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Last 50 tweets from @AntoFlynnser
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
On the 6th of Dec, 45 Members of the Assembly voted against the introduction of a Bill to ban hunting wild mammals with dogs - a historic piece of legislation that would have brought #NI in line with England, Scotland & Wales which have had bans in place for nearly 20 years [1/4]
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
Next week, Belfast City Council will vote on Green Cllr @Briansmyth99's proposal to call for free public transport for young people.…
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
📣📣 Waterworks update 📣📣

The park will be reopening tomorrow & opening hours of 9-4.

The outbreak has stabilised and despite losing 52 birds (primarily swans and greylag geese) the assessment is that it can open safely to the public.

There are many lessons to be learned
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
Green Party councillor @Briansmyth99 says he hopes it will start a conversation at the very least…
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
I am looking to speak to people based in Northern Ireland who are cutting down their alcohol consumption, sober curious or giving up completely.

It is research for an article I am writing.

All RT’s appreciated.

Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
On Monday at BCC, I'm bringing a motion calling on @deptinfra to trail free public transport for young people in Belfast.

Scotland is introducing free bus travel for those under 22, I believe that there are strong environmental, social mobility and economic arguments to this.
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
Over the last 24 hours, we have received abusive messages. We will not share them nor will we be distracted from our work & goals. Today like the last 27 yrs, we will continue to support LGBTQIA+ people & their families and fight for equality for all.
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
🗣️ You have until 5pm today to have your say on @rachelwoods52's Safe Leave Bill.

📝 It takes just a few minutes to give your views:…
Why focus on delivery when you can manufacture a crisis every few months before an election?

Meanwhile in the real world, people are focused on climate action, improving lives & making sure our kids have food on their plates and heat in their homes
Short-sighted from Lord Rogan.

E-scooters can be an important part of the active travel solution, as has been seen across Europe, but we need effective regulation to reflect this.

Dept for Transport has been "trialing" since July 2020…
Unionist peer urges PSNI to step up enforcement of ban on electric scooters before there is a tragedy
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
So excited to say my short audio drama Orangefield, a queer romantic comedy set in a chippy in East Belfast, will be on Radio 4 next Monday 10th at 14:15 as part of United Kingdoms. It’ll then be on BBC Sounds after it’s initial broadcast 🍟🧡
In reply to @cllrjohnkyle
I’m really not sure how Google engages on stuff like this - they put huge resources into continually improving maps and other info but their active travel map info, in NI anyway, is mediocre at best. In GB OS app does have active travel routes but it costs and excludes NI
Very good point, anyone can send suggested updates to Google maps through the feedback section of the app but best way to do this could be a collab as John has suggested
In reply to @AntoFlynnser
I avoid potato waste but use most other veg waste, chopped. Add egg shells, shredded paper, used teabags, coffee grounds, grass cuttings. Make sure there’s some moisture but not soggy. Mix it about once a month to keep it aerated.
Replying to @thewineagain
I usually leave the teabags to dry and then cut them open to get all the tea leaves out without putting the bags in as I'm unsure how compostable they are. Tried to find out if @PunjanaTea bags were compostable but no luck
In reply to @AntoFlynnser
I think you need more general green matter, garden cuttings, lawn etc. Winter isn’t great for composting though. You can grow the sprouting potatoes on in buckets from B&Q. Nice source of new potatoes.
Replying to @ChappleJeanne
Cheers! Been collecting up the egg boxes and recently threw in some straw but I will try to get more stuff. On my way to b&q so will pick up a bucket!
In reply to @AntoFlynnser
Chop green waste up, add cardboard egg boxes etc, and don't forget the compost activator.
Replying to @daveydoug
Just stuck a load of egg boxes in and dumped a bunch of straw and soil in earlier in the year, wasn't sure about compost activator as I've read about it but thought it was a bit of a short cut? On my way to b&q now so if I see some ill have a look thank you!
In reply to @AntoFlynnser
Legit thought this was a tortilla wrap without my glasses on 🥴
Amateur home compost twitter, any advice on stopping things growing? I have maybe about 10 different potatoes trying to sprout. The mix is good but doesn't seem to be that warm 😕
Content note: weight loss/fitness

This year I set a goal to achieve a perfect month on Apple Fitness — hitting my move, exercise & standing goals every day for a month. I did so in January.

I kept going and today achieved a perfect year.

I’ve lost more than 12kg & 7% body fat.
Replying to @natehiggins
Congratulations mate! Unreal achievement 👏 Happy new year 🥳
Happy new year! 🥳

Let's make 2022 this level of camp 💃
Just seen a video of anti-vaxers outside city hall making speeches about "experimental vaccines" & other BS

Spreading misinformation about vaccines is dangerous, especially coming from a load of unqualified wingnuts

Follow health advice, get the vaccine & take care of others
In reply to @AntoFlynnser
Sorry Anthony, I really think this is a bad idea. Even lit up it’s not a safe stretch of path for vulnerable people and there will be impact on wildlife. Why can’t we leave some spaces for nature?
Replying to @ChappleJeanne
Fully appreciate those concerns Jeanne as had been raised to me through consultation. On balance I decided to come down on the side of lighting, but I requested wildlife monitoring before & after installation to assess impact, bat survey published so will need to go through that
Treating puppies as commodities and this is the result

Dogs are not cute Christmas presents, nor are they fashionable trinkets to add to your collection, they are living beings who deserve a whole lot more care than many of us are capable of giving them…
Puppies abandoned on roadside in NI days after Christmas
Great to see movement on this as something which has been raised to me continuously. I encouraged ppl to respond to this consultation & took views before putting in my own response, requesting measures such as continuous monitoring of wildlife impacts & changes to schedule.
Infrastructure Minister @NicholaMallon has announced that a pilot scheme to light the urban section of the Comber Greenway will commence in 2022.

