This Week:
-The Dow fell 1,175 points
-Trump called Democrats "treasonous"
-Trump asked for military parade
-Rob Porter resigned for domestic abuse
-John Kelly defended Porter
-Trump said "I'd love to see a shutdown"
-The Dow fell 1,033 points
-The government shut down a 2nd time
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@keithboykin 🦅 Treason? @RepJeffries: "How dare you lecture us about treason. This is not a dictatorship. It's a democracy and we do not have to stand for a reality show host masquerading as President of the United States." 🇺🇸 #TrumpRussia
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@keithboykin The most f**ked up administration in the history of this country and Americans are starting to shrug it off as just another week in the ongoing nightmare that is the Trump presidency. Can't believe my country has sunk to such a low level; it is truly depressing.
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@keithboykin I’m Canadian so please correct me if I’m wrong but Obama never had two shutdowns in the same term. What’s even more crazy is that the U.S Government wanted this to happen?!?!?
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Hell-Bent Feminist She-Devil
We need to remember that this is NOT NORMAL. Don't shrug it off.

It's easy to do. I do it sometimes. "What, are you SURPRISED that he told yet another blantant lie?"

But if we let awful things get normalized, that's how things get worse. That's how we ALLOW it to get worse.
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The insanity of it all. How can anyone with a heart and mind support such an administration
14 160
Making America great one chaotic week after another

I do remember after the State of the Union people saying “that speech turned it all around”

Nothing matters
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@keithboykin PTSD = President Trump Stress Disorder
7 57
@keithboykin I'm tired of all the winning now.
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@keithboykin -Confirmed Russia meddling
-No Russia Sanctions executed
-No Voter Fraud
-Paul Ryan’s $1.50 Tax Cut Tweet

-Trump still the President
8 55
@keithboykin Yep, see Americans, when GOP are given complete control, they CANNOT even perform the basics of running the govt. And I don’t want to hear”but the Dems obstruct “-the Dems don’t have the numbers! So WAKE UP AMERICA!
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@keithboykin Well, the story on Porter changed between Sarah and Raj (she said resigned, he said terminated)...just more examples of an administration being run like “Baskets Family Rodeo”
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@keithboykin And no one batted an eyelash because we're all numb from PTSD.
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Is there a name for the Trump-induced sense that time has slowed to a crawl, where one week feels at least a month long, and it seems impossible that the Nazi rally in C'ville was only six months ago?
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@keithboykin Hope Hicks and Sarah Huckabee Sanders @PressSec defended Rob Porter as well. Why did she have @RajShah45 do the press briefing?
4 29
@keithboykin @JoyAnnReid Is anyone home...did Congress fall off the planet? Do pigs still fly? Hello, is anybody going to do something... meanwhile, 67% of Republicans support the CreepClown !!
Wow..entering the Twilight Zone, full speed ahead.
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#SlowNewsWeek (and it’s only Thursday night)
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@keithboykin @ShaunKing Look, I'm totally into SF and fantasy, but keep in mind that your storyworld has to have *some* realistic elements.
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Totally normal. This is all very normal.
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Trump doing his winning again. I wonder how much more winning America can take?
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@keithboykin So, in other words, just an average week for the Trump White House.
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@keithboykin Don’t you yearn for the days of “No Drama Obama”?
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I'm so tired of all this winning...!!
5 10
So - just a normal week. Our new normal. Thugs, hypocrites, misogynist xenophopes undermining every aspect of acceptable policy

We have to act&vote
"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing" Albert Einstein
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@keithboykin @HealthLogic247 We decided to use a rocket instead of a cannon for you.
3 9
@keithboykin @nevermore_007 Winning! Imagine what could be accomplished if the @GOP had a majority in both houses.
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I'm tired of so much winning
5 6
More proof that @TheRickWilson is a prophet using #ETTD
I am begging Team Mueller to help US &
Get that Son of a Bitch OUT of the WH NOW!
4 6

Rachel Brand resigns after only 9 months in Justice Dept so she won't have to take over Mueller investigation if Trump fires Rosenstein.
John Kelly says he is willing to resign.
#KeithDavisJr is still facing bogus charges after BPD shoots him and then plants a gun.
5 4
BWD 🤢 You People Replaced Obama With This
Americans cares less and less. If we don't take congress back, we won't even have an election in 2020.
2 6
OMD, it's only been a week 😭 This last year has been the longest decade of my life
2 6
So much winning.......
1 7
Just #DonTheCon making America great again..... #NOT
@GOP Has us trapped in some horrible reality show.
Destroying America’s credibility #OneDayAtATime #OneTweetAtATime
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@keithboykin @brucepknight -WH Secretary Porter not cleared for access to Classified info
-GOP not calling for Investigation on Porter leaked Classified info or Hicks / Porter texts (yet)
2 5
And me in the hospital and not able to do our podcast this week 😩😢😭
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Pay attention something in the air
3 3
Let’s see what Friday brings, to cap off a busy week...
2 4
I remember reading about Watergate & Monica Lewinsky and wondering how it would feel living through those times...but now here we are witnessing scandal after scandal unfold before us ...
1 5
What a week, and we still have the Friday news dump.
2 3
@keithboykin Then trump called the abused women liars and defended the wife beater. Yes, that happened. Must be a document dump Friday. #resistance also isn’t this illegal? Call your MOC today and demand #RussianSanctionsNow
2 3
And that was just through Thursday!
2 2
TheCanadian 🇨🇦🇨🇦
The morons who elected him are so tired of winning right now!!
2 1
Thanks, Obama ... for never having a week like this. Every single week.
1 2
May I add @OrrinHatch too defended #RobPorter his former CoS.. I mean Hatch was steaming.. no wonder he’s impressed with Trump.. Hatch over look anything for fellow @GOP!! @dscc @CharlesMBlow @Bakari_Sellers
1 2
Nothing like our lord and savior Donald J. Trump making America great again every single day! (Oozing with sarcasm)
1 2
Tired of winning like this...
1 2
So what if Trudeau misspeaks...🤭
2 0
Plus one more resignation.

1 1
and the generic ballot got worse for Dems. maybe they should fight like animals instead of whatever they're doing
1 1
This is truly F'd up...
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Putin is winning. So much.
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Is America Great yet? 🙄
1 1
and we haven't even received the friday dump
1 1
Ermmmm.... I’m sick of all this.....winning??! #MAGA
1 1
Yeah...most successful President ever... 😬
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We're in serious trouble guys. #Resist
1 1
@keithboykin Is America great again yet?
1 1
Republican led government ladies and gentleman
1 1
Ain’t even gon lie. I don’t even care no more. Let me know when the 2020 race starts
1 0
*Making America Grate Again* (not a typo)
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$JAB — Decentralized Baksht™
The new world order.

Welcome to 2018. Worse than 2017.
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@NiranEC here’s a recap of the week for you.
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#NotNormal and so easy to become numb to it when stuff like this happens week after week
0 1
I'm tired of all the winning.
0 1
@keithboykin And #VladimirPutin is laughing his a$$ off drinking Vodka and downing caviar —- way to go @foxnews @BreitbartNews —- you must be very f___king proud of your #WhiteSupremacy #brainwashing of the illiterate hillbillies and morons who formed #MAGA
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@keithboykin For those Republicans who were trying to differentiate between a problem and a catastrophe, eh, this is a catastrophe!! And the hits will no doubt keep on coming
0 0
A fucking circus is what this is! SMH..
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So tired of winning!
0 0
Good thing Friday’s are usually chill 🙄😂
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