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Last 50 tweets from @annettedittert
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
There is much more here than miaow. It is that the topos of the evil mainstream media becomes entrenched on the right and candidates use it - even though they do not believe it. /1
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
Blimey - and where is she on the January 6th committee?
Owen Paterson Part 2.
Liz Truss says she would vote to end the privileges committee investigation into whether the PM misled parliament (if such a vote existed)
Replying to @AdamBienkov
It's all getting very weird.
He's right. @tnewtondunn
In reply to @AdamBienkov
Interesting exchange at the end. Truss apologises for being "mean about the media". Newton Dunn tells her "It's cheap. And you know it."
Rishi Sunak attacks a "leftie woke culture that seems to want to cancel our histories, our values and our women." Our women?
So some planning ahead is happening after all..
EXCLUSIVE: The UK government is planning for several days of organised blackouts this winter for industry and households under its latest “reasonable worst-case scenario”
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
I am hugely honoured , extremely excited (and a little terrified ..)

Prince Andrew Interviewer Emily Maitlis To Deliver MacTaggart – Deadline…
So it's all about Boris Johnson being a "golden goose" by bringing money to the party, sources shady or not.

Nice to see that all written down in a public thread.
Yesterday I spoke about the amazing contribution Boris Johnson has made to the income of the Conservative Party and on the loss of that asset and the income stream. 1/21
in 1 Infektion von »ich lese täglich paar Stunden Nachrichten und höre jeden Monat mind. 10 Sachbücher auf doppelte Geschwindigkeit« zu »Insta ist mir irgendwie zu textlastig«
Replying to @marga_owski
Ganz viel gute Energie aus London für dich. 😘🙋🏻‍♀️
In reply to @InaRuck
Warum der ÖRR allen Anfeindungen zum Trotz unverzichtbar ist: Wegen all der wunderbaren Korrespondent*innen. @InaRuck, @annettedittert, @demianvonosten to name but a few...
Replying to @TomvonBerlin @InaRuck and 1 otherfalse
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
Possibly the clearest chart I've yet seen on the Brexit impact on trade - and to be clear this is exactly what economic theory and observed reality said would happen if a country puts up trade barriers to neighbours.
In reply to @annettedittert
Every time I think Sunak might be marginally less appalling than Truss, he makes me revisit that assessment. They're both beyond help, beyond parody, beyond the worst imaginings of dystopian fiction, and all too hideously real
Replying to @catherine_mayer
..and all that while the UK is heading for its worst economic crisis in only a few weeks.
It would be so much more useful if he‘d try to explain what he wants to do after he shredded Beethoven‘s 9th symphony. #DesperateNonsense
A new Brexit delivery unit.

Reviewing every EU law on our statute book.

Starting in my first 100 days.

Let’s keep Brexit safe👇 #Ready4Rishi
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
Aha ! 👏 to @bbcnickrobinson for asking if "Brexit" had been a cause of dentist shortage in UK

"Yes, we saw thousands of EU dentists return home after the vote - and for the moment they haven't come back" says man from UK Dentist Association

Die aus den USA stammenden radikalen Netzwerke rechter Kulturkrieger, die auch beim Brexit aktiv waren, sind jetzt offenbar auch in Deutschland unterwegs. Sehr gute, detaillierte Analyse von @patrickbahners… #fplus
Replying to @annettedittert
sorry, falsches twitter handle: Der Text ist von @PBahners
Die aus den USA stammenden radikalen Netzwerke rechter Kulturkrieger, die auch beim Brexit aktiv waren, sind jetzt offenbar auch in Deutschland unterwegs. Sehr gute, detaillierte Analyse von @patrickbahners… #fplus
Merz und die Cancel-Kultur: Bei wem Friedrich Merz in Berlin auftreten wollte
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
The idea that satirical mocking of Brexit shows a terrible bias (see also Private Eye letters) illustrates the inability of Brexiters to accept that, having won, they are now 'the Establishment' and, therefore, legitimate targets for satirical mockery. TL:DR You won, get over it.
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
If you delete the word ‘Partygate’ from this tweet and insert ‘January 6 inquiry’ instead, this could have been written by any Trump ultra, who refuses to see anything wrong with the attempted insurrection, just the attempt to investigate it.
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JeremyCliffe
A temporary German energy and economic crisis is entirely manageable. A Germany that ultimately concludes that Europe is too weak to stand up to Putin would lead to genuine calamity. My recent @NewStatesman column:…
Germanys impending energy crisis is no reason for it to abandon Ukraine
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
Tax cuts for the rich lead to higher income inequality. But they do not have any significant effect on economic growth or unemployment. Evidence for 18 OECD countries over 1965-2015 in this new paper published in Socio-Economic Review:
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
In reply to @redhistorian
It is one of the paradoxes of British politics that, after 12 years of Conservative government, there is a howling void where "conservatism" used to be. The result, as I wrote in 2019, "may be a zombie party, whose destructive power is no longer guided by a living intelligence".
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
Anyone wondering what British Trumpism looks like, here it is.
After the stab-in-the-back myth some Tories now seem to go full Trump by attacking a Parliamentary Committee set up to look into Johnson misleading parliament before it has even started its work.

