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This is Utah Republican Rep. Jon Stanard

He voted for tougher penalties for prostitution.

He has just resigned amid allegations that he used taxpayer money to pay for hotel rooms with a prostitute.

It would really be a shame if everyone RETWEETED this picture of him.
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@krassenstein It's called Alternative Christianity. Where you worship Jesus because God made laws for other people to follow, but exempted you personally, and put you in charge of policing everyone else.
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What’s so disturbing to me is this sorta of BS is becoming a tell for so many. Like the guy who hates gays, preaches that its a sin, is also the same guy who can’t cum on Mother’s ass w/o thinking of one in his own @mike_pence
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My retweet button slipped...
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@krassenstein Hoist by is own peter...errr...peter hard....errrr....petard, dammit
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There sure have been a lot of these types this past year!
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@krassenstein @summerraine22 Well look at him, paid sex is his best option. But do not worry I suspect he will tell us unlike Bill Clintob, God has forgiven him. Amen.
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Of course he did. Because they all do. This is getting exhausting. I’m so, so tired.
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Hypocrisy thy name is GOP.
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@krassenstein God will forgive him, therein lies the problem with religions
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@krassenstein You couldn't throw a rock in Washington in Any direction without hitting a Right Wing Hypocrite
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