I’m fighting every 4 to 8 yr old in Minnesota
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@babybottleslut I wanna fight the children too, post up!!!
15 267
This makes me wanna cry. : (
13 110
@babybottleslut I'll read to him over discord Skype speakerphone anything lmk
1 44
Sting? Sweetie? FaceTime me
9 34
Reason 1000000000 why Wisconsin is better than Minnesota
5 38
Sign me the fuck up
5 30
Well it looks like I’m officially 5yrs old & omw to Minnesota
3 32
catch me in minnesota feb 21 between 6 and 8 pm
2 31
I will read to sting every day for the rest of my life
12 20
I’m not 4 to 8 and I don’t live in Minnesota, but I will gladly read to this beautiful dog
4 28
Anyone wanna go to Minnesota with me
8 22
my whole fucking week is ruined
2 26
4-8 year old? Let me get in on this
1 27
i’m 19 but can i please read to this horse
4 20
nothing has ruined me like this
5 17
this made me cry. i love you sting
3 19
All of a sudden I’m 4 and on my way to Minnesota
10 11
does sting have facetime cuz i’ll read him the entirety of the meriam webster dictionary at any time
2 18
Looks like I’m going to the White Bear Lake library on February 21st
4 15
@babybottleslut Hell I'm not in that age range, and id love to read to that dog (any pup, for that matter)
2 17
suddenly im 5 yrs old and flying to minnesota.
6 12
I’ll read the entire fucking dictionary to this thing.
4 13
4 13
Why is there an age limit for this? That dog can sit on my lap and I’ll read that book twice
2 15
suddenly i’m 8 years old
4 12
i would die for you sting i’m literally cryin rn
4 12
3 13
im never going to stop thinking about this
1 15
Retweet if you would read to Sting❤️
9 6
Why are the 4 to 8 yr olds in Minnesota such jerks?! 😭😭😭

Cc : @Patriot_Musket
3 12
i love you sting I would read to you any day of the week
2 13
Calling into work tomorrow and taking the train to Minnesota to read tweets to Sting.
1 14
bitch i volunteer as tribute
1 14
5 9
Why would you NOT want to read to a dog I'm actually crying
4 10
What a wonderful program, what a wonderful idea! And kids get to become better readers. What's not to love?
4 10
I have have a soft spot for slinky dogs
2 12
i’m 18 and i’d fly down to minnesota to read to Sting
3 10
I’m 18 and would love to read to this dog
2 11
I will be absent from school February 21st. I will be in Minnesota reading to Sting and telling him he’s a good boy.
1 12
Wow all of a sudden I’m 4-8 years old and from Minnesota. Sting I’m your girl!!!
1 12
I’m about to fly over to the White Bear Lake library to read to poor little Sting myself
4 8
suddenly i’m 4 to 8 years old and living in minnesota
2 10
don’t even come at me with that last picture
3 8
imma need the address of every 4 to 8 yr old, i just wanna talk
1 10
sting looks so sad i wanna read to him everyday
1 9
i just wanna boop his lil nose he deserves every book in the world to be read to him
1 8
i'm 21 and white bear lake is over an hour away from me can i sign up anyways
1 8
why did i just actually start crying id read to sting so fast
0 9
I'm 4-8yrs old see u soon sting
4 4
STILL. I wanna go read to a dog RIGHT NOW.
4 4
I’d totally read to sting wtf
3 5
suddenly I'm 4-8 yrs old, where do I sign up
3 5
im gonna cry I would read to this dog every night
2 6
i'm taking sting home and reading all the books he wants
2 6
I would read to the pupper :(
1 7
This is the one. This is the dog tweet that really made me cry.
2 5
I’m actually genuinely crying this is so sad
  · Twitter Lite · en
2 5
I've never read a tweet that caused me this much pain before
1 6
i’m not 4 to 8 years old but i’ll read to this dog if necessary
1 6
Why am i crying at work
1 5
can I pass as 4-8 year old?? asking for a friend
1 5
i’m crying he looks so sad :(
1 5
This just RUINED my Friday night
1 5
I’m crying pls I want to read to this dog
1 5
No one look at me I'm fucking crying
0 6
I volunteer to fly to the US, & read to this doggo.
1 4
1 4
Omg I’m crying. Can 26 yr old sign up??? Asking for a friend
1 4
I'll read to Sting every freaking night I SWEAR TO GOD
1 4
Bro its right before the 2k and I'm crying
0 5
I’ll do it through the phone rn
1 3
A 6 hour drive.. I'm not under 8 nor can I drive BUT LETS GO
0 4
I’m 19 & i will read to Sting until i die ok
2 1
this actuall made me cry. i’m not 4 to 8 but i live near minnesota and i want to
0 3
this makes me unbelievably sad every time i see it
0 3
I know a 22 year old that's ready to drive himself up there to read to Sting and give him all the love he deserves
1 1
This actually angers me so much like idek y ITS A DOG BUT HE LOOKS SO SAD LIKE FRICKEN READ TO THE SMOL BEAN DAMMNIT @mckennahope_
1 1
Nah fuck that shit, I’ll go read to sting myself!
1 1
Esto me ha dejado literalmente mal LEANLE A STING ME CAGO EN TODO DIOS
1 1
but can 4-8 year olds even read lmao??
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