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Last 50 tweets from @Aerohaveno
Tim Richards Retweeted ·  
So this is a route 19 tram out of the city at 11pm. I think we can manage more than one tram every 20 minutes on this line in the evenings, don’t you? #MoreTramsPlease
Not something you would have expected a decade ago.
Warsaw has been ranked as the sixth most vegan-friendly city in the world…
From Auckland via Wellington and Christchurch to Greymouth - I travelled New Zealand by train, past cities, mountains and coasts, for @lonelyplanet:…
Travel New Zealand by train: cities, mountains and coasts - Lonely Planet
In Outback Queensland I wandered into a local gallery, then wandered out as an Outback Patron of the Arts. See what I bought for $30:…
Outback Patron of the Arts
In reply to @Aerohaveno
I think I just found the train trip I’m hoping for
Replying to @marklawrence @AnthonyTravelEd and 1 otherfalse
It does look like a good one!
In reply to @Aerohaveno
So Great Southern now rebranded as Journeys Beyond running a journey branded Great Southern...
Replying to @seatsixtyone @AnthonyTravelEd and 1 otherfalse
Yeah I suspect the train was named before they decided on the rebrand.
New on my blog: In remote Far North Queensland last year, I walked into a small art gallery and unexpectedly found myself an Outback Patron of the Arts…
Outback Patron of the Arts
Looks like @AnthonyTravelEd is having fun on this new long-distance train: | Australia's new, 3000-km luxury train route launches… via @TravellerAU
Tim Richards Retweeted ·  
I’m in Stawell, Victoria, aboard Australia’s newest luxury train, the Great Southern. At over 700 metres in length it’s too long for the platform and is temporarily blocking the Main Street: two stops required to alight all of the passengers. @TravellerAU @GreatSthnRail
Tim Richards Retweeted ·  
Ramada by Wyndham Vetroblu Scarborough Beach named as top 6 suburban hotels in Australia by @TravellerAU.

Read the full article by @Aerohaveno here:

