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I met w/Eric Lubaczewski + senior officials from the Polish Govt + we have a resolution as a win-win. The goal was one that respects/cares/keeps the monument in an extremely prominent location to honor sacrifices while also giving #JerseyCity a chance to re-purpose our waterfront
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Burmistrz @StevenFulop z człowiekiem, który przeprowadził negocjacje w sprawie pomnika. Wielkie gratulacje i podziękowania dla Erica Lubaczewskiego z Polskiej Izby Handlowej w USA. @ELubaczewski @MorawieckiM
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@StevenFulop It's not a matter for @StevenFulop and Polish govt officials to be deciding whether to move this statue. Its a matter for the City Council AND the people of Jersey City. Repurposing/renovating Exchange Place and Pier does not require that the statue be moved. Talk 2 neighborhood!
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XXI century in the US. End of sectarian war against Poland. Merciful tribal lord of #JerseyCity has graciously agreed to meet with the representatives of nation of "white nationalists", "anti-Semites" and "Holocaust deniers" living in jungle forest in Poland. Thank you Master !
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@StevenFulop Aren't you forgetting something, marine ? Apologize to Poles and the Speaker of the Senate mr Stanisław Karczewski . Code obligate !
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@StevenFulop "a chance to re-purpose our waterfront" = drive up Mike DeMarco and Mack Cali property value
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@StevenFulop Waiting for an apology re the DISRESPECT u've previously shown 2 Polish officials, community & WWII/communisim/POW victims

Learn about the #KatynMassacre & Poland's true record in WWII.

Pics w/ developers who have Polish last names. Cheap. But the change in ur tone is a start
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@StevenFulop This guy works for mack cali
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@StevenFulop Who is, and how is, Eric Lubaczewski @ejrholdings who lives in Pennsylvania, even remotely relevant & related to dialogue with the Polish Government @pisorgpl regarding the Katyń Memorial❓

Please name the senior officials you met with.
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@StevenFulop Guys!!! dont be fooled. Lubaczewski is another one of Mack-Cali's cronies brought out of the wood work to placate the growing crisis of the removal of the Katyn memorial. Seriously.... who the hell is this guy??
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@StevenFulop I'm not aware of any initiative by @StevenFulop to talk to Jersey City residents. If there is one, I want to be involved. People have reached out to the councilmen, who are taking the side of the residents, while the mayor is ignoring people's input. #SaveKatynMonument
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@StevenFulop When will the council and the people of Jersey City get a say in the matter?
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@StevenFulop New compromised location
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@StevenFulop So when another green space wants to be built where there is another monument, will you be moving those as well? Such a disgrace. There can still be greenspace and monuments. You said look at Hoboken, what you want to recreate, well they have it done.
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@StevenFulop I don't think this is the end of the story.
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Będziemy cię cwaniaczku trzymać za słowo. Tak skuteczna jest Polonia wsparta przez #Morawiecki (wbrew bujdom opozycji o braku udziału RP)
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@StevenFulop What is the exact location?
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@StevenFulop Name the polish "officials." You have some nerve parading Mr. Lubaczewski around, obviously one of your buddies who happens to be polish, as any authority in this matter.
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@StevenFulop Mayor Fulop @StevenFulop, you still owe apologies to those you had offended. Remember - Poland never collaborated with Nazi Germany, other countries did. Except some criminals, brave Poles saved thousands of Jews risking their own lives. Be greatfull. Respect the truth.
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@StevenFulop I’ll stay out your mentions for now.
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🤔🤔🤔🤔dziwne - tak sie zblaznic i tak szybko zmienic zdanie 🤔
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@StevenFulop Mr. Fulop,
Less talk and more do. Our community is watching you. Your antipolonism and antisemitism, lack of knowledge of history and arrogance are truly staggering.
Is this what we want from our leaders? No!
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@StevenFulop It's incredible how talking with people can get things done. Thank you for your leadership, @StevenFulop.
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@StevenFulop Everything is possible if you talk to community not watching elite interest !!!
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@StevenFulop great. And what about apologies, mr. potential-not-complete-scumbag?
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@StevenFulop Mr Fulop, please.. how is this man in any was associated with Polish government?? He’s not. He can’t speak on anyone’s behalf and if you buying this then joke is on you. Well at least now you definitely have something in common and be viewed as the “other” American
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@StevenFulop So now apogize❗️
For your anti-Semitic lies. ✡️
For your anti-Polish lies. 🇵🇱
For your disrespect to #Holocaust
survivors and the perished. SHAME❗️
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@StevenFulop @kuleta_radek Awaiting apology to @StKarczewski and Poland for your offensive behaviour
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@StevenFulop Now you are just saving your A$$
Have some honour and RESIGN !!!
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@StevenFulop You still owe the apology to the Polish community worldwide. Your ignorance and disrespect will not be forgotten quickly. While you will be forgotten in the next elections. There is no place for bigots and racists like you in NJ..
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@StevenFulop Couldn’t you have done that in the first place instead of igniting divisions by insulting the high Polish officials and local community?
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@StevenFulop Fulop is trying to split the base in half with this. He is a clever huckster
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@StevenFulop How quickly you change your mind under pressure! Fascinating! Your are such a pudding, weak small man.
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Mary Ann Kent 🇺🇸 🌋🌪️🦈🌊🐝
@StevenFulop Please reconsider in keeping the #KatynMemorial at it's current location since it represents the Polish community that once thrived in DT Jersey City. You still can have a park around the memorial!
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Mayor Steve has a meeting and does a photo op with a foreign government official, but when do JC City Council and residents get a say in the matter?
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@StevenFulop NOWDAY 2018 remebrence song ( CR of @AlexStorozynski ) God save #KatynMonument #US #JerseyCity & #US #Poland on @YouTube KATYN masacre od Poles WWII by Soviet. Poles fought for freedom 3rd allie armie against WWII German 1939-45 & Soviet Rus 1939-41
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@StevenFulop I really don't know how you going to convince Poles that their history and involvement in building Jersey is valued. You really should go.
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@StevenFulop He talked to the Polish government about our city?! 😳 #makeityours sounds almost lilke #maga
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@StevenFulop I’m glad this conversation happened & mutually beneficial agreements were made, now please keep your word & “bubble wrap” this statue when it moves to York St so there’s not a scratch. I’ve been one of your biggest fans until this debacle & I want to continue to be 1. - JC local
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@StevenFulop @JoannaLichocka brawo Eric Lubaszewski !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@StevenFulop Lubaczewski, you do not represent us AMERICANS of Polish descent. You are nobody for us.
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@StevenFulop I recommend the film for the under-educated.…
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Appropriate solution.
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You couldn't stand in front of the monument?
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