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WATCH: From Jesse Williams and Rosario Dawson to Angela Davis and Michael Bennett, Black cultural figures are supporting Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi and demanding her release from Israeli prison.
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Angela Davis: “I stand in loving solidarity with Ahed Tamimi and the 300 Palestinian children languishing in Israeli prisons...we must stand with them until justice is delivered."
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A note from Roger.
I stand with my brothers and sisters. Share this video.
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Des personnalités afro-US en soutien à Ahed Tamimi, la jeune palestinienne détenue depuis le 19 déc. Son procès débute aujourd'hui

#FreeAhedTamimi & tous les autres enfants détenus dans le seul but de briser la résistance contre l'occupation israélienne
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Ahed Tamimi and three of her family members are currently detained in Israeli military prison.
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The jailed Tamimi family members are facing trial in military courts with a 99.74% conviction rate.…
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The Dream Defenders letter states: “The Tamimi family stands up to Israel's brutality because they believe Palestinians, like ALL people, should be free. Dream Defenders stands with them and all Palestinians.”
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The @Dreamdefenders led delegations in the occupied West Bank for three consecutive years to build bonds of solidarity between the struggles for Black and Palestinian liberation.…
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Amazing to see visual represenation of so many brilliant folks speaking up for Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian prisoners, Black-Palestinian solidarity, and Black and Palestinian struggles against state violence and mass incareration.
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AMAZING 🇵🇸🇵🇸✊🏾✊🏾
The @Dreamdefenders released a letter calling for the release of Ahed Tamimi.
Signees include:
Angela Davis

Read the full letter here:…
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The Dream Defenders letter builds on a long history of Black-Palestinian solidarity and struggle to end occupation, apartheid, police brutality, and mass incarceration
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@theIMEU Thanks to all who support Palestinian rights for sovereignty and independence
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Check out these beautiful messages of support by Black cultural figures to #FreeAhedTamimi - and all #Palestinian children imprisoned by Israelis
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VIDEO: Jesse Wesley Williams (Dr Jackson Avery from Greys Anatomy), Rosario Dawson (Men in Black, 7 pounds), Danny Glover and various other Black artists & icons have issued a call for the release of Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi who is being held by Israel for 2 months now.
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@theIMEU We need to express our thanks these people and let them know we appreciate their support.
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JewishSolidarity 🌹✡️🇵🇸
This is deeply moving, and represents an act of international solidarity that the Jewish establishment can rarely muster -- and certainly wouldn't in this case.
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@theIMEU I stand with all Palestinians and Syrians and Iraqis and...
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@theIMEU Much Respect @TalibKweli for being one of the signatories.
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Powerful letter from @Dreamdefenders demanding Israel #FreeAhedTamimi, signed by #AngelaDavis, @VicMensa, @CornelWest and many others! Let's make this Chicago's #1 trend again at NOON today! @KofiAdemola @BLMChi @uspcn @AMPalestine @AssataDaughters @OCAD_CHI @SJPDePaul @NAARPR
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@theIMEU Ahed Tamimi has become a powerful symbol of Palestinian resistance.

