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Last 50 tweets from @amymcquire
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
We have a full house for the Two-way science workshop run by our Science Pathways for Indigenous Communities program. Talking about language and culture connecting with science and the Australian curriculum. #NATSIEC2018
12 9
Great round-up of the year and the tireless advocacy of First Nations women on @wildblackwomen…
Wild Black Woman Meriki Onus
11 8
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Something to also note from research I recall coming from @DjirraVIC black women in INTERRACIAL relationships had higher rates of DV, meaning it is not Aboriginality that is the problem!!!
5 12
From Adnyamathanha woman and @OurWatchAus board member Vicky Welgraven…
20 24
I hate the way this article describes her - but sharing because the only other two articles are paywalled - Justice for Emily Wanganeen…
2 6
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
"It seems I have a calming effect on animals."

This is the moment a Chimpanzee rescued from the illegal bushmeat trade hugged Jane Goodall. The primatologist explains why humans shouldn't forget their connection with nature
  · Media Studio · en
6,150 19,716
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
This is profound. I’m 40 and have heard abt Emmett Till my WHOLE BLACK LIFE & never once heard that the whistling accusation that lost him his life was due to disability. This hits home. Looking at our history & future w/a disability justice lens is central to our liberation.
23,706 48,211
Ok so I watched grace and Frankie five times this year, I asked you all what to watch next and I followed your advice and have now watched schitts creek two-three times now. What should I watch now?
0 81
Replying to @NayukaGorrie :
@NayukaGorrie There is a great show Hayley put me on to on Netflix - 'Great News' - it's hilarious....
0 9
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Thread below. For those who don’t know, sterilisation of Aboriginal women continued up to 1970’s in Australia. This was to control the ‘problem’ of mixed race children being born as a result of white men raping Aboriginal women. Read the work by Dist Prof Aileen Moreton Robinson.
157 151
12 66
Replying to @evelynaraluen :
@evelynaraluen thank u so much sis!! I actually cited you in my SOI paper 💖
0 0
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Solidarity between different bla(c)k people centring sovereignty is seriously some of the most important work we can do in Victoria in this fucked up election season but also forever
13 80
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
This is the nexus between the prison industrial complex and climate change. Why are we celebrating this? Why should we glorify slavery in order to recognise the humanity of prisoners? Fuck this.
184 579
A big thank you to @DebKilroy and Sisters Inside for a phenomenal conference on #imaginingabolition. There was so much power in that room and I will be taking so many lessons home with me ❤
15 103
Awesome!! Congratulations @amymcquire for this major milestone!! I know you smashed that confirmation and will do the same with your PhD!! Looking forward to reading fun hearing more about your work!! #BlackExcellence #Blackademic
1 35
Replying to @MLongbottom13 :
@MLongbottom13 thanks so much sis!! And for all your support over the past few months :)
0 3
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Angela Davis speaks of her shock when she came to Australia of the rates Aboriginal people are imprisoned, higher than the US. We have to understand racism as a driving force.

236 388
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
“Abolition of the prison industrial complex means the abolition of child removal” Angela Davis #ImaginingAbolition
35 152
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Impromptu protest at police Roma St HQ Brisbane, a few blocks from #SistersInside conference. #ImaginingAbolition
89 224
thank you to you my awesome supervisor!! very blessed
The very deadly @amymcquire delivering a most powerful and critical PhD proposal #SpeakingToSilences media representations of violence against Aboriginal women. Very privileged to hear her speak and be part of her intellectual journey in some way ✊🏾
37 171
15 108
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
I am also super pleased to announce that @blkrnbow have partnered with the @PinnacleFound who provide financial scholarships to LGBQTI students across Australia.

Indigenous LGBQTI specific financial scholarships will be set up in 2019.
20 41
#Cherbourg locals couldn’t keep their hands off @TonyAbbottMHR during his visit to discuss school attendance and infrastructure @politicsabc @abcnews #auspol
552 1,487
Replying to @NicoleTHegarty :
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Celia's Legacy 💜 Celia’s Army
Standing ovation for Trisha - wow. What a wahine toa #sistersinside #imaginingabolition
8 26
phenomenal speech from @drcbond
In order to imagine abolition we need first to imagine freedom. How can we even begin to imagine freedom in the colony? Amazing pres from @drcbond at #imaginingabolition
19 63
5 46
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Thalia Anthony speaks of the Royal Commission failure to call for an end practices that cause girls harm & humiliation in #DonDale Instead of calling for the end of strip searches or forcible restraints, they called for them to be conducted more appropriately. #ImaginingAbolition
6 5
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
At the #imaginingabolition conference listening to @drcbond She is a national living fucking treasure
22 144
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
#ImaginingAbolition #StrongGrandmothers from mparntwe. Close #DonDale #KidsInCountryNotInCustody Charge the guards Healing Kinship Language
10 28
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Miriam Bevis from @NAAJA_NT Kunga Stopping Violence Program for women in Alice who have been imprisoned from violence. These women are victims of violence, often with war-like wounds. They develop “lost stories maps” to help magistrates understand. #ImaginingAbolition
5 15
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Devastating to hear from @latoya_aroha about the death of her brother Wayne Fella Morrison in custody and the way in which Aboriginal people are held responsible for their own deaths in custody. Talks too of the way Ms Dhu's death is constructed in this way. #imaginingabolition
14 22
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
“The carseral system extends way beyond the jails. It’s imbedded throughout society. It’s governs how we live, the way we love and whether we live or not” - Vicki Roach @mabo58