#SayHelloToRed #HotelByWyndham #MyWyndham
Tim Richards Retweeted ·  
Honoured to be among the first passengers this morning aboard the inaugural journey of the new Great Southern rail cruise between Adelaide and Brisbane. @traveller @GreatSthnRail
New blog post: While visiting Normanton, Queensland, I bought a painting, a young artist's very first sale. Here's how I became an Outback Patron of the Arts:…
In reply to @cszabla
Loaded on the wrong truck somewhere?
Freeways seem a prime example of wishful thinking: “We can finally fulfill the dream of zooming along in our cars!” Doesn’t work like that.
In reply to @Red_Black_Archi
The era of building new freeways and toll roads needs to come to an end. They never provide value for money. They damage the local area and dump traffic upon inner city streets that were never designed to be traffic sewers.
Tim Richards Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Red_Black_Archi
Globally there is no reputable city expert anywhere that would suggest that freeways are a good idea. They don’t scale, they cause more problems than they solve, don’t reduce traffic in the medium or long term and cost billions.
Rail across Aotearoa! From Auckland to Wellington to Christchurch to Greymouth, I write about all of New Zealand’s long distance train journeys for @lonelyplanet:… cc @seatsixtyone
Sounds cautiously promising. | No Time To Die trailer promises to deliver what we expect from 007…
Xmas lights among the hanging chairs at Brother Baba Budan. So festive.
How Japan fakes its history by omission: visit to a Tokyo war museum is chilling for what it fails to disclose…
Don't mention the war crimes: how Japan fakes its history by omission
Love this guy’s work. | What I've learned from 10,000 nights at the theatre…
In reply to @Aerohaveno
Guys, guys, you forgot I have malware on all my websites and my hosting's been taken down.
In reply to @escapeartistes
Fish tank/cats in roof/builders awol/non payment/power out/ Please tick all that are applicable
Could it be ‘all of the above?’ ;)
Eating molten cheese and bread with a pointy utensil while bumping along Zürich cobblestones in a tuk-tuk? What could go wrong?… via @TravellerAU
Fondue on wheels in Zrich's party town
Important information: Lifes Rich Pageant by REM is still a goddamn stomper of an album. And, now that the Apostrophe Society has disbanded, I feel emboldened to say so in public.
Replying to @AndrewPStreet
I am lighting the Apostrophe torches and picking up the Apostrophe pitchforks right now.
Tell me why you do or don't like elf on a shelf? Have you done it? (If you don't know what it is, count yourself lucky and no need to tell me!)
Replying to @niltiac
I shall count myself lucky.
In reply to @Aerohaveno
Any actual vegies?
Replying to @sister_ratched @JasonJMurdoch and 1 otherfalse
Yes, separate salads etc.
Impressive desserts here at Philippe for the @ASTWinc Xmas lunch. @daggyvamp is going to force herself to consume the chocolate fondant (such a sacrifice).
In reply to @Aerohaveno
Never....maybe a green tea in the middle to space them out? (Not the middle of the road obviously!)
In reply to @sister_ratched
Yes, what was it?
Replying to @JasonJMurdoch @sister_ratched and 1 otherfalse
Gnocchi, but gnocchi as cooked by French chefs. Interesting.
Huge crowd at the @ASTWinc Melbourne Xmas lunch today at Philippe, hosted by Visit Monaco - 64 people, our biggest ever!
I’m at the @ASTWinc Xmas lunch! I’m wearing the suit! (Hosted by Visit Monaco, hence the pin.)
In reply to @Aerohaveno
Wrong socially or wrong for your nervous and digestive systems?
Replying to @Fuller_Si
Socially. A faux pas perhaps?
In reply to @Aerohaveno
Wow coffee must be good to want to go there! Can’t imagine not chilling at a table.
Replying to @simonvarwell
Well this is Melbourne. Very snobby about the coffee.
In reply to @Aerohaveno
Are they not persuadable to come to the first place?
Replying to @simonvarwell
Nah hopeless for meetings, it’s super-busy and there are no tables, just stools.
Be aware.
Melbourne trams will cease to run again with another four-hour strike today.

Tram drivers will walk off the job for the fourth time between 10am and 2pm.
Responses to this tweet by people I follow on Twitter.
In reply to @Aerohaveno
Was the first one rubbish?
Replying to @simonvarwell
No I’m just fickle. I’m meeting someone at the second place in a bit, but the first place has better coffee.
Tim Richards Retweeted ·  
Did the nasty world leaders make fun of him? Poor bugger.
Is it wrong to have a coffee at one cafe, then cross the road and have a second coffee at another cafe? Asking for a friend.
Awww it’s nice when the @TravellerAU readers write in to say they enjoy your work. :)…
Tim Richards Retweeted ·  
American healthcare is killing people.

You may like your doctor, your insurance, or your medical-billing job. Good for you!

But the system as a whole is failing.

People are dying early, in financial ruin. That's the argument for reform.

My column:…
Opinion | The American Health Care Industry Is Killing People
Tim Richards Retweeted ·  
Such a great option now for Brissy (and rest of east coast)
Tim Richards Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Asher_Wolf
We know that cashless welfare cards are making ppl flee areas where they’re implemented. Ppl can’t pay rent, electricity and eat because of the scheme
Tim Richards Retweeted ·  
I’m sorry but you can’t impeach the president just because you don’t like him and because he commits several impeachable crimes every hour
Hooray, will be very useful.
After months of delay, Sydney light rail has an open date…
Good point here. Would be better if the jury apportioned the money among the shortlist.
In reply to @OmarjSakr
Tbh I think the prize model we have in the arts is deeply flawed. Every ceremony will feature the words "we're all winners" even though, for most prizes, shortlistees get nothing and one person walks away with a jackpot.
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