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Family says 9th grader was raped by 3 boys in the bathroom of Miami Carol City Senior High School. 2 days later - family says detective told them one of the boys is HIV positive. @wsvn
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I’m beyond disgusted. I hope those boys NEVER see the light of day again. I don’t give a shit if they’re young, everybody knows rape is wrong - there is no excuse.
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tw: sexual assault
a 9th grader, who is also an army, was sexually assaulted by 3 of her classmates and possibly given HIV. the school is calling it “consensual” and suspended her, and it looks like the assaulters won’t get the punishment they deserve. twitter do your thing.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn I don’t want to be biased but recognizing the sweater made my heart drop even more. Not only as a fellow fan but woman I hope she’s doing well, given the circumstances
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Any HIV clinic would have told her to quickly get on PEP. A medicine you can take for 30 days if you've had a possible exposure. Glad I worked in that field so I already know wassup
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@BrianEntin @wsvn can we armys and other people start a fundraiser for her ??
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When you turn up to watch the #Yardie screening with @Sainou clients @adnanmust_ & @AkinGazi and the director @idriselba steals the show... #marriagepropsal
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@BrianEntin @wsvn hey other armys - i just sent an email and if i get any message about sending her merch and starting a gofundme for support i’ll post in the reply to this tweet.
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Give all 3 of them the death penalty.
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Give all 3 of them the death penalty.
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"uma criança do 9º ano, que também é uma army, foi abusada sexualmente por 3 de seus colegas de classe e possivelmente com o HIV."
Por favor mandem energias positivas para essa Army e para sua família.
Afinal os ela é da nossa família, e os abusadores não recebeu castigo.
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Un canal de noticias en Miami anunció un terrible hecho que sucedió en el colegio Carol Cory Senior Hight School donde una chica de 9no grado fue violada en el baño. Este tema se hace muy personal ya que la chica es ARMY (pues usaba el suerte de @BTS_twt).
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this is just terrible and heartbreaking, sexual predators should be harshly punished regardless of their age, nobody deserves this, I'm praying for the victim and her family
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Just talked with the mom again -- despite daughter writing in statement that she "couldn't breathe, was choking, and crying" mom says school called it consensual and noted she didn't scream or run away. Daughter was suspended. @wsvn
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This is what #ENDviolence is about. This poor girl went through such a traumatizing event. My heart breaks for her :(
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@BrianEntin the fact that she's a fellow army breaks my heart even more.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn As a survivor, this hurts me so much to see that a girl had to go through this. I hope she can heal from this and lives a healthy life... I’m glad to see she’s wearing that sweater... it means our boys are giving her strength the same way they did for me. Sending lots of love💜💜
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I felt even worse when I saw her sweatshirt. This is so awful. I’m praying for her.
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@BrianEntin @taetaerene @wsvn "The morning will come again
No darkness no season can’t last forever." — BTS
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@BrianEntin @wsvn They need to be trialed as adults!
26 458
I’m crying this hurt so much more after I saw the BTS sweater.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn I may not know her but just by seeing her hoodie...
I feel as if my family member went through this
I hope for the best 💜
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rape my daughter and I will slice your neck on me
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Unimaginable crime . This school needs to have some firings at the top
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Pen💜 not so perfect but so beautiful
@BrianEntin @wsvn How heartbreaking. As both a survivor, and an ARMY, this hits close to home. I'm in outrage; these boys need to be held accountable. I hope she is able to find peace somehow.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Why did she get suspended and why weren’t the boys charged
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Wow. How do you handle something like that?
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oh my god this is terrible :( she’s also wearing a BTS hoodie, so I hope BTS and all of us armys in the community can help her a lot through this difficult time.
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I’d kill him before that HIV do. Believe that.
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The fact that they suspended THE GIRL for getting raped...absolutely disgusting.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Smh just point me to the gas chamber ... cause I’m going “law abiding citizen” levels of crazy
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Seeing her sweatshirt made my heart ache even more. Did someone already start something for her? Does a project with letters to support her sound good? :(

#iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt
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@BrianEntin @wsvn This poor girl. The fact that I see stories like this enough on a daily scroll through my TL...disgusting. Sending love to our fellow ARMY... this kind of violence needs to stop, what are the parents of these horrible boys doing? !
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@BrianEntin @wsvn This made me cry. I pray that she comes back disease free. This is seriously heartbreaking.
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No trial. No court. Just hang him.
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I would burn that fucking school to the ground. WTF did she get suspended for? I would’ve sued school district for giving the family a hard time. I want those boys locked the fuck up.
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Una chica de noveno grado (que es army) fue abusada por dos de sus compañeros y no se les están dando el castigo que merecen

