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Last 50 tweets from @AmerBIZ
Oh yes, the glorious one-party democracy of Rojava, where offices of rival parties and NGOs get ransacked and opponents jailed and forced into exile.
112 165
Replying to @Elizrael :
@Elizrael Afrin was the most peaceful prosperous region in Syria - get your facts straight.
0 0
Turkey is slowly turning to a fascist Islamic country.
0 0
Significant. Iraqi intelligence, in coordination with Turkish security forces, arrest ISIS high-value individual Ismail alwan al-Ithawi. Global @Coalition & partners hunting down ISIS leaders every day. #defeatDaesh.
70 109
Replying to @OIRSpox :
@OIRSpox @coalition They are giving you the fools & expendables. Did you check the Turkish gov database to see if Baghdadi address is listed?
0 0
Amer Retweeted ·  
Evidence collected over many years, obtained from many locations, indicates that the power of Prayer is insufficient to stop bullets from killing school children.
  · TweetDeck · en
134,977 338,775
Amer Retweeted ·  
When you're at school and the thoughts and prayers finally kick in
40,522 128,084
Sec Tillerson in #Turkey: Our relationship is too important to do anything other than concentrate on how we move forward. We’re not going to act alone any longer. We’re going to act together, to work through the issues that are causing difficulties, & we're going to resolve them.
83 192
Replying to @statedeptspox :
@statedeptspox @StateDept I don't know what that means. Are you going to join forces and facilitate ISIS groups with Turkey? I am confused.
0 0
Amer Retweeted ·  
David Ignatius says, "How bizarre that the biggest obstacle to finishing the war against the Islamic State and beginning the stabilization of Syria is America’s supposed friend and NATO ally Turkey."…

Actually, Turkey was crucial for the rise of ISIS, too.
Opinion | How to tackle the biggest obstacle to finishing the war against the Islamic State Whats the answer to the toxic mix in Syrias battlespace? Not empowering Turkeys deeper meddling, surely.
113 104
That's a wrap! All you need to know about two days of #NATO Defence Ministers meetings. Click the link on the video - #DefMin
  · Media Studio · en
192 285
Replying to @NATO :
@NATO Did you discuss Turkey being allied with Al-Qaeda groups and giving safe heaven for ISIS for years? Asking for a friend.
0 1
Last time I checked the map, Afrin was west of the Euphrates. But thanks for your charming morning greetings anyway.
1 12
Replying to @marklowen :
@marklowen Mark, you can't even report anything that goes against the gov narrative, you might get deported and you will loose your cozy job. You basically aren't a real journalist if you are working in fear.
0 0
For the first time in my life, I spend the Valentine’s Day without the love and care of my mother, whose memories I cherish dearly. May she rest In peace.
18 376
Replying to @SafeenDizayee :
@SafeenDizayee May she rest in peace, my regards to you and your family Mr. Safeen
0 0
Amer Retweeted ·  
I'm from Makhmour, I know how hard living in such ungoverned and disputed territories is. KRG established institutions providing services in these territories, but after the 16 of Oct events all ceased to function & now GoI isn't capable of (or willing) providing these services.
26 44
Amer Retweeted ·  
You won't hear UN, EU, NATO, UK, condemn the attack on Ruha
A little girl from Efrîn
As her attacker wasn't Assad, Putin or daesh
Her attacker was Nato Turkey. Ally of the West. So govts look away
Evil truth. #TurkishWarcrimes #Efrin
108 114
#Turkey policies in one word
PHOTO: Turkish Army has still been targeting civilians at Afrin. #WarCrimes
128 50
0 0
Amer Retweeted ·  
I could not tweet for a while
Don't know why
Also twitter deleted our tweets with Proof of #TurkishWarcrimes in Efrîn. Why would Twitter protect these horrific WarCriminals you wonder
106 147
US intel report identifies the #YPG as the #Syrian arm of the #PKK, adding the #Kurdish militia will seek to establish some form of autonomy -- an argument #Turkey has made all along, but the #Pentagon has resisted in a standoff among #NATO allies:…
  · TweetDeck · en
2 4
Replying to @wsjemre :
@wsjemre Intel report? Just Google search would give you the whole idea of Kurdish rights which can be secured through autonomy. By the way be careful what you write while you are in Turkey they might lock you up for speaking up.
0 0
Amer Retweeted ·  
Good morning friends! We liked to share with you this lovely photo for Balakaity mountains in #Erbil ! Really a unique photo! Credit: Binyamin Khanoly
  · Hootsuite · en
65 187
Amer Retweeted ·  
Just in case you wondered what “Ottoman Slap” is?!
15 29
Amer Retweeted ·  
2/3 They discussed the upcoming elections, the negotiations between the GoI and the KRG, and the Kuwait Conference. The Foreign Secretary urged progress on the talks between Baghdad and Erbil and encouraged restarting international flights to the Kurdish Region.
16 33
Amer Retweeted ·  
This brave Arab journalist has been all over Rojava covering SDF succes. I have followed her journey & she is one of my sources.