Details at…
Replying to @OisinH1
Sorry to hear Oisín :( hope you get better soon boyo! 💚
In reply to @AntoFlynnser
When opportunism raises it head an unscrupulous political hack won’t be too far behind, you’ve been called out, accept it and move on.
I don't think you even understand what you're talking about at this stage, just throwing out troll lines, desperate. Will disengage with you now and continue fighting for a ban on vile hunting and against your party's gaslighting on the issue. Happy new year 🥰
In reply to @AntoFlynnser
You are a liar it does not. What is it with you third rate politicians that you are always expecting someone else to mark your homework?
Trolls will be trolls I suppose 🙄
In reply to @justjack652
I read the bill in detail and it most certainly did bring a ban on hunting with dogs, I had some concerns over monitoring and enforcement which we raised with the bill sponsor and could have been addressed at a further stage. SF's arguments about the bill at 1st stage complete BS
Replying to @AntoFlynnser @justjack652 and 1 otherfalse
A vote on a bill at 1st stage is simply a vote on it's merit, there are no amendments until further on so by voting against, Sinn Fein exposed themselves as a party in support of vile & barbaric hunting with dogs. Essentially said as much in a further statement on it
In reply to @EarlofLeuven
The Greens raised a point about fox hunting and we’re educated that the flawed Alliance bill didn’t actually stop hunting with dogs. You’re exposing yourself as being ignorant on this issue as well. A typical stoop.
I read the bill in detail and it most certainly did bring a ban on hunting with dogs, I had some concerns over monitoring and enforcement which we raised with the bill sponsor and could have been addressed at a further stage. SF's arguments about the bill at 1st stage complete BS
Fox hunting is a cruel & bloodthirsty act, our assembly had the chance to ban this disgusting practice only a few weeks ago...

Sinn Fein voted unanimously against it, as their party supports hunting, DUP & others rolled in behind them, utterly shameful #BanFoxHunting
This is still the norm in Northern Ireland when Sinn Fein MLAs and others allowed this to go on. For any of them that see this tweet, this is the reality you let continue. Barbaric, cruel and shameful.
A number of bin collections along streets in Ormiston have been missed today, please keep your bins out and they will be collected tomorrow.

If they are not collected tomorrow then please get in touch and I will try to get them sorted for you.
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
🦊@5ftgreen & I joined @Strangfordgreen & other protestors in witnessing North Down Hunt set off on horses with hounds to satisfy their blood lust
🦊Fox Hunting is a despicable activity
👏🏻Thanks to @huntsabsni who stick their necks out #ForFoxSake & try to prevent this barbarity
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
Our crews are out emptying bins & boxes as normal today. Tomorrow's collections are also being done as usual. If yours is not collected as planned, report it online at with your full address & please continue to leave out for collection.
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
Tom Daley used his alternative Christmas message on Channel 4 to come out swinging against people who seek to divide our community. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️💓
Happy Christmas! 🎅
In reply to @neiltyson
This is a fallacy, coming from accepting classical mechanics and ignoring the quantum nature of the universe. Santa deliveries are a an example of Schrodinger's wave function.
So after escaping it thus far, the dreaded text message came this morning to say I’d tested positive. What news to get on Christmas Eve 😔 I’d been doing daily LFTs so caught on between a negative on Wed and a positive on Thurs - that’s hopefully spared contacts over Christmas.
Replying to @sianalliance
Sorry to hear Sian, hope you get over it soon! 💚
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
🎄 From all of us in the Green Party NI, a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2022! ☃️
Worked the boxing day sales for Next boucher road in 2007. Never again
All adults should be forced to work retail one Christmas.

It changes a person.
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
Green Party 2021 Council By-Elections Aggregate Result:

GRN: 14 (+12)

CON to GRN: 8
LAB to GRN: 2
LDEM to GRN: 1
Pathetic & moronic
Hark the herald angels ping

Robin Swann won’t let us do a thing

No more parties, work at home

In the streets you cannot roam

Omni is far worse than the delta curse

Stay at home

Or they’ll be far worse to come.
In reply to @SonicPhantom
Omega server, 53 Black Mage 🧙‍♀️
In reply to @SonicPhantom
Made it to Ishgard last night! I did NOT expect that story twist 😳
In reply to @SonicPhantom
Me spending the week trying to get through the seventh astral era quests... only 6 expansions to go! 😅
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
Last day of campaigning in Stratford Olympic Park before visiting family. Handing out news about our work only though instead of our usual door knocking due to the Omicron variant - I look forward to talking to my neighbours again in the new year. Merry Christmas🎄! @NewhamGreens
We are building a campaign to get East Belfast's first Green MLA elected in May next year 🌎

This is about a new East, a hopeful East, a positive East 👍

Come join us 👇…

East Belfast Greens out today delivering leaflets and chatting to residents ahead of the new year and the assembly election where we will elect East Belfast's first Green MLA🙌

If you want to get involved in making history for East Belfast, get in touch! 🌎 #VoteGreen2022
Cllr Anthony Flynn Retweeted ·  
Green Cllr @AineGroogan has called for community-led regeneration, not the gentrification and erosion of our architectural and community history to serve private commercial interests.…
Green Party calls for regeneration, not gentrification of Belfast city centre
Significant day for the built heritage of our city, excited to see what comes next 🙌
Brilliant news to start the day... we're thrilled to announce that the former Bank of Ireland building on Royal Ave is to be transformed into a new visitor attraction for Belfast, a flagship project within #BRCityDeal. Stay tuned for more about #BelfastStories later this morning!
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