just got fortnite where am i dropping
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@memeprovider Rip club penguin. Resist club penguin island #notmyclubpenguin
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@memeprovider I think theres a scar and mini gun in the soccer field
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@memeprovider Bruh I be going to that dance club it be lit ppl throwing snowballs.
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i still can’t believe club penguin doesn’t exist anymore
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how dare u steal my tweet you fucking cunt I will do a Ronaldo free kick with ur dog right into the top corner of the net
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Ok haha funny but seriously, how fucking dope would a snow map be on fortnite and you could see where teams have been because of footsteps in the snow. Next level.
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i jus got so emo seein this picture rip
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Pizza Parlour 🍕😉
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Obviously the dojo
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looking at this made me want to actually play club penguin
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Same, I’ll meet you at the Dojo 🐧
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Me and my brother shared the same account so we would only have to buy one membership. I remember my brother logging in and finding a gf, then later when I logged in and change into a girl she would be like wtf, and I had to change servers
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@jxkedg meet you at the boat fam✊🏼
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pleasant park in the middle!
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This is Kennedy playing fortnite
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Idk why but when I thought of this, I thought of @Basilio_nino69 just something you would say😂
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@memeprovider Don’t go to the snow forts dog they ruthless there
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bruh we fucked club penguin up back n the day 😂
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@memeprovider Tu nem entendeu esse meme direito né? @GM4CIEL djdjdkskskss
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@LiahPendleton fortnite references but don’t even play it , that’s tuff .
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Awwwwww i miss this so much.
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Rip to the only club I attend
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Omg I miss club penguin me & my cousins used to play together alllll the time geeze the good ole days my only worry was when my membership went up & who was my next victim to renew it!! 😂
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They even got Pleasant Park on this jawn 😭😂😂😭
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kuro now with the bee emoji🐝
@memeprovider go to the dojo, you can get lots of shields and weapons there
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@memeprovider i haven't seen this 12 times already, no.
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@sarahljg lmfao remember when we got banned from club penguin? Good times 😂
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ɟlǝsɹnoʎ llᴉʞ ⓚⓘⓓ ©©
@memeprovider Seems dangerous
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@memeprovider Woah Fortnite got a new map😮
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