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@peachyblackgorl @MagicMoonKitty It was actually already illegal before this point. But she is still a badass for doing it, and she did it because of and in spite of an injury
506 6,844
@peachyblackgorl actually, her story is much more badass than that. She during her career she’s been mistreated a lot because of her body type (not as petit as a typical female figure skater) and ethnicity. She got pointes deducted unfairly througjou her time as a figure skater-
440 3,647
@peachyblackgorl She is a legend! She never got the medals she deserved and was discriminated against at every turn because of her skin color and groundbreaking athletic style. She outdid everyone and still she was pushed down. Nobody comes close to this day.
224 2,493
They made doing a backflip illegal because white women can’t do it.…
641 1,795
They don’t wanna see you winning…
615 1,135
Wow! And i can’t even let go of the wall.....…
146 1,016
This is the BEST story. It was illegal to do a backflip and land on 2 blades so she was like “haha I’ll show them” and landed on ONE BLADE which was thought to be so impossible they didn’t even have a rule against it.…
114 621
the move has always been illegal, but she did it anyway and took the tremendous point deduction just to prove she could :D…
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@peachyblackgorl @unfoRETTAble made a great documentary short about Surya Bonaly a few years ago for ESPN :…
108 389
@peachyblackgorl @theonetruebix She knew the judges weren’t going to give her a fair shake, and this was her way of showing them all up. Good on her. A biopic would be fantastic.
19 467
The racism & misogynoir Surya Bonaly endured was is reminiscent of the treatment of Serena. I was only a kid, I remember each time she was robbed & masculinised & denigrated & her Frenchness questioned. Still remember her tearful face on these occasions. I was only a child.…
165 233
@peachyblackgorl To be so badass and do it even after it was banned. And with a injury too.
13 299
Cette femme est une légende elle a été la seule à réaliser plusieurs fois une figure dite impossible par le Fédération et extrêmement dangereuse car risque de se rompre le cou si la pers se loupe et qui a été interdite 🙌🏾🙌🏾…
140 148
They actually were like "all tricks need to be landed on one foot, if you and it on two it doesn't count!" and they thought that would be the end of it, but then she does a damn backflip and lands it on ONE FOOT and they're like oh goddamnit, no backflips at all!…
44 244
@peachyblackgorl She also did it because she was super bitter about the judges. I aspire to be so petty that I perfectly complete an illegal move just to upset the judges. What a QUEEN
25 239
And catch "Rebel on Ice," an @espn doc on Bonaly directed by @unfoRETTAble…
48 211
@peachyblackgorl @wisejayhawk That is messed up. I don't usually cry racism, but what else could it be?
9 221
@peachyblackgorl Here’s an entire episode of the (amazing) podcast @Radiolab on Surya’s story:…
36 180
When you’re so good at the game, they don’t let you play the game—not without one hand tied behind your back.…
32 176
@peachyblackgorl @ashposton Pardon my ignorance, but, why is that move illegal? It looks amazing and should be worth a lot of points.
4 201
I can’t even do a cart wheel or ice skate and this woman can do a h*cking backflip while ice skating and land on one blade…
14 183
Black excellence! We dominate everything…
49 140
Black excellence, black girls magic
Elle est incroyable et ils ont été jaloux d’elle…
93 79
@peachyblackgorl @SlaylerJ She did a MOTHERFUCKING BACKFLIP ON ICE! LANDED ON ONE SKATE! And all he had to say was"aw nice"???
1 165
They Didn't Even Pay The Dinosaurs
It was already illegal & she did it because she knew she was out of the medals but whatever.…
24 135
still got nothing on chazz michael michaels & the iron lotus…
19 114
@peachyblackgorl i’m waiting for the oscar nominated film
6 116
@peachyblackgorl @complic8edrania Never even knew we had Black female ice skaters. I'm in awe of her bravery and skill. She must have faced a lot of sh*t back then..... What I am saying? She'd still face a lot of racism if she was still skating.
