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@WEAREBLK @raeIeen Really not that fire honestly
8 150
This man can do no wrong
31 90
this verse is cool but i really don't understand people freaking out about it. he didn't go that hard
16 65
Best thing drake has done in years
3 74
His beard is honestly thicker than I’ll ever be
20 50
@WEAREBLK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
20 30
Getting thick was the best thing drake did for himself 😍
10 37
Da boy drizzy let these lame niggas run wid it for a while but this year hes taking over again🤧🤧
14 32
I ain’t saying this ain’t cool....but if you stan for this and write off “local” rappers for having “basic” rhymes, you gotta go look in the mirror. Cause there’s a lot of “local” cats that have done this verse far better.
10 24
Drake is too cold, I honestly believe no one can touch him right now
4 22
Dope but y'all gassing it. Relax.
9 13
If any other rapper said this verse it wouldn't be getting hype. Drake weak dawg 😭😭
7 15
The way this video is edited has helped me realize, I can be good @ rap videos too lmao
4 17
The whole verse trash. The flow is boring as hell.
7 13
Nike gloves Drake is back confirmed
2 16
Every time I hear this is like the first time I heard it. HE. SNAPPED.
5 12
This is so UK influenced
3 11
This is the Drake I like. That flow is hard af
2 12
Smh that Polo jacket smooth af😩
3 10
Yikeeessss 🔥🔥🔥
2 10
whoever doesn’t think drake is one of the best rappers of our time is lying to themselves at this point.
6 5
Que maldito puto flow
4 7
This guy is gone now. You can’t compare him to any rapper rn
3 8
𝐆𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐲 𝐋𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐭
He’s icy with it.
4 6
Me at home says this is the same ol Drake. However me in the car says this is 🔥
2 8
☆B + , not a pussy \(^o^)/★彡
@WEAREBLK PROJECT PAT needs to be credited
1 9
This man makes me extremely horny
3 6
It goes over a lot of people’s heads but the best part of this entire verse is the fact Drake paid homage to Project Pat
3 6
Drake is really in his bag 💼
1 8
GOAT no debate . Wavey Guy
4 4
He getting so damn thicc 👀
2 6
Why do we always hype this mans verse on everything. Friends at school fucking around on a freestyle not even taking it serious and have a better rhyme scheme than this
1 7
This is hard as fuck mate 💥
1 7
The boy is back 🔊
Take that! 💥
1 7
Drake’s ability to adapt to new music waves is CRAZY. Never switchin up & leavin him behind, he aint goin for it 🔥
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1 7
This shit fire slim
4 3
Drake really made a dude have a full on seizure at 1:16
2 5
Follow us for more updates and culture news 🤞🏾
1 6
we gone act like ole boy at the end ain’t have a seizure tho?😭
5 1
S/O @BlocBoy_JB and @1taykeith them niggas live af 🏋🏾
2 4
I wanna be one of his baby mommas
1 5
1 5
please don’t overplay this it actually hits
1 5
When will people realise, he’s the GOAT 🐐
1 5
I listened to like five times and it’s only 9:30
2 3
my man did that 🔥🔥sheesh
2 3
Never misses 🔥🔥🔥
1 4
Drake fucking slid dawg
3 1
@benbrugge tell me if this isn’t the gayest shit you’ve ever seen makes me wanna go to 6co and ggp and 2500 and go full on AAaN
2 2
I think I’m getting to that point to where I can actually appreciate Drake. He 3/3 w this verse haha.
1 3
I don’t want to ever hear you say a project pat verse ever again
1 3
I actually clinched my chest because my god 😩🔥
1 3
el flow de este cabron es impecable
1 3
The bar is so low
3 0
Drizzy in his bag man..
2 1
First Drake verse in a while that caught my attention 🔥
2 1
2 1
I heard it & went wild 😭😂
1 2
This dude whack. U sat in a damn wheelchair on degrassi stop actin tough
1 2
imagine thinking he’s not the greatest
1 2
Dsl mais je vais rt à chaque fois que je le vois
Admirez cet homme
2 0
These are times i love up drake
1 1
Drake is legit the greatest of all time.
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