as the winter Olympics begin....never forget about Surya Bonaly, a French figure skater who did a backflip and landed on one blade. she was so damn good at the trick, they made it illegal. she is the only Olympic figure skater in HISTORY to ever successfully complete the move.
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here's a compilation of her doing the iconic backflips and some other stunts. this was so soothing to watch y'all....... I want a movie about Surya!!
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@peachyblackgorl She is a legend! She never got the medals she deserved and was discriminated against at every turn because of her skin color and groundbreaking athletic style. She outdid everyone and still she was pushed down. Nobody comes close to this day.
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I remember seeing this as a little kid and being so offended that they made backflips illegal. Still seems pretty shitty tbh
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They don’t wanna see you winning
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WOW. What a goddess!
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@peachyblackgorl To be so badass and do it even after it was banned. And with a injury too.
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Cette femme est une légende elle a été la seule à réaliser plusieurs fois une figure dite impossible par le Fédération et extrêmement dangereuse car risque de se rompre le cou si la pers se loupe et qui a été interdite 🙌🏾🙌🏾
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They actually were like "all tricks need to be landed on one foot, if you and it on two it doesn't count!" and they thought that would be the end of it, but then she does a damn backflip and lands it on ONE FOOT and they're like oh goddamnit, no backflips at all!
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@peachyblackgorl She also did it because she was super bitter about the judges. I aspire to be so petty that I perfectly complete an illegal move just to upset the judges. What a QUEEN
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When you’re so good at the game, they don’t let you play the game—not without one hand tied behind your back.
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👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💯#Olympics #figureskate
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still got nothing on chazz michael michaels & the iron lotus
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david fountain [BLUE CHECKMARK]
@peachyblackgorl @haleshannon Radiolab did an amazing episode on her story. Well worth a listen: @Radiolab
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Anika Noni Rose *DoesntNeedToSeeYourPenis*
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Still not as amazing as Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy completing “The Iron Lotus” after Chazz broke his ankle
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Surya Bonaly was a rebel. She landed on one blade because they'd banned landing on two blades just to keep her from doing the move. She did the move constantly even though it always kept her from placing as high as she should have.
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@peachyblackgorl @Four_Pins She was one of my favorites when I was a kid. My mom watched so much figure skating and I loved seeing a black girl. It was incredibly frustrating for me to see how they treated her. I didn't understand it fully back then, but I knew something was afoot.
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@peachyblackgorl @jasongay I saw her skate in person once, and it was amazing. She might not have been what the judges wanted, but she brought a stadium to life.
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what kinda black excellence...
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And then she slapped a triple sal onto the end of it, because #whynot? #figureskating
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i bless the rains down in africa
I can't stop thinking about how horribly I would have died trying to do this
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@peachyblackgorl @JMar1189 I loved watching her skate - she put the lie to the idea that athletic girls couldn’t be graceful. I hated that she was judged on her body type & ethnicity rather than her skill.
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@peachyblackgorl She had a pretty serious injury when she did that...and there’s much more to the story! @Radiolab did a piece on her a while back
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@peachyblackgorl That is some superhero shit right there.
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Read this thread (and the corrections therein) and see if you don't think Surya Bonaly's story wouldn't make a hella good movie.
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@peachyblackgorl Never forget Jimmy McElroy and Chaz Michael Michaels, the only two to ever pull off the iron lotus
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@peachyblackgorl she was totally badass and fantastic and the judges were always incredibly racist when scoring her. and sexist too, because she wasn't their idea of "feminine"
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@peachyblackgorl So because everyone couldn’t do it they made it illegal...kinda thought that’s what makes you an Olympian...🤔
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Lol next up she about to do the Iron Lotus
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but could she do the “Iron Lotus”?
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That's cool.. but let's not forget when Jimmy Macilroy and Chazz Micheal Micheals pulled off the forbidden "iron lotus"
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I remember Surya Bonaly. Always my favorite—what an athlete and rebel. Her Wikipedia page calls this backflip a “stunt”.
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happy black history month 😋😋
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and this ladies and gentlemen is an example of what it means to be a bad bitch
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This is singlehandedly the most impressive shit I’ve ever seen oh my god
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Let’s not forget about Chazz Michael Michaels and the Iron Lotus trick
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You can forget this, because she wasn’t the first and it had been illegal since 1976, after Terry Kubicka did it in the Olympics and they banned it for a dumb reason. Bonaly did it in 98 because she was out of contention. She nailed it, took a deduction and finished 10th
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I think this is the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen
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i cant even walk up the stairs without tripping
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johnny switchblade adventure punk
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@peachyblackgorl If we can do something and white folk can't they will make it illegal in a HEARTBEAT. Such sad, weak creatures...
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Surya Bonaly doing cheer individuals in the Winter Olympics before half y’all were even born 🙌💪
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nobody seems to care that this tweet is almost entirely untrue
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Happy black history month :)
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@peachyblackgorl The arguments here are EXACTLY why figure skating isn't a sport. Figure skaters are athletes, however when winning or losing is based strictly on an opinion, that makes it a competition, not a sport.
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@peachyblackgorl Black excellence 🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾
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@peachyblackgorl @canoncrested Racism in sport at its peak prevented her from being at the top. This woman was on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Dang, we are really good at everything.
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If this is true, this is awesome
1 10
where did her legs go? OVER HER HEAD!!!!
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@peachyblackgorl Haven’t seen a move like this since Chaz Micheal Micheals and Jimmy MacElroy pulled off the iron lotus
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She was denied championship after championship without the backflip for a plethora of made-up reasons including that she was too harsh, didn’t look like an ice skater, her skates didn’t sound right, etc etc
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backflips in olympic competition were made illegal when this woman was 3 years old. she did it in competition because she was already eliminated from medal contention. don't believe everything you read.
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Me when I jump to conclusions and I’m Actually right
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Moi quand tu m'envois le premier message
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happy black history month
2 7
this reminds me of the movie blades of glory
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Except backflips were already illegal in the olympics. She did this as a middle finger to the judges for being racist...
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Not all heroes wear skates. (But this one does)
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This is almost as impressive as the iron lotus
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Whoa! I’d forgotten Surya. Amazing athlete!
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This is probably one of the best athletic moves I’ve ever seen in any sporting event. Amazing!
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@peachyblackgorl @RantingOwl The guts she had.. man I freeze up just getting on the ice.. scared as hell of falling lol
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But I fall even when I’m holding onto the wall...
1 5
But what about the iron lotus
1 5
But can she hit the iron lotus
1 5
People will always try to put rules on the things you love. You don't have to follow them to be great. If it's illustration, writing, comics...anything and people say you can't do it...just blackflip on ice one bladed in their face.
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This is so badass! I’ve never heard of this before but I am obsessed
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Like how the NCAA outlawed the dunk after @kaj33 destroyed everybody with it at UCLA. So the future #Bucks legend invented the sky hook.
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@peachyblackgorl I wonder what she's up to these days
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jénévieve's the name, drama is the game❄️
I was thinking about this the other day! Celebrate POC and black excellence👏
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Damn we shut down black excellence because we know they're superior
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