Lemme Tell You Something, Hunny
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Are my eyes deceiving me?
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Rt if you’re the guy with the kite
46,191 93,068
Tu fais ça en accro sport ta 8
9,141 7,133
@goitseonat_ The guy fighting with the kite in the background
332 2,693
Mirense el struggle del tipo del fondo bregando con el paracaídas bendito mano jaja
1,105 598
Le mec avec son cerf-volant derrière il est dans une galère mdddr
930 505
I hate feet too much for this...also, I’m fat
375 971
253 924
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【作家・石牟礼道子さん死去】「苦海浄土(くがいじょうど)」で水俣病を告発した、作家の石牟礼道子さんが死去。90歳。「水俣のジャンヌ・ダルク」とも呼ばれた。 https://t.co/CTr0nSGnfi
  · ·
1,143 759
@goitseonat_ This could be us but my legs only know how to follow each other 😔
93 979
The guy with the kite is having a real tough time back there 😂
253 707
Buddy in the back getting his ass whooped by that kite.
232 284
Bro nobody sees my nigga over there struggling with that kite???? 😭😂
178 315
That kid is getting worked by that kite lol
137 351
This how it feel when yall buss at the same time.
72 199
The guy with the kite in the background tho omg I’m dying
31 200
I'm tryna get in sync with my girl like this 💙
45 164
Ok hear me out. I see this as the beginning of a Storm movie. Her and Black Panther are doing exercises like this (except it doubles as an ancient ritual). And storm is moving the ocean and air around while it’s going on.

Someone give me a budget I’ll make the movie!
41 160
мy ѕpaceѕнιp? тнιѕ ιѕ a dodge
Somebody gon try this tonight and end up in the E.R.
98 98
Tbh i was more focused on the guy with the kite
20 173
Lmao the guy in the back really struggling with that kite
43 142
This was cool to watch
Definitely not to try
43 128
are we just gonna ignore that one guy struggling to fly his kite in the background?
44 110
70 62
@goitseonat_ My boy struggling with that kite
7 119
bruh with the kite killin me
29 86
@goitseonat_ @Micr0biologist 1- Wow
2- Is it just me or does that guy look like Robert Mugabe
3- The wind is blowing the poor guy at the back away
0 108
meanwhile the guy in the bck ah struggle wid e kite 😂😂😂😂😂😂
54 53
does my man in the back need some help with his kite there?
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20 74
Lmao!! ole boy in the back couldn’t control that kite at all
11 83
can we take a moment and watch the guy in the background almost fly away like 5 times
10 79
lmao dude in the back in a fight with a kite 😂
32 55
they def be havin the wildest sex
25 58
I had to watch this video twice. Once for the guy with the kite and once for the couple
19 64
Homeboy in the back looks like he’s struggling
13 69
@goitseonat_ Could be us but re rata magwenya
7 74
@goitseonat_ I am 100x better than this guy.
8 72
The guy in the back with the kite is me trying to get a hold of my life
15 59
How do you even learn to do this without breaking bones in the process??😳 So cool
4 68
I can’t imagine trusting someone’s feet this much
9 62
@goitseonat_ @njokingumi Let's talk about the guy at the back struggling with his chute . Am I the only one worried about him
5 63
My main focus is on the guy at the back la 😂 fucking crack
29 38
Goals with my future husband for sure
14 51
Imma try this and my nigga going miss and kick me in my pussy lol
28 34
I love how the dude in the background is getting thrown around by his kite😂😂
14 48
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15 43
This could be us, Pero yo sirvo pa na!
15 42
The person in the background looked like they were struggling with that kite 😂
15 41
dude in the back struggling 😂😂
11 45
My favorite part of the video is the guy in the back fighting with a kite.
22 31
Y’all gonna act like y’all don’t see the man in the back struggling 😕😂
23 29
Homie havin hell in the back ground😂😂
10 42
This nigga juggling his wife with his feet?!?!
16 34
This was beautiful but all i could focus on was the guy struggling with the kite in the background 😂
4 45
Poor bugger is off to the moon wrestling that kite in the background
5 41
Wannan abu yayi... Pls Don't try this at home.. Tsaf zaka fasawa matarka baki🤓🤓🤓 a Toh.👍
5 39
15 28
Buddy in the back struggling hard asf
12 31
damn that nigga in the back flying tf outta that kite
6 37
@goitseonat_ @KAGISO_X6 I'm sorry but there's a guy in the back who's distracting me with his kite 😂😁😂 ... For the life of me, I can't concentrate on what's happening between the dude and the chick 😂😂😂
1 42
Ole dude in the back was flying the shit out of that kite though
16 26
What about that dude in the back holding on to that parachute for dear life?
5 37
@goitseonat_ @malebah Ofcos our eyes r deceiving us
2 40
Soy yo o el wey de atrás se anda pegando una chinga queriendo controlar el parachute o lo que sea😂
11 30
Meanwhile guy in the back is fighting for his life 😂
1 39
Was anybody else looking at dude wit the kite or was it only me 😂
12 27
así follan los heteros
9 30
damn i’m just thinking he could’ve launched her so far across that beach if he wanted to
3 35
This cute and all but do y’all see the dude on the kite?! Is he ok?!
18 19
13 23
So y’all just gonna leave my guy in the back struggling like he ain’t shit ?
9 27
i feel like this is what ms.g and her husband do in their free time
2 34
Ahhh so this is what it’s like to trust a nigga
11 24
Fool in the back is straight struggling
9 26
The nigga in the background about to take flight 💀
9 26
No one else is concerned with the dude getting man handled by a kite?
3 32
3 32
Um is the guy in the back ok
8 26
That guy is STRUGGLING with that kite.
8 25
this is elegant asf but i was focused on the man struggling in the back
5 28
Amir going ham in the back
3 30
am i the only one focusing on the guy who’s about to fly away
8 24
The guy fighting with the kite in the background is me trying to keep my life together
6 26
dude with the kite is struggling lmaoo
4 28
En acrosport ça vaut un petit 10 ça
16 15
Fucking amazing and beautiful.
6 25
I could watch this all day.
11 19
Kinda hard to concentrate on the main focus here with homeboy in the background
3 27
Imagine being on the beach and gracefully kicking your girlfriend rather than swim in the ocean
2 28
homeboy w the kite bout to take tf off
2 28
Bro in the back struggling w that kite😭😭😭😭
1 29
My goofy ass would had drop you
8 21
the kinda love and trust i’m waiting on
5 24
I can pinch a shirt on the floor between my toes and throw it up to my hand about half the time
3 26
Why did Reggie just tag me saying we are trying this? LMAO... should I record ya trying and show you guys?
1 28
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