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WATCH: A woman was shocked to discover her neighbor's Corgi was sneaking onto her property at night and... riding her pony?

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Corgi/Pony 2024
2,271 10,713
my favorite Olympic event so far
444 2,646
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Quando a ideia vai pro papel 💛 https://t.co/WIMhWo12T2
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2,718 14,445
The best thing about this is the Corgi looking at camera before taking off

“She found us, run you fool. Run like the wind.”
483 1,554
This. Is. Amazing.
316 1,523
I don't want to oversell it, but this is the single greatest event that's ever happened in America.
408 1,088
411 959
Imagine being high and seeing this. I’d lose my mind.
366 974
gotta say, it sometimes feels like we already blew through all the obvious signs of the end times, so now we're getting hit with the lesser known ones
210 903
When you find your soul mate in every life
307 767
265 725
Just when we think dogs can’t get any better, we find this.
210 742
Beyonce has an uncle named Larry Beyince. Bruh....
246 608
First of all
That’s Lil Sebastian

#Parksandrec #RIP @nocontextpawnee
115 649
@KatyAndNews Just another dog and pony show. 😁😁😁😝
12 701
Aaaaaaaand my day is complete.
141 560
Things aren’t all bad.
129 391
What did YOU do last night?
54 395
Stop everything. This is the story of the week.
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116 300
Potentially the best thing that’s ever happened. Thank you @cords33 for sending this to me!
55 354
@KatyAndNews This is the best story ever.
22 386
Corgi cavalry. We never saw it coming and now it's too late.

I welcome our new stubby legged overdogs
57 280
This is easily the best thing on the internet today
55 256
Have a good day!
29 270
@KatyAndNews @MitchDMS Corgi’s aren’t fabulous jumpers...
8 261
Who says a corgi can't be a buckaroo?
46 221
This is the kind of wholesome news I want to see in 2018
51 213
Okay, that's it. I'm calling it: Life is a simulation.
39 223
37 222
27 228
i'm glad that i am alive and got to see this
60 171
An actual dog-and-pony show is pretty damn entertaining, it turns out.
52 178
maybe everything's gonna be ok
44 185
this is honestly the greatest thing i’ve seen in a while.
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52 164
Try topping this one, 2018.
47 137
this is the best thing I've ever seen
21 161
@KatyAndNews "It makes me feel tall..."
12 167
*x-files theme*
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49 122
This better not be fake news
52 114
27 133
This is the purest content on the internet. 😍
39 120
20 128
You can take the corgi out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the corgi 🤠
22 119
@KatyAndNews @johnny_k I just feel like you need to see this
3 128
I don’t know the last time a video made me this happy.
17 112
omg it’s a real life dog and pony show i can die now
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17 112
Xeni Jardin 👩🏼‍💻
Jump on it
Let’s do it
Ride it
My pony
32 94
Uhmmmm @NekoCase you seen this?
23 103
Jinjja jinjja jinjja your heart is beating so fast because of j enu?
49 65
I don’t really watch the New.....*GIANT RECORD SCRATCH*
8 91
The new favorite to win Maclay Finals
11 87
now THIS is the news I like to hear about
19 77
this is the only reason why I have social media
17 78
this story gets even better when you click through I promise
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26 67
this the shit i like to see on my tl
30 61
This tweet has @kerrymflynn unbelievably shook
9 82
they done fucked up nd gave him a horse
19 69
this is literally the best thing i have ever seen
18 69
36 50
What if all the news was just this stuff. I want to live in that world
16 70
This is the News we want
24 60
everyone shut up and watch this
19 62
Mongryong when he finally had enough with Baekhyun not giving him the attention he deserves
39 40
I’m actually crying rn
24 54
Why is this so funny? I can’t stop watching & cracking up 🤣
12 66
@KatyAndNews You can tell by the look on that Cogi’s face. This was not its first rodeo.
5 72
This has been on the internet since *Wednesday* and no one told me about it and I would be so mad except I’m too busy being delighted
9 63
🎶 If you’re corgi, let’s do it. Ride it, my pony...
19 52
Now this is the kind of news I like to see
6 64
Ride, Corgi, Ride!
20 46
Listen, we all know the Internet is bad, but have you considered that sometimes…it’s good
19 47
These are the type of news stories I want to be seeing on my timeline
3 63
I have so many questions
5 60
Need to see something not depressing? Try this.
10 53
Lmao I love dogs man
19 43
OK, this video triggers so many questions.
11 49
This is it.. this is the reason video cameras were invented. Just so that someday this video would surface and complete everyone’s life.
12 47
When you are living your best life.
7 51
finally some real fucking news
4 54
Love this dog & pony show. I think low-riders attract. 💕🐶🐴💕 #yukonvet
4 54
🎵 If you're a Corgi, just do it
Ride it, that pony 🎵
4 53
Now this is the kind of news I like to see
4 53
This is the news I like to see
16 39
This is the greatest video of all time lol.😂😭
12 43
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