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Last 50 tweets from @andrewperezdc
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
The Minneapolis school board just voted to terminate the school district's contract with the city's police department, and to end the use of police officers as "school resource officers."

The vote was unanimous.…
DC sucks so bad
2020 summed up: A PhRMA sponsored newsletter where Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio get to characterize the uprisings over murder by police as being led by “terrorist organizations like Antifa” and “professionals”
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Democrats have done a miserable job of acting as an opposition party to Trump — but not because they don't have significant power to halt his authoritarianism. Here are 10 things they could do to push back right now.… @davidsirota
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Why are Democrats being complicit with Donald Trumps authoritarian takeover when they can STOP him IMMEDIATELY?
Hey, what's up @SpeakerPelosi? We got some shit to talk about here. Step up.…
This city has been through so much. But I want to remind EVERYONE who is feeling worried, frustrated or angry that we will come through this. New York City ALWAYS has.
Resign. Resign today @NYCMayor
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: "An attack on police officer is an attack on all of us."
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
They doxxed/made veiled threats about his own daughter. This is like a hostage video where they have a gun pointed at him off camera.
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Here are 10 things Democrats could do right now if they actually wanted to stop Trump's power grab.

They have the power to do these things RIGHT NOW.

Do not believe them when they pretend to be powerless.

They must act -- RIGHT NOW.…
10 Things Dems Could Do Right Now -- If They Actually Wanted To Stop Trumps Power Grab
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Meghan, we live in the same building, and I just walked outside. It’s fine.
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
In reply to @emilyngo
!!! @RepEliotEngel heard on hot mic asking @rubendiazjr for a turn to speak, says twice, "If I didn't have a primary, I wouldn't care." Diaz responds, "Don't do that to me." (h/t @News12BX livestream)
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
In reply to @mattkbh
That's a joke Vox headline I wrote directly quoting Matt Yglesias' tweet. However, he actually wrote a real story using that exact premise. The dek reads in part: "There was no need to do this before 7"
Wow are we all fucked or what
Replying to @andrewperezdc
This is so much worse…
NEW: Speaker Nancy Pelosi says a president of the United States “has the responsibility to heal,” quoting former President. George H. W. Bush following the Rodney King riots and Former President Barack Obama’s following the killing of Eric Garner.
Wow are we all fucked or what
Pelosi asked about Trump’s Bible photo op last night. She goes and grabs her own bible and is now reading from it.
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
this is true and you can google "Ohio National Guard" to learn more
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Today, Customs and Border Protection’s chief praised the 1969 Stonewall Riots for “propelling the LGBT rights movement,” per internal email leaked to me.

Yesterday he denounced the current protests as “anything but peaceful” and “violent rioters”…
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Today the police murdered another black man, David McAtee—this time in Louisville. The police had their body cameras turned off. Defund the police, NOW.…
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
This is going to turn out bad. Real bad.
In reply to @JewishWorker
You think he had friends?
Replying to @DavidKaib @JewishWorker and 1 otherfalse
they put him in the box
One potentially easy way to distinguish "antifa" from white supremacist militias is whether the people are participating in protests against police brutality or if they support police brutality
One sign that liberals shouldn't be defending antifa is that it's literally impossible to distinguish them from white supremacist militias right now.
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Looks like health care CEOS are prepared to weather this crisis...…
In reply to @andrewperezdc
Actually it is. If someone has a knife or something else and rushing towards the police, we want the police to defend themselves without killing the person with the weapon. This might not be the correct way to do so, but it is different than what was reported. Please stop
In reply to @petionville85
If not true, I undid
here's the updated quote. it's not fundamentally different. pure gibberish
Biden today said "there are a lot of different things that can change" about police training. One example he said was if cops are rushed by an "unarmed" person "with a knife or something" the cops could "shoot them in the leg instead of the heart is a very different thing."
oh no not the hard rock cafe, please spare the hard rock cafe
Replying to @JordanUhl
not the beloved metro center area!
This dude needs help, and by help I mean he needs to blaze, badly
Welcome to the first mass protests in the age of wide use of ultra-high-potency THC products: seemingly calm in stretches, but paranoid, confused, directionless, and prone to bursts of random violence.
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
The CEOs of nursing homes where thousands of people died preventable COVID deaths were not run over by New York police officers -- instead, they were granted immunity from prosecution after they funneled cash to the New York governor's political machine.…
Immunity For The Powerful, Law And Order For Everyone Else
This is the "public option" of police reform
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Biden 2020: "what if police just shoot you in the leg"
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
In the name of "law and order," the government is directing police violence against protestors -- at the exact same time the government is granting immunity to the rich, the powerful and the police apparatus…
Immunity For The Powerful, Law And Order For Everyone Else
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
The CEOs of 179 health care companies took home almost $2.5 billion last year, a majority of which came from cashing out stock.

That's 4 times what the CDC had to study and prepare for all "emerging and zoonotic infectious diseases."…
Health care CEO pay outstrips infectious disease research
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
We looked at use-of-force data from the Minneapolis police department and found 44 instances where police used a neck restraint and rendered the suspect unconscious since 2015 @lehrennbc @anblanx @Tom_Winter…
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
"It’s time for everyone to quit thinking that jailing one more killer cop will do anything to change the nature of American policing. We must move, instead, to significantly defund the police and redirect resources into community-based initiatives..."…
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Congress is effectively on recess again during a global pandemic, an economic collapse, and a mass uprising against police brutality
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Reached out to half-dozen Hill aides —

Tl;dr: Nobody thinks Congress will move anything at all in response to mass protests across major cities

House is out in June. Senate may confirm more judges. “No chance,” one says of a legislative response
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
"The initial response of police leaders may have felt like progress, but video footage of police and protesters clashing in the streets reveals the truth: Officers are much closer to what we see in viral videos documenting their brutality..."…
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
He's from Jersey and I know him IRL, you lying, abusive dipshit.
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
richmond police aimed pepper spray through the open window of someone’s home. they attacked this man with a chemical weapon while he was just standing inside his house.
Hm, having a hard time believing that someone would travel from Minnesota to Miami to protest police violence right now
Hm, having a hard time believing that someone would travel from Minnesota to Miami to protest police violence right now
Only 13 of the 57 people arrested in #MIAMIPROTEST live in the City. Some of the others came from as far away as New York & Minnesota.
Andrew Perez Retweeted ·  
This bill is from an HCA hospital. HCA helped bankroll an expensive propaganda campaign against a Colorado state-level public option plan that would limit hospital costs. Lawmakers buckled under the PR campaign and scrapped the measure, blaming COVID.…
Democrats Are Now Retreating On A Public Option Amid The Pandemic
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