Snapchat update is garbage, instagram tries to be other socials, facebook is mainly used by the seniors, but TWITTER man TWITTER has stayed a homie for life, can anybody remember a time where twitter was bad? I know i cant.
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@aimscp On god twitter the place if I leave for a month they still looking cute and familiar and snaps like hey new year new me like Im nfododkd
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Shit while u here might as well follow me right ?????🤔
29 1,584
@aimscp Twitter has tried it a few times... like when they made tweets show up in your TL out of order, but they changed it back!
30 792
27 320
@aimscp The only bad thing Twitter ever did was take away favorites. RIP favorites
38 293
@aimscp Only thing I dont like about new twitter is getting to your profile. It was better when it was at the bottom right corner.
18 265
@aimscp That first month you had Twitter and no clue how to use it so you deleted it until you realized it was actually worth using....that’s when Twitter was bad
25 199
Love, Shreeya 🖤 Stay Strong Maddie...
@aimscp Do you think Twitter will ever add an "edit tweet" option?
8 174
@aimscp Twitter jail was awful
13 118
@aimscp if Instagram goes back to chronological order then IG would be the 🐐
8 122
Twitter protects nazis
23 100
@aimscp @queenlils15 Snapchats update killed Snapchat. Instagram copied Snapchat. Facebook got old.

Twitter is our last hope y'all
13 105
@aimscp Real Twitter veterans know its prime was from 09-13 tho
19 97
I miss the twitter that let you quote other people’s tweets and straight up change anything you want lmao that shit was raw
11 84
when twitter changed "favorites" to "likes" and changed the star to a heart
21 60
Please don’t jinx this
15 63
“Twitter is what’s happening” is 🙌🏽, but “Twitter is your homie for life” also has a nice ring to it 😉

cc: @leslieberland @Jayanta @olisnoddy
3 71
@aimscp Yeah. When the Twitter OGs went wild on #followfriday and you were locked out with the Twitter Fail Whale.
14 57
deadass, like even when they updated the layout and shit I still got used to it. no other social media app compares to twitter.
6 56
I am a big fan of this tweet and forever loyal to twitter.... BUT when they changed the favorite button from a star to a heart.... that hurt
5 50
@aimscp @FahimShahriyarr Still waiting for "edit tweet" option
2 51
yea right now, when tweets like this have 100k RTs
8 41
Never this been my shit since forever
20 23
@aimscp Everyone is too sensitive on the app ! I remember back when everyone use to attack celebrities until they responded and deleted Twitter lol
2 40
This the problem with you new fucks, twitter sucks right now. It used to be a golden internet kingdom of roasts and jokes of all kinds, there used to be Twitter after dark where the hoes came tf out, we also used to actually make vines, not just recycle them. Smh I miss twitter.
15 26
Twitter was better a couple years ago before everyone got offended by everything
7 34
I mean there was the whole thing where twitter purged a bunch of activists and black twitter users but never got rid of the nazis
5 36
Yeeaaahhhh no. Twitter is garbage bc any popular tweet gets stolen 100 times. Now Vine, THAT was the ultimate social media platform don’t @ me
1 38
Twitter is literally bad now and all the original Tweeters know that lmfao
25 13
The biggest scandal twitter ever had was when they changed “favorites” to “likes”. Shoutout to twitter for staying great
7 26
When twitter killed vine
3 30
@aimscp The best ever twitter ever made, the NIGHT MODE . Loving it
2 31
hypocrites started sending screenshots of students’ rants to school authorities, that’s when.
1 32
Only thing twitter did bad was turn favorites to likes
1 32
I still click on my DMs thinking it’s gonna take me to my profile............
0 33
i need a hug from a bad bitch!
yeah when you tweeted this
3 27
turning favorites to likes
1 29
uh yea when they took away our profile button
4 23
i... there’s literally n*zis on here
1 26
yes actually twitter is in it’s decline right now as y’all all retweet the same shit every 4 weeks from tweet deck accounts run by frat boys and srat girls and fucking Dory
1 26
I've gotten used to every twitter update but this Snapchat one is seriously so gross that I want to delete the app
3 23
@aimscp @isafrias_ When twitter bought vine and got rid of it.
0 25
I was NOT happy when Twitter changed favorites to likes...
0 25
I still click on the bottom right to get to my profile 🙄
0 25
when they bought vine and deleted it
3 21
Remember when they changed favs to likes
2 22
well there was that one time that they changed favorites from little stars to hearts :///
0 24
Twitter is bad now. The golden age was 2012-15
5 18
twitter needs to make like button only visible to ourselves then i'm good..others don't have to know what i like👀
4 19
I mean they suspend people's accounts for criticising nazis but see no problem with people being open antisemitic, attacking trans people, posting literal nazi content

