Alexa Miednik, a Senior at #MarjoryStonemanDouglasHighSchool in #Parkland #Florida said she believes there was a SECOND SHOOTER because she saw and spoke to the shooter #NikolasCruz after shots were fired and heard shots coming from the other side of the school.
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This video is very strange. This student is claiming she spoke to the shooter while her classroom was being evacuated. As she describes talking to him, she is smiling and laughing in this interview.

Her body language is very odd for someone who just witnessed a mass shooting.
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"There was obviously, definitely another shooter involved", said one student who claims she spoke to #NikolasCruz today at her high school in #Florida.
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Testimonial evidence of TWO SHOOTERS in Parkland shooting
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@LauraLoomer Seems like she’s being coached what to say.
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@LauraLoomer Why is she and others smiling??? What is that??
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@LauraLoomer Very odd behavior that she would be joking with the alleged shooter saying “I’m surprised it wasn’t you” regardless of not knowing it was...that comment seems very misplaced and inappropriate in a situation where children are literally running for their lives.
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@LauraLoomer Why don’t any of these kids act like they’ve just witnessed a mass shooting? Why do they all look & sound like they’re on something? They’re all so calm. They seem hypnotized. It’s very odd. I’m not sure I believe this girl. She’s giving off a weird vibe.
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Parkland student Alexa Miednik "There was definitely another shooter." She was talking to Nikolas Cruz, not knowing he was the shooter, as they evacuated and more shots were being fired. Via @LauraLoomer.
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🐺Debz (Not a Bot) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@LauraLoomer Weird how she seems oddly proud and giggly about “talking” to nikolas Cruz 😱😐
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@LauraLoomer another breaking #LoomerReport i think #DeepState behind the scene spooky they want gun control and ultimately amend 2nd amendment Trump won’t let it happen but still the coup de tat threat exists for now they’re deeply intrenched
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@LauraLoomer The whole thing was a #MassCasualityDrill with pre recorded video of witness reports and inside classroom audio/video of blanks being fired

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@LauraLoomer @Shayscat We'll one way to find out is ... was there a big gap in shooting on one side to the other ??? And the firing pins will make diff. Imprints but now it's up to the media LauraLoomer 😉 to ask the right question and hope the police tell you the truth 😉
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@LauraLoomer Ok, her body language is a little all over & the smiles seem strange. However, I have never been in utter shock so it's possible this she is just so nervous etc.

One thing though, she said she was walking out with him and having a convo. But why was he there if he was expelled?
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@LauraLoomer They give out free cars to the teacher of the year but can’t afford cameras in the school... 🤔
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@LauraLoomer What she said in no way indicates #twoshooters.
That's just her opinion.
It would mean the #shooter ditched his weapons and joined evacuation to escape.
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@LauraLoomer Go figure. The #FBI will lie about another "shooting" yet again.
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@LauraLoomer Conspiracy Theory: What if she herself is the second shooter? What if that's why she has that half smile? 98% certain that's not true, but it would make for a good novel.
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@LauraLoomer Hmmm, don't know what to think of this, other than I think it's highly unlikely, unlike the Vegas shooting, where I think it was highly likely!
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@LauraLoomer @WashingtonDCTea Every kid they interviewed acted this way, they also mention the same middle school story, they didn't know anyone that was killed, they didn't know the shooter but their friend's friend knew someone... all staged even for interviews.
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@LauraLoomer These are not the same person wtf is going on here?
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@LauraLoomer @denvernight Weird interview something isn’t right
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@LauraLoomer she seems completely untrustworthy, who in the fuck would be smiling/laughing/making a joke of ANYTHING in that situation... that was weird & uncomfortable to watch
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@LauraLoomer Her body language is odd but I'm no expert. And I do know that many tragedies like this are not as they seem. #QAnon
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@LauraLoomer @truthfighter1 I don’t know If I’d believe her. This story got to be collaborated.
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@LauraLoomer and why would this guy be interviewing her
Dan J. Matt Musil
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Watch this entire video, she is VERY CLEAR about a SECOND SHOOTER being involved
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@LauraLoomer @QAnonPatriot She's full of it. This person being interviewed looks older than a school age girl...answers are too professional....rehearsed
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Witness says DEFINITELY SECOND SHOOTER #DoubleCross #qAnon #parkland shooting 👇🏻👇🏻🚨
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@LauraLoomer I question every one of these events now. Next question, what is going on elsewhere that they need us distracted from?
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@LauraLoomer She is also completely unemotional, as if it was a drill. Even grinning when mentioning the "shooter's" name. I think this guy is a patsy. This is another Vegas. I'm not sure about deaths of students either.
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@LauraLoomer What a weird twist. Like what happened in Las Vegas!
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@LauraLoomer I said this earlier today. They had just taken the guy into custody and someone described a shooter they saw 10 minutes earlier
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@LauraLoomer @handymayhem It’s like she’s mistaken the shooter for some other kid.
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@LauraLoomer Footage of another witness is airing on AJ now, she also says there were multiple shooters.
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@LauraLoomer You can tell something nefarious is up just by her strange demeanor in this video. By reviewing the other posters..it’s pretty unanimous that people find her interview very peculiar.
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@LauraLoomer Another shooting we will never hear the trutj about!
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@LauraLoomer I don’t even think this video was shot in Florida. The girl is wearing a turtle neck. It was 80 degrees here in south Florida yesterday. While it is possible she’s wear it in Fl- it’s highly unlikely. I haven’t seen someone with a turtle neck on since I moved here 30 years ago
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@LauraLoomer I’m so so sick of these mass murder (possible false flag) events, that I barely even follow them anymore. LV is such a coverup that I now just assume they are #DeepState related. But where did this video come from? Seems fake.
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@LauraLoomer "Phones off!" the cops ordered.
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why is she at school at night? why is her hair and makeup perfectly done? why isn't she shaken up and/or crying? who acts like this? an actor!
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@LauraLoomer Nope. She’s a horrible witness.
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She ready expose the whole government...
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#MajoryStonemanDouglasHighSchool #SecondShooter
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Interesting. 🤔