10 101
@peachyblackgorl @haleshannon Radiolab did an amazing episode on her story. Well worth a listen: @Radiolab
31 79
zencilerin spor konusunda beyazların g*tüne k*yması hoşuma gidiyur. keşke illegal yapmasalarmış, ölene kadar her yarışmayı kazanmak zorunda kalsaydı…
4 104
Black women are so magical .. I know it makes people SICK…
32 69
𝕿𝖆𝖒𝖆 𝖌𝖚𝖈𝖈𝖎
And she never won gold !!! Everytime I see this it makes me so upset that she was literally the BEST and didn’t get what she deserved .…
27 69
Wow, jaw dropping feat aside—this whole thread on Surya Bonaly’s legacy is eye-opening:…
30 64
GSeabhac Bots have sex with goats
@peachyblackgorl Figure skating is weird. It's almost impossibly athletic, but they want the women to be delicate little fairy princesses. The women who originate truly athletic moves always get penalized. see: Linda Fratianne
9 84
Still not as amazing as Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy completing “The Iron Lotus” after Chazz broke his ankle…
14 71
I remember seeing this live as a kid. AND she added a triple after it. She was the Serena Williams of figure skating yet got little respect. #Olympics #FigureSkating…
17 67
Surya Bonaly was a rebel. She landed on one blade because they'd banned landing on two blades just to keep her from doing the move. She did the move constantly even though it always kept her from placing as high as she should have.…
30 51
trap trap fernie sanders swag swag fernie sanders
This was illegal before she did it she just knew she wasn’t going to win due to mistakes she previously made + prejudices at the time so in order to wow the crowd and make a lasting impression SHE DID THAT…
17 59
I am thoroughly impressed but let us not forget about The Iron Lotus #BladesofGlory…
3 72
@peachyblackgorl @jasongay I saw her skate in person once, and it was amazing. She might not have been what the judges wanted, but she brought a stadium to life.
3 70
@peachyblackgorl @Four_Pins She was one of my favorites when I was a kid. My mom watched so much figure skating and I loved seeing a black girl. It was incredibly frustrating for me to see how they treated her. I didn't understand it fully back then, but I knew something was afoot.
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3 69
@peachyblackgorl @JMar1189 I loved watching her skate - she put the lie to the idea that athletic girls couldn’t be graceful. I hated that she was judged on her body type & ethnicity rather than her skill.
4 65
She was deducted points if I remember - I stopped skating after that. #WinterOlympics…
31 33
4 60
@peachyblackgorl She had a pretty serious injury when she did that...and there’s much more to the story! @Radiolab did a piece on her a while back
7 52
@peachyblackgorl @terriah01 I’m still mad they didn’t fully appreciate Debi Thomas. I still kinda irrationally hate Katarina Witt.
1 55
Read this thread (and the corrections therein) and see if you don't think Surya Bonaly's story wouldn't make a hella good movie.…
6 47
read the comments on this one, her story is really awesome.…
5 48
But can she do the Iron Lotus from blades of glory?…
7 45
@peachyblackgorl I twisted my ankle just watching that
1 49
Opening my dissertation with a discussion of Surya Bonaly! Sneak preview: “She was the truth, and ‘they’ were big mad!”👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

14 35
@peachyblackgorl She will always and forever be my favorite skater. To me, she was the main attraction of watching the Winter Olympics when I was a kid. I have always loved a rebel with a cause.
2 46
@peachyblackgorl It was always Tara Lipinski this or even Michelle Kwan that but Surya Bonaly is a name the people should know.
3 42
I literally played Bonaly clips for my wife last night to share her amazingness. So so good…
8 36
@peachyblackgorl Never forget Jimmy McElroy and Chaz Michael Michaels, the only two to ever pull off the iron lotus
6 37
figure skating to me is the most insanely impressive sport in the entire world. you’re literally a gymnast on ice!!!!!!!!!! balancing on 2 paper thin blades!!!!!! as if gymnastics weren’t crazy enough…
7 29
The move was already banned and yet she still did it—an icon.

I remember watching this with my mom, terrified she was going to go to jail because the commentators kept calling the flip “illegal."…
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4 32
Did they really make it illegal??? Really?!? Smmfh... wonder why.. 🤔…
14 20
It was first technically illegal because it had a 2 footed landing and competition jumps need I 1 foot landing (and to screw her specifically), so she landed it on 1 foot, which was then banned (to screw her specifically)…
10 24
Wonderful. The very limits of what is possible.…
7 27
But can her and a partner flawlessly execute the iron lotus like Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy…
6 28
WOW!!!! Humans never cease to amaze me. What an athlete Surya is!…
6 27
I remember Surya Bonaly. Always my favorite—what an athlete and rebel. Her Wikipedia page calls this backflip a “stunt”.…
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5 28
@peachyblackgorl I remember both of those moments live!
0 33
They didn’t make it illegal because of her, it was always illegal but she was the only person to land on it with one foot. She did it because she was fed up with the racist judges and getting low scores she didn’t deserve. she’s truly iconic.…
7 25
No one has ever successfully done the iron lotus.. puts this backflip to shame…
5 27
I can’t even walk down the stairs without falling…
5 27
her and her mom used to coach me when i was younger.. she was so amazing…
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