Barack Obama
You ever miss someone you've never met?
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@JalenSkutt Hahahahahahah. Oh wait, you’re serious? Let me laugh a little harder. Hahahahahah.
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@JalenSkutt @beamiller I met him. And I miss him very much.
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Americas biggest mistake.
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Most overrated president of all time
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@JalenSkutt @DamnCTK Why is that? What did he do that changed your life?
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I was bouta RT but I met him ❤️😭
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@JalenSkutt @kader_aram * President Barack Obama.
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@JalenSkutt Why what did he do for u🤔
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I was in the club with my best friend and I started to cry and she asked me why and I said “ I miss the obamas” I SWEAR BAJSKDL
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I miss him putting national security at risk, funding our enemies, and spying on campaigns😪
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Despite the horrendous job Obama did and the amazing job YOUR PRESIDENT Donald Trump is doing? Oooookay
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i see someone tweet this at least once a month and i rt it every time
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@JalenSkutt i think we all miss obama
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BROOO... I see this EXACT same tweet every day on twitter by somebody new
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Les gens ils croient trop Obama il a relancé de ouf les US ptdrr mais rien du tout, c'est un gars sûrement hyper humain et pacifiste c'est sûr mais niveau politique il a rien fait de ouf
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But have you actually met him.
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Every day. Every gosh darn day.
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This is the most stolen tweet of all time
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No deadass😂😭
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stop recycling the same tweet challenge
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Ah mort ça fait grav longtemps que les US n’ont pas bombardé le Moyen-Orient, ça manque :/
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Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez
This is what I call a recycled tweet I've seen 34 times today
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Croit moi si tu savais de quelles horreurs il est à l'origine, le sentiment du manque serai moin présent Comme la naïveté conne présente chez les gens qui pensent que si un président rigole c'est qu'il est foncièrement bon 😋
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I even miss him and he wasn’t even my president.
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(Not) If 2009 J.cole had a nephew
Every second of every day
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Sorry I don’t miss bombing children
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I actually seen him in person but yes I do miss him 😂
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Trippin. I don’t want who we got now but. Definitely don’t want him. Either. I think we should date a president for awhile. We just keep jumping in committed relationships with people who don’t want us to grow.
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Can we admit collectively that Obama was kind of shitty? Just a bit?
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All the cartoons from the 2000
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What did he do for you? 🤔
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Pas pour certaines personne dans mon lycée
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i’m not even american
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Sometimes! More or less wish I had met! Just for clarity !
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@JalenSkutt @EmilyMW15 I feel this so much it hurts.....
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Tired of seeing this wack ass recycled tweet pop up on my TL every other month
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@cavmen__ ti penso
altro che faccia orange,io misso obama so much
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