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Although I am a Buddhist monk, I am skeptical that prayers alone will achieve world peace. We need instead to be enthusiastic and self-confident in taking action.
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มัคคึคือผู้ชนะ #PROJECTBLUR https://t.co/aQxGwoOUVD
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I think he's saying we should punch Nazis
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What he is trying to say is, Send in the fucking Marines.
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my vision different my drip different🚰
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@DalaiLama First step on the path to peace is understanding the causality of peace. No matter how vigorously we stir a boiling pot of soup on a fire, the soup will not cool. When we remove the pot from the fire, it will cool on its own, and our stirring will hasten the process. (1/2)
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Yes, H.H, sir, it would be wonderful if you offer public support to Ashin Wirathu, the 'enthusiastic and self-confident' monk from Myanmar who believes in taking action!
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Thoughts and prayers + action = change
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TakeAKnee 🕊#KeepFamiliesTogether #BoycottNRA🚫
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@DalaiLama Sir, we have never met but your words bring love and kindness to my life. Thank you.
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Aunque sea un monje budista, soy escéptico de que solo con oraciones alcanzaremos la paz en el mundo. Más bien, debemos ser entusiastas y tener la confianza de tomar acciones.
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Both @Pontifex and the @DalaiLama are concerned about the world.

We are not crazy.
We are not alone.
We are our greatest strength.
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listen to this man
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No, gaurakshaks, this is not for you.
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This guy really knows his shit. I like a lot of what he comes out with.
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Dear Dalai Lama: You could start by counselling the extremist monks in #Myanmar and #SriLanka who are destroying peace and making a mockery of what Buddha taught.
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@DalaiLama Action is needed right now for the Rohingya, Your Holiness: reuters.com/investigates/s…
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@DalaiLama Compassion, kindness, love, humility and humblenes - we need more of these things in the world. These are the divine characters which can restore the peace and happiness.
Pain will not go away by getting angry or bitter, it will go away when we will assimilate these characters
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Dalai Lama on oikeassa.
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The Pope’s PR/ social media manager is probably like “SHIT... thoughts & prayers ain’t gonna cut it anymore...”
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"This is why I am entering Shao Kahn's tournament"
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@DalaiLama If you have been broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.

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When the Dalai Lama says to take action...
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Now you tell us!
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"Allah never changes the condition of a people unless they strive to change themselves" - Quran 13:11
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Lúcido tuit del @DalaiLama a quienes asumen la espiritualidad como apartarse del mundo y los demás de forma contemplativa: “Si bien soy monje budista,soy escéptico a que mediante rezos se alcance la paz mundial.Lo que se precisa en cambio es actuar de forma entusiasta y decidida”
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Even the Dalai Lama is tired of thoughts and prayers.
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Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
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@DalaiLama Words are very beautiful, but more important than believing and speaking words. Dr. #MohammadAliTaheri is 7 years in prison in Evin Prison.
He is the spiritual teacher of his message of love and peace and freedom.
Please support them🙇
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When you’ve spent your afternoon watching Arsenal.
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St Francis : "Pray often, and sometimes use words."
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Sàvies paraules
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Gelul. De enige weg naar wereldvrede is boos twitteren.
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@DalaiLama Only prayers won't achieve world peace. Even some people pray for destruction of others.
The change in mentality & love for humanity will achieve world peace. And each human would have to contribute in this. 🙏
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Woke Dalai Lama.
18 55
Dalai Lama just subtweeted the fuck out of a whole lotta white people
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@DalaiLama Your belief is respectful, So why dont' you support innocent prisoners who are in #Evin unjust.
Dr. #MohammadAliTaheri is in Evin for 7years and he is innocent. His message is Peace & Love & freedom. We expect you to support him.Thanks #EU #UN #Zeid #Taheri_movement #humanrights
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thoughts and prayers and actually do something
15 50
It takes more than prayers, y'all. Even the Dalai Lama agrees. So let's get to work! #TeamTabitha #SolutionsNotSides
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By punching Nazi’s and Brexiteers.
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Yuddham sharanam gacchami
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World peace is unattainable w/o the Sun developing into red giant & swallowing the earth. Everything on earth is fighting for survival, be it on land, air or sea. Inner peace is possible, especially if people have equal access to resources, but it's unlikely w/o justice.
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Translation: “We need to kick some fucking ass.”
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@DalaiLama Inaction against evil is evil in and of itself.
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@g1rad Even the Dalai gets it.
13 33
Exactly! We do the footwork...
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Yes, amen, Om mani padme hum
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@DalaiLama Even the DalaiLama is asking people to act.
I love the DalaiLama.
I love humanity.
It is time for us to act in peace and goodwill for all.
Time to stand against this evil swirling around us.
15 28
@DalaiLama Each individual around the world must try to be a better person so that it can be reflected in its immediate environment.
The daily practice of kindness is a good start.
8 33
Oh my lord....a religious person who actually gets it. 👇
10 30
A message to the GOP
5 34
Dalai Lama throws shade on the Thoughts-and-Prayers brigade. 😎
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Although I am a Christian pastor, I am skeptical that prayers alone will achieve world peace. We need instead to be enthusiastic and self-confident in taking action.
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@DalaiLama We respectfully demand you to join us and push #Iran for the release of #Taheri from solitary confinement in #Iran, after unfair 7yrs, 2 quashed #deathpenalties, #hungerstrikes, flogs just for beliefs.We need your help.
16 21
When even the Dalai Lama himself is ready for some #TrumpRussia ass kicking 😂
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Kelly Marie Carlin🗣🤸‍♀️
Truly one of my favorite humans.
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Interesante que hasta el Dalai Lama deba recordar que vivimos en un mundo físico y que es necesario actuar. Esas pseudofilosofías New Age que prometen la felicidad material y espiritual solo desde "el pensamiento" son basura
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@DalaiLama “A Dios rogando y con el mazo dando” St Therese used to say, which poorly translates into: “praying to God while working on it”. We certainly cannot expect God to do all the work alone! 😊
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@DalaiLama Once a man came & brought love to the world.But Iran couldn't take it & immediately chaned him in prison, faced him with long_term sufferings, as long as 7yrs in solidary confinement, 2 #deathpenalties, flogs...still in cage. He needs ur voice.
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@DalaiLama We respect you and your belief dear@DalaiLama.We live in a country which a man whose message is Peace&Love and many ideas that save millions lives,is in salitary confinement for 7years.Please help us free #MohammadAliTaheri .the world need his useful ideas.
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Damn, you know we’re living in crazy times when Dalai says this 😳🙌
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@ anyone who gives their “thoughts and prayers” after mass shootings yet refuses to support politicians who are pro-gun control smh
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The Dalai Lama really just said be about that action
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@kkjn1966 @Phreaddie @jca10c9 @1_april_fool @TravisAllen02 @PaulaCobia @wesley_jordan @AlexMunday_2018 @IndivisibleNet @22Avengers Today for the first time the Dalai Lama gave a call to action saying we must act,this from one of the kindest, laid back individuals on the planet https://t.co/LCk7RCSgdz You are courageous,we must all be courageous, or we devolve into inhumanity and the annihilation of the world
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@DalaiLama @Chihiro_NoFace My sister is an Evangelical Christian. I've actually heard her say she hopes trump starts a war. (no doubt so she can rapture) Some believers not only aren't praying for peace, they actually want war!
8 14
shit just got real
5 17
Dalai Lama subtweets US “Thoughts and Prayers” army.
6 15
❤️💛Clare #WhereAreTheChildren? Harris 💚💙💜🌪
I believe this. Enthusiasm and self-confidence.

