2018 is Drake's year. debate your goldfish
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EVERY year is Drake’s year
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Word, 2018 might be the year that that scrappy underdog Drake finally breaks through
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@HalalThug @barker519 The most simple rhymes on a hype beat, Drake’s whole career..
39 258
“I’m only chasing after bags now I got a game plan.” is my 2018 mood. twitter.com/halalthug/stat…
52 112
Nigga it's been Drake's year since 2007
59 80
@HalalThug Im pretty sure every year since 2007 has been Drake’s year.
17 98
@HalalThug @saul__arellano Every year is Drake's year 😂🤷‍♂️
6 36
Every year is Drake’s year
11 26
every year is Drake's year
9 27
Every year is Drake’s year. Wys
6 30
Every year is Drake’s year, stop playing
14 15
Until April comes & Beyoncé once again shows everyone how it’s done.
8 21
I meannnnnnn...he had ‘15, ‘16, and ‘17 too 🤷🏾‍♂️ twitter.com/halalthug/stat…
4 17
It’s been Drake’s decade since Forever you all are just too stubborn to admit it
6 14
If you haven’t noticed every year is Drake’s year
5 15
Is drake actually writing his own music again?🤔
0 19
It’s been drakes year since 2011
8 10
Been his years since 2009 if we being honest lol. Impeccable run.
7 10
This new Drake verse 👀🔥🙆🏽‍♂️
5 9
This song isn't shit y'all overhype everything, drake aint what he used to be at all😭
3 11
You’re a straight weirdo if you don’t fw drake
3 10
Every year is this mans year lmao
4 8
4 7
He's doing the "thomas shuffle" at the beginning @TEdwardsJr24
2 9
Drake been on top of the game for years, no debate, just facts.
2 9
I ain't gon' lie this shit slaps lol
1 10
Every fuckin year has been Drake's year what do you even mean twitter.com/halalthug/stat…
1 10
This is the Drake I’ve been asking for for years
1 10
@HalalThug @_dahenaj 2018 is Drake's year. debate your goldfish TYPE BEAT
4 6
I know Drake gone snap this year cause when the last time you ever seen him so lit in a video?
3 7
This is hard,real ones peeped the project pat flow and quotes from “blunt to my lips”
1 9
pra mim esse som é do Drake quem ta fazer ft é blocboy
5 4
Every year been Drake’s year
4 5
Need a whole rapping album from drake bruh
3 6
Kendrick produced the Black Panther Soundtrack
3 6
This shit right here is hot af bull 😨❤
1 8
every year is drake’s year..........🐐
1 8
Drake literally can't lose.
2 6
Yeah this guy is cold
1 7
I’ve watched this like 12 times. Drake went innn idc idc
1 7
1 6
Glad to have u bac Drizzy
1 6
every year is drake's year–he was on the hot 100 charts with 1 or more songs for eight years straight.
1 6
This man is going to end up as the greatest rapper,artist,entertainer ever and that’s on my dead baby
1 6
Every year is Drake’s year
1 6
lowkey every year is drake’s year
0 7
@HalalThug Drake is a heavy meat rider
3 3
I’m so disgusted at how less we expect from rap these days fr. 16 filler bars with the most simple rhyme scheme 🤦🏽‍♂️
0 6
Been drizzy year since 2009 lmao gtfo
2 3
2 3
Every year is his year
2 3
Oh ok Drake! This is a vibe
  · Twitter for iPad · en
2 3
It’s been his year since 2011
1 4
Ain’t no one taking his thrown anytime soon! 🔥🚨😭
1 4
aye this nigga really one of the greatest ever. like he really too cold.
1 4
Not your biggest drake fan speaking here but he stepping on necks twitter.com/halalthug/stat…
0 5
I think it’s fascinating that 40% of the songs droppin lately feature huge chunks of Three 6 Mafia/Project Pat songs. Drake’s verse is from OUT THERE by project pat
2 2
Every year is Drake’s year lol
2 2
Drake really on some shit this year
1 3
we only 2 months in.. sheesh @Drake chill out
1 3
He straight took Project Pat's bars but it's still pretty good
1 3
1 3
Anotha drake yeeeeeeaarrrr
3 0
I need his album to have the same energy as when he’s featured on a song
2 1
Bro this really how Drake rap now lol

This song the reason why Kendrick in the goat conversation already and he not lol

This shit go though, but he coulda let another artist have this
1 2
Every year is Drake’s year 🤷🏽‍♀️
1 2
Aubrey in his fucking bag and I am WITH IT
1 2
No one slides on the beat smoother than Drake
1 2
About time this lightskin 💂🏾‍♀️ come back.
1 2
Every year is Drake’s year
1 2
1 2
every year is drake’s year
2 0
This is the Drake I love!
2 0
Every year is drakes year lol
1 1
This shit so hardd blessed Blocboy fr
1 1
This shxt trash n y'all just some weirdo stans
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