I kinda agree 😢
@KylieJenner I hate it 😫 bring back the old @Snapchat
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@KylieJenner Use your Kylie Jenner powers to bring it back please
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@KylieJenner still waiting on the day when I log in & scream my lungs out seeing you on my followers list 😭
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𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒢𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓉 𝒟𝑒𝓅𝓇𝑒𝓈𝓈𝒾𝑜𝓃
@KylieJenner contact snapchat.. save us please
10 322
@KylieJenner girl you’re gonna be our pathway to getting old snap back! WORK YOUR MAGIC
7 216
@KylieJenner Pleaseeee tell them to make it go back. Cannot use it. Makes me dizzy. Can see 4 stories from ‘friends’ you are Snap Queen. Please make them change it back 😫🙏🏼
3 152
@KylieJenner I’ve not updated mine yet , I’m scared lol 😭
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@KylieJenner They will listen to you! Get it changed back
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If Kylie Jenner says bring the old Snapchat back y’all better frickin bring the old Snapchat back @Snapchat
6 24
@KylieJenner King Kylizzlemynizzl please use your power to change back @Snapchat! Sincerely, everyone
1 21
@KylieJenner I hope they see this tweet, you have the power to bring back the old snap, you are the king of Snapchat 👑♥️♥️
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@KylieJenner Did you get the child support I sent through PayPal?
1 10
@KylieJenner Same, I don’t enjoy using it anymore 😩😩
0 10
@KylieJenner Help us girl. It's a mess, I'm lost in the app
0 7
@KylieJenner It would mean the world to me if you followed me
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@KylieJenner Kylie play superbass of ur next Snapchat story plz
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@KylieJenner Kylie please tell Snapchat to change it! 😭❤️
0 5
@KylieJenner yes but we really miss you a lot in snap queen 🙏
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@KylieJenner QUEEN OF SNAPCHAT AND BABIES, we all feel the same way
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@KylieJenner cant see the people i follow anymore what the shit
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@KylieJenner Kylie ur rly that bitch making that comeback and now casually conversing on Twitter. Love u
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@KylieJenner SHOUTOUT :-
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@KylieJenner Pls queen make them bring it back im suffering
0 4
@KylieJenner Selamun aleykum kyli abla büyük hayraninizim
0 4
@KylieJenner Girl go take care of your bby
0 4
@KylieJenner The worst part is mine updated by itself
1 2
@KylieJenner Okay but Kylie is @Snapchat royalty, now they have to bring it back
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0 3
@KylieJenner Yes pleaseeee
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@KylieJenner i know how to change it back lmao, u have to turn off auto updates in ur settings, then delete the snapchat app, redownload it, type in ur user but press the forgot password, change ur pass, then login and it shld take u back to the old one, hmu if it works bc it did for me xx
1 1
@KylieJenner . log out of your snapchat, say you’ve forgotten your password and change your password and apparently it brings the old update back. i dunno if it’s true but worth a shot💗
0 2
@KylieJenner KYLIE I LOVE YOU ahre como si lo fuera a ver
0 2
@KylieJenner log out of your snapchat, say you’ve forgotten your password and change your password and apparently it brings the old update back. i dunno if it’s true but worth a shot💗
0 2
@KylieJenner If you, Kylie, contact the snapchat team I'm sure they will bring it back ;)
0 2
a legend speaks the truth
0 2
@KylieJenner @Snapchat now u HAVE to bring back the old version
0 2
@KylieJenner OMG Kylie keep shading Snapchat, they might change it back
0 2
@KylieJenner bruh even the queen of snapchat agrees
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@KylieJenner Yessss they need to bring it back !!
0 1
@KylieJenner كايلي😍😍😍
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@KylieJenner starts using instagram stories baby
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@KylieJenner @KylieJenner LOVE YOU 😍 AND LITTLE BABY STORMI 👶🏻❤️♥️😘😍🖤💃🏼
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@KylieJenner i love you 🙃 bring Kylie and Stormi in Manila
0 1
@KylieJenner There’s always Instagram stories!!
0 1
@KylieJenner @Snapchat if it isn’t broken don’t fix it 😩
0 1
@Snapchat the queen of Snap has spoken , BRING IT BACK
0 0
@Snapchat bring back the old snap the queen said so herself
0 0
@Snapchat nobody likes the new update please do your thingggg
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Se a rainha falou, tem que obedecer
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@KylieJenner Love you Kylie I’m a young mom too!
0 0
Kylie I love you 😘😘
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now they definitely about to change it back
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@Snapchat what the queen want the queen gets y’all better hop on it
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