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A rebellion is a rebellion, @sanchezcastejon. But changing the criminal code to try and define a protest as a rebellion, still doesn’t make it a rebellion. It remains a protest. elperiodico.com/es/politica/20…
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"Una rebel·lió és una rebel·lió, @sanchezcastejon. Però canviar el codi penal per intentar definir una protesta com a rebel·lió no la converteix en rebel·lió. Segueix sent una protesta."
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@tjparfitt @Francesc_Puig @sanchezcastejon They don't respect fundamental rights. They will continue legislating against freedom of expression, presumption of innocence, the right of selfdetermination, right to demonstrate... Not even the selfcalled Left respects fundamental rights in Spain!
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Cambiar leyes para adecuarlas “a medida” de unos intereses que vulneran la libertad de más de dos millones de ciudadanos, aprovechándose de la posición en la que están, se llama prevaricación. Y este señor que se dice socialista (una vergüenza con precedentes) debe ser juzgado
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon like changing francoist laws didn’t make Spain a full democracy, as everyone can see now.
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon La policia militar espanyola es va rebel.lar contra l'ordre democràtic i polític establert a Catalunya, al voler impedir per la força un simple referendum. La veritable rebel.lió junt l'aplicació d'un 155 prevaricador, per convertir víctimes en botxins...
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@tjparfitt @Suedstern99 @sanchezcastejon Maybe in Spain they will change the definition of some words through the Real Acadèmia de la Lengua to fight independence Cat. It'll be easier than changing the law. It's faster. They've already done that in media, TV and political speeches. They did it with the word 'nación'.
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon maybe someone should check his degree too... totally inconsistent
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C Company 🇧🇪🇨🇭🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇩🇪🎗
@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Opposition to the Spanish government working hard ...
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon PP PSOE Ciudadanos call themselves "democrats", despite they show a clearly fascist mentallity. In adition, they define democratic politicians&partys as "fascist". They're pervert. At the end, PP-PSOE-C's voters assume that a dictatorship is "democracy" and democrats are "nazis"
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Die Kriminalisierung des zivilen Protestes nimmt Gestalt @PSOE
@spdbt @spdde @dieLinke @RegSprecher
#Spanien #Polizeistaat
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon The guy is a lackwit and his family still have no idea. He thinks unlaw can solve his probles but he's in real need of professional help.I mean a psychiatrist.
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Yes PSOE prefers unity even though authoritian then democràcia. This must be a very "modern" view of socialism!
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon And don't let's forget that 'in dubio pro reo', que os conozco, listos!
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Crix ||☆|| REPUBLICA #JoSócCDR
The Big Shame Of Spain Socialist !
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If the judge does not act as expected, change the judge. If local law does not include the offense, it is "reinterpreted" to include it. And if the #EU does not even accept the argument, create a new law. This is the "Spain brand", dear @tjparfitt
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon In Spain, the socialist party is the new fascist party!.
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon I bet Mr Sànchez can change the legal code to the point nobody would recognize it
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon And he still calls himself progressive....
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@tjparfitt @charliesbd @sanchezcastejon Este es un lobo con piel de cordero. Aprendiz de González, le cayó la careta antes de llegar a ser nada.
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Who said that today... you'll not belive me probably, but he is Pedro Sanvhez the leader of PSOE, left-wing political party.
.. Socialist. The name "Partido Socialista Obrero Español", translated Spanish Socialist Workers party... Now you can understand why we say Spain is pain.
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@tjparfitt @jbcncat @sanchezcastejon As always thanks a lot Tim. They want to implement a law retroactively.... Amazing. Surrealistic.... But here we're getting use to it... I have to be worried about not being worried. I normalize it...
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Thank you Mr. Parfitt, we are impatiently waiting for you guidance.
How could have Spain survived 400 Y without such a prodigious brain?
@elpetitcatala @jordiburg @sergipinkman @elnorton @miriamnoguerasM @KRLS @tjparfitt @esquerraindepe @riuresardonic @GuardiolaTweets @Nurya1952
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Tim, the best answer to P. Sánchez! ! 👏👏👏👏
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Rajoy, Sanchez and Rivera all acting like candles.

Trying to prove who has the biggest wick.
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon He is the leader of the "left progressist" party in Spain, funny right? so imagine the right
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon this guy is a jackass ... ileGAL 🖕
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon It's crazy. Their madness is inversely proporcional to the desire they have of completly dominate and defeat us. They won't...
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Welcome to the Spanish Inquisition of the 21st Century.
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Lena DI Puigdemont President. Crida Nacional
@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Tim the Spanish Socialists are no longer Socialists. They now defend the “Patria” before the justice, freedom and will of the people
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon They could try making protesting illegal !
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@tjparfitt @ainanvb @sanchezcastejon Unfortunatelly I presume he does not understand English!
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Mr @sanchezcastejon has completely lost the plot. It is sad, really.
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@tjparfitt @MephorWorld @sanchezcastejon Es decir Sanchez lo que propone es hacer una Justicia a la medida de las necesidades políticas del títere de turno.
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Molta veritat en aquestes paraules.
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As you see, Tim, it’s not a matter of right or left wing. Just SPAIN against the monster! If rules are not favourable, let’s adapt them and change them. Ideology is not existing anymore. Just anticatalanism that can lead you to power (the only aim)
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Parece ser que Llarena va a presentar otra euroorden,
Bueno veremos el ridiculo núm. 3 en breve.
No entiendo tanta soberbia.
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Javi C. #JeSuisM.Rajoy 🎗️ 💛
@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon He has decided to finally tell the world that he is a fascist. wont make him look any good... but it honors his honesty. #PedroPicapiedra #FredFlintstone #TheFlintstones
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@tjparfitt @nousreptes @sanchezcastejon Si no es un pito es una pelota . Lo que sea porfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Look at Rivera's intentions so that each different thought is automatically drowned and considered a crime. lavanguardia.com/politica/20180…
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Este señor pasará a la historia como otro represor de los derechos y las libertades, y es que de mercenarios, está plagado el PSOE.
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@tjparfitt @MyriamCastilloG @sanchezcastejon La tipificación de los delitos que rigen en un país lo determina el pueblo por medio de sus representantes legales... no usted.
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon They doesn't matter. That is the question
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon Catalan people have not a protest right... Spain is t'he boss
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Remco 🎗🎗🎗 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇨🇭🇨🇭
@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon First he should watch Sesame Street, Season 1, episode 1 again and learn the difference between left and right again.
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@tjparfitt @sanchezcastejon This is Spain, not a conventional democracy for the moment after 40 years trying...
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@sanchezcastejon, ya que quieres cambiar la ley, podrías añadir algunas cosillas? Corrupción = 50 años cárcel, políticos sueldos 1.000 €. Incumplimiento del programa electoral 25 años de cárcel, decir NO ES NO y luego hacer SÍ CADENA PERPÈTUA. MUCHAS GRACIAS. DERECHON!!!
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True, but a democracy that resorts to such tricks may not remain a democracy for long.
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@KommunikaCat @dieLinke twitter.com/tjparfitt/stat…
Hier die PSOE mit einem beruhigenden Vorschlag 🤔
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ja es destapen els falsos "socialistes", quan ensumen poder...
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||*|| 🎗 PER CAT i PER LA MORENETA 🏴🛡️⚔⚫🔴⚫🔴
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