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@1942bs I got my own death penalty for they asses
41 993
@1942bs Me watching them get sentenced
23 873
@1942bs Send them to jail so they can get the same treatment
16 433
@1942bs Let that been my child I would’ve already handed out the death penalty
6 286
@1942bs A young male family member of mine went through an almost identical trauma. 3 boys in a bathroom. I cry when I think about it. He’s still so young and it hurts even more this is happening at school
2 256
Them Chickens is Ash and I’m T’Lotion
@1942bs @iamjeyonce They had HIV and the clap... Jesus Joseph and Mary I would set that school on fire!
13 168
@1942bs Stuff like this just piss me off it’s getting too common nobody really do anything till it’s too late
7 86
@1942bs “ off with their heads... or penises”
2 81
@1942bs they only got suspended??? and ALSO SUSPENDED HER??? i can’t believe
8 66
@1942bs And fire every administrator in that bitch!
5 66
@1942bs @lolcheey nah let them go to jail so they can feel how she felt in that bathroom
6 49
@1942bs Fuck that death is the easy way out, let them get sent to prison and experience exactly what they did to that girl.
1 43
@1942bs This absolutely kills me. What pure evil.
2 31
@1942bs The school better run home girl her money, she better not have to pay a cent for college in the future , this is insane
3 28
I would kill those children myself. I do not care. I do not CARE.…
4 22
@1942bs And burn that fucking school
1 24
why are boys so fucking disgusting what the fuck. if anything like this happens to my sister or future daughter i will literally kill them and im not exaggerating. this boiled my blood i hate boys (not all boys for all you meninists who care so much)…
4 18
@1942bs @dandussy ive never agreed to a tweet more than now
0 22
@1942bs Infect them all with the hiv virus and restrict them from medicine and let them die slowly
0 21
This honestly is so disgusting. I pray that this young girl gets justice for this terrible crime.…
3 15
If you knowingly have AIDS/HIV+ and have sex with someone you can be charged with “Assault with a deadly weapon” and I pray he gets that shit times 10…
0 18
@1942bs @hoseokfucker420 shit she a army...but anyways i hope the sweetheart is okay...
1 16
This made me sick to my stomach. That poor baby. And they punished HER by suspending her?? She did absolutely nothing. The school district should be ashamed of themselves! And those boys should rot in fucking hell.…
3 12
@1942bs This is absolutely crazy! How is this happening in HIGH SCHOOL?! Monsters now lurk in HIGH SCHOOLS?! I feel so bad for that poor girl! I hope 🤞🏾 she doesn’t get it! That’s beyond fucked up!
2 11
@1942bs They acted like an adult, charge them as an adult. Filthy kids smh
0 12
@1942bs Who are the boys who did this and the school faculty that did all this shit to this poor girl. I want to have a loooong talk with them
0 12
@1942bs I don’t usually support the death penalty, but 👀
0 12
Fuck that, castrate them with no anesthesia and let them bleed out. No mercy for rapists…
5 5
9th grade HIV☹️ wtf y’all out here doing…
4 5
this is THE saddest thing ive ever watched. the fact that this 14 year old girl has to deal with this for the rest of her life is absolutely heart breaking and devastating!! this poor girl was AT SCHOOL when this happened. very sad ☹️…
1 8
@1942bs You have got to be kidding. WHAT POSSESSES PEOPLE TO DO THIS?!
0 9
hot take:
murder ruins someone’s life for an instance or very short-period of time. rape happens in an instance, but ruins someone’s life. it is a constant traumatic experience that carries with the person forever.

