This is King Abdullah II, the King of Jordan. He is the direct descendant of Prophet Mohammad, and this is his family. The question is, what on earth happened to wearing the Hijab and Burqa? ..... *Cricket Sounds* .....
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@Imamofpeace He is half British moreover he is secular and open minded I'm proud of having him a kind for my country. However, he is doing a very quiet hard job by fighting ISIS inside and outside Jordan, in Jordan we have a numerous numbers of fundamentalist Islamist.
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Sanırım bizim din tüccarlarımız buna bir yorum getirirler. Gördükleriniz İslam Peygamberi Hz. Muhammed’in kan bağı olan akrabalarıdır.
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@Imamofpeace @MurtadMilli He's also a big fan of Star Trek and was once a guest star which just boosts his cool points.
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The compulsory hijab is a political symbol of Sharia, used by *sham Islamic governments to oppress women.

*sham Islamic governments = ‘governing to benefit personal interests’ H/T @Imamofpeace
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Iman tak dapat diwarisi ~
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Hey phony "Imam";

1. There are hundreds and thousands of Muhammad's SAW descendants, and there are also many of them who abide Islam.

2. Ahlul Bayt is not immune to sins and wrongdoings, they are human.

Cut your nonsense, it makes you look extremely stupid
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Islam is surprisingly a very progressive religion.. someone would have a problem with even photos somehwere. The idea of a free world and an equal land is not far from it. The interpretations have drowned us in heaps of clerical jargon.
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@Imamofpeace @OnimoleOfLagos I'm not a Muslim so I don't know the rules and laws. So I'm just asking, shouldn't it a woman's choice if she wears the hijab or Burqa?
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@Imamofpeace Being religious doesn't make you a good person, being a good person doesn't necessarily mean you're religious.
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@Imamofpeace Very beautiful women in his family. I guess they're exempt from all that. I'm happy for them, but of course I wish all women had the same freedom to choose without being harassed or jailed or abused for it.
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Inspiration for many, indeed 👌
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Let’s take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the family is. Perfect gene.
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@Imamofpeace @FeistyRealist The king of Jordan is educated in the western culture, I believe he graduated from university in England. He married a American women, and rides a Harley Davidson. He is a great example of what Muslims countries should be, lran is ready for change. 👍🛵💙🇺🇸
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अंजली 🇮🇳 🇮🇳
अरे कोई इनके खिलाफ भी फतवा जारी करो ???
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@Imamofpeace Jordan was created illegally. Partition in Palesstine was expressly forbidden. The original Balfour text was changed when oil was discovered.
Ten Deceptions:
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@Imamofpeace @dromervandromen They realised that it was all a sham! Enjoin life as much as they can. Where are Mullahs with their Fatwas btw?
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@Imamofpeace he was born with a brain and used it.
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🇨🇦🍁Canadian Catechist 🍁🇨🇦
@Imamofpeace He helped fight ISIS in Syria too 👍
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@Imamofpeace But isn’t this a good thing? Hijab is so medieval and actually objectifies women.
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@Imamofpeace Queen Rania is a true feminist
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Triggering Allah Twitter 😂😂😂😂
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Iman tak dapat diwarisi~ *nyanyi
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@Imamofpeace I live with Muslim women and they don't wear Hijab all the time. I admire the way they carry themselves. They attract people into Islamic religion through their deeds. They are always the first to visit any affected family of there is in our area and much more.They walk the talk.
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@Imamofpeace @jrpondauthor This is an example of evolved Muslims. Just as most Christians evolved to modern times. Too bad liberals instead tend to push Muslims who harken back to the 8th century with antiquated ideas and concepts, still pushing Sharia and it's repressive policies.
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@Imamofpeace Delightful family. Who knew Mohammed had such righteous genes! In this case, jeans!
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@Imamofpeace @Crusader_NL The photo might have presented an artistic dilemma had the ladies worn their niqab.
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@Imamofpeace No No No No, that was a different Mohammad... the King is a descendant of a man who had a tea and cake shop at the time.. he was known as Profit Mohammad ☕️
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Also certain that he won't marry off his teenage daughters at 13.
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@Imamofpeace If Jordan has a KING, why the hell are Canadians paying them an undisclosed/undetermined amount of foreign aid to "help them build roads"?…
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@Imamofpeace Here is Aga Khan IV and his family during a wedding. He is also a direct lineal descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. They too don't care about the fake Islamic symbolisms that the brainwashed radicalized thugs tout so proudly these days as a fashion statement.
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@Imamofpeace Being a direct descendant of prophet Muhammad means nothing, you can’t inherit the iman. It doesn’t work that way although I do understand your viewpoint here.
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Fat Freddie's Cat #FBPE 🇮🇹🇪🇺
@Imamofpeace @klaasm67 The Prophet (BBUH) does not state that women must wear hijab or burqa, or anything else for that matter. Both sexes are supposed to dress modestly.
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They even have hair extensions and shii...some people are too fanatical
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@Imamofpeace @Sassafras_Knob King Abdullah II and Family, a strong ally of USA enjoys western attire! They look lovely!👍👏🌟
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Allah Allah, Peygamber soyundan gelen aile kızlarının başları açık, Türban da baş örtüsü de takmamışlar, İnsanın hayret edesi geliyor.)))
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@Imamofpeace What a beautiful, modern family. King Abdullah is a true role model for an Arab leader, working very hard to preserve stability and balance between traditionalists and seculars. Proud that our Embassy just has been reestablished in #Jordan!
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This man, @Imamofpeace is a man with great mind and really a man of peace Asking questions that many oder Imam,s as the difficulty to respond to in a intelligant way
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Here’s what Pelosi, Rosenstein, Democrats and the LIBERAL #MSM have FOUGHT so hard to keep from #WeThePeople.

