Family says 9th grader was raped by 3 boys in the bathroom of Miami Carol City Senior High School. 2 days later - family says detective told them one of the boys is HIV positive. @wsvn
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give them the death penalty
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I’m beyond disgusted. I hope those boys NEVER see the light of day again. I don’t give a shit if they’re young, everybody knows rape is wrong - there is no excuse.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn can we armys and other people start a fundraiser for her ??
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Give all 3 of them the death penalty.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn As a survivor, this hurts me so much to see that a girl had to go through this. I hope she can heal from this and lives a healthy life... I’m glad to see she’s wearing that sweater... it means our boys are giving her strength the same way they did for me. Sending lots of love💜💜
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@BrianEntin @wsvn They need to be trialed as adults!
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she’s an ARMY, she’s a part of our family. has anyone found out if there’s a gofundme page for her or a way we can send her gifts? i feel like we should do something for her
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The fact that they suspended THE GIRL for getting raped...absolutely disgusting.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn This poor girl. The fact that I see stories like this enough on a daily scroll through my TL...disgusting. Sending love to our fellow ARMY... this kind of violence needs to stop, what are the parents of these horrible boys doing? !
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Can we just go ahead and shoot em in the face one by one mid range with a shotgun
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Prayers on the way that she will be free of any disease God watch over her🙏🏽🙏🏽
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You got to be a real sick fuck to ever touch a woman in ANY WAY WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. Like it blows my mind how not 1 but 3 twisted Evil ass kids could do something like this...
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@BrianEntin @wsvn All of us Army and people in general keep you in our hearts we hope justice will be served
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Someone folks would be childless . 🤷🏿‍♀️
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@BrianEntin @wsvn This is absolutely heart breaking... im so sorry for her, no one ever deserves to go through something so horrific.
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This poor girl...... like I couldn’t imagine. This is terrible
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Dear God please be with this young lady and heal her. I’m confident she doesn’t have anything and I’m claiming it . God just move through her body and wrap your arms around her. Baby girl the road ahead may be rough but always know someone is praying for you. Amen
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One was HIV positive and the other had gonorrhea. They’re what? 14-15? They need to test ALL of those kids. Wtf.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Is there anyway I could send something to her? From her sweater I know she likes BTS and I’d like to send her some merchandise
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@BrianEntin @wsvn My fellow ARMY! I’m so sorry this happened to you! Are you doing ok???!
  · Twitter Lite · en
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@BrianEntin @wsvn I'm honestly so heartbroken but to see that they are a fellow army seems to be even worse
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@BrianEntin @wsvn I'm honestly in tears. I'm so sorry that this happened and that no one helped. I want her to know she has millions here supporting her.
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#BTSARMY! This is horrible. A 14 year old was sexually assaulted by 3 boys in a school bathroom. It looks like she is also ARMY. The school board is saying it was consensual and suspend her! ARMY, we are 12 Million strong. She is 14. We can do anything. PROTECT!
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@BrianEntin @wsvn seeing her sweatshirt somehow makes me feel a certain way... this is what bts wants to protect young children and women from with their #ENDviolence @UNICEF movement. I wonder if there's anything we can do to help...
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Those kids wouldn’t be alive if that’s my daughter
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The WHOLE mf district would be shut down and I’d probably end up in jail for killing someone’s son if this would ever happen to my child gmfu
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@BrianEntin @wsvn I see you beautiful, I see that logo on your hoodie. That logo holds 12 Million+ people who love you and want to protect you. You are an Army, and we are a family and we will always love you and hold you in hard times. Don’t ever give up 💜💜💜💜
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These boys deserve the get shot in the head I hope they will have a miserable life and suffer till they get old Insallah they will
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Why tf was she suspended though? As if being raped and embarrassed wasn’t enough. You get suspended when you do something wrong. What wrong do they figured she did in this situation? I hate people
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@BrianEntin @wsvn This makes me so mad I hope she knows we're here for her and if there's something I can help with or a way to support her I'll do so
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Wtf is there to investigate.... swear if they don't punish them for being underage...they old enough to be raping innocent girls they old enough to fucking rot in jail.
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all three gotta die
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Babygirl SUE!!! This is disgusting & so sad
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i would killll someone
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@sehunlovrx foi em miami e a menina estuprada é army
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What kind of man, let alone person do you have to be to do this. I don't care how a girl may portray herself to you. And y'all out here with STDs?? Now she's traumatized and probably has an incurable STD. Smh Prayers out to her and her family.
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the school, the boys & the adults responsible for ruining this little girl’s life all need to be held accountable. fire them, shame them & punish them.
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They suspended the VICTIM. I’m so tired of seeing institutions failing to do their jobs properly.
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Rapists need to have the ultimate punishment. Death. You do not deserve a second chance. You don’t deserve any sympathy. You don’t deserve to be in this world.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn This is so horrible and these boys deserve the maximum sentence, honestly.
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@BrianEntin @wsvn ARMYs have you seen this? A fellow ARMY was raped. PLEASE can we show support by trending #EndViolence. PLEASE fam I'm sure she needs us.
#iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt
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how this shit can go on is just fucked. How this shit can go on in a SCHOOL is beyond me.
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This is sick... I hope these people are punished to the fullest extent of the law... it's terrible that this happened but I feel extra kinship with this army

#iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt
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this is a fellow family member of ours, im so sad and disgusted by what happened. I pray to God everything will be okay. ARMYs got you, angel. stay strong.
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Everything ab this video is beyond tragic but the fact that the school suspended her too is just proof that we still have a long way to go
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I’m so disgusted. People who rape are monsters.
6 5 her sweatshirt :( — I saw that her story is heartbreaking no one deserves this
  · Curious Cat · en
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Bitch wtf, she gets raped and the school suspends her as well...this world is fucked
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This definitely hit home. Like wtf. Society HAS to come up with a better accountability system. “Oh she was raped, suspend them all”
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this is truly disgusting. these kids need to be locked up in a prison. no juvenile hall. they need to be trialed as adults. if they’re doing this as 14 year olds just imagine how they’d be in the future
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Bro if I went to that school and saw those dudes in the hallway...
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pls cut their dicks off
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@BrianEntin @wsvn As a fellow women and ARMY my thoughts and prayers go out to her no one deserves this no one I hope they get charged and sentenced to life in prison justice needs to be served!!!! I’m outraged!!!
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@BrianEntin @wsvn my poor fellow fam.... i just wanna hug you and beat all those assholes up so much..... you deserve so much bette e
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As a survivor, my heart sympathized with the victim. But what made me burst into tears is the amount of loving msg of ARMYs in the comments. I hope she will be able to read all this for her to know that she is not alone in this fight. Please know you are loved. 😭😭😭
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Omg,It makes me so sad, I hope everything is well. We're here to support you.
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people are sick and i hate all of them
2 5
TW// R***

teach yalls sons to keep their dicks in their pants I’m fr about to swing
2 5
im so fucking disgusted they suspended the VICTIM
2 5
my heart is broken im sick to my stomach.... ohmygod this world is so fucking cruel.
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This is when i wish there was a cure for HIV. Stuff like this breaks my heart
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@BrianEntin @wsvn This is so fucking disgusting
How can this happen to SCHOOL.
I'm shocked
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This girl got suspended? Suspended? Suspended for what? For being forced to have sex against her will? And the guys who forced her to have sex ONLY got suspended? Okay yea that sounds right, yea, makes sense and also another thing FUCK THIS UGLY ASS TRASH SCHOOL
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what kind of dumbass do you have to be to suspend a girl who was raped
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Praying that her test is negative and that this is the worst thing that will ever happen in her life
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This is so sad to hear. #ENDviolence
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@BrianEntin @wsvn #ENDviolence
We are with you. Please, stay strong, army...!
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2 3
oh god my fucking heart, this poor girl
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i hope those boys get the death penalty, and i pray this girl does not have HIV smh
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@BrianEntin @wsvn This broke my heart into million pieces, as a woman bc this is what a lot of women have to face and some can't even speak,and as an army it hurts too. Because even if I don't know her name, she is part of what i love to call my family. I hope this girl knows armys have her back♡
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on God if i was the parent i’d hang those kids
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@BrianEntin @wsvn That's so so so so sad so so so so sad so so so so sad so so so sad so so so sad its U" or them or U" or them or U" or Why or what or Why or what maybe or if or maybe or if (Ever High School must have an Security forces present on every single seconds and Cameras on hallway? Read
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@BrianEntin @wsvn Uh, I am pretty sure it is illegal to ask a minor to recount a victimization on TV like this.
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jocelyn flores 🧚🏻‍♀️
Nooooo way
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This is absolutely ridiculous. Can someone please put an end to this.
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i’m a woman, what’s your superpower?
@BrianEntin @wsvn Jesus fucking Christ. We’re the boys charged at least????????? Where the fuck is the justice for this young and innocent girl????
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@BrianEntin @wsvn This pissed me of ! My whole body is hot
1 2
No police, my parents would have caught a murder charge for me, this is wrong :/
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@BrianEntin @wsvn I want to cry. As an ARMY, I really feel like a family member was hurt.
1 2
Dumbasses. Everyone knows rape is wrong. No excuse for this type of shit.
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.·:*¨𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕠𝕤𝕒𝕦𝕣 𝕛𝕠𝕞𝕚𝕟¨*:·. HIXTAPE
@BrianEntin @wsvn #WeLoveOurMiamiARMY

this truly breaks my heart, ARMYs love you baby💔 stay strong 💘💘
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this is so freaking sad & disgusting
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yeah all those little assholes can be thrown in prison. bye.
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