Before her trial tomorrow, help us put global pressure on Prime Minister @netanyahu to #FreeAhedTamimi immediately → #FreeAhedTamimi
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@theIMEU Thank you for supporting the Palestinians.
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@theIMEU Combien d’artistes en France soutiennent cette gamine détenue illégalement par une armée , enlevée dans sa maison en territoire occupés . Nous sommes dans un pays de lâches et d’hypocrites ....
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25 black icons and celebrities have joined the global call to #FreeAhedTamimi
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Love and respect to all these awesome people!
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Rosario Dawson was always my fav Josie and the pussycat don’t reply to my tweets
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@theIMEU Many thanks to these celebrities on acknowledging the #zionistnazi Israel astrocities under US and UK protection.
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Amazing #solidarity! #FreeAhedTamimi Free all Palestinian child prisoners
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@theIMEU wow I had no idea, when will this ever end, the Israeli's always taking from's just wrong
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@theIMEU Some troubling facts are being ignored here. Read some pro-Israeli sources about this girl and her family. (Consider the source - but facts are facts.) Palestinians have a just cause, but are #AhedTamimi and her family really heros?…
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ΣΙΓΑΛΑ ΟΛΓA🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
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#FreeAhedTamimi & all children being held illegally in Israeli prisons
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@theIMEU كل الاحترام والتقديرونثمن لكم وقفتكم
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@BFMTV Des personnalités aux #USA vraiment engagées demandent la libération d'#AhedTamimi et évoquent les 300 autres enfants palestiniens emprisonnés dans les prisons israéliennes
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@theIMEU @Pontifex please pray for them and for their release #PopeFrancis
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Just using this opportunity to point out to all of my Middle Eastern and South Asian friends that the Black community NEVER fails to come to our aid, yet we CONSTANTLY fail to come to theirs. #FreeAhed
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.@Dreamdefenders stand in solidarity with Palestinians against injustice #FreeAhedTamimi
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WATCH: From Jesse Williams and Rosario Dawson to Angela Davis and Michael Bennett, Black cultural figures are supporting Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi and demanding her release from Israeli prison.
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God bless you all
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@theIMEU @rosariodawson More Useful Idiots who have bought this lie hook line & sinker. Im a gay man who would be executed in every Muslim nation on earth--will you write a letter on my behalf too?
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Their struggle is our struggle. Our struggle is their struggle. #FreePalestine #blacklivesmatter #freedomisaconstantstruggle
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Angela Davis: I stand in loving solidarity until justice is delivered ❤️
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#FreeAhedTamimi support HB4391 end military detention for Palestinian children in occupied Palestine
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@theIMEU We love u guys for ur humanity!!
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@theIMEU @rosariodawson will you stand in solidarity with the Palestinian suicide bombing victims who were Jewish?
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@theIMEU Even with Obama in power, Israel disregarded international law. With Trump, it’s just worse.
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Thank you #Holywood, artists, writers, authors and just everyday decent people for standing up for this child and all the children in military prison.
And #BlackLivesMatter - Your love is EVERYTHING.
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WATCH: From #Jesse Williams and #Rosario Dawson to #Angela Davis and #Michael Bennett, Black cultural figures are supporting Palestinian teen #AhedTamimi and demanding her release from #Israeli prison.
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Thank you, thank you.
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#FreeAhedTamimi and other Palestinian children imprisoned by the Israeli government.
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Thank you @CornelWest, @iJesseWilliams, @rosariodawson and other prominent actors, artists, authors & for backing a call by @Dreamdefenders for the release of the Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi.
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@theIMEU If this girl was faecing soldiers of any Arab country. no one would have heard of her!!
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National Work Stoppage for a Better Future
@theIMEU Unless those black cultural figures are also Israeli, Israel doesn't give a shit about them.
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@theIMEU @hrw Where’s your video supporting the black babies and children dying in Chicago at the hands of other black people?
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@theIMEU They attacked israeli security forces, who were there keeping the peace against palestinian terrorists who were rioting and attacking. Tamimi will be jidged by the law, and her place is in prison.
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Palestine Forever ✌
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@ayeletmm @amnestypress please paid attention...
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Absolute LOVE for this amazing solidarity with #Palestine #FreeAhedTamimi
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@TheIMEU is doing amazing work to connect the dots -- civil rights, political rights for all.
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The oppressed of the world must come together to face the oppressors in a more effective manner.
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black solidarity with Palestinians is so important and amazing to see. our oppression is intertwined whether it is through US police forces trained in Israel or global white supremacy #Arabs4BlackPower
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Comme je déteste la récupération.Ça fait des années qu'ils s'écrasent tous, celui qui l'ouvre voit sa carrière tomber en morceau, et là ils se réveillent.
Qu'ils se bougent déjà pour les Afro Américains qui souffrent depuis des siècles, qu'ils s'organisent pour les sortir du trou
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hey . lets show the love. us white people support her , hey everybody this girl
has more balls than most men
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