A good attitude to #Resist with.

#BlueWave2018 🌊 🌊 🌊
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he's right, you need thoughts AND prayers! thats how you help people, i learned that on facebook.
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For the pastors and Rev. Fathers in #Cameroon praying for #Peace. We also need to take actions. #FreeOurLeaders #StopGenocide in #Ambazonia
16 2
finally someone says it
3 15
Faith without works is dead 🙏🏾 bless up
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This is what I’m talkin’ about right here. #DalaiLama #ResistTrump
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BREAKING: Dalai Lama challenges Alma Moreno’s “Dasal lang talaga” Theory
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The noblest of intentions are worth nothing. If you see a chance to improve the world, get up and get it done.
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Hear, hear...a Buddist monk, the @DalaiLama says "that prayers alone" is not enough and invites all to "take action". Creating cities is the same: NO time to be spectators: action. Write to politicians and media, attend public meetings, run for office, volunteer...do!
3 13
You’re Goddamn right, my dude.

With your progressive mentality, you should be renamed to ‘Dalai Baru’ instead.
4 11
"Peace" can also prevail in an unjust society. How can that be the final objective of any serious religion?
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العلم والعمل
الطريقة والحقيقة
Yin and yang
Ebb and flow
Seen and unseen
1 14
This fucker is on to something..
4 10
A reminder that we have to get out there and work—organize, ring doorbells, work the phones, and so much else because so much is at stake.
4 10
Hear, hear! Stop thinking prayer is the only (or even a) solution. Sometimes as humans we need to act in a responsible manner so that praying for a solution is not necessary.
2 12
@DalaiLama What about Jedi Master-Hood?
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@DalaiLama @themagazyne We are trying our best with both prayer and action for and with visually impaired @SightboxUK #GESForum @CISCSchools
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Love this 👇👇👇
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Not only will prayers *alone* not achieve world peace, they literally will not do anything.

To the extent that *time* is spent praying, there's actually opportunity cost involved. Take some action yourself, if you'd like things to change.
3 10
Isn’t scepticism part of Buddhist philosophy? Dear @DalaiLama, you need not use the word “Although” :-)
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Even the Dalai Lama said it takes more than prayers. Action is just as important. God rewards those who work for what they want.
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Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
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