I thought sports were no place for political protests?
The Latest: Vice President Mike Pence and his wife did not stand for the combined Korean team’s entrance. #OpeningCeremony apne.ws/y59DTH8
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Norma Mills 🤯 Retweeted ·  
A woman catches her man cheating and makes him takes off the clothes she bought him😂...but the dude in the background tho💀😭 https://t.co/cRIZVczNc9
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victoria🤪 Retweeted ·  
“Get them niggas outta here.. and turn off my light” https://t.co/HgFfFLILY5
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@AsteadWesley So he didn't stand in respect for a sincere effort to resolve conflict and move toward peace. Guess that Apocalyptic Evangelical crap means diplomacy doesn't matter. Shameful.
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Hey fool , the murder of OttO was not political , it was another day in the life of #NOKO @VP is a respectful man -btw -Otto's father was there as his guest in case you didn't know! #SundayMorning
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@AsteadWesley @mr2ed But the VP is white, so the rules he demands don't apply to him.
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@AsteadWesley Maybe he didn’t want to stand up because he got overly excited watching the gay figure skaters 😉
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@AsteadWesley Disrespect for the efforts of South Korea
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@AsteadWesley Just in case you couldn’t recognize the difference....

North Korea’s dictator is starving its people to death, keeps many in concentration camps and tortures many others

NFL players make millions, can travel the world and think whatever the hell they want
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@AsteadWesley The hypocrisy . . . staggering.
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@AsteadWesley I'm embarrassed by the leaders of my country every day...
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@AsteadWesley Goodness. After their poor etiquette last night at the IOC dinner with Kim Jung Un’s sister in attendance. They were so late that their chairs and china were taken away. They still barged in as everyone ate and said hello’s, except to Kim Jung Un’s sister. Skipped right by her.
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@AsteadWesley The Olympics as we know it=122 yrs. What did the combined ATHLETES of the hosting nation & their neighbor do to deserve the disrespect shown? Poor showing by VP as a guest of Olympic host South Korea. #ShameOnYou
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@AsteadWesley North and South Koreans described it as a positive experience that highlighted their similarities with hopes that it will lead to peace.

Who the F is Pence to be against this?
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@AsteadWesley “Do as I say, not as I do” is the Republican mantra.
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Paulie Walnuts #MAGA Man 🇺🇸
@AsteadWesley You're equating not standing for the dictatorship of North Korea, a country who we are technically still at war with, to disrespecting the flag of your own country, ok got it ..
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@AsteadWesley Oh he walked out of a football game in Indy too. Spent millions to make a point. I can't wait til 2020. Trump will have been indicted but Pence actually thinks he will be president. After Trump the R's won't elect anyone for 20 years.
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@AsteadWesley If that was the case, the American taxpayers wouldn't have been taken for over $250k when Pence & Mother conspired to stage a walkout at the Indianapolis Colts game last year. IOKIYAR
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@AsteadWesley @BenjaminPDixon Protesting peace per usual.
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@AsteadWesley @VP So childish and foolish. VP should at least show respect for South Korea's efforts toward closure of 60 yr plus separation of and conflict between North and South Korea.
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@AsteadWesley this executive branch of our government has no respect for anyone or anything
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Also, what a slap in the face to our South Korea allies.
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DuckieWeb 🐥🕸🇺🇸🖖
@AsteadWesley As you know, this is what the values of the Olympics is about
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@AsteadWesley @LOLGOP Only when it's self serving, I guess.
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Oh the rules are different for white people. :/
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@AsteadWesley It was a truly momentous occasion. The world knew. What a diplomatic opportunity. It was said he only stood for the US. Pence should have stood for the entire ceremony, recognizing the equality of the competing nations. Instead, he sat aloof. Embarrassing to watch. No diplomat.
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@AsteadWesley @ksmccullough Why does this Administration do everything they can to provoke North Korea? Completely unnecessary.
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Sports is no place for BLACK PEOPLE to have political protests.
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@AsteadWesley @GovHowardDean wow that's (a) some hypocrisy and (b) really poor manners If he wanted to protest N Korea, he should have stayed home
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🇺🇸 Ghost 👻 Rider #VetsResistSquadron
@AsteadWesley @LOLGOP I don’t get it: why didn’t he just stand up and walk out like he did the last time he pulled a politically motivated publicity stunt on the tax payer’s dime?
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@AsteadWesley He's white, so it's ok.
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@AsteadWesley He’s in THEIR country, not ours! South Korea is our ally, and they invited the North. Not our place to be disrespectful.
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@AsteadWesley only when black NFL players are involved it seems like.
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@AsteadWesley Ruling class = their own 'rules' don't apply to them.

Also, what scrap of humanity/conscience in him won't let him stand to face the folks he already knows they'll be dropping nukes on just ahead of the midterms.
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@AsteadWesley Is that something like NFL players kneeling during the playing of the national anthem?
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@AsteadWesley @KellyB1101 I thought the Olympics were about suspending political animosity? At least in contemporary times?
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@AsteadWesley The Olympics were *designed* to encourage nations to set aside political differences.
Pence is politically tone-deaf.
And possibly emotionally, too.
Certainly ethically...
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@AsteadWesley I know you want your RT’s and all but at least read the article lol. He didn’t stand for anyone but America, not saying that he should have done that but it clearly wasn’t a protest of any kind
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@AsteadWesley yamerica is worried peace might break out between the 'two' koreas
1 20
@AsteadWesley That only applies when it’s people of color not standing
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@AsteadWesley @JagbusAnne That rule does not apply to the thugs in the white house.
It only applies to the NFL players who are fighting for justice.