the death sentence should be strongly considered for rapists.…
3 5
People need to fucking raise their boys right this is ridiculous…
2 6
Literally those kids need to be locked up wtf is wrong with ppl…
1 7
I wanna know why the first action taken was to suspend them from school.They should've be thrown right into jail.…
1 6
Legit who gives a fuck about these shitty kids. They’ve possibly shortened this girls life span while raping her. This is more than Brock Turner. This was a premeditated murder. kill those fucks.…
0 7
I can't believe the school suspended her for something that was against her will. Fuck the school system, fuck the schools' admin. Fuck them all…
0 6
There shouldn't even be an investigation. That poor baby could have HIV, can barely talk about it and is getting therapy. Death penalty for all of those boys…
0 5
Nah why let them take the easy way out. Sentence them as adults and let them die in jail.…
0 5
This is first of all y’all suspended her along with the boys who raped her FOH…
3 1
This is fucking terrible and absolutely disgusting, how ashamed must that school feel for letting something like this slide with a suspension. So so sad, praying for this girl and her family. 🙏🏻😩…
2 2
castration then death penalty by gas chamber…
2 2
Really curious as to how this will play out in court. I guarentee the death penalty will not be an option, but hopefully they get the closest thing to it.…
1 3
My prayers are sent to this family and the young girl! This is sickening. God knows how I’d react but Jesus man these boys will reap what they sow.…
0 4
A suspension?! nahhhh fuck all that 🤬…
0 4
No. Let them all rot in a cell until they die. The death penalty eliminates one to suffer, & sorry not sorry, when you forcefully take someone's entire BEING away, you deserve to rot in a cell & suffer for the rest of your life.…
0 4
Córtenles el pito y mátenlos alv…
  · Twitter Lite · es
0 4
and for all the people that criticize the women’s march and feminist movements. come talk to me when things like this don’t pop up on the news…
0 4
This is absolutely disgusting. This shouldn’t happen to anyone.…
2 1
I ain’t gone lie ain’t no way she was forced 3 times bro some people just can’t accept the fact that they daughter a freak so they blame it on the boys but trust i done seen plenty of bitches get ran through at the school back in the day…
1 2
fuckin sick ass bastards out here DESERVE jail 4 life or death penalty YALL really do anything to get your dick sucked I'm done hearing about this shit bout time the government started choppin balls off…
1 2
1 2
Lil niggas would be dead if that was my daughter…
1 2
@1942bs Those 3 guys deserve the death penalty
There’s honestly no way that they could be forgiven
Not only that they took someone’s privacy , dignity , and innocence away , but they ALSO took away her dreams , her hope . They took away something that is precious
1 2
nope they don’t deserve the sweet release of death. they deserve to rot in prison for the rest of their lives and experience exactly what she did…
0 3
they actually suspended the girl, who was raped, from school. disgusting.…
0 3
that would let them off easily. they need to live a long boring horrible life in jail to even half pay for the price of their actions…
0 3
@1942bs such an evil world where there are so many evil boys
0 3
@1942bs WTF is actually wrong with people and that school ???
0 3
That or get “RAPIST” permanently tattooed on their forehead.…
0 3
I hope the justice system rips them apart…
0 3
I’d go on a killing spree if this was my child…
1 1
they got suspended? what kind of cruel joke is that. so what if they are minors. they should be imprisoned. labeled as rapists and should not ever be able to get away with something like this.…
1 1
@1942bs oh my god my heart hurts for her so much
1 1
@1942bs This is so unbelievably fucked up. Suspension is NOT enough. Put them all in jail. Not acceptable. She’s gonna live with this for the rest of her life. How horrible 😭
1 1
BRUH THEY SUSPENDED HER?!!!! If I was her mother I’d set that WHOLE SCHOOL on fire…
1 1
This why the death penalty is a must. It only needs to be used in extreme cases cause this is just disgusting…
0 2
Agreeed 🤬🖕🏿 please please please.…
0 2
Nah, give them life in prison and the prisoners will take care of them. They don’t play when it comes to that shit.…
0 2
death penalty is still too good for them smh this shit is crazy…
0 2
Yoooo That’s fucked up. The fact that those 14 year old boys think that it’s okay to force sex on another? What the actual fuck. No one, no matter what age, should think it’s fine to force sexual actions into others. No one should ever be put through that.…
0 2
Nah death is to sweet lock them up under the jail…
0 2
Never let these boys see the light of say ever again.…
0 2
Oksy Yh suspend the girl who got raped? Wtf does that say to the kids tho why’s she being punished too... cunts, lethal injection for them all apart from the girl…
0 2
If only this country still had balls to give the DP…
0 2
better, let them rot in jail for the rest of their life suffering what the victim had to suffer over and over again like a recurring nightmare…
0 2
I agree, they don’t need to be here, since they don’t know how to act in society, you’re cut…
1 0
My dad would fucking kill those boys with his bare hands…
1 0
My dad would literally murder those boys. Disgusting.…
0 1
@1942bs @rainvrain_ Death penalty is too easy. Lot them rot in prison. The other prisoners that aren't rapist will beat the shit out of them.
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