#FISAMemo #ObamaGate @POTUS
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QS. Al-Ahzab: 59, “Wahai Nabi, katakanlah kepada istri-istri, anak-anak perempuan dan istri-istri orang Mukmin, ‘Hendaklah mereka mengulurkan jilbabnya ke seluruh tubuh mereka.’

go to google translate to read what i write, okey?

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शरद चन्द्र जोशी (SC joshi) - धर्ममेव जयते
@Imamofpeace Hope wisdom would prevail upon Orthodox Mohammedans .
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@Imamofpeace In Islam it is very clear that some Muslims who are closer to mohammad are more equal than other Muslims who are less closer
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Jordan takda JAKIM ...
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@Imamofpeace Hijabs and Burqas are so 1000 years ago.
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@Imamofpeace is tht true? he could become Caliph if he wanted to?
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My fave guy. ISIS killed ONE Jordanian pilot. Baba flew a fighter jet and slew the hell out of them. What a King!! 😁👑
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@Imamofpeace So your point exactly? The Prophets Uncle did not accept Islam. So this point does not mean anything being a descendant doesn't mean he knows anything or that he's pious
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@Imamofpeace @SujnanNayak Hijab is a forced tradition of Mullah's suprimacy over the society.... poor n downtrodden are of the famous and the rich is our of their reach
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@Imamofpeace Here's the king of Morocco and his wife and sister as well, they're belong to the prophet Muhammad family too.
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King Abdullah II, the King of Jordan. He is the direct descendant of Prophet Mohammad, and this is his family @vinayak_jain This is the real secularism
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Iman tak dapat diwarisi dari seorang ayah yang bertaqwa
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Rules are for fools....we live by our own rules.
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@Imamofpeace If every one was like you Islamic world would be known all over the world for it's exceptional food ,mind boggling art and amazing architectural marvels instead of violence .
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@Imamofpeace Authority on Islamic Law is Quran 6:114 & not this King. Your argument carries no any rational and logical weight.

As per Quranic Dress-Code, if head of women in this Picture is not covered, that's o.k but Quran never permits Muslim Lady to display naked legs.

Stop deceiving.
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funny how the kings of all shithole countries are always hwhhitte
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Jordan is a wonderful country to visit and work in, thanks to the secular approach of King Abdullah. Erdogan, by reversing the advances of Attaturk has made Turkey (which I used to love) the opposite
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Some northern Muslims make it look like a girl without a hijab is an infidel
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Why the hell should they wear it you troublemaker. You're not an imam and you don't ever speaks of peace.
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Right:*phone dropping*
A lovely family.
Left: ignores it
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I like King Abdullah II for all his achievements as a secular leader with an educated brain. I wouldn't mind living in Jordan
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@Imamofpeace Wow! The eyes of some women are incredibly beautiful, and the hair of their culture is something to be admired by other women. My #Korean mother raised on her #cultural vanity "naturally".
Beauty they hide MUST have a negative affect on them.
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This is for all the over-zealous muslims in Northern Nigeria...
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Direct descendant of Muhammad wow
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It is not Cricket,,,,,
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@Imamofpeace @markpolitics4uk Does he want to wipe Israel off the map?
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@Imamofpeace @RubikaLiyaquat Dharam ke naam par apni dukan chalane wale ise dekhkar doob maro
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@TFarrkhinn @JozifinAlMaraun Can any of you "enlighten" me about this? Since I only have two of you as my lovely Muslim friends on Twitter!
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InshaMullah .. ye kya ho raha hai .. 😳😳😳
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Do we not believe our Prophet saying deeds should be the ONLY judgement of one's character?
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Arewa twitter ll say it's Photoshop
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@Imamofpeace Am I Spotting Super Facial Thoughts!
Or Catchi Words To Capture Attention!!
By The Way..
I Am Looking For A New Title For My New E-Book
Any Suggestions!
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Would be interesting to know his take on the concepts of Islam
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@Imamofpeace Hw do u knw he is direct descendant of Prophet.. please do not propagate falsehood. And people just like the tweets. without knowing the truth.
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@Imamofpeace If God made me as beautiful as his wife, I wouldn't hide that under a sheet either.
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So r the #imams of the world looking at it so that they stop issueing fatwas for #women to b tormented at every minute of their divine lives?
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His daughters aren't married as well ? What ??
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@Imamofpeace @Babygiwa He doesn't follow the teachings of Islam with regards to dressing, he prefers his family to look western than Islamic. He knows the consequences of his actions and inactions, his and his family's mode of dressing can't be a model of muslims bc he is a deviant in that aspect.
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Same with the question as to what your Imamat is if used for slander?

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This is King Abdullah II, the King of Jordan. He is the direct descendant of Prophet Mohammad, and this is his family. The question is, what on earth happened to wearing the Hijab and Burqa? ..... *Cricket Sounds* .....
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@Imamofpeace Funny .. They thought us the same thing the king of Morocco, Mohamed the 6th, that he’s the direct descendant of prophet Mohamed !!
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Perhaps those "prominent" Muslim women or converts who were the hijab and the burka might have an answer to that question.
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@Imamofpeace Sir, they already liberated themselves.
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I guess, in name of prophet, its ONLY Islamic clerics (read brokers of unrest) sponsored by radical Islamic organisations who are forcing Hijab/Burqa for their vested interest.

May be Prophet never meant such forceful behaviour, hence his descendants are not wearing it.
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@Imamofpeace That is a good point Mr. Imam.
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