Podemos hacer que Bighit se entere de esto, estaríamos ayudando bastante🙏🏼

Que sus familiares y sobre todo ella se mantenga fuerte!
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This girl has to get therapy probably for the rest of her teenage years and what do those boys get?? Lmao suspension, that’s all. What a trash school with trash administration. Shame on carol city, do better
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Can we just go ahead and shoot em in the face one by one mid range with a shotgun
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@BrianEntin @wsvn I’m so angry
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I’m fucking disgusted bro. Fuck. 🤢
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Oq desanima não é nem o bloco em si, mas pegar metro... da não, nasci p isso não, eu falo q vou no embalo mas qd paro p pensar já recuo
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@BrianEntin @wsvn All of us Army and people in general keep you in our hearts we hope justice will be served
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It's heartbreaking to see that. Please support her as much as possible.
If anything like this happened to you, please talk. There's always someone in this world who can understand you. You never walk alone 💜
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i am heart broken. no amount of therapy will change what happened. no one deserves this. those boys need to rot in a cell, but even that is not enough.
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You got to be a real sick fuck to ever touch a woman in ANY WAY WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. Like it blows my mind how not 1 but 3 twisted Evil ass kids could do something like this...
45 90
This is devastating... wow
39 95
Hateful. Don’t ignore this. This is one of the millions of reasons we won’t be quiet about rape and sexual assault. It happens everywhere to ANYONE. Get loud, stay loud. 😡
33 100
@BrianEntin @wsvn Hey all ARMY

Please check out my pinned post(I'll pin it in a moment) I want to start a fundraiser for her and possibly another project of support. Please let me know if youd like to help ♡

38 93
@BrianEntin @wsvn Someone folks would be childless . 🤷🏿‍♀️
3 124
Ti tonton ap nan #Caricopia Sept. 1st
Everybody gotta fucking die
73 52
🌹 𝙱𝚎𝚎 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚜 𝚢𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚒 🌹𝙹𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚛𝚘🖋
@BrianEntin @wsvn This is absolutely heart breaking... im so sorry for her, no one ever deserves to go through something so horrific.
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💚[TRADUCTOR] 지민 Myself 🌙☀ IG: _mellamanlechuga
Intentamos contactar con Big Hit para que sepa de ésto? A lo mejor podemos hacer un milagro
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This poor girl...... like I couldn’t imagine. This is terrible
38 78
halloween queen ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *.(❁´◡`❁)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
they REALLY suspended the girl too?? when she’s THE FUCKING VICTIM. wow
39 70
I’m here for this. Whoever is doing the steps for this, make sure to go with caution. They probably won’t even release the name, if anything, we can show her support and donate to BTS unicef and write messages of support that way.
44 55
@BrianEntin @wsvn Hope they spend the rest of their life’s in prison but since people say “they are still minors”...
They know what they did so they have to pay for it
4 95
*•.¸ʝαƶ ❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈} .•°💫
this is disgusting. as a fellow WOMAN and a fellow ARMY i support this girl. its disgusting what these sick perverts have done to her and the school wont even do shit. this is messed up and its getting me real mad. please help donate for this fellow woman and fellow army. thank u
39 59
this poor baby, my heart
44 53
@BrianEntin @wsvn Dear God please be with this young lady and heal her. I’m confident she doesn’t have anything and I’m claiming it . God just move through her body and wrap your arms around her. Baby girl the road ahead may be rough but always know someone is praying for you. Amen
3 94
One was HIV positive and the other had gonorrhea. They’re what? 14-15? They need to test ALL of those kids. Wtf.
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BANGTAN BOYS PH | Bangtan Boys Philippines
@BrianEntin @wsvn My heart dropped the moment I saw the sweater. As a fellow ARMY and for someone who stands with BTS for the #EndViolence campaign, I hope this girl, our family, finds the justice she deserves. Please sentence those animals for life. This is inhumane.
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C'est avec le coeur brisé que notre équipe a regardé cette vidéo.

Nous vous encourageons à soutenir la jeune fille, notre amie ARMY, moralement. Étant actuellement anonyme, le mieux serait de lui laisser vos messages ci-dessous ⤵

30 52
or anything else.