Johnson's tearing up of the rules seems to simply continue.
The Partygate probe is clearly rigged.
It is a jury comprised of highly partisan, vengeful & vindictive MPs, nearly all of whom are already on the record viciously attacking the person they are judging. It is an obscene abuse of power.…
Increasingly grotesque. #ToryLeadershipRace
Rishi Sunak has vowed to phase out university degrees that do not improve students' "earning potential"…
Happy Sunday, tweeps.
Why for a German magazine? Should rather be all over the British media.
I did an extended interview for German magazine Stern tonight. I said that unless Truss and the Bank of England change their policies people will die from the cold and hunger this winter. It brings me no comfort to say so, but the truth had to be told, and I think this certain.
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
EXC: A Big intervention tonight - Gordon Brown calls for an immediate agreement between the leadership candidates and PM over an emergency cost of living package.

He says it can’t wait - & dozens of civic groups are behind him with dire warnings.

Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
Liz Truss, the Daily Mail and the Brexit right go after the Bank of England for not preventing 13 % inflation. It’s bullshit. If interest rates had increased 6 months earlier inflation might be 12.5 %. It’s war, Brexit and gas prices causing inflation. The rest is truth denial.
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
After her speech is interrupted by protestors, Liz Truss tells the audience she will bring in new legislation to stop "our democracy being disrupted by unfair protests."
So finally there they are, those Brexit benefits. Brace, Britain. Brace.
'Brexit bonus' plan to allow motorists to drive HGVs without extra tests to help solve driver shortages…
"Keine Panikmache" falls Gas ausbleibt:@BachmannRudi und Co. erneuern ihre Studie, für die sie vom Kanzler abegkanzelt wurden - und bleiben bei ihren Ergebnissen. @faznet…
In reply to @annettedittert
It's easy to see how women fall at his feet
And he’s supposed to be the ‚nicer‘ guy. 👇
EXCLUSIVE: In a leaked video, Rishi Sunak boasted to Conservative Party members that he was prepared to take public money out of “deprived urban areas” to help wealthy towns.

@REWearmouth reports:…
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
High time for the EU to sanction Gerhard Schröder! Is Germany too corrupt even to sanction Putin’s foremost agent in Europe? He has not worked for Germany since 2005. Face reality!
Journalism at its best. @KayBurley
OUCH. @KayBurley is absolutely wiping the floor with Truss over that awful policy. Truss refuses to admit the policy was a mistake.

Burley: Do good leaders own their mistakes or blame others?
Truss: I'm not blaming anybody else.
Burley: Yes you are. You're blaming the media. ~AA
The government, anywhere?
The Bank of England has issued a catastrophic set of forecasts for the UK economy that would have been scarcely believable a year ago:…
Wondering how long even the Tories can now afford toying with a trade war over the NI protocol.
NEW: 🚨

*Bank of England raises interest rates by 0.5% to 1.75%, biggest rise in 25 years,
*as it predicts an even higher peak in inflation of 13 (THIRTEEN) %

🚨 Bank predicts recession starting this year lasting as long as financial crisis (5 quarters), as deep as 1990s
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
In reply to @paulwaugh
'Incredibly, Boris Johnson is on holiday this week, but the Tory party leadership debate has also looked like one long holiday from reality too.' Will either @trussliz or @RishiSunak use tonight's @SkyNews hustings to match the scale of the crisis?…
A recession is coming and only an energy bills bailout can spare the Tories electoral disaster
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
Any sign of the British government?
Annette Dittert Retweeted ·  
“A full fat recession” in the words of this BBC analysis. BoE forecasts are utterly grim.

All those politicians who argued this was a good time for the UK to bear a huge export-related shock (Brexit) 🤦‍♀️. We will look back on it as a mad folly.…
After insulting Scotland Truss now attacking the Welsh leader. Looks like she’s determined to finish the Union. #handgrenade
Fresh from her warm words about Sturgeon, Truss calls Mark Drakeford "the low energy version of Jeremy Corbyn."
Our best days as a country are ahead of us 🇬🇧
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