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This is Utah Republican Rep. Jon Stanard

He voted for tougher penalties for prostitution.

He has just resigned amid allegations that he used taxpayer money to pay for hotel rooms with a prostitute.

It would really be a shame if everyone RETWEETED this picture of him.
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je suis content j'ai enfin pécho
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I think we've reached the point where if a Republican politician brings up sex, prostitution, abortion, "traditional" marriage, pizza, or anything involving LGBT people, he should be immediately investigated in detail to the fullest extent possible.
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Utah Republican Jon Stanard was fighting for harsher laws against Prostitution whilst at the same time being a Prostitute’s client and using tax dollars to boot. His shame is his own doing.
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@krassenstein It's called Alternative Christianity. Where you worship Jesus because God made laws for other people to follow, but exempted you personally, and put you in charge of policing everyone else.
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Utah Republican lawmaker uses taxpayer money to stick his penis in prostitutes at hotel! But wants tougher penalties against WOMEN he's sticking HIS penis in?! @Rosie @kathygriffin
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🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit 🖕🏻
Oh, baby!
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Why does this keep happening?
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@krassenstein Pence will be next! There is something wrong with that creep!
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So ... Utah Republican Rep. Jon Stanard prefers to use taxpayer money to pay for hotel rooms with a prostitute?

I sure would love to hear about how all those Mormon Republicans feel about that.
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@krassenstein I'll be damned if this guy doesn't look like he's got a hidden human skin collection in his cellar.

Why are we so worried about banning the "oldest profession," legalize it, regulate it, keep everyone safe. A better eye on it may reduce human trafficking.
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موقع تماشاى اين كليپ، مونده بودم كه بخندم يا گريه كنم. دست آخر خنده ام خشكيد و گريه كردم. #براندازم
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Really the least a pol can do is pick up his own tab. I mean, c’mon.
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@krassenstein Another good old church going #Utah boy.
We are so proud of both him and Rob........Not to mention @OrrinHatch
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@krassenstein One more duplicitous Republican pol - like the one in Fla who wanted folks on aid tested for drugs, then got himself busted for crack cocaine. Over and over and over...
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conservador NÃO DECEPCIONA
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@krassenstein Tell me what a "deeply conservative" politician is against and I'll tell you exactly what he's doing behind closed doors
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@krassenstein Their hypocrisy has no boundaries.
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@krassenstein Moral of the story: beware of those who doth protest too much.
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JarOCats 🏳️‍🌈📚🎨🎬
@krassenstein @VoteAngryNow I'm guessing he'll say he was just trying to "save" her.
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darn accidently retweeted sorry
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You consume our labour, and then condemn us in your laws. Trust no trick.
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It is none of my business but use your own money, not mine.
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Smell that? You smell that? Hypocrisy, son. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.
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@krassenstein You could tattoo EVANGELICAL on his forehead. People who are obsessed with sexual immoralities are the ones who are overcome by sexual immoralities. Ask Roy Moore Pence and Swaggart.
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Not only that, he pretended to lead Frodo and Sam to Mount Doom to destroy the one ring to rule them all, but he had an ulterior motive regarding his precious.
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Irony is a cruel mistress.
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@krassenstein @nealberk Can't wait for all the truth to come out on homophobic, I'm-so-religious, scared-to-be-in-a-room-alone-with-a-woman Pence
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Hoist by is own peter...errr...peter hard....errrr....petard, dammit
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@krassenstein Hey #RESISTERS you can help a great Utah Democrat by supporting @tomforutah

Follow Tom. He's great!
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It gets tougher every day to believe there are actually decent Republican men in America. I think we really need to vote BLUE in every single election and replace these hypocrites with Dems. And start replacing men with women.
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@krassenstein The party of family values...Does it mean that they get a discount for hookers value or do they mean some other value???
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I agree, it would be shameful if this were retweeted hundreds of thousands of times.

Jon Stanard, a Republican @GOP
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@krassenstein Why is it the #GOP always seems to be vehemently against whatever criminal act they're committing? They just project everything they hate about themselves on everyone else. Ugh. There should be a new law that politicians ALL are required to get therapy before allowing to serve.
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@krassenstein Watch him call it research. Brought to you by GOP, the party of family values.
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@krassenstein @Ukrainolution The correlation between Republicanism and scumbagism is staggering.
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Prostitution should be legalilzed, regulated, and taxed.
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@krassenstein Pretty much every single GOP elected official is a fucking hypocrite.
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ARMYs Lets keep voting! Lets show our boys how much we love them! Dont forget to tag @ARMYCLOCK_9AM Theyll help you vote RT to vote @BTS_twt #BTS #BestBoyBand #iHeartAwards
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@krassenstein “If you’d have gotten tougher on prostitutes they wouldn’t have been around for me to hire!” says the Utah Republican, blaming his constituents for not supporting lifetime prison sentences for prostitutes.
4 21
Yet one more God-fearing Republican.
15 9
Introducing you to Rep. Hypocrite
11 13
@krassenstein What the hell is wrong with #Republicans? Just yesterday another one of these state-level vermin had to resign because he refused to stop assaulting women. @SenatorJKruse
7 17
Wow! I am sooooooo surprised 🙄🙄🙄
6 18
🇨🇦MIKE🇨🇦Not affiliated w other shoe smugglers
10 13
@krassenstein Another part of the “family values” team. I may ask him to be my new Chief of Staff.
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Why do these guys become activists to publicly condemn their own personal area of "sin", the hidden parts of themselves that they can't accept or acknowledge. Pedophiles working against internet child pornography, closet homosexuals working against LGBTQ rights, etc. Craziness.
13 9
It's as if every Republican figures out what skeleton is in his/her closet, and then spends their time railing against that very thing.

