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In response to Logan Paul’s recent pattern of behavior, we’ve temporarily suspended ads on his channels.
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If a toy from Toy Story died, the kids wouldn’t know, and the other toys would have to watch the kids play with their corpses.
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1. This is a massive move on YouTube’s part.
2. I hope they release specific policy regarding how this move works.
3. The next step IMO should be the at least temporary suspension of his ability to hit Trending. Controversy/trending has been his biggest channel grower.
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@YTCreators It’s nice to see you guys putting your foot down and being more transparent. People appreciate that
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Ophelia PGlasser Retweeted ·  
It is absurd that people have to crowdfund: * Healthcare * Food * School supplies * Burial costs * Science * Legal representation * Bail * Clean water That people are using crowding platforms for them does not signal a success of the platform; it signals a failure of society.
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Nasir Retweeted ·  
We pretend
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Sandra’s🌹 Retweeted ·  
Getting thick, minding my business and staying out the way.
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When someone says Nights is better than Pyramids.
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Cool. Even though if it were anyone else they would get outright banned.
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Duda Gonçalves Retweeted ·  
Expectativa // Realidade
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Glad to see a more open response from @YouTube. Actions have consequences and no one should be above that. Having ads run on your channel is a privilege, not a right.

Will this fix all of the problems? Of course not. Is it a big step in the right direction? Absolutely.
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Roldier 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Bien, ahora a Dalas.
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Spike ⭐️⭐️ Retweeted ·  
Le journaliste qui a écrit l'article il gagne moins que Jul quand il sort un album gratuit
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@YTCreators 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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When the haters dab back. 🤔
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Does he literally need to murder someone on a video for you to do something further? Everyone gets this punishment by just uploading videos with ‘fuck’ being said in them.
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I’ll assume that goes along with no longer pushing his videos to people not subbed to him, too. Good job, @youtube @TeamYouTube . Truly, it’s a great step that makes me optimistic that punishments & rewards might start going where they’re deserved on the platform.
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I bet his wrist gently stings after that.
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@YTCreators @Its_Kacper Delete his and Jakes channel and burn down their houses
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Temporarily? How many chances the guy get? Come on @YouTube.
116 1,534
I'm glad that this has finally happened, but I'm mad that:

a) it took this long

b) the trigger for action was so minor in comparison to his past actions

c) using dead rats as a comedic prop has already been done before on YouTube and wasn't (and shouldn't be) a problem.
78 1,295
@YTCreators YouTube, thank you for treating us all as equals.
73 1,208
"Temporarily". Anyone would have had their channel shut down immediately, yet you keep this problem child around because he get's views from preteens. That's the ONLY reason he gets this preferential treatment. How many times does he have to mess up before it's not "temporary"
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@YTCreators Temporarily? How about permanently... Or delete his channel.
16 1,056
Logan Paul just lost all his ads... I’m proud of @TeamYouTube for this👍🏼

gives me hope that they’re making big changes over at Youtube headquarters🙏🏼
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Mama Bean 🌱 Retweeted ·  
Calm your mind by looking at the moon and stars.
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Señooooooor me haz mirado a los oooojooooossss
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I'm actually surprised that YouTube acted this quick on something.

