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I kinda agree 😢
@KylieJenner I hate it 😫 bring back the old @Snapchat
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@KylieJenner Use your Kylie Jenner powers to bring it back please
32 1,014
@KylieJenner contact snapchat.. save us please
10 319
@KylieJenner girl you’re gonna be our pathway to getting old snap back! WORK YOUR MAGIC
6 214
@KylieJenner Pleaseeee tell them to make it go back. Cannot use it. Makes me dizzy. Can see 4 stories from ‘friends’ you are Snap Queen. Please make them change it back 😫🙏🏼
3 152
@KylieJenner buy snapchat n instagram pls cause you clearly know what you're doing with social media apps. you won't disappoint x
4 80
@KylieJenner I’ve not updated mine yet , I’m scared lol 😭
0 45
@KylieJenner They will listen to you! Get it changed back
0 37
oh it’s a done deal now lol that update finna be outta here
8 22
If Kylie Jenner says bring the old Snapchat back y’all better frickin bring the old Snapchat back @Snapchat
5 24
Our queen has spoken
0 25
@KylieJenner King Kylizzlemynizzl please use your power to change back @Snapchat! Sincerely, everyone
1 23
Okay thank god bc I know Kris Jenner is about to be all on it now don’t worry guys
2 19
kylie has spoken. I expect snap to return to normal within 24 hours.
8 12
If Kylie saying this shit gotta go. Then this shit really gotta go.
5 14
It’s gonna change tomorrow, thank you Kylie Jenner
1 18
If Kylie Jenner doesn’t like it then it’s gotta go @Snapchat
0 17
snapchat movin so quick to fix everything rn
3 13
miss lip kit and stormi birthing kylie jenner has spoken. @Snapchat ..change it.
2 14
@KylieJenner I hope they see this tweet, you have the power to bring back the old snap, you are the king of Snapchat 👑♥️♥️
0 16
Snap chat queen has spoken, now FIX IT PLEASE
0 16
A dona do Snapchat voltou e não está nada satisfeita! Um fã escreveu sobre a atualização "Eu odiei 😫 quero o antigo de volta" e Kylie concordou!
3 12
@KylieJenner Please Kylie go to stories!
0 15
welp! that's that. looks like we'll be going back to the old snapchat by noon tomorrow.
0 15
Ok, Kylie agreed, now can we get the old snapchat back? @Snapchat
0 15
Hey Kylie, pay snapchat to change it back.
0 15
the queen has spoken everybody.. snapchat fix your shit
1 13
okay guys kylie jenner doesn’t like it... now we have some hope that they’ll listen and bring it back
0 14
bandwagon Lakers fan | مير
And down goes Snapchat’s stocks in 5..4..3..2..
1 12
if kylie agrees you gotta go back
1 12
if Kylie Jenner wants old Snapchat back we’re getting it back
0 13
Kylie hates the update, @Snapchat this enough for you to bring back the old one?
1 11
@KylieJenner Can u contact snap plz they’ll listen to u
0 12
so since kylie doesn’t like it can we have the old snap back
0 12
i ain’t ever supported a kardashian/jenner but if this one decides to lead a revolt against the new snapchat i’ll dedicate the rest of my life to her
0 12
@KylieJenner You should tots bribe @Snapchat to bring back its old version in exchange for the first picture of Stormi #BeAHero
2 9
this tweet will save snapchat
2 9
do your thing kylie bring it back
2 9
Ok @Snapchat Kylie hates it too, you gotta make something happen now.
2 9
@KylieJenner Did you get the child support I sent through PayPal?
1 10
you just made Mother Kylie upset about the new update... @Snapchat it’s time to change it back..
2 8
kylie has spoken if snap don’t fix it now they never will
1 9
if @KylieJenner doesn’t approve of the new @Snapchat update, PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK WE BEG YOU!!!
1 9
@KylieJenner Same, I don’t enjoy using it anymore 😩😩
0 10
0 10
bruh if kylie kenner out here saying she wants the old snap back... they better bring the old snap back then
0 10
give the queen what she wants
0 10
Now they have to change it
0 10
Even Kylie hates it @Snapchat you gotta bring back the old one now
0 10
Our president said she doesn't like it, now sc has no choice
3 6
Queen of snap said it so now the old one HAS to come back
2 7
The hero that we deserve.
2 7
The Super Bowl MVP has spoken. Your move @Snapchat
1 8
Snapchat the queen has spoken you have to change it now
1 8
the queen of snap has spoken
0 9
Queen of Snapchat plz save us 😩😭
0 9
The Snapchat queen has spoken
0 9
If Kylie Jenner hates it, then y’all need to fix this shit @Snapchat
1 7
Tell them to change it back as a congratulation gift for giving birth 🙂
1 7
Kylie Jenner doesn’t like it so change it @Snapchat
1 7
Don’t u have a child to raise
1 7
wow suddenly snapchat is bringing back the old layout. if kylie doesn’t like it they’re over
1 7
using her platform to make a difference I love my queen <3
1 7
@KylieJenner How’s Stormi girl she burpin n shit?? Hehe
0 8
the queen has spoken @Snapchat do ur thing
0 8
Ohhhhh shit. If Kylie don’t like it y’all know they’re about to change that shit back
0 8
The lord has spoken, change it back now.
0 8
If Kylie can’t handle the new Snapchat then I definitely think we’re in dire need for it to change back :/
0 8
kylie jenner kinda agrees, snapchat. fix it
0 8
0 8
Looks like we might get it back now
0 8
Kylie Jenner hates the new snapchat so that means we get rid of the new snapchat.
0 8
Okay but Kylie has spoken so @Snapchat go back to the old format NOW
0 8
Sibyl Poston 🌻🤪🤩🌼🌷🌈☀️
“she rules this nation so snapchat definitely needs to change back” -wise words of martha kate
1 6
Kylie, Queen of Snaps has spoken. Please listen, @Snapchat
1 6
If anyone can get Snapchat back for us it’s Kylie.
1 6
now that she said it it’s happening y’all
1 6
1 6
@KylieJenner Help us girl. It's a mess, I'm lost in the app
0 7
The queen has spoken, bring back old snapchat
0 7
At least they’ll listen now 🤷‍♂️
0 7
girl you own like 30% of snap chat, that's why we always have articles about you and your family. you better get on that financial advisory board and make ya voice heard
0 7
use your power and right the wrongs
0 7
If Kylie says it then it must happen
0 7
Okay Kylie needs to use her undeserved power for good and help bring the old snapchat back
0 7
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