When an Instagram ad pops up about something you were JUST talking about
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@JackedYoTweets I was once in a store looking at something and when I was back home instagram showed in their ad exactly what I was looking at in that specific store. And no I didn't had my location on.
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@JackedYoTweets that’s the fbi agent looking out for you.
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its just the fbi guy doing his job everyone knows that
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Facebook are defo listening to conversations and tailoring ads to that
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my fbi agent knows me so well 😊😚
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Or when me and jay are sitting talking about how her snap didn't update and she doesn't have automatic updates and it UPDATES by its SELF while she was ON the app. THEY HEAR YOU I SWEAR
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the devil works hard but the fbi guy spying on u works harder
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Don't worry it's just your FBI agent looking out for you!
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what can i say, my FBI agent listens 🤷🏽‍♀️
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the FBI are in our phones too...
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They have our phones bugged, I’m convinced
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Even worse when you were THINKING ab something and then an ad for that pops up
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i was talking about veggie burgers today then i hopped on ig and got an ad about burgers
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That be yo FBI AGENT😂
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@JackedYoTweets Fun fact: unless you turn off your google or Siri or whatever, it’s constantly listening to you even when you’re not using it so that’s why ads will pop up about what you were just talking about
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It’s almost as if 180k+ people don’t know about how your decice and the internet collect data/information from sites you visit.
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No seriously
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@JackedYoTweets @ccarlardrgzz For anybody who's curious, blame Facebook. Facebook is actively spying on you via your microphone and they own Instagram which is why this happens on Instagram
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Yo. This happens all the time on every social media. Stay woke
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“im gonna make this house a little less full” -@33fst
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@maci_martin3 Bc we have chips in our head
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FBI agents really outta pocket 😭😂
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I legit thought I was the only one!
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@claudsmcb ok how many times has this happened to us...following us everywhere
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all the god damn time..
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Omg why y’all put guns in Michelle tanners hands?! I’m done with y’all 😂😂😂
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@_krislfarias literally just what we talked about
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What the .. this shyt stay happening👀😂
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When you start a new job and all of your coworkers you just met are in the “people you should follow” section like wtf
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The FBI agent cared enough to show you options. Be grateful
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on god this shit be happening
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Your FBI agent looking out for you duh.
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🤔😳 thought I was the only one
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@sydshei12 “if you’re listening, would like a sexy drink AND a muffin”
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Us when we were talking about pizza that one day @SydDaCoolKid 🌚😂
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sometimes even thinking about
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