I'm glad they did this, it sends a message, but only if they are consistent with it.
62 915
I give it two more days before he goes full MAGA
43 932
I wonder what act of stupidity it’s going to take for this dude to actually be banned/suspended. Gotta be about 100 times worse than anything the rest of us would get banned for.
93 854
Did... did they legitimately just do something appropriate about a bad YouTuber giant? Is this happening?
98 794
He'll keep making outlandish videos, push selling his merch even harder. He'll find sponsors. This will make zero impact on him or his channel and YouTube will continue to look bad to advertisers. This will change nothing.
109 767
The schadenfreude in this update is great. But look ahead with what this precedent means. Youtubers just got nerfed. Hit pieces by media outlets on edgy creators are now OP.
32 816
define temporarily
139 696
Hopefully this becomes permanent. The dude has repeatedly done horrible things. Now it’s coming back around.
79 729
The Paul Brothers are genital warts on the cock that is YouTube. Excellent.
43 748
@YTCreators It’s not gonna stop his behaviour but it’s a good step forward and shows youtube are taking action. Bravo 👏🏼
17 664
I think Logan Paul has been on a downward spiral in maturity and now he's lost his ads completely.
88 583
@YTCreators Good to see you putting your foot down to show people that its not okay and you wont get away with that behavior. Steps in the right direction!
19 643
About time. Good move
36 600
Invest in a bad bitch w cute boobies like me I promise I won’t even look at a taser I don’t even know what white privelage tastes like
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180208 HQ 🎉 #박지훈 #지훈 #jihoon #parkjihoon
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Come back to me when it's permanent.
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And all it took was-- wait, monetizing how many corpses?
90 419
@YTCreators Thank you for helping protect the creators who want to see this platform thrive with positive content. Also for your transparency 🙏
26 459
The ppl saying youtube is “censoring” Logan Paul & affecting his “free speech” by removing his ads....
Sorry, we’re not obligated by law to be paid as contractors on YouTube. He can still post daily provided he follows the basic guidelines.
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35 443
YOUTUBE - cut this slapping on hands bullshit out. If literally anyone else did this they would get a strike. Why does he get better treatment? Because you’re fucking scared, that’s why.
95 381
Yo this is quite the response from YT
24 435
Shoutout to YouTube for the quick and strong response
34 413
When you keep trying to teach a kid a lesson, but it just isn’t working so you take away their allowance
45 385
Honestly, acknowledging it as a "pattern" is a start. The goon learned nothing from his Japan videos except where the line for punishment really lies, and anyone who was led in by that suicide awareness fluff edit need to assess how quick they are to forgive privilege.
40 369
The money faucet got turned off 😱
29 375
Temporarily? He posted a video of a deceased person’s body for laughs and in the same video promoted his merch. He now posted a video abusing animals for laughs whilst promoting his merch. Signs of a dangerously disturbed being and children are viewing it. Remove his content.
114 280
About time.
15 328
Good. People need to realize acting like a complete disrespectful idiot shouldn’t lead you to success on this platform.
30 307
@YTCreators Youtube is becoming a joke. Let the creators create, stop trying to police your platform. Logan and Jake brought millions to your site, and now you're picking on them out of some sense of unfounded moral superiority. This is a BIG mistake!! #Logang4Life 🐾
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O sea, a este consentido que muestra cadáveres en sus videos SÓLO le quitaron las ads, TEMPORALMENTE, mientras que le cierran el canal a alguien por hablar de política porque viola las "políticas de conducta".
57 274

We've given Logan his ads back because he promised to be good and he looked really sorry for tasing that dead rat.
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18 312
Can I get my ads back now?
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@realjonghyun90 보여? 자, 선물이야. 쏟아지는 별, 별을 위장한 나의 사랑이야.
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YouTube monetization is more or less at an all time low and you just enabled them to make a video begging for other, significantly more lucrative ways to make revenue such as merch, patreon or donations.
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that’s a funny way to spell permanently
36 249
It only required him showing a dead body in a vlog, bragging about his sub gain after the scandel, using suicide tags after that awful video on new videos he created, & tazing a dead animal's body, but looks like YouTube is finally doing something at least
31 250
16 254
“He’s changed”
*tasers rats and takes a fish out of water*
19 245
Because he tased a rat?😂 YouTube's gonna start restricting people left and right, age restrict it if it's not appropriate for kids 😂
13 250
Wipe that idiot kid off the face of the site. He's a disgrace to content creation.

I'm also a Youtuber named Logan. realize how embarrassing that now feels?
49 196
The use of “recent” is… utterly laughable, but I’m glad YouTube finally did something real.
13 220
Fucking delete his channel what is wrong with you
30 197
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