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Last 50 tweets from @amymcquire
"Those who write our history must now incorporate the reality that colonial Australia’s foundation economy is stained with the profits of British slavery
Australia has a lot of reading about its true history to catch up on - great work by Clinton Fernandes.

Colonial Australia’s foundation is stained with the profits of British slavery | Paul Daley…
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30 64
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
We've addressed a few myths that have come up lately in some little videos.

Myth #1: late term abortions are common/easy

For more info read the yarn:…
75 108
@amymcquire There is no such thing as an illegal white settler. The Europeans colonized this land because they had superior technology. It is called evolution. It is Western Civilization which has taken this land from nothing to a great modern country. I would argue the best in the world.
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Replying to @Mark52264029 :
he has more right to be here than any white settler illegally occupying black land - I imagine you are one of those people
@amymcquire @nathbrown5 He's not Australian, he's a career criminal Papuan, no different to a Kiwi bike who never was interested in taking citizenship. #auspol
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Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
In #Bowraville today. “What do we want, justice. What do we have? Fuck all.” Hundreds of people have gathered here today, vowing to take their fight to the High Court. @abcnews
58 117
Just watched Black Comedy on Iview and then looked up and saw random old Chaser people dancing with bread on the ABC? Thank god for black humour... Murris are just funnier no offence
5 61
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Breaking News: #JusticeForBowraville
Statement from the Attorney General
37 65
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Protestors have marched from NSW Parliament to the Supreme Court demanding justice for Colleen, Evelyn and Clinton - who were murdered in Bowraville in the 1990’s @2GB873 #nswpol
67 143
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Is there a greater injustice? Three children murdered, the killer is known and yet for nearly 30 years the families have had to go without justice! Honour the children and honour their families long fight.... silence is to be complicit in the crime! #justiceforbowraville
35 38
Justice for Bowraville!
67 124
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Show your support for our families #JusticeForBowraville
29 27
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
The current discourse on white supremacy/racism in Australia from POC in particular is telling due to their historical silence ref Indigenous People to include recent commentary on various mediums
4 7
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
I say POC & WP because as an Af-Am in Australia some of the worst anti blackness I’ve experienced has been from non Blk POC. Interesting to see them speak so openly about white supremacy now but have been all but silent as it conflates on First Nation people #auspol
5 11
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Remembering when Waleed Aly wrote that convoluted piece when Ali died&said the word “black supremacy” about 10x & no one said anything but FF to 2018 & white supremacy is the buzzword&everyone is an expert because WP&POC just learned about the Alt-right #auspol
5 6
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
My cousin #NaomiWilliams went to hospital 18 times seeking medical help. 18 TIMES!!! #JusticeForNaomiWilliams #AboriginalLivesMatter
284 314
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
"They were just giving her Panadol and sending her home." Pregnant Aboriginal woman Naomi Williams went to hospital 18 times seeking medical help in the months before she died, inquest hears.…
This Pregnant Woman Died From Sepsis After She Was Discharged From Hospital With Panadol
  · TweetDeck · en
250 230
Please everyone take note of the inquest today into the death of Wiradjuri mother Naomi Williams and her unborn child after being turned away from the Tumult hospital #JusticeforNaomiWilliams…
Inquest into the death of a Wiradjuri woman and her unborn child begins
216 256
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
The inquest into the unexpected passing of my cousin #NaomiWilliams has commenced in #Gundagai #NSW today. Think @PRIME7Wagga will cover on 6pm news tonight #JusticeForNaomiWilliams #AboriginalLivesMatter ❤️🖤💛@GeorgeNewhouse @AnitaHeiss @amymcquire @JSalmonupstream
40 101
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
The inquest into the death of Naomi WILLIAMS has commenced in Gundagai #JusticeForNaomiWilliams
8 15
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
The inquest into the death of Naomi Williams commences today in Gundagai. My heart goes out to her still grieving family and her partner.…
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14 31
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Police have confirmed the human remains discovered at Kangaroo Point cliffs near the Brisbane River belong to missing woman Constance Watcho.
  · TweetDeck · en
7 14
Extremely f**ked up over, though not surprised by, the realization that Maslow borrowed heavily/stole from the Blackfeet Nation/Blackfoot people to build what we know as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Of course he Westernized it to remove spirituality
6,302 16,465
16 54
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
The final 150th Te Takarangi book is Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith’s landmark publication Decolonizing Methodologies. This revolutionary text continues to resonate powerfully with indigenous scholars and indigenous communities. #takarangi @NgaPaeotM
14 22
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Pardon me if I don't care so much about the national anthem. My heart is too sad for the #BowravilleMurders & Perth mob who've lost their jarjums. #stopkillingourkids 😢
25 105
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
@amymcquire I don't understand why some residents of Bowraville don't care that an alleged child killer walks among them - goes to the same shops, maybe the same church.
I guess if the alleged killer doesn't target white children, some of them have nothing to worry about.
#Auspol #Racism
  · Twitter for iPad · en
2 10
Replying to @BuefordT :
@BuefordT The man in question doesn't live in Bowraville anymore - but seriously how does Oz not care about it?? It's just screwed up
1 10
Three children were murdered on Bowraville mission in 1991 by an alleged serial killer. Where else in the world would a country be so apathetic about an alleged serial killer still living in society? It seems only when the victims are Aboriginal kids.
348 805
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Be good if our #Bowraville families could be as well supported as a 9 yr old white girl.
34 97
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
This is not about one judgement, it's about decades, centuries of every aspect of government and the justice system deliberately killing, covering up or being incompetent with the lives of Aboriginal people.

