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Just thinking.... A CRAZY WORLD TOUR would BEYONCE, RIHANNA, BRUNO MARS, CHRIS BROWN. “2 for 2”. And if y’all decide to do it without me... give me 10%. 😏
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The fact that you ACTUALLY think your name can sit next to RiRi, Bey and Bruno is sending me.
5,114 19,765
Leave Rihanna’s name out of your mouth. You think we forgot what you did to her?
2,619 12,444
@chrisbrown Replace Chris Brown with Drake and we lit
265 2,721
chris brown really thinks he’s on any of there levels.. that’s cute.
383 1,849
omg I was just thinking the same thing but with just Beyoncé
615 1,554
Beyoncé hasn’t carried three other people since 1998 she’s past this
335 772
You belong in prison
76 882
242 651
@chrisbrown I really don’t know who gassed you up and told you were special enough or possess the calibre to tour with Beyoncé, because you’re nothing of the sort.
55 561
I wonder how many waves of your PR team you had to defeat in hand to hand combat before you could get this tweet off
170 409
@chrisbrown replace Beyonce and Bruno Mars with Lil Wayne and we litt
37 414
@chrisbrown Or just Chris Brown and Rihanna would sell out stadiums
42 348
One of these is not like the others
134 172
@chrisbrown No. The best tour of world is
Chris Brown, Chris Brown, Chris Brown. 3X
25 258
don't say Rihanna's name again.
53 208
🇸🇾 #HandsOffSyria 🇸🇾
You have some fucking nerve to expect Rihanna, of ALL people, to do a tour with your abusive ass.
55 177
tell a man his opinions are unimportant today
imagine being this self-unaware
36 172
21 181
This would be the most expensive tour ever. But I'm here for it 👍🏻
55 143
Keep Rihanna and Beyoncé’s name out of your mouth bitch
38 158
@chrisbrown Just for you and @rihanna to perform Cake live ....
30 140
You think Rihanna wants to go on a tour with you 😂😂😂😂 Fool.
42 125
Are you doing crack again
36 129
Tickets gone cost rent prices.
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88 74
And if that doesn’t work out you can always get hired at the Trump White House.
6 147
Beyoncé sweetie i’m so sorry that an ugly ass bitch like this would ever think you’d share your sold out stadium stage with him
31 90
Put the crack pipe down, Christopher.
47 62
Beyonce ain’t dumb enough to be around you fam lmao
60 43
put down the crack pipe for 10 seconds
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25 64
@chrisbrown Sis chill you couldn't even open for that lineup
3 82
.... I’m gonna go out on a limb here and said Rihanna will probably say no
11 70
tried to slip rihanna, beyoncé and bruno in there like we wouldn't notice huh
11 63
the fact that you just came off a tour with Casanova 2x, OT Genasis, Kap G, and 50 Cent should let you know that youre not on the level of relevance as any of those ppl you just mentioned. stop doing crack Chris
9 60
keep their names out of your mouth. you are not on their level.
3 64
J'ai envie de mettre des baffes à votre fav. Il croit sincèrement qu'il mérite de partager une scène avec Beyoncé? Je suis en pls
41 25
Guy casually mentioned Rihanna like he didn’t throw his hands at her
2 63
Let’s remove Beyoncé from this narrative
17 45
7 50
Why would the 3 of them need your woman beating ass?
7 50
Can someone please fill his prescription.
21 35
17 39
keep saying it… just keep saying it… and maybe you’ll convince… hope. because you won’t be convincing anybody else so… dream on…
6 50
@chrisbrown Beyoncé didn't leave a group to work in groups though. We solo.
Replace her with Drake or Kendrick, it'll be iconic
0 56
20 34
This tweet is so wild for two reasons:

1. Chris Brown genuinely thinks he’s on the same level as Queen Bey, Riri, and my mans Bruno but most importantly

2. He thinks Rihanna would be down to tour with someone who physically beat her.

I’m beyond flabbergasted.
14 40
ᴏᴀᴛ ᴀʀᴍᴏʀ ᴋɴᴇᴇ
get the fuck away from beyonce, bruno mars, and ESPECIALLY rihanna
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8 44
Toi tu quittes, tu frape Madame et tu veux faire un tour avec? Bey, Rih et Bruno ne veulent pas de toi.
32 19
don’t bring robyn into this you psychopath
4 47
@chrisbrown Whoever is against this is dumb AF. This would be Legendary. My Fave into Legendary shit these days. Put all the BS aside this would be the Concert of the Decade. I'm here for it Fave Make it happen. LOL
5 45
stay away from rihanna u little bitch
7 41
This that pure Colombian but I appreciate the confidence
21 26
búscate una vida o acaba con la tuya no sé pero aléjate de rihanna pedazo de mierda
12 35
Replace Chris Brown with LOONA and I’ll be there with bells on
5 42
Keep in mind at this point id been laughing at this for over 10 minutes
0 46
why did you tweet this
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15 29
Homeless. Broke. Wigless. Thanks Beyoncé.
What are y’all going to be doing at the Beyoncé concert? Opening acts?
11 32
stay away from rihanna you piece of shit
9 34
@chrisbrown So many negative black folks.
2 39
𝒦𝐼𝒩𝒢 𝒟𝒶𝓃𝒾💧
Nigga if I see you near Rihanna I’m jumping your ass
5 35
@chrisbrown CB fanbase is already crazy. But adding beyonce fanbase to the mix too.... jus them two alone is an automatic sold out tour plus rih and bruno is the icing on the cake..... moral of the story.. Masterpiece
4 36
Are you even legally allowed within 100 ft of anyone you just named?
18 21
@chrisbrown Y’all fail to realize Rihanna and Chris are coo with each other . The only people beefin is y’all . 😂😂 💯
1 38
why is he acting like he’s on their level. bey, rih and bruno sweeties...
0 39
beyonce, rihanna, bruno concert would be lit & expensive as hell. i’m here for it though !
0 39
don’t mention rihanna ever again.
6 31
How you just add yourself to this like anyone want to see you too lmaooo
5 30
@chrisbrown But who could afford those tickets?
0 35
Replace Chris Brown with Kendrick or Jay-Z and we’re good.
6 28
He really snuck himself in there thinking we wouldn’t notice
5 29
@chrisbrown 10%?? Nigga you buggin 😂 it's your idea you need way more than that lmfao I'm thinking like... 50% 🤔🤑
1 33
dans quel univers les artistes qu'il a cité le cala svp?
18 14
First of all you aren’t allowed within 50 feet of Rihanna so there goes your plan
8 24
@chrisbrown @JulyGirl_7 3% and a shout out on weekends 😎
1 31
"Estou pensando.... UMA TURNÊ MUNDIAL LOUCA seria BEYONCE, RIHANNA, BRUNO MARS, CHRIS BROWN. "2 por 2". E se vocês decidirem fazer isso sem mim... me dêem os 10%. 😏"
3 28
As Rihanna herself once said, “good luck booking that stage you speak of”
3 27
replace Chris brown with Minxie and this sounds good
0 30
okay this would be one lit ass concert. count me in.
12 17
Whenever Chris Brown mentions Rihanna I just wanna spritz him like a bad dog until he shuts up
9 19
He snorted 3 lines then tweeted this
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7 21
@chrisbrown My wig sir what are you doing 🗣🗣🗣
2 26
Beyoncé, rihanna and bruno sweetie I'm sorry I'm SO sorry an ugly ass bitch like this would even dare to mention your names oh my god
0 28
Malcolm 🙅🏽‍♂️ Elliott
Keep Rihanna name out yo mouth Christopher. Beyoncé too for that matter cause you spelled her shit wrong.

7 20
you wanna go on tour with the woman you physically abused? Are you sick? Have some fucking respect
6 21
You’ve got some nuts thinking Rihanna’s bouta tour with you
0 27
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