She is now in Afrin on the frontlines with Kurdish female fighters. Here is private footage from her cellphone with YPJ fighters singing.
435 831
Since when is it @TurkishAirlines business to ethnically discriminate against people? @TK_HelpDesk you have racist staff & no way live up to motto “Globally Yours”. 50mins is more than enough time to get to the gate. But your staff didn’t like my son’s name so refused him checkin
3 7
Replying to @amanjshawkat :
@amanjshawkat @TurkishAirlines @TK_HelpDesk This is 2018 and even Turkish airlines can discriminate.
0 0
The "expert" @Charles_Lister refers to footage released by #Turkey-backed #jihadists/#FSA as "issued by #PKK media."

This happens when you even can't distinguish #Arabic from #Kurdish, but think you are a #MENA expert. Pathetic.
91 152
Replying to @KonstantinKlug :
Amer Retweeted ·  
Guys, be more like BuzzFeed here.
15,143 46,416
Replying to @KamalChomani :
@KamalChomani Just the thought that Assyaish can operate a freeze box truck and drive it around seems so ridiculous that is laughable. You know how hard is to kill someone with a freezbox? The car has to be running for many many hours. Just plain fiction.
0 0
Amer Retweeted ·  
Will our Feminist Prime Minister, H. #JustinTrudeau speak up for the right of these women, or will he turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by Turkey against #Kurds in #Afrin?!
28 63
What a disgrace you are World, silent for the death Kurds just because it's Kurds and nothing else!
#Afrin update. ANHA reports one female civilian Amina Shahin (50) was killed after Turkish strikes hit Ashrafiyi neighbourhood in Afrin city
179 85
0 0
Amer Retweeted ·  
Turkish-backed militias kick & stomp the head of a dead Kurdish YPG fighter as if it’s a soccer ball. Hard to fathom how we continue to ignore the killings & inhuman atrocities being committed by Turkey against the people of Afrin. #NATO #Efrîn #عفرين
169 117
But nothing about Turkey? Seriously?
BREAKING: International Criminal Court to open preliminary probes on war on drugs in Philippines, violence in Venezuela.
  · SocialFlow · en
463 687
0 0
Amer Retweeted ·  
I can't find any tweets by @amnesty or @hrw on Turkey's invasion of Syria & bombings of innocent Kurds. Can you?
524 850
I haven't seen a single evidence that proves the existence of a group called White Flags around Tuz Khourmatu. Claims about this group are sketchy, many details are missing.
7 22
Replying to @cngsgnc :
@cngsgnc @YerevanSaeed It's an Abadi troll factory creation. False flag to justify raids on innocent Kurds
0 2
Amer Retweeted ·  
#Terror facts:

