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Amateur sketch from witness helps Pa. police identify theft suspect
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Law & Order: Special Doodle Unit
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sometimes the universe makes me very very happy
560 4,346
あにぞー🐼 Retweeted ·  
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This story has officially won the internet.
352 1,112
@CBSNews To be fair, it does look like him.
49 1,254
The etch a sketch was probably broken at the time..
60 914
alexa siri whoever the frig more of this please
64 718
Nah imaging police holding a sketch of this calibre up to you and saying yupp that’s are guy, if I was guilty I’d be burning looooooool
216 339
If I ever get dragged off to jail for something, I hope I'm not also feeling self-conscious.
49 399
And Dad said my art degree wouldn’t pay off.
6 131
That could be a sketch of Waldo.
34 94
𝕾𝖆𝖒𝖚𝖗𝖆𝖎 𝖃
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24 90
I’m weak bc it somehow looks like him
35 54
*professional sketch artist flips table *
13 76
As much as this looks nothing like him...

It looks just like him
1 78
The accuracy is uncanny
22 54
They finally found Waldo
13 63
i’m still cryin cause that simple ass drawing really look just like him 😂😂😂😂
19 55
There is no more delightful story than this one
11 59
Cool illustration catches criminal. Drawing finally seen as best skill to have on planet earth.
4 66
Is just me or is anyone else seeing Denise wise 😂😂
2 67
We have better art skills, just saying
8 57
Go ahead & laugh, but you know the drawing totally looks like him. 🏆
12 48
Imagine a friend of yours sees that drawing and immediately identifies you. I'd have to reconsider my whole life.
26 31
You may laugh when you see this sketch, but hey, it led police to the suspect.
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13 44
Caitlyn Golem 🏒⚾🏋️‍♀️
2 53
@CBSNews Which one is the sketch?
1 54

18 29
Drawing is accurate as hell.
18 27
C’mon. A dream team of Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys couldn’t have identified the subject from this doodle.
4 41
Ahahah bu resimden suçluyu yakalayan polise altın madalya takmalı
4 38
Not gonna lie this bullshit sketch actually kinda does the job
0 42
i’d be mad as hell if niggas caught me off some bullshit like this
14 26
This is the funniest comment thread I've seen! I'm seriously dead 😂😂😂
13 26
@lisadraws Did you rip this artist off or was it the other way around
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2 37
@CBSNews I found the real culprit.
1 38
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5 33
It fake look like him 😂😂😂😂
15 22
The sketch is on the left. The suspect is on the right
3 33
I ain’t no snitch but that looks like Tomi Lahren
3 31
To me, it look like a leprechaun to me. All you gotta do is look up in the tree. Who all seen the Leprechaun, say yeah!
7 25
“We just figured out Blues clues...”
7 25
Isn’t that just the Jason Mraz album cover?
2 28
@CBSNews Well of course they found him. It was probably the beady 👀 that nailed it #hilarious
0 30
it pays to be able to draw people
7 21
25. The resemblance is uncanny.. #SundaySocial
5 23
@CBSNews Etch a Sketch Artist or former champion on Win Lose or Draw just nabbed a Phil Collins Doppleganger
1 27
literally Jason Mraz and his cover art from the hit single “I’m Yours”
0 28
Same police then went on to find Waldo and the elusive dolphin in the magic eye poster.
5 22
@CBSNews Yo, PA Police Dept. Hit me up. Thinking we can help each other out a bit here. 😂
0 27
(grandma voice) caillou didn’t like being a narc, but someone had to take the fall
5 19
4 20
this is the best news story of 2018
0 22
Fido Dido’s brother really went off the rails.
4 16
Remember Caillou? This is him now, feel old yet??
1 19
I can’t even tell which one is the sketch and which one is the real suspect
0 20
I mean no....but also....yeah.
0 20
This reminds of the leprechaun in a tree fiasco
1 17
i’m crying it actually looks like him
0 18
Imagine this being the sketch that gets you caught
0 18
@CBSNews I'm glad they caught Vincent Volaju before he could release that nanomachine virus on Mars.
5 12
I guess if this helped the guy get caught, buuuutttttt....
3 14
This makes me die laughing every time I see it
1 16
Keep up those drawing skills, folks. They could save your life.
4 12
@CBSNews He thought he could disguise himself by removing his hat but you’ve got to do a little more than that when Amateur Sketch Artist is on the case.
2 14
The art is SOOO much better hahahah
0 16
Holy shit. I saw the witness sketch yesterday in my hometown news and thought it was a Nathan For You gag
0 16
Pennsylvania police found Waldo!
4 11
I’m screamingggggg
4 11
alex is this you
4 11
I cannot stop laughing 😂
4 11
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