganTerrorist
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@TurkeyUntold @UNESCO @UNESCOUK @haaretzcom @hittites @EAMENA123 @EIB @Heritage_Action @StockholmCF The Ain Dara temple is an Iron Age Syro-Hittite temple, also known as the First Temple, as described in the Hebrew Bible. According to Ali Abu Assaf, in existence from 1300 BC until 740 BC..
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Seeing this before-after pictures, there is only one logical conclusion:

The destruction happened on purpose.

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Turquía destruye con ataques aéreos el complejo arqueológico hitita de Ain Dara, en el sur del cantón de #Efrin
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Erdogan orders the destruction of these important archaeological sites important to the whole world. Cultural genocide proceeded and followed by the real massacres of Turks against minorities.
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Photos purport to show damage to Ayn Dara in recent days.
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This is horrific. What the hell is wrong with the Turkish military?? This would ha e been a very easy target to avoid!
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@TurkeyUntold @ancientorigins @CSORG @NatGeoSociety @NatGeo @NatGeoChannel Ain Dara temple, is an Iron Age Syro-Hittite temple noted for its similarities to Solomon's Temple. According to the excavator Ali Abu Assaf, it was in existence from 1300 BC until 740 BC & remained "basically the same"
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Bombardeo turco destruye el Templo hitita de Ain Dara ( es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Templo_de… )
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#AlerteInfo 😱#Syrie, la direction générale des antiquités et musées du pays a confirmé la destruction du #temple de Aïn Dara (3000 ans) détruit par des raids aériens turcs, l'un des édifices archéologiques les plus importants construits par les Araméens, dimanche via @AFP
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@TurkeyUntold Turk (plural Turks)
4. (archaic) A bloodthirsty and savage person; vandal; barbarian.[1] [from 16th c.]
Turks haven't changed to 400 years
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@TurkeyUntold There the same sort off animals as ISIS so the Turks are those behind this evil group Turks
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@TurkeyUntold You'd almost think they were trying to systematically destroy Kurdish cultural heritage... Many historical precedents for this type of attack, i.e: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baedeker_…. "Targets were chosen for their cultural and historical significance, rather than for any military value".
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Assad destroyed numerous monuments as well, but you'll only ever hear about Turkey or Daesh doing it. And no, this is not a whatabout. All should be condemned, not just when it's "Islamists" doing it.
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Star Trek: The Original Timeline 🖖
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Extremely disturbing
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Turcy jak przystalo na barbarzyńców zbombardowali tez hetycką świątynię Ain Dara w Efrin.
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@TurkeyUntold @Delvin_Azem They accomplished something that ISIS didn't get their hands on!!
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Toen de Taliban een jaar of 10 geleden twee gigantische Buddabeelden bij Bamiyan met explosieven opbliezen, was heel de wereld in rep en roer. Wat #Turkije hier doet lijkt er wel héél erg op.
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@TurkeyUntold Usually I don’t have any concern about your tweets but this one seems like it should be supported with a reputable source
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If this happened, how? Doesn't look like it's near a target.
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@TurkeyUntold All of them is lair. No Turkish soldiers don’t make to this never !!
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Right from the ISIS playbook.
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Turkey’s attack on Kurdish-controlled northern Syria is obliterating region’s ancient heritage - after it survived 7 years of civil war
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Syria's ancient #heritage....... "cleansed" #Afrin
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Cultural genocide by the Turks in Afrin, west Kurdistan
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@TurkeyUntold this is a crime against humanity
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@TurkeyUntold @HaraldDoornbos Can anybody tell me where can the bombing damage be seen on those pics? Historical ruins dissolves by the climatic effects, rain, snow, winds, storms for centuries. I did not know Turkey has got such a technology to create climatic efffects ! 😂
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@TurkeyUntold Destruction made with US planes and US bombs
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Heritage of the world lost forever.
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GVD. Deze keer hebben niet jihadisten, maar onze Turkse NAVO-bondgenoten dit op hun geweten, met hun "operatie Olijftak". Deze tempel heeft dezelfde structuur als de tempel van Salomo.