#Erdogan is accusing everyone else of supporting #terrorists, but #Turkey is the only country in the world that has troops stationed in an al-#Qaeda-held area in #Syria while #Turkish soldiers and AQ #jihadists are friendly toward each other.
75 111
Or he screwed someone's wife and the husband killed him.
#BREAKING - #Turkmen University professor and parliamentary candidate in #Kirkuk killed by #Kurdish 'White Flags' group. Barzani-owned media outlets misreported him as Kurdish, the family has filed a legal complaint against the news outlets.
18 20
0 0
Kurdish delegation led by Nechirvan Barzani tells Tehran that KRG's overreliance on Turkey and the West was misplaced and that they will from now on readjust their policies to reflect the position Iran in Iraq and in the region… by @FazelHawramy
Iraqi Kurds maneuver to get closer to Iran Following the rupture caused by the Sept. 25 independence referendum, the Kurdistan Regional Government and Iran are moving to bolster ties.
28 14
Replying to @Hayder_alKhoei :
@Hayder_alKhoei @FazelHawramy I waiting for the clown music to run in the background but it didn't come for this comic article.
0 0
Thank you @statedeptspox - just wait for their childish response
.@statedeptspox: The US is deeply troubled by the detention of human rights defenders, journalists, civil society leaders, and opposition politicians in #Turkey. We call on the Turkish government to release those detained arbitrarily.
  · · en
677 782
0 0
Amer Retweeted ·  
And Turkey is bombing in Afrin is.......?
We implore the int'l community to speak with one voice, taking every opportunity to publicly pressure the #Assad regime, and its supporters, to cease its use of chemical weapons and hold those responsible accountable for these brutal attacks. The people of #Syria are suffering.
124 284
0 0
@statedeptspox is this an early sign of a breakup between your department & Iranian-backed militias?
“We are serious about getting the Americans out, using the force of arms because the Americans don't understand any other language," Kataib Hezbollah spokesman, Jaafar al-Husseini…
2 3
0 0
Omg, it can't be more obvious and still EU & US consider Erdogan to be partner.
#Erdogan says Turks have sacrificed a lot in the last 2 centuries, 5 million km² territory under Ottoman rule was plundered with deceits, plots and reduced to 870K km², declares sleeping giant has now been awakened.
258 181
0 0
The new #Turkey under Erdogan
Not Raqqa or Mosul, even not Tora Bora

this is new #Turkey EU/NATO ally

Jihadist group holds event in Malatya with government backing, calls for jihad.
leader of the Sultan Abdulhamid Brigade in Syria allied to the Al-Qaeeda.
group now attacking #Afrin
106 54
0 0
The suffering of victims of #ISIS has yet not been acknowledged yet. This is truly sad.
Shahad a Yazidi survivor escaped from ISIS couple wks ago, she was being raped and tortured by ISIS for 3 yrs. she passed today because of this torture and rape she faced by ISIS. She was a teenager when they captured her in 2014.
1,711 1,604
0 0
Amer Retweeted ·  
Shocked: German company Krempel GmbH is "shocked" their logo was found inside Iranian 107mm rockets used in poison gas attacks in Syria that injured 21, including many children. They had Germany's permission to sell to "2 small trading companies in Iran."…
Germany sold technology to Iran for use in Syrian chemical attacks A German firm
2,459 2,212
I’m very humbled to be w/such great women. Today I received 2018 Hillary Clinton Award for advancing Women in Peace and Security. Thank you @HillaryClinton
250 849
Replying to @NadiaMuradBasee :
@NadiaMuradBasee @HillaryClinton We are all humbled that we have a brave soul like you among us.
0 2
Don't stop tweeting & talking about #Afrin don't let #Turkey kill in peace #SpeakUpForAfrin Afrin Needs You
24 23
Amer Retweeted ·  
France24 English report on the YPJ in Afrin.

I would love to see more western feminists start to speak about the plight of the only female liberation movement in the ME fighting the patriarchy.

These are the women that need your voice most.
136 163
Amer Retweeted ·  
What an absolute HERO! #DefendAfrin
2 2
Now @KyleWOrton Erdogan appoligist will claim the man might have tied himself to the vehicle
The second of video you can clearly see the Turkish badge on of the solider.
#TwitterKurds #FSA #turkey #Syria
20 19
0 0
Please read this letter you holiness @Pontifex
An Open Letter to His Holiness, Pope Francis @VaticanNews @Pontifex #PopeRefuseKillerErdogan
20 27
0 0
#Turkey with @NATO approval is attacking Kurds & ready to commit ethnic cleansing against Kurds - PLEASE SHARE & LET PEOPLE KNOW - #SpeakUpForAfrin #Afrin #DefendAfrin
#Syria: a large Turkish convoy entered Greater #Idlib and reached S. #Aleppo countryside. 2nd attempt to establish a base in/near Al-Eis since last convoy was bombed & week ago.
71 76
1 1
#Afrin is one of the very few regions where the #Syria war of death, genocide, ethnic cleansing has been avoided. Everything was functioning with peace & co-existence among different ethnic groups.

So the Turks are saying

Let's destroy it. Simply because there are Kurds there.
0 0
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