such a good "homie"...

... if you're white, cis, abled, gentile,....
3 20
twitter's charm is that it's never really been good. constant garbage fire. no surprises. consistency is key
0 23
I miss when everything wasn’t rounded. I miss the stars. I miss when I could go to my profile by clicking the bottom of the page. I miss tap to tweet. I miss having backgrounds????
3 19
y’all remember that time twitter changed from favs to likes
1 21
When they put favs in the order that they were tweeted instead of the order that you liked them
5 16
No one remembers the uproar over the change from ⭐️ to ❤️?
3 18
twitter is literally constantly bad
1 20
when the fave button turned into the like button 😔 only the real would know
3 17
remember when twitter had favorites and not likes
2 18
𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓭𝔂 𝓜𝓾𝓯𝓯𝓲𝓷𝓼
@aimscp Only the fact we gave no edit button. Otherwise, gold.
0 20
2015, when they changed the star button for “favorite” to the heart button for “like”. you might laugh because every time i liked a tweet, i put a gold star after it, but it was a metaphor. and metaphors are important. my gold stars were a metaphor. for me. being a star.
2 17
Remember when they replaced favs with likes?
1 18
stale tea twitter updates are always useless
0 19
They fucking killed vine
5 13
Just waiting for an edit option 🙃
4 14
Maior vontade de falar com esse @ mas acho que ele não vai com a minha cara
2 16
The first like 3 years when everyone made an account but they didn’t know how to use it
0 18
Used to have to copy and paste to do a manual RT because there was no retweet button
9 8
If your a real twitter man. You’ll understand how real and true this tweet is! Twitter is a real OG
4 13
The favorite to like button is the only thing that threw us off but they then blessed us with night mode
4 13
Euh vs avez tous trop tendance à oublier le passage de l’étoile au cœur, trahison
4 13
i really hope this tweet doesn’t cause twitter to fire back at us
1 16
twitter is the same damn tweets over and over again by different accounts all social media is TRASH
1 16
There was a rough patch when they changed the star to a heart but it’s been pretty ok since
1 16
twitter is fuckin toxic tbh
0 17
You’re to new to Twitter cause when they switched favorite to like everybody was pressed
3 13
nazar na lag jaye 🙏🏽🙏🏽
2 14
Despite a few changes here and there, Twitter stays true to itself. Thanks, Twitter.
1 15
Idk since twitter changed the exploding star to a heart it just hasn't been the same
1 15
Remember when twitter changed the "favorites" to "likes" and the stars became hearts?? Everybody freaked out. SO DONT COME ROUND HERE WITH YOUR "TWITTER NEVER DID ANYTHING BAD" SHIT
0 16
y'all shut the fuck up before you jinx it
0 16
When y’all started being annoying for RTS, tweet decks and getting ppl suspended for no reason
8 7
100%, other than that awkward period when u first got it n didn't have a fucking clue how to work it
6 9
twitter's the shit, we jus gotta kick out sensitive twitter
2 13
I still haven't forgave twitter for changing ⭐️ to ❤️
2 13
Um remember when they changed the "favorite" star to the "like" heart??? THAT was an outrage.
2 13
Twitter turned favorites into likes
2 13
get rid of Snapchat and bring back vine
2 13
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