Mm just saw the new Snapchat.. I don’t know how i feel about it! What do you guys think?
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@KylieJenner I hate it 😫 bring back the old @Snapchat
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I kinda agree 😢
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat Who ever suggested updating the old Snapchat into what it is now should be fired
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat The bitmoji is the only thing that i liked 😊👏 but the rest is ewwww
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat even kylie jenner hates this shit guys @Snapchat plz change this its awful
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat I feel I don’t watch any famous people’s story’s anymore
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat Queen Kylie, King Travis and Princess Stormi, we need ur help, pls fix Snapchat and rescue the kingdom 😢💔
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat Let’s do something to bring it back KYLIE
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat It was fine one moment, then i go to send an iMessage... when i came back to the app it was completely different 😰😰😰😰😰 i was gone for a few seconds to wtf
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat It’s horrible, but you know they’re doing it so everyone hates it and then they can charge a couple dollars to go back to the original one and everyone will pay it and they’ll make millions. My prediction, anyway.
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat Mine hasn't updated, I feel blessed
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat By the power in me I demand that the old Snapchat is brought back so there you go Kylie I brought it back lol
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat Actually just went into my settings and turned off the automatic updates. Take that behind the scenes Snapchat people 🤓😛
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@arisel__ @KylieJenner @Snapchat You can get rid of the update if you delete the app and install it back & then log in
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My Snapchat updated while i was at work 😭😭😭😭
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oh shiz. good thing, i haven't updated my snapchat yet and now, i won't!
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I love the new Snapchat I think it’s great
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Just get rid of the discover page 😴
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