Thank you,
[insert your name]

P.S. this is the news story I am writing this in regards to :
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@BrianEntin @wsvn this is so horrible oh my god. i’m actually so mad wtf
1 81
Lmao somebody gotta die if that was my daughter
13 68
@BrianEntin @wsvn Is there anyway I could send something to her? From her sweater I know she likes BTS and I’d like to send her some merchandise
9 70
Kill all three of them.
33 45
High school boys raped a 14 year old girl knowing that one of them was HIV positive and the other had gonorrhea. Her school district is giving her a hard time letting her transfer to another school. Fight for this girl, stand up for her, pray for this girls well being.
23 55
This is heartbreaking. Evil ass, disgusting, idiots. All 3 better be tried as adults, & I sincerely hope all 3 get the same treatment by a prison inmate.
7 70
I am so sick and in tears. She’s in fucking high school. She’s at FUCKING SCHOOL. No where is safe and it makes me so fucking sad. Stop KILLING us. STOP RAPING US. TEACH YOUR BOYS THAT WOMEN ARE NOT VICTIUMS AND WE WILL STOP BEING AFRAID.
27 49
@BrianEntin @wsvn My fellow ARMY! I’m so sorry this happened to you! Are you doing ok???!
  · Twitter Lite · en
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This is heartbreaking. How can the school only suspend the disgusting guys (& her like wtf) instead of taking it directly to the police. I am disgusted. I stand by her and hope she gets the justice she deserves.

24 49
No exaggeration, but if I’m one of the parents the boys gotta die. IDC.
26 46
@BrianEntin @wsvn i couldn't imagine having a kid and this happening to them. i would have no mercy on those boys
5 66
@BrianEntin @wsvn I'm honestly in tears. I'm so sorry that this happened and that no one helped. I want her to know she has millions here supporting her.
3 68
“ARMY... blah blah blah blah”

Dude it fucking irks me that yall care only because she’s an ARMY. ARMY or not, no one deserve this bullshit
24 46
@BrianEntin @wsvn I'm honestly so heartbroken but to see that they are a fellow army seems to be even worse
2 68
Sue the school, sue the boys and their families, put them in jail for life. Smfh what a joke.
5 64
@BrianEntin @wsvn As a society we really need to figure out how to stop many men from raping, assaulting, murdering women. Is it how they’re socially conditioned? Everyday I read something terrible than the last.
4 65
#BTSARMY! This is horrible. A 14 year old was sexually assaulted by 3 boys in a school bathroom. It looks like she is also ARMY. The school board is saying it was consensual and suspend her! ARMY, we are 12 Million strong. She is 14. We can do anything. PROTECT!
36 30
Aileen 💜 and her BTS Thinking Hats.
Now more than ever #ENDViolence campaign should be put at the forefront. A safer world for women, children & the youth. @UNICEF @bts_love_myself
44 21
Uma garota foi abusada por três meninos que possivelmente tem HIV
Ela é army, mas principalmente um ser humano indefeso que sofreu uma das piores dores
Eu tô muito triste
#iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt
39 25
If this my daughter, I’d have to kill them 😐. Sorry no questions asked
10 54
I am wanting to start a project to help this girl and show she isnt alone and has all of us ♡ (Watch the video)

I want to hepp whoever may start a fundraiser and maybe make a video of mini videos of individuals showing support for her ♡ #BTSARMY <Cont>
36 26
im truly sickened. fuck their age, lock them the fuck up
26 34
@BrianEntin @wsvn Im coming to the PTA like this here
3 57
there needs to be concrete nationwide policy on the punishment that these boys deserve. her perpetrators should be expelled AND put in jail. so far, all the school district has done is suspend the 3 rapists, but also suspend the victim as well. this young woman deserves justice.
21 38
my heart dropped when I saw her sweater 😭
I hope she gets justice and the boys will be punished properly !!
stay strong girl 💜
8 48
After we continue to see how evil some humans are, I can’t believe there’s still some of y’all not supporting the death penalty
8 48
The boys were only suspended??? They suspended her too? The school district is giving the family a hard time about her not wanting to return? What a fucking joke. Those boys deserve jail time. Knowingly giving someone gonorrhea & HIV is a crime in itself even without gang rape.
12 43
𝓇𝒶𝓂𝒾𝓉𝒶 | Epiphany💜
@BrianEntin @wsvn I'm so upset because as a young girl, bit older than her this happened to her. Hope the boys suffer. As a fellow Army I feel worse because it has happened to one of my family members. All the love to the girl, we're with you.💜
4 51
@BrianEntin @wsvn Prayers for this young girl and her family. I’m heartbroken that this happened. People need to learn that they are not entitled to sex, or other people’s bodies in any context. I can’t understand why she was suspended, or why the school did not immediately report this to police
6 48
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