In response to Logan Paul’s recent pattern of behavior, we’ve temporarily suspended ads on his channels.
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@YTCreators It’s nice to see you guys putting your foot down and being more transparent. People appreciate that
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@YTCreators 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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@YTCreators @Its_Kacper Delete his and Jakes channel and burn down their houses
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"Temporarily". Anyone would have had their channel shut down immediately, yet you keep this problem child around because he get's views from preteens. That's the ONLY reason he gets this preferential treatment. How many times does he have to mess up before it's not "temporary"
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I wonder what act of stupidity it’s going to take for this dude to actually be banned/suspended. Gotta be about 100 times worse than anything the rest of us would get banned for.
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@YTCreators Good to see you putting your foot down to show people that its not okay and you wont get away with that behavior. Steps in the right direction!
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When you keep trying to teach a kid a lesson, but it just isn’t working so you take away their allowance
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Can I get my ads back now?
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@YTCreators Just ban him. We saw you put him back on the “recommended” circuit too ... yesterday. So don’t be imagining this is sufficient.
4 227
Fucking delete his channel what is wrong with you
32 197
@YTCreators @lomadia You've deleted channels for far less. Jesus Christ
2 167
@YTCreators Wow disappointed to see so many creators supporting this. You don’t have to like what he does - I don’t... It seems like the ad removal was a response to public reaction and not the action... Think about what that means...
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Probably shoulda done this a month ago.
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Temporarily??? Kick this kid to the curb already.
8 79
Os caras conseguiram demorar UM MÊS E NOVE DIAS pra tomar a atitude mais óbvia e básica de todas.

Parabéns, YT! Sempre atrasado pra festa.
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اليوتيوب اول مرة بياخذ قرار بهذه الطريقة. (تعليق مؤقت لكل الدعيات على قناة لوقان بول)
2 58
spelled permanently wrong
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Veikkaan, että tämäkään ei loppujen lopuks tule opettamaan sille mitään. Järkevämpi ois miun mielestä antaa sille jonkin ajan mittainen banni, jonka aikana se ei voi ladata videoita ja sen videoita ei voida katsoa. Sit jos ei vieläkään opi, niin kanava pois kokonaan.
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محمد مشيع الغامدي
اليوتيوب أعلنت إيقاف جميع الإعلانات على قناة لوجن بول وبالتالي قطع رزقه. هذا بعد ما أثبت لوجن للجميع انه لم يتعلم من اخطاء تصويره للجثة باليابان لانه قام بأخذ جرذ وتصوير إطلاق مسدس الكهرباء عليه
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About damned time.
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Some people will never learn but with big following comes big responsibility.
1 44
He's a psychopath and the media needs to stop enabling him to influence children.
6 38
@YTCreators just delete his fucking channel and ban him from the site
2 40
Well, THAT was honestly unexpected, but I think a lot of people are finally happy to see positive change.
6 35
3 35
just delete his channel no one cares about him
2 25
you could just. suspend his channel
3 23
It’s honestly about time. Some people just don’t change, he sure hasn’t.
3 23
@YTCreators Now we just wait for his fake scripted apology video which is 75% sighing
1 23
3 18
@YTCreators Okay but like when are his 3 strikes up?
2 19
Here’s an idea... remove him and stop giving him a platform for promoting this kind of behavior.
3 16
Good, he's a complete goose - his crap encourages others...
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@YTCreators Yes, because that'll set him back. You effectively sent him to his room with no dinner.
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@YTCreators You should do it permanently,

stop doing these mild-ass punishments against your golden boy and terminate him.

He fucking stunned dead rats,filmed a dead body, and was a nuisance in Japan.

If another YTr did that he would get at least full demonetization
And two strikes.
4 12
@YTCreators When are they just gonna ban the whole channel, like jeez it’s enough already
1 14
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3 11
@YTCreators Not good enough.

You're not taking any significant action against him, and you know it. We aren't stupid; we know he brings in too much site traffic, which you're afraid to lose. Stop penalizing smaller channels in his place and take more permanent action against him.
1 13
Someone just dabbed back.
1 12
wow rude he just came back :( wow
1 12
Holy shit!!! Shit just got real.
1 11
Or how about permanently demonetising his existing content, forcing him to follow the rules and *think* to earn off of all future uploads? And you better be paying attention from now on.
1 11
What more does he have to do to lose partnership? Shameful
2 9
Suspend ads? Oh piss off already and stop his channel altogether!
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3 7
@YTCreators Suspended ads?!? Why not the channel itself?
1 9
Please make it permanent.
1 8
@YTCreators Thank you so much. Can I request just one more thing? Delete his channel and you’ll make all of us happy
0 9
@YTCreators For less than this, we get our channel suspended. But, because it's #LoganPaul you let it go. Congratulations @YTCreators .
1 7
@YTCreators @clozbrackerz can u delete his channel too pls
  · Twitter Lite · en
1 7
@YTCreators You need to also report him to the FBI.
1 7
This is great! I was discussing this with my mum recently, its horrible that most of the older generation have only heard of youtubers who have done something bad, so now they think badly of youtubers in general, I hope the next generation of youtubers can change this!
1 7
thank GOD. now maybe turn “temporarily” into “permanently” and it’d be real swell. he’s already made more than he’s ever gonna need.
0 8
@YTCreators Remove him completely. Kids are influenced by him they don’t care about ads!
1 6
Damn that was one sincere apology he did last time huh?
What will temporarily disabling ads do exactly? Just ban him. That's what you would have done with any other smaller Youtuber.
2 4
Pr une fois qu'ils font un truc utile ceux là
2 4
How about we just block him from any chance to gain notoriety or influence the children of America!
1 5
You’ve spelled Permanently wrong.
1 5
Lightning McQueen Apologist @ ANE
I'm temporarily satisfied...
0 6
I've got a better idea: How about suspending his channel?
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1 4
Hell. Expected, but still a shock that YT actually did something.
1 4
@YTCreators Im better than Logan Paul so check me out
1 4
❥ ᴋᴀᴛ 💛 // #ᴛʜɪsɪsᴄᴀᴍɪʟᴀ
suspend his WHOLE account. he’s loaded, so what if he misses a few paychecks. do better.
1 4
@YTCreators How about you ban his channel for, say, 200 years? That's still temporary, technically.
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@YTCreators Temporarily banned ads? So what? He's still getting views and exposure from the videos!! He's probably built up enough money not to be that badly hit by a temporary restriction on ad revenue. Delete his channels and never allow him back on the platform again.
0 5
@YTCreators This is @LoganPaul job. If you did two things wrong a month apart your employer would sack you! Just take a moment to think about that #BANLOGANPAUL #LoganPaulisover
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1 3
But will he still be on trending?
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