Sounds like the Vegas massacre, where witnesses and video showed more than one shooter. Hmmm.
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I don't know what to say??????
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@MAGAPILL https://t.co/dAFzc3vPNi
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@LauraLoomer These kids are so detached, so uncaring, and weird. I’m surprised there’s not a weekly shooting.
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Exposing Crimes Against Humanity & Planet Earth
@LauraLoomer @WhiteSkyBlues 'Earlier that day at a staff meeting, teachers had been told there would soon be a “code red” or “lockdown” drill — in which teachers and students practice their response to an immediate threat — but they hadn’t been told the date.'
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1 of 2 things is going to happen to this poor girl. Either the spooks are gonna snatch her and wipe her mind, or they will suicide her. @realDonaldTrump send a team to recover this child now!!!!
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A Ghost in the machine #InternetBillofRights
@LauraLoomer She's lying Laura her body language says it all to me especially the rapid eye blinking a sure signs somebody is lying the question is why?
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This is pretty explosive re: Florida shooting
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Something is very off about this video, she doesn’t seem like she witnessed a mass shooting at all. Very weird.
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Could they have WRONG PERSON? If 1shooter & he seems baffled by her question then...?? .@Patrici82841064 @dbongino @FkdNwo @DianaBialkowski
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@LauraLoomer Rubio also slipped up in a statement where he siad "what motivated them". Thought it was strange
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all of these people need to stop peddling this bullshit. this fucking dumbass bitch is clearly desensitized, disconnected from reality, and just making this shit up for attention. false flag operations are real and have occured but school shootings aren’t one of them #ActionForFL
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@LauraLoomer @Sambyhere I'm sure she will be in an accident. Sigh
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@LauraLoomer This whole thing feels like a false flag
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I hope someone is going to check out the possibility of a second shooter at the high school.
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This is the strangest interview. Smiling she says she talked to the shooter AFTER he shot? and he says Huh? He just shot people and this is how it went?
Wow. They are so lame with the lies and the set ups. It's ridiculous we are even asked to believe this actress.
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@LauraLoomer Find this girl. Have her walk you though her story. Show her pictures of Cruz. I would want to know if this is true. Why is she smiling.
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@LauraLoomer I'm not buying her story. This is not a girl who was just subjected to an ordeal like that. Tread carefully with this one. Something isn't right here.
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how you laugh while discussing a mass shooting? gtfooooooooo
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@LauraLoomer Any video showing Cruz shooting???
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How is she smiling and laughing after witnessing a shooting
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@LauraLoomer she needs to be careful, do not want to end up like the Vegas victims who claimed a second shooter.
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She is talking on herself a bit. What she is trying to say is, she was talking to the Patsy while the real Gunman ( A CIA spook ) was doing the shooting!
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@LauraLoomer This young lady needs to be advised to keep a low profile.
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