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I’m fighting every 4 to 8 yr old in Minnesota
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get out of my way i have to read to this dog
1,485 3,913
I want to give him a big hug :(
288 4,676
Роскосмос назвал запуск Falcon Heavy с родстером на борту "хорошим трюком" и показал, как выглядят правильные запуски:
1,237 1,461
reading this was worse than heartbreak
280 1,192
slightly less thicc thicc tac
My heart has been ripped out of my chest & stomped on by the 4-8 year old population of Minnesota
136 444
@babybottleslut @sharithompsonnn What the heck, now I’m crying. Let me read to him. I’m so sad now.
11 359
@babybottleslut Do you think they would accept a 48 year old in place of a 4 to 8 year old? That dog looks like it would enjoy the Rachel Cusk I’m reading.
4 325
@babybottleslut I wanna fight the children too, post up!!!
14 264
hello i am now 4-8 years old i would like to read to Sting
56 185
@babybottleslut @JoshuaGudahl I was literally sobbing. My husband had to console me.
“You’re ok, he’s ok, everything’s ok. I’m sure some kids will read to him tomorrow. It’s alright. There, there.”
21 years old and I have a fucking meltdown over a dog
5 124
This makes me wanna cry. : (
12 106
@babybottleslut @gothfruits IM CRYING I WISH I WAS 4-8 IN MINNESOTA SO I READ TO HIM OMG
1 72
@babybottleslut this is random but i’ve never seen someone else with cammie spelled the same as me so hi 👋
0 54
Plz someone read to this little guy
6 47
I can be 4-8 yrs old and live in Minnesota if that’s what needs to happen
3 45
@babybottleslut @MaxxSIO you have to leave tour we have to go to Minnesota to read to sting
0 48
i’m not 8 but i’ll be completely willing to go to Minnesota just to read to Sting
11 33
Sting, I will read to you everyday for the rest of my life
7 37
@babybottleslut I'll read to him over discord Skype speakerphone anything lmk
1 43
@babybottleslut This sort of program is as wonderful as you’d think, too:
6 37
Reason 1000000000 why Wisconsin is better than Minnesota
5 37
Sting? Sweetie? FaceTime me
8 33
4 35
What the Hell I’m actually tearing up
1 37
suddenly im an 8 year old on my way to Minnesota
6 29
Sign me the fuck up
5 30
Well it looks like I’m officially 5yrs old & omw to Minnesota
3 32
not to be dramatic or anything but my heart just shattered into a million pieces
2 33
Im learning how to read just so I can do this
1 32
I will read to sting every day for the rest of my life
12 20
I’m not 4 to 8 and I don’t live in Minnesota, but I will gladly read to this beautiful dog
4 27
catch me in minnesota feb 21 between 6 and 8 pm
2 29
um someone get their damn kid to read to Sting PLEASE
9 21
Anyone wanna go to Minnesota with me
8 22
Who wants to road trip to Minnesota to read to this dog
2 28
this is why wisconsin is better than minnesota ... wisconsinites would NEVER
1 29
I will fly to Minnesota and read to Sting myself if that’s what it takes
5 23
Will they make an exception for fully grown adults that are willing to travel across the world for Sting?
4 24
my whole fucking week is ruined
2 26
Did I just cry over this, yes I did
1 27
hi i’m all of a sudden 8 years old again omw
9 18
i would die violently die for sting
6 20
Come to Eureka Illinois, 300 E College Ave, Ask for Krysten, I’ll keep him.
2 24
not to be dramatic but i would fucking die for Sting
7 18
I’m 20 and I’ll read.. i will literally make the four hour drive.
3 22
I will skip all my classes and spend all my money to fly to Minnesota and read to Sting
1 24
i’m 19 but can i please read to this horse
4 20
3 21
This makes me genuinely sad. I’m 8 yr old. Can I read to Sting?
2 21
I will drive 18 hours to read to that dog
2 21
suddenly I’m 4-8 years old and moving to Minnesota I LOVE YOU STING
1 22
I’m crying real tears I swear to god I will adopt you Sting pls be my dog
0 23
nothing has ruined me like this
5 17
this made me cry. i love you sting
3 19
2 20
All of a sudden I’m 4 and on my way to Minnesota
10 11
I’m signed up to read to him next week!!!!!!
1 20
@babybottleslut Brb, flying overnight and booking a hotel and doing all the things so I can read for this ANGEL
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0 21
hi idk about but i cried about this last night lol
0 21
انا سعد الدالي جنيه انت سعد ادالك ايه ؟
  · ·
20 9
Getting a plane ticket and a fake ID to say I am 7. I got you Sting!
3 17
@babybottleslut This is the saddest twitter moment ive ever experienced
1 19
I haven’t felt this way since no one showed up to eat burgers with papaw
1 19
I'd do anything to go read to sting
7 12
I’ll read to sting every night
5 14
Looks like I’m going to the White Bear Lake library on February 21st
4 15
does sting have facetime cuz i’ll read him the entirety of the meriam webster dictionary at any time
2 17
okay wbl, I don’t care how old you’re supposed to be. Who’s tryna come with me to see sting 😭
0 19
Hello, I have experience being every age between 4 and 8. I think that makes me a qualified candidate for the job.
7 11
suddenly im 5 yrs old and flying to minnesota.
5 13
That dog looks like it guards the zoldyck family
5 13
@babybottleslut Hell I'm not in that age range, and id love to read to that dog (any pup, for that matter)
1 17
@babybottleslut @MisterPreda I live there, I’ll fight them all for you
0 18
I’ll read the entire fucking dictionary to this thing.
4 13
4 13
bottom right pic has me in a puddle of tears
4 13
3 14
Fuck the kids I️️m on my way Sting!!!
3 14
Why is there an age limit for this? That dog can sit on my lap and I’ll read that book twice
2 15
I'm going to kill myself
1 16
Not even kidding this is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen
0 17
I literally hate kids
0 17
i would die for you sting i’m literally cryin rn
4 12
This brought actual tears to my eyes. Y am I so fragile
3 13
There would be a line out the door if they opened this to college kids
2 14
im never going to stop thinking about this
1 15
Bring him to UCA and every college student will be reading to him
1 15
who wants to go Minnesota on the 21st
1 15
i would die for u sting
0 16
Retweet if you would read to Sting❤️
9 6
omw to minnesota, i just wanna talk
3 12
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