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J’ignorais que Daesh avait pris le pouvoir en Turquie, parce que manifestement, c’est le même niveau de connerie. Mais puisque Chouchou approuve, les castors s’en foutent, hein ?
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Брат му на Афера
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@TurkeyUntold @PapaGilgo 😠 ignorance and unrespectfully, and then we pretend to belive that we're better then Isis or others extremists
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Hasan Alisoy 🇦🇿 🇹🇷
@TurkeyUntold Whether you like or not, Turkey has to clean terorists
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@TurkeyUntold Its not true ! Stop lying !! Dont believe it people !!
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@TurkeyUntold what is the source of this story?
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@TurkeyUntold fake news .if its detsroyed then proof it with pics.another example of kurdish donkey lovers propagandas.
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If true and not one more propagandistic tweet from the other side, #Turkey must be held accountable #Afrin
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Türkiye asla tarihi eserlere zarar verecek bir ülke değildir propaganda için burayı kendileri dahi yıkmışlardır gözleri dönmüş arsızların.
Kilisteki 5 asırlık camiye havan atarken de UNESCO'ya yalvarsaydınız.
Ayrıca hesap FETÖ hesabı.Bunlar hep kol kola zamanında çok dedik.
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Turkish air raids destroyed the Ain Dara Hittite temple complex, an archaeological site south of #Afrin. https://t.co/u0XHIvd1dP
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No military target here... just destroying the culture of another country.
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@TurkeyUntold Looks like another fake news, no visible bomb damage. Any before/after pictures to prove your point, or are we supposed to take your word?
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@TurkeyUntold You bomb it yourself .we know all these shit .you do anything to show yourself tortured .loosers
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@TurkeyUntold There is a possibility pkk has destroyed it...
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@TurkeyUntold @FesihFc What a shame! What a shame! Stupid human destroying his own history! This is real fascism!
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@TurkeyUntold This is retarded. If Turks were to destroy Hittite sites and artefacts, they´d start with their own; 90% of ancient Hittite remnants are in Turkey, perfectly preserved. Besides, that site has not been bombed: no crater no sign of shrapnel impact. A sledgehammer more likely.
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@TurkeyUntold Behave as expected: Swine on their way! #Turkey
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@TurkeyUntold J' espère que c' est une "fausse-nouvelles" je pleure sinon.
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@TurkeyUntold @DavidBCohen1 Erasing any signs of native religious beliefs
Suppression of thought
Replace it with the cult
It's a dark, dark force, turkey goes in to do what 1000s of years couldn't do
But they will outlast the cult
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@TurkeyUntold Why, while spending millions to restore the ones Turkey? You have reached your goal finally and became Marxist-Leninist American puppets!
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@TurkeyUntold It’ll all be restored once the #ypg #pkk terrorists are eradicated from the region!
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@TurkeyUntold Apparently Turkey destroyed few stones, pkk and pyd destroyed lives of thousand.
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@TurkeyUntold Hittite temple destroyed? Its good news that you couldn't find human casualty report to share!
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@TurkeyUntold @AmirPolyteknik Wiping out history, guess they dont want some things to be unearthed.. gobekli tepi next?
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@TurkeyUntold Even more ignorant and idiotic, since the Hittite kingdom had been centered in Turkey. Erdogan is destroying artifacts of his own country's culture, from ancient times when it was a superpower on a level with pharaonic Egypt! Madness. 😈
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@TurkeyUntold There is no military or other reason for Turkey to target an archeological site. The pictures show a flattened area as if done by a bulldoser rather than a bomb
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@TurkeyUntold @daimondog Its funny how recently over 2000 Hittite artefacts were getting smuggled out from turkey to Europe by kurd pkk terrorists that care about these protected areas how ridiculous and low these pkk ypg terrorists can get. Keep hiding behind those artifacts turks will clean up u dogs
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Pagan temples, infidels
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Shoresh Azadiperwer #StopAfrinGenocide
Uncivilized barbarians. The only thing Turkish ultra-nationalists are good at is killing people and destroying cultures and societies.
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@RT_Erdogan s Schergen sind die gleichen Monster wie der IS
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Turks fear the Aryan
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