#ImaginingAbolition #sistersinside
14 32
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Vickie Roach telling her story. She recieved her first criminal charge at the age of 2yrs for 'neglecting herself'. Her story demonstrates how the 'child protection' industry and the prison industry is one in the same. A care to prison pipeline #imaginingabolition #sistersinside
130 193
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
“Since the NT Intervention, Aboriginal in prison has tripled every year since it began.
Before the Intervention, there were no Aboriginal girls in prison” - Dr Thalia Anthony, What about the Aboriginal girls in Don Dale? Workshop
#SistersInside #ImaginingAbolition
65 85
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
“When we talk about Aboriginal overincarceration we never talk about how many of them are innocent” -@amymcquire #SistersInside #ImaginingAbolition
77 94
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Anya Saravanan 🏳️‍🌈💃🏽
When we talk about the over-incarceration of FN people in this country, we don’t talk about the FN people who are innocent/ wrongfully convicted - @amymcquire at the #ImaginingAbolition conference #SistersInside
20 44
what a panel #sistersinside - Aunty Debbie Sandy giving welcome to country. Pat Turner, Chelsea Bond, June Oscar, Jackie Huggins, Melissa Lucashenko
19 91
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
If we are talking about research related to issues & practices that impact on Indigenous Peoples without including Indigenous knowledges, Indigenous theories, Indigenous Methodologies, Indigenous methods, Indigenous analysis - then we are doing our people a disservice.
57 170
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Australian Critical Race & Whiteness Studies
ACRAWSA letter to the editors of the 'Monash Bioethics Review' on the publication of an article on'Defending Eugenics'. Please sign and share…
ACRAWSA letter to the editors of the Monash Bioethics Review on the publication of 'Defending Eugenics' (
40 39
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
“My daughter fought for seven years to get her children back,” Collins said. “There are families out there that fight a lot longer.”…
  · TweetDeck · en
13 15
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
So excited to be at #sistersinside #imaginingabolition conference. So many strong women here with strong voices speaking truth What would a world look like without prisons? #NAIDOC2019 #voicetreatytruth
21 60
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Still a few days to apply for the very best job at @abcnews! Nearly two years in this position changed my life, if you’re a black journo, throw your hat in! ✨…
  · Twitter Lite · en
75 133
all the families want is another day in court
On Bowraville murders case, the government is in the High Court arguing that the law on double jeopardy should be read EXACTLY how I tried to amend it in 2015 and again this year. Why didn’t they support us then and allow all this uncertainty to continue?
12 21
10 24
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
From the forced sterilization lawsuits in Saskatchewan to the chilling child removal laws set to pass in NSW today — colonisation & genocide are reproductive & gendered violence. Indigenous feminists are holding the line. We need more feminists to join us, for our sake & yours.
293 508
Reminds me of the editor of The Morning Bulletin - who recently wrote an editorial calling for dorced steralisation of Aboriginal women in Qld. Colonial project still continues+
24 25
Replying to @amymcquire :
Reminds me of the editor of The Morning Bulletin - who recently wrote an editorial calling for dorced steralisation of Aboriginal women in Qld. Colonial project still continues+
24 25
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Chelsea Bond giving a brilliant keynote on racism in the Australian health sector and health research agendas ... *And we wonder why the trope of the drunken indigenous person is so pervasive ... you can thank health researchers for that* ⁦@drcbond#IIRC18
41 90
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Full house this morning for @DrCBond’s keynote at the @NgaPaeotM 8th International Indigenous Research Conference at @AucklandUni where she’s exploring what it is to be human & healthy & what is human flourishing. #IIRC18
11 51
After nothing but troubling news about our mob & law for months, it's gonna be such a relief to be in Meanjin for #ImaginingAbolition tomorrow. Who else is going?
7 77
Replying to @AJ_Whittaker :
@AJ_Whittaker will be there!! Looking forward to finally meeting you!
1 2
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
"More than 75 per cent of Aboriginal children under five in Broken Hill have unsafe levels of lead in their blood." @abcnews…
Over 75pc of Aboriginal children in Broken Hill have unsafe blood lead levels, study finds
293 194
There are many Aboriginal women who are serving time right now for retaliating against their abuser.... This should not be criminalised!
75 186
@amymcquire @nswalc Heeyyyy that’s my deadly Mumma! 🙌🏾
0 2
Replying to @karlamac24 :
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