Anyone who says it's less is a liar!
44 90
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Police who kill Aboriginal kids are the police who failed to properly investigate the murder of three Aboriginal kids.

The DPPs who never charge police for these crimes are going to properly prosecute deaths of Aboriginal children?

Total system failure #Bowraville #SwanRiver
134 320
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
It’s not because the evidence isn’t there. It’s because the wording of their own laws are preventing it! #JusticeForBowraville
15 20
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Seriously, I just can't even deal with this...
Australia is the nicest racist country you will ever see @CNNI
Australia is the nicest racist country you will ever see
42 85
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
"My heart dropped, my head dropped, and tears followed," 23-year-old Marbuck Duroux told BuzzFeed News…
  · TweetDeck · en
9 14
This is not just about the court's decision - it is about the NSW Parliament failing to change the law clarifying the definition of fresh evidence before the families' application was sent to the court.... @ShoebridgeMLC's media release today:
32 40
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Absolutely crushing decision by the court.
34 70
Amy McQuire Retweeted ·  
Not surprising that a system designed to protect itself withholds true justice from our families. #JusticeForBowraville
12 15
know their names! Colleen Walker, Evelyn Greenup, Clinton Speedy Duroux. Never forget the Bowraville angels - #justiceforBowraville
225 339
The Bowraville families have been continually let down at EVERY turn by this white justice system. They have been forced to protest numerous times. Have heard so many broken promises from politicians. Spent over two decades trying to get the media to cover it properly
140 277
Replying to @amymcquire :
I know this isn't the end - they have fought for so long for justice for Colleen, Evelyn and Clinton. Today I think of them, their families and all those who have passed away still waiting for justice for the three Bowraville angels
22 82
The Bowraville families have been continually let down at EVERY turn by this white justice system. They have been forced to protest numerous times. Have heard so many broken promises from politicians. Spent over two decades trying to get the media to cover it properly
140 277
I am so mad at this.... how many more times can the families be let down??? This is an absolute DISGRACE.
Tragic loss today for the Bowraville families. Case dismissed because under the court’s view of the law was that there was not fresh evidence. So very heartbreaking. Not finished.
92 201
74 160
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