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@AsteadWesley @Tigerstrat57 OH LORD HAVE MERCY we are being represented by a half wit prince
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@AsteadWesley What the f*ckity f*ck? Does the boorish behavior of our shitgibbon @POTUS just rub off on everyone?!!! How insulting to their hosts & the attempt at unity. #VoteThemOut #VoteBlue
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@AsteadWesley The Associated Press reports that the Pences didn’t stand for the entrance of any teams other than the U.S.’s.

If accurate, sitting was likely a matter of protocol rather than protest.
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Only if you're black...
What a bunch of hypocrites...
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@AsteadWesley And this happens one week after #gop criticized #Dems for not clapping or standing at #SOTU
3 10
Embarrassing, uncooperative,hateful & hypocritical.Welcome to trump/pence America.
2 11
@AsteadWesley Right, totally disrespectful!
2 10
@AsteadWesley Ah, the US foreign policy du jour: grab the #PyeongChang2018 spotlight for Trump Admin. Athletes, take 10 paces back😡@VP go home
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@AsteadWesley @VeritasEver And Pence would have hated the peace theme throughout the opening ceremony including that lovely rendition of "Imagine". Don't know why he even bothered to attend #peace #imagine #WinterOlympics2018
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Kapernick: Kneeling over fake injustices to gain social points
Pence: sitting in protest of a communist dictatorship

Spot the difference
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@AsteadWesley He has no business being there. He’s using the Olympics as a platform for one political stunt after another.
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✈️🏒Judy Olafsen🌴⚾️
@AsteadWesley I thought that the Pence couple were rude NOT to have stood for Korean walk out at Olympics...this was a combined team and they should have stood, at least to acknowledge South Korea the Host Country...Just my opinon
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This is dumb Asf. The only country that they stood for is the United States. Stop being ignorant ass wipes.
1 9
Such a stupid tweet. The Vice President of the United States not acknowledging a brutal, murderous totalitarian regime is so arrantly different than overpaid primadonna athletes making their unwanted opinions on social issues known by protesting by sitting out the national anthem
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@AsteadWesley They need to get their asses home if they're not going to behave when they go visiting.
2 7
@AsteadWesley @HiPaix Seems like bad manners, considering one of them is the host.
1 8
This is the second time (I know of) that Pence has pulled this type of hypocritical stunt.
He's no better than the #FakePresident he serves
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Another Leftist clown who cant discern the difference between protesting a rogue enemy nation #NoKo and protesting his own countries flag, anthem and LEOs.

3 5
@AsteadWesley That sounds really ugly and unsportsmanlike. Was he angry because the two teams of athletes agreed to get along? If South Korea doesn't see fit to punish North Korea at the Olympics, why does Pence feel a need to? What kind of message does that send?
2 6
It’s an entrance. Not your own country’s national anthem.
2 6
@AsteadWesley It's fine to protest as long as you're protesting against minorities and not for them.
1 7
Right? @VP do you say about this?
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@AsteadWesley In Korea the leader would call that treason.. oh wait no that's the US
1 6
@AsteadWesley You failed at manners, diplomacy, and the Olympic spirit when you don't stand up to honour the HOSTING country's team. No matter who they chose to enter with. As well as ALL THE OTHER TEAMS. Actually, don't stand up, mother's husband, take a fricking seat for good. Or several.
1 5
@AsteadWesley I guess my question is does Trump use a dog bark control collar on Pence or did he have something custom made for humans? Whatever he opted for kudos..Pence is well trained.
0 6
@AsteadWesley Well he didn’t take a knee so I guess that makes it all right.
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@AsteadWesley Don’t we want North and South to be united?
I’m so confused
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@AsteadWesley @FS_Zebra That's so different lol, it's different to protest your own country's national anthem and flag, it's different to not stand up when athletes from a country you're basically at war with enter
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@AsteadWesley This administration has no respect for ANY of our allies! To not stand for South Korean athletes and be in their home country? That's astounding! 😡
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@AsteadWesley If the point of the Pences' attending the Olympics was to show contempt for the North Koreans, they could have saved us some $ and just let #Presidementia tweet insults at Un. @realDonaldTrump @VP @POTUS #Impeach45
3 2
Pence is determined to throw away any chance of making a peaceful gesture at the Olympics. He refused to shake hands with Kim's sister, head of the North Korean delegation. Petty grandstanding.
2 3
Why is he supposed to stand for North Korea? This is so dumb it hurts.

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@AsteadWesley It wasnt political protest, it was a mere lack of class by Pence, while representing the people of the United States of America.
1 4
@AsteadWesley What wonderful guests the Pences are. How fucking rude. They along with Trump thinks we rule the world and they are some type of royalty. Fuck you @MikePenceVP and you cunt wife too
1 4
@AsteadWesley @people_borders The Olympics too, which expressly talk about leaving politics out of the Games
1 4
@AsteadWesley it’s funny, because you know this is a completely different scenario yet you still tweeted it
1 4
@AsteadWesley So puzzling. Why diss South Korea, our ally? Why insult the N. Korean athletes? I’m pretty sure there are no dictators competing in the Games. Ugh!
1 4
I'm so embarrassed for my country's representative's behavior.
They don't know the meaning of diplomacy, grace, or class.
1 4
LMFAO this administration is a fucking joke. fucking hypocrites everywhere.
1 4
Sort of Bush League and closes a door to Diplomacy at later dates.
1 4
@AsteadWesley So Pence is against taking a knee against police Brutality but ok with not standing & showing respect to two countries trying to make nice, at least during the Olympics?
Pence drinks a lot of 'hypocrisy' in his tea. @VP
2 2
I dont know which is funnier.
That people are upset about this, or that they are equating not standing for North Korea's athletes with kneeling for your own nation's flag and National Anthem.
2 2
@AsteadWesley Great diplomatic effort Mikey.
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@AsteadWesley @itzme2 @VP Acting like a spoiled child So immature
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