Why do I have no clue what to say
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@EthanDolan because there’s nothing to say.
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*meets any cute or attractive guy*

12 145
@EthanDolan me when I’m talking to a guy
4 109
me when i’m asked to share an interesting fact about myself:
6 90
@EthanDolan Cause you're an awkward cute lil bean
4 78
when the gc is dead and suddenly becomes active at once with everyone having beef:

6 75
*Harry tweets something confusing as always*

18 42
@EthanDolan It’s okay. Sometimes, we just don’t. Yet we still manage.
0 56
@EthanDolan We love a man with few words
5 49
@EthanDolan we can talk about you planning for 40U part 2
3 44
Siblings - did you eat my food in the fridge?

2 35
*teacher asks the class a question*

*i put my hand up*

“yes kerrianne”
2 32
Teacher: "what's the answer to number 5?"

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1 32
♡ l i a • WANT YOU BACK ♡
my crush: *texts me*

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4 25
When you have planned what to say to him once he texts back and he texts k:
1 28
me everytime i try to tweet
1 20
@EthanDolan Maybe tweet that you’re currently filming an updated explaining what our tattoos mean video??
0 21
@EthanDolan it’s okay you can say whatever you want to me
0 18
@EthanDolan omg you're doing aazing, dont worry
0 17
When my math teacher asks for the answer
0 15
crush: hey what are you doing?

0 11
me when my crush starts a conversation
2 8
@EthanDolan Why don't you DM some of us.. Just a simple "Hi 💙"
1 9
taeyong and mark when someone asks them what whiplash is about
5 4
@EthanDolan @Milliedolan26 Talk about national pizza day and why your Instagram posts are always perfect meanwhile I take 700 pictures and still look like a homeless girl recovering from depression
2 3
me when 10k hours releases and i don't know the lyrics fully:
2 3
@EthanDolan I am your and Grayson biggest fan and I just want you to follow me you are awesome and amazing so please follow me
1 4
@EthanDolan I love you, that's all i know i can tweet about rn
0 5
@EthanDolan Ethan you are so cute....I think your dream is about one girl???💘💘😏😏😳💘💘💘
2 2
@EthanDolan Just like my pinned ~ you don't have to say anything except from maybe "wow" ?
2 2
@EthanDolan Because your stupid😐😑 , idiot dumb and your welcome 😊. ..
2 2
@EthanDolan you could say i love you katie idk just a thought
1 3
shahar loves roadtrip / 7 days 🎭
@EthanDolan Me all the time
1 3
@EthanDolan Bc your a Turtle and turtle don't talk unless your franklen the turtle and then your hole family wpuld be turtles and lisa would be a turtle and your girlfriend would be a turtle too and you would make turtle babys and then they would grow up and tweet the same thing and then
1 3
@EthanDolan Because you’re right now having a brain fart
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1 3
@EthanDolan Just tweet us a piccy of Grayson
0 4
@EthanDolan why do you keep being active when i’m not
0 4
@EthanDolan same I never know what to tweet so I just tweet your name
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0 4
@EthanDolan You can say "hey Leah I love you let me check ur DM's and see all the nice silly things you've sent me" 👍🏾
1 2
@EthanDolan @LizzieJames18 “ur amazing” would do i think
1 2
@EthanDolan bc you're indecisive and can't think of things to say and when you have something to say, you end up deleting it and you end up tweeting something like this
1 2
0 3
When my teacher asks me to talk about the pass few lessons we did
1 1
@EthanDolan https://t.co/P2FxWfFrat ‼️‼️
1 1
@EthanDolan https://t.co/P2FxWfFrat 💙💙
1 1
@EthanDolan It's okay we love anyway 💙💙
1 1
@EthanDolan Because if you did that means your normal and that shows that ur not and that’s good
1 1
søsô loves cameron RT NO FIXADO
@EthanDolan i love you
0 2
@EthanDolan Follow me and I will DM you some things
0 2
@EthanDolan What about hey how are you my little graysonsuckmytoenators
0 2
1 0
@EthanDolan idk why dont i have friends THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS PPL
0 1
@EthanDolan Because theres nothing to say...
0 1
@EthanDolan Because you’re better than gray
0 1
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