Although I am a Buddhist monk, I am skeptical that prayers alone will achieve world peace. We need instead to be enthusiastic and self-confident in taking action.
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I think he's saying we should punch Nazis
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You gotta know a book sucks if this dude would rather see the movie
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Shit that’s scary... even the Dalai Lama is doubting life
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What he is trying to say is, Send in the fucking Marines.
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Thoughts and prayers + action = change
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listen to this man
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Both @Pontifex and the @DalaiLama are concerned about the world.

We are not crazy.
We are not alone.
We are our greatest strength.
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This guy really knows his shit. I like a lot of what he comes out with.
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@DalaiLama Compassion, kindness, love, humility and humblenes - we need more of these things in the world. These are the divine characters which can restore the peace and happiness.
Pain will not go away by getting angry or bitter, it will go away when we will assimilate these characters
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The Pope’s PR/ social media manager is probably like “SHIT... thoughts & prayers ain’t gonna cut it anymore...”
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"This is why I am entering Shao Kahn's tournament"
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@DalaiLama If you have been broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.

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"Allah never changes the condition of a people unless they strive to change themselves" - Quran 13:11
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Now you tell us!
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Even the Dalai Lama is tired of thoughts and prayers.
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When you’ve spent your afternoon watching Arsenal.
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St Francis : "Pray often, and sometimes use words."
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Sàvies paraules
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@DalaiLama Words are very beautiful, but more important than believing and speaking words. Dr. #MohammadAliTaheri is 7 years in prison in Evin Prison.
He is the spiritual teacher of his message of love and peace and freedom.
Please support them🙇
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Dalai Lama just subtweeted the fuck out of a whole lotta white people
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Woke Dalai Lama.
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thoughts and prayers and actually do something
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@DalaiLama Your belief is respectful, So why dont' you support innocent prisoners who are in #Evin unjust.
Dr. #MohammadAliTaheri is in Evin for 7years and he is innocent. His message is Peace & Love & freedom. We expect you to support him.Thanks #EU #UN #Zeid #Taheri_movement #humanrights
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It takes more than prayers, y'all. Even the Dalai Lama agrees. So let's get to work! #TeamTabitha #SolutionsNotSides
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By punching Nazi’s and Brexiteers.
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Read: "stick your thoughts and prayers up your ass."
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Translation: “We need to kick some fucking ass.”
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Exactly! We do the footwork...
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Yes, amen, Om mani padme hum
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@DalaiLama Each individual around the world must try to be a better person so that it can be reflected in its immediate environment.
The daily practice of kindness is a good start.
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A message to the GOP
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@DalaiLama We respectfully demand you to join us and push #Iran for the release of #Taheri from solitary confinement in #Iran, after unfair 7yrs, 2 quashed #deathpenalties, #hungerstrikes, flogs just for beliefs.We need your help.
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The Dalai Lama really just said be about that action
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@DalaiLama Of course prayers won't do anything. Only the actions of humanity will make a change. If the religious lived up to 1% of what they preached and prayed, our planet would be living, not dying.
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World peace? Consecrate Russia.
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The noblest of intentions are worth nothing. If you see a chance to improve the world, get up and get it done.
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Hear, hear...a Buddist monk, the @DalaiLama says "that prayers alone" is not enough and invites all to "take action". Creating cities is the same: NO time to be spectators: action. Write to politicians and media, attend public meetings, run for office,!
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This fucker is on to something..
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4 11
"Peace" can also prevail in an unjust society. How can that be the final objective of any serious religion?
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Not only will prayers *alone* not achieve world peace, they literally will not do anything.

To the extent that *time* is spent praying, there's actually opportunity cost involved. Take some action yourself, if you'd like things to change.
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We must actively and peacefully resist. We must do so in large numbers. #StrongerTogether
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This is why @siliconvalleycf is so invested in public policy solutions to our region’s challenges of housing, transformation, education and income inequality. It will require systemic reform.
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Absolutely. This is what we're all about.
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this is the tweet im going to show every idiot who regurgitates the same “sending prayers” bullshit after a mass shooting or other tragic event
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just picturing a monk tweeting got me gigglin
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The Dalai Lama says we owe the world more than our thoughts and prayers.
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hayııır taş atmayın haklıyken haksız duruma düşersiniz
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Trump's greatest achievement will be triggering the Dalai Lama.
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Wise words from this wise master.
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When the Dalai Lama says prayers ain’t enough, that’s when you know shit has hit the fan.
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@DalaiLama @CTreeB1 Thank you for saying that.

Prayers are not a substitute for people doing their civic duty & participating in politics as politics shape the world we exist in.

Western nations need to stop letting corp. media define "reality" for them via a 24/7 warmongering fear & anger "drip."
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So if HE doesn't think hopes and prayers are enough karmic firepower to win the day, it's clearly an indicator the rest of us need to get WAY more proactive to change the things that are wrong in our world!
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Para mis amigos rezadores... a mis amigas (monjas en clausura) que únicamente rezan, sé que ellas no son escépticas, así que las dejo con sus ilusiones.
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Even the Dalai Lama out here ready to break necks
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Translation: Thoughts and prayers is not enough.
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Prayers are useful only for adjusting one’s own perspective and attitude. The only thing that matters to those in need is action. The only useful prayer for someone else is one that inspires action.
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Something to ponder and #interfaithchat about!
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@DalaiLama Prayers I think for inner peace outer world depends on our actions.🙏
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The Dalai Lama Reminds Us That Prayers Alone Are Not Enough: We have to get out there and work—organize, ring doorbells, work the phones, vote, help others to register & get to the polls, and so much else because so much is at stake. Otherwise history will repeat itself.
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If I'm hearing this correctly, the Dalai Lama is saying we need to impeach Donald Trump.

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Guo wengui is always enthusiastic and self-condident, he was born to change China. He has already taken some action,he is the biggest hope for bring Chinese democracy, human rights and rule of law. Please pray for him @KwokMiles
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Action over intention.
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@DalaiLama @ph00ligan "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."

~ Alice Walker ~ born February 9, 1944
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It's not someone else's job, not the job of our politicians, not the duty of a higher power or being. The responsibility is YOURS! #Resist
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2 3
Oh, shit... I ain't know you was on Twitter! Namaste and shit, homie!
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Buddha taught us to speak truth too.. something you can't carry on. You're liar
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Dalai Lama says get your butt in gear, thoughts and prayers only go so far.
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Well said! I cannot agree more!
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It’s 2018 and it’s just now dawning on folks that maybe prayer aint the answer.
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That’s why I am enthusiastically volunteering with @MomsDemand Action. Join me! Text Join to 644-33
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Doesn't being a Buddhist monk mean giving up worldly possessions and material things.. Like smart phones and PCs... Or whatever was used to tweet this?
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"I came to pray and kick ass, and I'm all out of prayers..."
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That is why everyone asks for "Thoughts and Prayers" after a mass shooting in the US
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@DalaiLama Not the goat but the Lama.
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Sitting around doing nothing achieves nothing... Got it
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Direct Action gets the goods.
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Pray AND act!
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Wow, he's skeptical. How profound and wise.
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Thoughts and prayers are useless without love in action
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Thoughts and Prayers are not enough. Action is what is needed. And this from a religious figure
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Meditacion en acción
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