Anti-Gay? Has a male lover
Anti-Legalization? Has a drug addiction
Anti-Porn? Has a sex addiction
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💙 Koko ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿 💙
Paying for sex is the only way he was getting any.

Another GOP hypocrite.
8 14
@krassenstein Ew. He looks like he has to pay for it. These GOP-ers project so much, we should just assume their strong opposition to something is what they are guilty of doing.
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@krassenstein Republican hypocrisy at its finest.
2 19
Hey @RepHultgren just another example of the GOP and their do as I say not as I do. You must be so proud to be a republican.
11 9
Oh look another member of the @GOP and Christian faith doing what they do best. Lying, cheating, stealing & fornicating with prostitutes or anyone that is not their spouse. And of sitting in judgment of the rest of us.
8 11
Is it me or does it seem to you too that Republicans tend to have the edge when it comes to HYPOCRISY!!!
8 11
Jon Jon Jon Of course Rep Stanard voted for tougher penalties for prostitution he was doing his Congressional duty to drive down the prices...

does anyone find humor in the fact Rep Stanard first name is "JON"#GOPCorruption
9 9
Really?!? Taxpayers paid for hotel rooms so that a Republican Rep. could stow-away with hookers? OMG!!! Unfreakingbelievable!!! 😠
9 8
#UTAH (R) #JonStanard
=> Reminds me of (R) @SpeakerHastert who was very harsh on pedophiles & later admitted he was in fact a serial child molester! @GOP are #Predators !! #Resist
9 8
Hypocrisy, when called out, is often funny.

As an aside, though, I think it’s important to note that anti-prostitution laws are harmful to society and should be rectified.
8 8
Astonishing that these people don't think they will get caught in the 21st century.
8 8
@krassenstein anyone who's vehemently against something, be sure that they are fighting a major guilt trip. #MikePence ? Anything you want to confess before one of your ex BF's does?
4 12
Here's a man that thinks you should have nothing to do with prostitutes, key word "you".
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Anyone Surprised?
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What's the name of this guy, again?
9 5
8 6
Is there a limit on the number of times I can do this?
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Another, Despicable trumpeter exposed! #GOPCorruption
Agree: It would really be a shame if everyone RETWEETED this picture of him.
7 7
@krassenstein Isn't it always the way- the people screaming against gays are secretly hooking up in public bathrooms, this dude with prostitutes, and Pence,well, he must have lots to be guilty about or mother wouldn't have his leash so tight. He can't even have lunch with a gal unchaperoned.
3 11
@krassenstein Donald Trump's campaign managers in both Kentucky and Oklahoma will be spending 20+ years in jail for separate CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING convictions. Let that sink in.
6 7
Were they 17-year-old male prostitutes?
6 7
{in monotone} I’m shocked. Truly. No, really, I am. 😲🙄

5 8
@krassenstein @rslugs202 Republicans are now the irony party. They are always guilty of the things they fight the hardest against.
4 9
@krassenstein 😂😂😂Oh yeah, he's got that look😂😂😂& what is it with these #MAGAts all being projectionist's
1 12
@krassenstein Without a doubt I think most of these men create legislation because of guilt. Mike Pence really must be gay! Allegedly.
1 12
Kris P ❤️🇺🇸✌️🌎

Bet dollars to donuts the guys computer is loaded with porn, too.
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7 5
I am a beagle without shame so here.
5 7
RT that folks, if YOU are sick and tired of these #DoAsISayNotAsIDo hypocrites in the Republican Party raising $$ on moral outrage... then they commit some of it.

#ThrowTheBumsOut November 6th - VOTE @TheDemocrats DOWN the ballot!
5 7
Kimberly Kane 🎂B-day Aug 28th🎂
I do not shame men who hire providers. However...
4 8
@krassenstein @johnmry756 Why am I not surprised? I w raised Mormon in that area of country & the biggest hound-dog, screw around asses w the Mormon Elders and Bishopric! Higher they climbed in church & politics the bigger f.u.ckheads they became! Can't tell you how many x's I was hit on by "good" Mormon!
1 11
@krassenstein Of course he used taxpayer money to pay for sex, because #1 he’s republican and #2, ain’t nobody going to have sex with that for free.
1 11
@krassenstein @Steel_Donkey I'm sure he was just doing some "missionary" work!
0 12
(Forget everything said about this man) but why will this be @Eric_Kelly22 in 30 years 😂💀
0 12
Another disgusting, hypocritical, fake Christian Republican.
#VoteThemOut and create a #BlueTsunami!
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Another @GOP breaking law with TAXPAYER MONEY getting a prostitute Rep. Jon Standard. Where is the ethics dept no taking care of it so that these ppl don't get a pension from their jobs! @TheDemocrats
5 6
Its ALWAYS the republicans screaming for morality. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS......
5 6
Support sex workers and help keep them safe from hypocritical, self-loathing men like this one who seeks to punish women because he wants to have sex with them.
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